A SUMMONS TO NEW ORLEANS A Novel [PDF / EPUB] A SUMMONS TO NEW ORLEANS A Novel Using her own ordeal as a rape victim in New Orleans Hall has created an enthralling portrait of three remarkable women each struggling to come to terms with lives that haven't worked out the way they Using her own ordeal as TO NEW ePUB ✓ a rape victim in New Orleans Hall has created an enthralling portrait of three remarkable women each struggling to come to terms with lives that haven't worked out the way they planned A Summons to New Orleans is an intensely personal provocative look at contemporary womanhood.

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    I'm not sure what it was that caused me to fall in love with this book A main character who seemed a bit of a kindred spirit maybe enough intrigue in the plot to keep it moving maybe it was the fact that I first heard about and started searching for this book before online orders were a thing and I remember well spending hours picking through second hand bookstore shelves until I abandoned it – only to find it on kindle years later In any case it didn't disappoint I've ordered a hard copy and will undoubtedly return to it

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    Modern women's fiction Different Three women who were friends in college reunite in New Orleans for a rape trial Weird dynamics Were theyare they really friends? Was one of them really raped? Is another crazy? And does the main character have an epiphany? An interesting read

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    It's a book with the characters self reflecting while being there for a friend if they were really friends during one of theirs rape trial None of the characters were likable The story was slow that I got bored but finished it to see what happened I didn't get the answer Waste of my time reading Glad it was a free book from Prime

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    This book came to me via my friend April I believe that the author is a friend of hers Knowing that I'm an author myself she lent it to me IIt pains me to say since the book is written by a friend of a friend I didn't really like this story at all Nora is the most believable character of them all But even she is a bit strange A taxi driver Leo saves her from being mugged It turns out he was in love with Poppy Nora's college friend Both of the women have been summoned to New Orleans for what they think is a vacation Instead it's to support Simone at her rape trial I couldn't sympathize with Simone because there was nothing about her that made me feel she'd been raped She was going to go home even before a verdict was reached And the whole story line that Poppy was crazy and that her father had buried a baby in the basement of their home was too over the top in the scheme of things Even so when she dug up cat bones insteadPoppy's estranged husband Adam was so flat that in the end maybe Nora deserved him The characters were uninteresting and disjointed from the entire story

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    This story wasn't what I expected It's a story about self reflection and friendship It's not what I would call a 'light read' because of its subject matter But I think the story is worth reading

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    I liked the character of Nora I believed her feelings and the things that she experienced I did find that the cab driver who saved her was connected to one of her goods friends from years back hard to believe Some coincidences are easy to believe this not so much

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    I love books situated in New Orleans I like the characters but I felt a little cheated at the end

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    Unbelievable and unlikable characters racial stereotypes and loose plot threads galore A waste of the NOLA setting

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    I really enjoyed this book I had read a number of not so good reviews and thus did not expect much I was pleasantly surprised

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