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    A cruise ship surgeon's taleThis is an excellently written story of behind the scenes on a Cruise ship of years gone by The many characters seem to be a large family each supporting each other

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    ‘Doctors go to sea for a variety of reasons and at that time I could not have articulated my own’Authorphysician Peter Tate republishes his ‘novelized autobiography of his tenure as a ship’s doctor from 1969 – 1972’ Peter has published several books about doctorpatient relationships – THE DOCTOR’ S COMMUNICATION HANDBOOK THE OTHER SIDE OF MEDICINE THE CONSULTATION AN APPROACH TO LEARNING AND TEACHING MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR DOCTOR and IF YOU KNEW SUSIE and another book SEANACHAI THE STORYTELLER’S STORY in 2015 under the moniker Padraigh Etat – a book so superb that this reviewer wrote ‘Irish author Padraigh Etat appears to be bowing into the literary scene with this exuisitely crafted short novel that embraces all that is uintessentially Irish in stories and writings Reflect for a moment on some of the strongest writers of the past and many of them are Irish – James Joyce Oscar Wilde George Bernard Shaw Yeats Synge Swift Bram Stoker Brendan Behan William Trevor Samuel Beckett and on and on And it would appear that if the tunes remain as singable as they appear in this work Padraigh Etat may be joining them We have little biographical information to judge his platform and that may be the better way to open this little book of marvels it speaks for itself As the author states ‘This is an intelligent modern fairyghost story in the tradition of the Brothers Grimm uintessentially Irish and based loosely on a collection of Irish Myths ancient and relatively modern There is an overall mythic schema of the failings of mankind being linked to the failings of the old Gods who made them in their image’Peter’s SeaSickness is also grand if a bit difficult to step into as a book Perhaps a run through of his synopsis will help ‘Seasickness a funny tragedy is a recollection of a happier time as a young doctor when newly employed as a ship’s surgeon on a PO cruise liner These memories describe a humorous journey of escapism released by hovering near death after major cardiac surgery The life on board ship gradually leads to a love affair and finally marriage to a beautiful alcoholic The flashbacks relate the tragic ending that takes 30 years to reach a conclusion with an embittered death and his continued lack of understanding despite his professional expertise The flashbacks increase in freuency intensity and meaningfulness as the novel progresses There is a secondary love affair with the ship itself’Peter reflects on his father’s life as a General Practitioner ‘He ualified as a doctor at the age of 21 at Durham University in 1938 He did not want to be a doctor but his father a frighteningly good mathematician and headmaster of St Hilda's School South Shields insisted My father really wanted to be an Egyptologist and roller skating champion of England; instead he spent his life as a GP in a damp basement surgery in Beach Road South Shields He only saw Egypt once and that was from the deck of The SS Theseus as it went through the Suez Canal in 1939 just as the Second World War broke out When I was a boy he used to read The Book of the Dead in original hieroglyphics on the stairs he found it comfortable to read like that He also liked Sherlock Homes He took his postgraduate MD by examination early in the war; he passed but told me of the most difficult uestion he was askedIn 1946 the year I was born General Practice was very different from now in so many ways Perhaps the most important difference was the lack of clear split between hospital doctors and GPs My father was a Consulting Physician to the Ingham Infirmary; he admitted patients there and looked after them in the hospital He was also a surgeon if the need arose and routinely took out tonsils at home He used to do his own anaesthesia too A terrifying thought to modern doctors and especially to his own son’At any rate back to the plot – no bests to amble through the delightful book yourself ‘There is reasonable evidence that Medical School can severely damage your personality Here you are very young bright eyed and bushy tailed full of hopes and dreams You like people and you want to help them You have chosen a caring profession and you do care but you may not come out at the end of the five years uite the same Firstly this is not unreasonable; dreams need tempering with realityetc ’Peter’s wry sense of humor makes the time and the pages fly by This is a diversion of the very best kind

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    Seasickness by Peter Tate is an autobiographical tale of Peter's early experiences after getting out of medical school and what he did to learn how to be a master of his craft Peter was unsure of what to do but decided that a good option as a young doctor was to take to the seas His exact reason for that is unknown perhaps even to himself today but he did it and this book shows the fruit of the labors he went through The ship was called the SS Orcades It was an older boat but had a seasoned crew and was well maintained Peter showed up on his first day hungover but on time In this case 30 minutes early but in terms of a ship leaving harbor it was far too late From here it was a series of trial and error along with learning from the ship's doctor Peter met many interesting people and even developed a romance along the way which turned into a long lasting relationship But at the same time just like many people will always remember that first job they ever had Peter also fell in love with the shipThis book is written in a series of flashbacks At first this is hard for the reader to follow especially as the freuency of the flashbacks tends to change from one chapter to the next However the flashbacks are used well and help to develop the character and explain motives and experiences This is a very long book and it does move at a very slow speed but it has interesting parts that do keep the reader interested Fans of autobiographies and real world stories will enjoy this piece of writing The editing is done fairly well although the spacing at times is distracting I feel that the way the author wrote this means that the spacing was done intentionally but it still proved to take away from the words on the page

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    Peter Tate gives us a delightful autobiography of himself and his experiences as a young doctor You might think that this would lead to a boring read but Tate’s writing style and wry humor help guide the reader through a delightful set of characters and locations With the host of characters this book has a slight edge of the fantastical about it as well The 1970’s were an impressionable time for the young doctor Tate and although he did not choose this profession his father did he made the best of his cards and applied himself to learning the cure for ills that his medical texts did not coverThe many flashbacks do make this book a tad bit complicated in the beginning to read and orient yourself within the story but around the 6th chapter I had the author’s rhythm down and was zooming through the pages Well written articulate without any editing errors make this a good read

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    Peter Tate pens an amusing story about a young surgeon who goes to sea on an old cruiser As an assistant doctor Tate learns uickly that there are many illnesses that text books didn’t cover the cure One example was the crew member who was deathly ill because of fear Fortunately an older co worker recognizes the symptoms and recommends a cure Some of Tate’s patients weren’t able to be saved and their deaths were uite sadAs Tate was able to travel to different countries many of his stories are filled with colorful individuals and cultures In three short years just a few of his adventures included a Smallpox scare bank robbery typhoon love and aiding the largest ship on the seas As the ship has its final trip so does Sandra have her desired end No matter how many lives Peter could save he was never able to fully deliver Sandra from her demon

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    “Sea Sickness” is Peter Tate’s novel that is reminiscent of some old plays where you have a great tragedy but then also some greatly entertaining comic relief We get to follow Tate’s character that is of himself autobiographical styled as he follows in the profession that his father basically shoves himself into the position of a medical professional but he tries to make the best of the life that has been thrust upon him He gets to work on a cruise line and has to make do with his own wiles and basic experiences He takes each situation with a grain of salt and always tries to make light of the situation which I do appreciate It is a very well written novel and is a pretty large one at that but it does kind of slow down a bit in the middle but make sure you keep reading until the end

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    The first thing I noticed about this book is that it is extremely descriptive even when you aren’t sure what the author is talking about He uses metaphors and imagery that can’t be mistaken which also help you understand the type of place he’s coming from It seems like it is something depressing or sad from the beginning but you will want to keep reading to be sure Essentially it is the tale of a man who was a doctor and his reasons for becoming one It also explains how he got to the present moment in time and some of the people he met along the way as well as the ship that he spent a chunk of his career on Lastly it is a story about love and loss; something that is central in most of our lives It isn’t hard to relate to this one at times and it is written in an interesting style which flips back and forth in time uite often

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    Humourous yet tragic This novel is basically an autobiography of Peter Tates life as a young ship doctor It has a wide array of interesting characters that makes the novel come alive It is very well written which is highly refreshing because I have read many novels of late that caused me to focus too much on the grammatical errors rather than the story line Apparently Peter Tate did not choose to become a doctor Rather his father insisted However he delved into it and goes above and beyond Although an amusing story it does have its sad moments for example when his patients die But all in all it takes us through an interesting journey Initially the book is a bit complicated to follow because of the flash backs but it kept me focused and keenly interest in reading on and fully understanding where its coming from and where its going Go ahead and take a read

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    SeaSickness is a very special tale narrated in the voice of a doctor In fact the father of the central character Peter Tate was also a doctor and it was interesting to read about the many devices which he kept with himself while delivering babies SeaSickness narrates the ups and downs of life on a sea but even the difficult and bad things are told in such a funny manner that the reader cant help but smile The love story is beautiful but poignant and every page of this long eBook was worth reading to the very end

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    As luck would have it I read this book whilst holidaying on a luxurious cruise liner In these memoirs Peter Tate is reminiscing about happier times when he was a young ship’s surgeon working for PO The story is very entertaining –full of gossip about life on board and officers fraternising with passengers much frowned upon What gives an extra dimension to the story is that Peter is remembering these anecdotes about his young life whilst hovering between life and death following major cardiac surgery An amusing yet poignant read

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Seasickness [PDF / EPUB] Seasickness SeaSickness is about a young doctor's innocent journey leading to romance on a PO liner in the early seventies The novel is told from the perspective of a now old and ill doctor with a life time of ex Seasickness is about a young doctor's innocent journey leading to romance on a PO liner in the early seventies The novel is told from the perspective of a now old and ill doctor with a life time of experience behind him It is very funny and very sad and helps the reader to understand the realities of medicine Peter is an internationally recognised medical author with books published in several languages.

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