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Shrine of the Desert Mage Parsina Saga #1 [PDF / EPUB] Shrine of the Desert Mage Parsina Saga #1 The Parsina Saga is an exciting romantic Arabian Nights fantasy adventure In Volume I we meet Jafar al Sharif a down on his luck storyteller and his daughter Selima as they travel from a prison cell w The Parsina Saga is an exciting the Desert PDF/EPUB ✓ romantic Arabian Nights fantasy adventure In Volume I we meet Jafar al Sharif a down on his luck storyteller and his daughter Selima as they travel from a prison cell within the Holy City to Shrine of PDF or a battle against the world's mightiest wizard and join forces with a prince in an effort to unite the pieces of the famed Crystal of Oromasd and save the world from the triumph of the evil demon king.

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • Shrine of the Desert Mage Parsina Saga #1
  • Stephen Goldin
  • English
  • 04 January 2014

About the Author: Stephen Goldin

The Business of Being a Writer the Desert PDF/EPUB ✓ His current wife is fellow author Mary Mason So far they have co authored two books in.

10 thoughts on “Shrine of the Desert Mage Parsina Saga #1

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    I love love love this story My only complaint is that the book does not stand well on its own It is simply the first part to a much longer tale You will not be able to read this book and not buy the next ones because it stops right in the middle of the story What happened to the days you could buy a great big novel and the whole story was there no matter how many pages it took??Anyway lets get back to the book I think the writing is brilliant The story is uniue at least for meand very interesting The characters are wonderful the descriptions are amazing I was caught up from the beginning I have no idea where this story is going to go or what might happen and I love that in a book I love the creatures wizards kings and peasants The history and beliefs of these ancient people have me completely captivatedI will read every story Stephen Goldin writes no matter how many books are in the series I think he is that good Another favorite Stephen in my Authors list

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    I enjoyed this book very much I think it was a great journey through Arab style setting and the immense expanse of desert and magic The story was good the descriptive words were captivating the imagery was well used and the metaphors were sort of overused but I couldn't expect less from a story featuring sages and mages The characters were well formed each with distinct characteristics personalities souls and motivations I like the characterization and plot development that the story took from its beginnings It seeped in me a feel of familiarity and growth As the story progressed twists were added to the story making it an exciting read Though I must confess that many of the twists and whatnot were kind of predictable For instance I knew that Jafar would end up with Cari's ring ten chapters before it actually happened And that some way or the other Jafar and Ahmad will end up traveling together The story though somewhat original has a familiar sound from all the fantasy like stories preceding this one Though Shrine of the Desert Mage has its merits as well I didn't like how the first book ended like it creates an immediate link to the next installment without giving this installment a proper ending For example I don't know what happened to Hakem Rafi and Aeshma other that they escaped For some reason at the end of the book the story shifted and focused on Ahmad Umar Jafar Selima and Cari and forgot all about everyone else One thing that I liked about this story was the objectivity and partiality that the author presented each character giving the same importance to each one When I first started reading I couldn't define who the main characters were because he the author wrote of everybody with the same importanceAs for the story great story as I mentioned before For some reason I like Cari the best and Jafar the least But that might be because of how Jafar cunningly deceived Cari in the beginning For the technical part of the writing I can tell the author did a great job at studying the Middle East and desert like traditions because the entire book was infused with it He also used beautiful artistic and poetic words to describe many of the settings and instances of the book I feel that I learned a lot of vocabulary words and customs and traditions from that faraway landOne thing I was slightly annoyed with was how Umar told Ahmad to recite the origin of Parsina to him It felt like the author was trying to explain the origins of the world through the mouths of their characters which I find highly acceptable but overused by so many authors The reason I didn't give this a five star as I wanted to was because the story didn't hook me I didn't feel the urge to grab my kindle and read it until I felt satisfied with the amount of reading I did during that determined time or finished it in one day However I do recommend this book Well overall I think this is a great story beautiful writing style in depth analysis and presentation of a totally different culture and spell binding story I will welcome the second installment with much eagerness

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    A foolish thief has released Aeshma the deva king from his long imprisonment in a magical urn He now threatens to destroy Parsina Great heroes who sadly have seized to exist imprisoned him the last time Who will save mankind now?It is up to the storyteller Jafar his daughter Selima and Prince Ahmad to bring back peace to ParsinaThis book is no less than brilliant I have never before read anything Arabian theme styled and I loved all the description about the culture It is very well written and the characters are so developed and challenged in this story and they progress and become something they have never dreamt of The only negative thing I have to say is the ending It leaves you wondering and eager to get your hands on book number two So I guess it is not negative at all I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series

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    This is a fantasy story set in an 'arabian nights' themed land where Aeshma the deva king has been released from a long imprisonment and threatens to destroy mankind Last time he was stopped by great heroes but those people do not exist today Instead we have Jafar al Sharif a storyteller who tries to pass himself off as a wizard his daughter and Prince Ahmad who's been exiled While these are just ordinary people they learn and grow as the story progressesThe characters are what make this series a must readBACK IN PRINT

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    I got this book from the Read It Reap project to reviewHow to describe this book without starting to sound like an over enthusiastic fan? Very difficult Very diffcult indeedJust let me tell you thisIf you miss the sound of a storyteller painting a whole universe with the sound of their voice this is the book for youIf you yearn for something that is acoustic dream than readable novel this book is for youIf you want to hear a story worthy of Sheherazade's beautiful gift this book is for youIf you love a fantasy novel that is fairy tale than anything else this book is for youAnd to make this book even better let someone read it aloud to you or even better just let them tell you the story face to face For this book this fabulous fantastically dream worthy book is a pleasure to 'listen' to even if you are only reading it with your eyes alone You will simply hear the storyteller's voice in your headJust like in Sheherazade's 1001 Nights

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    I thought this book was pretty good It was really realy slow for the first five chapters but then it picked up and just kept rolling The plot was interesting and I can honestly say I have never read anything like this before I don't like that the book ended in the the middle of the story so that now I have to read the other books I feel like I just stepped out of the premiere for the second Lord of the Rings movie knowing that i now have to wait to watch the final installment of course this time around I'm waiting for different reasons and I hope there is than two books in the saga The other thing I didn't like was the amount of detail There was way too much and my senses couldn't take it in Even now as I am writing this review I feel like I have to read the book again just to have a clearer understanding of the basic plot because of all the details AnywayIi thought the book was awesome I recommend this book for anyone with about an eigth grade reading level

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