A Dangerous Undertaking Mills Boon Large Print Romances

A Dangerous Undertaking Mills Boon Large Print Romances [PDF / EPUB] A Dangerous Undertaking Mills Boon Large Print Romances Hoping to live with her great uncle Henry Capitain Margaret Donnington found him a reprobate and took refuge at Winterford Manor It seemed Roland Lord Pargeter was in need of a wife and he offered Mar Hoping to live with her Undertaking Mills MOBI õ great uncle Henry Capitain Margaret Donnington found him a reprobate and took refuge at Winterford Manor It seemed Roland Lord Pargeter was in need of a wife and he offered Margaret a marriage of convenience for one yearShe thought she had strayed into a madhouse but with little money and no chance of a job she A Dangerous Epub / had to acceptOnly after the marriage did Margaret learn of the family curse and how dangerous it would he for her.

  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • A Dangerous Undertaking Mills Boon Large Print Romances
  • Mary Nichols
  • English
  • 20 September 2014
  • 9780263144260

About the Author: Mary Nichols

Born in Singapore to a Undertaking Mills MOBI õ Dutch South African father and an English mother Mary Nichols came to England when she was three and considers herself totally English Her father like many people who learn English as a second language would have no sloppiness either spoken or written and Mary puts her love of the language down to him He was also A Dangerous Epub / a great reader and there were always books in the house.

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    Warning heavy spoilers ahead And I mean it it's a very long review Sorry but not sorry And maybe I have made a lot of grammar errors but bear with me english is not my first languageview spoilerThe Hero needs to marry but his family is cursed so all the first brides dies after a year of marriage or so So what our clever hero do in this case? But of course listen to his best friend and marry the first victim pardon woman instead of the lady he loves clap clap Applauses for the men of the year His friend has already chosen the victim a woman in the same inn obviously poor and in need of rescue or so he thinks Anyway he dares to ask her personal uestions and in the meanwhile he informs her that his friend is in need of a wife you don't say and maybe she may be that one wife no thank you he then learns she's going to stay at her great uncle's house a well known debauched man Eww So she goes there she found chaos and not in a good way needless to say she escapes and is found by yes the friend of our hero and his sister cause she fainted near our hero's house ConvenientNow I have to admit at first the hero didn't want to marry a stranger but he did take it into consideration but after learning who our poor heroine was niece of his worst enemy the neighbour which he hates with a passion he lost all of his scruples and make his proposition without telling her the truth about the curse He just tells her it's for one year The heroine after thinking about it for a while accepts I hated the fact that he never told her the truth NeverSo they marry Notice that no ones in this house cares for her No one Except maybe for the hero's sister Even the grandma hated her she even called her witch at the wedding just because she wore the wedding dress that belonged to her mother long story short the heroine's mother and the hero's father were neighbours and in love they were to marry but both their family with their lies made it so they never did and separated and then the hero's father soon after married another woman which died within a year and so the curse began which the bstard great uncle gave to herSo the two start their life as a married couple The heroine on the first week easily fell into a frozen pond or whatever it was and is saved by the hero with the help of her great uncle who says to him why the heck he's saving her since he wants her dead the heroine is not sure she heard that correct Anyway the woman he truly loves this is his thought about 40% of the book writes to him she demands answers as where the heck is he and why he didn't asked her to marry him yet? Yeah why dude Notice our heroine is pregnant but didn't told the husband because yeah she was waiting the perfect moment also wanted to be sure So they goes to London The hero talks to the witch and his father that he married another woman and they go berserk and he's practically thrown out of the house He meets her again when he's out with his wife he introduce her wife to his ex fiancè really dude what the heck Our heroine finds them talking her husband told his ex about the curse but didn't tell her he doesn't love her any nope She hears the words she doesn't have a chance and make her suppositions At home she confronts her husband and still he won't tells her the truth Instead he doesn't deny when she accuses him of still loving the evil witch nope he even dares to tells her that jealousy wasn't part of the contract well bstard if that's the case even consuming the marriage wasn't part of the contract ahole So during a party the evil witch evilly tells the heroine about the curse and that her husband is waiting for her to die but she doesn't want to wait so she push her down the stairs Luckily the heroine is alive and well and so the baby The doctor says so to the husband which he's not very happy to hear about the baby Anyway the heroine tells the husband she was pushed down by the evil witch but he didn't believe her Great He doesn't care for her He doesn't trust her Why you're supposed to be a hero I ask myself So the hero goes away for months while the pregnant wife lives in their house alone One day a lawyer goes to visit her and tells her she inherited a good amount of money from her father which she believed him dead when she was really young instead he was alive and died recently So our stupid heroine that is nearly eight month pregnant now goes to visit her great uncle remember the debauched uncle yes? because now that she's rich and no one not even her husband can take that money she wants to help him even though he was mean to her In the house she founds that her uncle and his young lover haven't I talked about her? Well now I did are not alone the house is a place used by brigands such a great uncle pun intended Long story short they beat to death the uncle and his lover but she's still alive they take a very pregnant heroine as an hostage the hero casually returns home and finds out the heroine went to visit her uncle notice he didn't even wanted to go and see her such a lovely person ain't him but hey she's not there any and instead there's a man dead but the lover of said man tells him the heroine was abducted by brigands and so our hero goes everywhere to find them And he did of course They hugs they kiss they say how much they love each other The curse is broken by true love HEA #asif Oh and the inheritance is never mentioned again It was a poorly way to let the heroine be in dangerNotice I have left out some things of courseSo why my hate for the hero you may ask which you won't but anyway the fact he married a woman to let her die by the curse so after that he could marry the woman he loves; the fact he never tells the truth to his wife; the fact he always thinks to his true love; the fact he didn't care about the heroine and neither trust her; the fact he left her when she was pregnant; and I could go on hide spoiler

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