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    War in the East by uintin Barry is an excellent account of the Russo Turkish War that was fought between 1877 and 1878 The book is primary a military history and covers the campaigns in detail with some background information on the reasons why the war occurred the diplomatic manoeuvring between the great powers and the conclusion of the conflict with the treaty of San Stefano and then later the Congress of BerlinThe author provides an easy to read account of the Russian strike to cross the Balkan Mountains and menace Constantinople before the Turkish forces can react and close the passes through this formidable mountain range In the theatre across the Black Sea in the Transcaucasus we read about the Russian campaign to seize the Turkish fortresses at Kars and Erzerum and many other places in betweenThe many battles for Plevna are covered in detail as is most other battles sieges and movements in this conflict between the Russians their allies and the Turks There are numerous maps provided although they are all within one section of the book and are maps taken from the period which at times can be hard to read but they provide enough detail to follow the campaign One very pleasant surprise was the numerous colour pages within the book containing reproductions of paintings by Vereshchagin and other artists These were great to look at and I continually flicked back to the paintings whilst reading the book There are also numerous black white drawings liberally scattered throughout the narrative which provide some great detail to the storyThe only real problem I found with this book were a number of annoying typographic errors which seems to be a common problem now publishing houses have done away with the services of editors Overall this was an excellent military history of this mostly forgotten war and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading about little known battles and wars

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    There are very few modern English language accounts of the Russo Turkish War of 1877 That makes it all the important that this book exists and is as detailed as it is on that struggle which was of such import to the fate of the Balkans and thus to one of the major factors in the outbreak of World War I Though it is worth noting that the book does not go into the postwar ramifications and largely keeps itself as a straight up military and occasionally diplomatic history

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    One of the few books about the war written available to an English audienceI have always had an interest in late 19th conflicts in Europe and I found this to fit the bill perfectly While much has been done about the Franco Prussian War Howard Wawro Moltke this is a conflict that little has been written about recently This may be to the fact that the Franco Prussian War had a much greater impact on European international relations and lead to the outbreak of WW 1

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    A must read for anyone who studies the War of 1877 78

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    Excellent book on the Russo Turkish war

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War in the East [PDF / EPUB] War in the East When Russia declared war on the Ottoman Empire in April 1877 it was the fifth time during the nineteenth century that hostilities had broken out between the two empires On this occasion the other Grea When Russia declared war on the Ottoman Empire in April it was the fifth time during the nineteenth century that hostilities had broken out between the two empires On this occasion the other Great Powers had done all they could to War in PDF or prevent it although public opinion in the West had been shocked by Turkey's brutal repression of the Bulgarian uprising The war was to be fought in two distinct theatres In Europe as on previous occasions the Russian objective was to cross first the Danube and then the formidable Balkan Mountains before striking for Constantinople In Asia over territory also contested many times before the Russians aimed to seize Kars and then ErzerumAt first all went well for the invaders the Turks making no serious attempt to hold the line of the Danube while a thrust south by General Gourko succeeded in crossing the Balkans by a pass not previously considered practicable At Plevna however the Russian advance stalled in the face of the determined defense of the place by the redoubtable Osman Pasha In Asia meanwhile after initial success the Russian advance was halted by defeat at Zevin Poor strategic judgment on the part of the Turks led to their failure to take advantage of the opportunity provided by Osman even after the Russians had suffered three bloody defeats at Plevna Eventually after the town was closely invested it fell to the besiegersIn Asia the Turks suffered a major defeat in the battle of God's Mountain and were driven back to Erzerum while Kars fell to a brilliant assault by the Russian forces These defeats marked the beginning of the end for the Turks By January the Russians were over the Balkans in force and the last viable Turkish army was surrounded and captured at Shenovo Armistice negotiations led to a suspension of hostilities and to the treaty of San Stefano The other Great Powers had watched the conflict with mounting anxiety and were determined to moderate the terms of San Stefano which had imposed harsh conditions on the Ottoman Empire This following tortuous diplomatic negotiations they succeeded in doing at the Congress of Berlin in July This book the first military history of the war in English for over a century traces the course of the campaigns examining the many occasions on which the outcome of a battle might have gone the other way and the performance of the combatants both leaders and led The book considers the extent to which the parties applied the lessons of recent wars as well as the conclusions that could be drawn from the experience of combat with the latest weapons It also explores the complicated motives of the Great Powers in general and Britain in particular in bringing about a final settlement which postponed the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire The author's detailed text is accompanied by an extensive number of black and white illustrations and newly commissioned color battle maps Orders of battle are also provided This is the latest title in Helion's groundbreaking series of th Century studies and will again appear in hardback as a strictly limited edition printing of copies each individually numbered and signed by the author on a decorative title page pages narrative pages in total.