The Bartered Bride Romance Collection 9 Historical Stories

The Bartered Bride Romance Collection 9 Historical Stories of Arranged Marriages [PDF / EPUB] The Bartered Bride Romance Collection 9 Historical Stories of Arranged Marriages Joie De Vivre by Lynette SowellButton String Bride by Cathy Marie HakeThe Wedding Wagon by Cathy Marie HakeFrom Halter to Alter by Cathy Marie HakeFrom Carriage to Marriage by Janelle Burnham Schneide Joie De Vivre by Lynette Bride Romance PDF ☆ SowellButton String Bride by Cathy Marie HakeThe Wedding Wagon by Cathy Marie HakeFrom Halter to Alter by Cathy Marie HakeFrom Carriage to Marriage by Janelle Burnham SchneiderFrom Pride to Bride by JoAnne A GroteFrom Alarming to Charming by Pamela Kaye TracyA Vow Unbroke by Amy RognlieFinishing Touches by Kelly Eileen HakeEntering into marriage without love is not the dream of most brides but nine women from days gone by commit to saying I do before they barely know their grooms Four sisters The Bartered ePUB Ñ travel in answer to an ad before even corresponding with potential husbands Two women bend to the will of their parents in taking husbands A widow commits to a stranger in name only And two women on the Oregon Trail hitch their lives to men they ve just met Amid the angst brought on by conveniently arranged marriage can love be found and firmed by faith.

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    I am always so excited to see a Barbour Romance collection being released I have been reading these collections for almost 20 years now and they never fail to excite me with a new arrival It's so much fun to be invested in the characters and see how their lives and their situation develop I will always highly recommend Barbour CollectionsPub Date 01 May 2018I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Books through NetGalley All opinions are my own

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    5 stars This is nine short stories all around marriage and how the unexpected can lead to the love of your life Four of the stories are connected and about four sisters that are sold off by their unscrupulous brother in law but before you get to those stories which honestly I think are the heart of the book there are three stories before them The first wasn’t really to my taste and if that was the only story in the book it wouldn’t have scored high I loved the second Story as it centered around the Oregon trail and the trails that could come with it It also taught me some history around marriage of that time that even I wasn’t aware of The third story was one I had read in another anthology also set on the Oregon trail but just not as good Now four through seven those were the stories of sisters sent to an old west town where they are the only reputable women It was all a mail order bride mixup and each sister gets her own story full of heart and emotion you will enjoy these sisters Be it Jim and Matty Corri and Luke Bess and Gideon or Bertie and Thomas each uniue sister as her own heart to the very story Then there is eight another story I had to force myself to get through It just didn’t seem genuine and very slap dash thrown together Then there is the last story one for the ages to fall in love with So well there where a few off kilter stories it still gets five stars for the great hidden gems in the pages Pick it up if you want some good short historical reads

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    The Bartered Bride CollectionNine Stories by Seven AuthorsJoie De Vivre © 2006 by Lynette Sowell1819 LouisianaEdouard LeBlanc had lost much in the war A scarred face a bad leg and the loss of his one true love He lived in a cabin on the Bayou and stayed away from people as much as he could And then his father went and betrothed him to the lovely JoseeJosee Broussard was taken into the LeBlanc family when she was orphaned at age six Now she was eighteen and if she had to marry she hoped it would be her fun loving friend Jacues LeBlanc Instead it was his older brother Edouard who was always dark and brooding Josee resigned herself to a loveless marriage Or did God have bigger plans?Button Strong Bride © 2001 by Cathy Marie HakeWidower Ethan Cole is traveling to Oregon with his two children His sister started out with him but when she had the chance to turn tail and run she did When the opportunity comes to help a young woman who lost both parents on the trail and in return she can help him Ethan takes on Charity Davis As feelings for the young woman grow he realizes that she’s a wealthy lady and he’s a simple carpenter Worlds apart Can God cross that divide?The Wedding Wagon © 2002 by Cathy Marie HakeDr Joshua Rogers uickly fell for Bethany Handley after she spent a Christmas with them He was pleased that she agreed to marry and go on the Oregon Trail with him Joshua was uickly falling in love with her but did the beautiful orphan marry him only because of her close friendship with his sister Penny? And was it because with Papa and Penny she had a family? And would the secret Bethany kept from her husband for fear that he wouldn’t want to marry her damage their relationship as well?The next four stories are all connected Originally part of the Barbour Novella Bride for a BitFrom Halter to Altar © 2003 by Cathy Marie HakeEllis Stack had four sister in laws to get off his hands When he reads a notice for a man wanting a bridle order he misunderstands it as bridal and sends Matilda Corrine Bess and Bertie Craig off to James Collingswood in Lickwind When Jim meets the train to get his bridles he instead has four women What is he to do with them now?From Carriage to Marriage © 2003 by Janelle Burnham SchneiderThis is the continued story from Halter to Altar Luke Collingswood was pulled towards Corrie Craig from the start The young widow who was already in the family way seemed so fragile and something in him felt the need to protect her He’d like that responsibility for good but would the young widow ever learn to love a second time or forever mourn her late husband?From Pride to Bride © 2003 by JoAnne A GroteThis is the third story in the continuing sage with the four brides instead of bridles that arrived in Lickwind Wyoming Bess Craig is considered bossy and very independent Gideon Riker is the local saloon owner but is there to him than meets the eye? This unusual team join forces when he offers to rent his brand new house to Bess and Bertie to start a business out of From Alarming to Charming © 2003 by Pamela Kaye TracyThe fourth and final book of the Craig sisters and Lickwind Wyoming Thomas Hardin is returning to Lickwind after seven long years At age fifteen his father and him were chased out of town His dad was labeled a cattle rustler He knew returning wouldn’t be easy And it wasn’tBertie Craig found that for the first time in her life she wanted to be noticed as a female She didn’t understand why she felt different around Thomas but she did know his ranch was the first time she felt like she was home in many a year If only he didn’t think of her as nothing than a suirtA Vow Unbroken © 2000 by Amy RognlieJames Parrish was so excited his future wife was to arrive on the train God had answered his prayers and he would have a wife to love and share his life with When Abby Cantrell arrived James thought her to be absolutely beautiful And then his world shattered She was not the same woman he expected and this one carried several burdens Would God bring her into his life to torture him or was there hope for a real marriage?Finishing Touches © 2007 by Kelly Eileen HakeCaptain Gregory Royce was looking forward to wedding the love of his lifeuntil she ran off with another and he was left with her spinster sister Libby Collier The happiest day of his life became the worse day Unlike Libby who had a secret longing to be loved by the handsome Captain but knew he loved her sister How can anything good come from this?Received through NetGalley for reviewhttpjustjudysjumblesblogspotcom#

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    Joie De Vivre by Lynette Sowell Josee Broussard was taken in by the LeBlanc family after her parents died at age 6 Now at eighteen she is ready to have a family of her own Her and Jacues LeBlanc were the best of friends he was the younger son of the family She was hoping she would be marrying him but Mr LeBlanc is having her wed his older son EdouardEdouard has had a rough lie After the war he was left with a scared face and while gone his first love married some one else He has no use for a wife much less Josee Can these two come together before the marriage?Will they find love and happinessI like Josee and Edouard both their characters both needed some love and healing It was nice to see how these two came together and worked things out The banter between the two was lovely I enjoyed this storyButton Strong Bride by Cathy Marie HakeWe meet Ethan Cole who is traveling with the wagon train to Oregon with his two small children He is a widow and had his sister and her family with them and she had to give up He helps a young lady Charity who had lost her parents on the trail They combine their things and keep going Charity helps with the kids and they fall in love with her She adores them and is a god fearing woman These two characters were great both needed healing as Ethan still loved his wife and Charity just wanted a nice simple life if she could find love I liked them two getting to know each other and the help they both offered along the way was nice to see The Wedding Wagon by Cathy Marie HakeBethany Handley was a close friend of Penny’s back in school She visited their house on Christmas and Penny’s brother Joshua fell hard and asked Bethany to go with him on the Oregon Trail and be his wifeJoshua is a doctor and adores Penny but Penny acts like she just came along for his father and sister Can she see that the truly loves her? Can she love him?Bethany was great see come to life and know love We see her grow in a short amount of time and watch Joshua grow as well Jealousy and bad communication can lead to broken heart or restore themFrom Halter to Alter by Cathy Marie HakeEllis Stack place an add for 4 bridles in the paper and The Collingswood brothers need some So they ordered them and agreed to a priceImagine Jim’s surprise when he shows up at the train station and 4 ladies get off the train expecting to get married The girls are so upset they don’t know what to do so the Collingswood’s let the girls stay in their house until things can get straightWe have twins Matty and Corrie Bess and young Bertie Corrie is pregnant with her late husbands baby and the other ladies have never been married Matty and Jim clash a few times can these two get a long and what about all these men town folk coming out to try and win one of these ladies as their bridesMatty and Jim were great to read about along with his brother Luke and the rest of Matty’s sisters They can make you laugh and cry A great story of the love Matty and Jim shareFrom Carriage to Marriage by Janelle Burnham SchneiderCorrie’s baby is coming closer to being born Luke has taken it upon himself to take care of her chores She wants to do something with her lot help take care of her and her child She starts to bake Luke is a man who like to help anyone in need He feels the need to protect her and he sees what Matty and Jim have Can they have the same kind of relationship? Will Corrie let him take care of her and her childCorrie and Luke were fun to read about The way Luke steps up and helps Corrie and her family is remarkableFrom Pride to Bride by JoAnne A GroteBess and Berdie are the last of the Craig sisters and they can’t stay with Jim and Luke forever so they try and buy the jail house to run their bakery kitchen Bess wants the church to meet at the saloon hall since it is raining and their is no real church yet in the town Gideon of course lets the town meet there and then Bossy Bess as she is known needs helpThe town won’t let the Craig sister’s rent the jail so what is left for Gideon to do but rent the house he just built to them The ladies thrive in baking and cooking Bess starts to teach while cooking But can they be with Gideon and Bess Can she see past him being a saloon owner?The sisters are great to read about and you get to see of each of them as each sister has her own story Bess was great to see come out of her shell a bitFrom Alarming to Charming by Pamela Kaye TracyBertie is called a boy by Thomas who has come back to town to set things right He is surprised he is a she He asked her to help with his horses off the train Bertie sees she needs to be of a lady for Thomas to really take notice of herThomas is know as the son of a cow rustler He has come back to town richer and successful then when the town ran his family out He gets help from the town to get things going and he sees Bertie as a suirt But can she change his mind?The last of the Craig stories and this one did not disappoint in the least It was great seeing the little sister grown up and be a great young woman She takes over the teaching from Bess and all the ladies thrive Wonderful stories I would like to read againA Vow Unbroke by Amy RognlieJames Parrish is glad to have his intended coming to town until he meets the lady he thought he was marrying is someone else Abby has come in the place of James’s intended and she is carrying someone else’s baby He takes her to his sisters boarding house Can Abby find real love or will she have to leave or find other ways to take care of herself and her baby?It was nice to see James and Abby come together and make things work Finishing Touches by Kelly Eileen HakeCaptain Royce has been looking forward to his wedding that is until she left him for another person and left Royce with her spinster sister LibbyPoor Libby secretly loved Captain Royce but knew he loved her sister What can she do to help him get over his grief Will he see her as someone he can love ?I wish we could have learned but a great story to end the collection

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    The Bartered Bride Collection gathers together 9 novellas on the theme of arranged or convenient marriages I felt like most of the stories fell into that last category which seemed odd to me as there is an entirely separate collection of stories by Barbour called The Convenient Bride But I digressOverall these novellas were enjoyable with likable characters and believable plots that didn't feel forced or rushed The four stories included in the middle of the book were my favorites; not coincidentally these four novellas all centered around a group of sisters who descend on a man heavy town thinking they had been bought as mail order brides I liked the continuity between these particular stories in seeing the same characters and the same setting and the progress of the relationships and the theme In fact Barbour could pull those four out and publish them in a separate book and have another good thing going Maybe they already have lol Too many books to keep up with

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    While a few of the stories were enjoyable overall this anthology was a disappointing read I'm glad I picked it up cheaply

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    Another great collection of Christian books

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    Stories Included Joie De Vivre by Lynette Sowell Button Strong Bride by Cathy Marie Hake The Wedding Wagon by Cathy Marie Hake From Halter to Alter by Cathy Marie Hake From Carriage to Marriage by Janelle Burnham Schneider From Pride to Bride by JoAnne A Grote From Alarming to Charming by Pamela Kaye Tracy A Vow Unbroke by Amy Rognlie Finishing Touches by Kelly Eileen Hake For the sake of this book and in fairness I will review the book as a whole and some of the individual stories within The Bartered Bride Collection I enjoyed this book I’ll be honest it wasn’t what I expected and was uite different It was fun reading the continuing stories – that fed off eachother but where by different authors I enjoyed it but was kind of disapointed that it was so different from what I was expecting Joie De Vivre by Lynette Sowell This was a decent short story As a child Josee if orphaned the LeBlanc family takes her in and raises her as one of their own On Josee’s 18th birthday the father announces that she and their oldest son Edouard will be wed in two weeks down when the priest passes through town Both Josee and Edouard do not know of this decison before it is announced and it comes as a shock to both of them This story follows the short ‘engagement’ and early life of the newlyweds Both Josee and Edouard have to learn to live together and live with one another – as well as get used to different routines and lifestyles Something they haven’t really been comfronted with up to this point in life I did enjoy this book However I did not enjoy the freuent french in the novel with very little – if any – translation I do not mind when this happens normally as long as there is some way to determine what is meant but that was not the case in this little story I also would of liked this to be longer This is a tale that would do well if expanded slightly a little character development and it could be a novel on it’s own Overall I liked it but due to the language barrier I am not sure if I would read by this particular author Button Strong Bride by Cathy Marie Hake I REALLY enjoyed this story Go back in time to when we where travelling across the US to find better and furtile land in groups of covered wagons called “trains” And you’ll meet Charity and Ethan Charity is 19 years old from a very wealthy family However in the course of the journey so far both of her parents she is an only child have passed away Leaving her alone with a large wagon and four oxen to care for alone – along with other shared responsibilities that happen in the journey Ethan is a carpenter and a widower with 2 children Tad male and Cricket female It is decided by the council that Ethan and Charity are to combine wagons and resources for the benefit of everyone – including them With little resistance they find homes for the extra Oxen and supplies that have come along for Charity’s parents Charity and Cricket both have button strings The tale behind them is that each girl collects buttons from when they are born – and no two buttons can be the same The guy who gives them the 1000th button is to be their husband Charity is a mear few buttons from having her 1000th what will happen and who will give Charity her 1000th? How will Ethan react? How will Charity react? This was a incredible story not only of learning to live with eachother but learning to love And learning to accept God’s plan even though you may not even see the path set before you when you start your journey I loved this little story and highly recommend it to everyone The Wedding Wagon by Cathy Marie Hake A beautiful story though deffinately not my favorite Bethany attends a finishing school with a friend Penny One year Bethany meets Penny’s brother Josh and sometime later the two decide to marry Not so much a barterring as a mutual agreement between Bethany and Josh – even though they may not infact love eachother but rather done out of convience Josh and Bethany depart on a wagon train to Oregon Josh’s Papa and sister Penny come with them in their own wagon However Bethany and her friendship with Penny can uickly cause trouble as they seemm to have a deeper bond that she does with Josh her new husband However with Granny Willodene along for the ride it is sure to be an educational trip across the land with lots of bumps along the way This was a very good story but it hardly held my attention I did enjoy it however and have discovered a new ‘sub genre’ of reading that I enjoy – different perspectives of wagon trains to Oregon On to the next story in the book From Halter to Alter by Cathy Marie Hake This was a very enjoyable little tale Jim and his brother Lucas send away for Bridles Ellis responds and agrees to sell him Bridals And then Matty Beth Corine and Bertie are four sisters sent off to Wyoming in trade Jim doesn’t realize what is actually being sent his way – and neither does Ellis or the four sisters realize the mistake What results was a truely delicious tale of falling in love and what can happen in the wild west This was a tale you could truely completely wrap yourself up in and not want to put down I enjoyed it greatly and highly recommend it From Carriage to Marriage by Janelle Burnham Schneider I liked this book In a large way it was a continuation of the previous book From Halter to Alter By Cathy Marie Hake This book continues with the four sisters Matty Beth Corine and Bertie as well as brother Jim and Lucas – but it focuses a lot on pregnanct widowed Corine and Lucas Corine lost her husband 3 days after she found out she was pregnant However that didn`t stop he Brother in Law Ellis from sending her with the rest of her sisters to Wyoming Corine has a lot to deal with while pregnant and trying to get on her feet Lucas is interested but doesn`t want to over step his boundries Overall a nice uick tale There wasn`t some of the suspense the other stories offered – nor was their really an “issue” other than that that the two characters themselves where dealing with – very little outside influence or instigation

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    The Bartered Bride Romance Collection is one of my favorite Romance Novella Collections It contains 9 Novellas and each one is almost better than the last almost each one stands alone and each one is delightful yet complicated adventurous and downright descriptive jam packed with light hearted moments hearts being torn soulful and full of trusting in the LORD as it should be The first one is about pre arrangement deeply disappointment feels like wrong brother is picked will she ever love him? You have one that is about loss and desperate situations arising and learning to follow the will of GOD Another is about love arranged in writing another is about accidental love another is about very protective love another is about take over ever thing love? another is about preconceived perceptions will they be able to get over it? Another one is about misrepresentation's love at first sight and a vow to GOD what will win out? Lastly you have one about pre arrangement elopement pride and financial arrangement will he love the runner up? I received a copy of this book from the Publisher and Netgalley; all of the opinions expressed in the review are all my ownif you would like to read of my Christian book reviews go to christianlybookreviewersblogspotcom

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    Wonderful collection of 9 novelettes about the practice of 'mail order brides' being sent sometimes without their permissionagainst their will to the emerging American WestI really appreciated the concise yet convincing portrayal of the the young and not so young women who went West to become wives andor housekeepers for the lonely men who paid their way outThe first several selections covered the lives of the four Craig sisters who were sent to Lickwind WY by their scheming brother in law so that he could have the family's dairy farm He sold them to the Collingwood Ranch for 150 each He claimed that the owner of the ranch 'ordered' them via telegramWhen in truth he had ordered horse bridles not brides Eventually it all worked out well for the young women and the ranchers of the area But with many interesting side stories along the wayI really appreciated the entire collection for the uniue and totally believable way in which the stories were presented Very well written and readable with a background of traditional religious values

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