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The Translator Training Textbook [PDF / EPUB] The Translator Training Textbook The Translator Training Textbook Is The Training Resource On Becoming A Professional Translator This Textbook Contains Free Videos, A Discussion Of Ethics, Practical Career Advice, A Glossary Of Crit The Translator Training Textbook Kindle Õ Training Textbook Is TheTraining Resource On Becoming A Professional Translator This Textbook Contains Free Videos, A Discussion Of Ethics, Practical Career Advice, A Glossary Of Critical Translation Industry Terms, And Most Importantly Expert Interview Transcripts From The Most Successful Translators In The Industry The Translator PDF/EPUB or This Is A Required Text In The Certified Translation Professional CTP Program Which Is A Self Paced Training And Certification Program For Professional Translators To Learn About This Program Please See Http TranslationCertification If You Are Working To Become A Successful Translator You Need This Textbook.

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    What a great resource It helped me officially decide that translating is the field I want to go into It thoroughly describes all the aspects of the job as well as the pros and cons of each option Everyone considering a job in the field should pick up the book.Wordpress Bloglovin Twitter Ko fi

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    A book all novice translators should read Detailed, practical and easy to read.

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    A useful overview of Translation business tips for being a freelance translator or working for an agency as well as tips on key methodological issues for translation This book identifies a common false concept that because some is bilingual they can translate anything, but in reality you should translate according to your training and career experience For example being bilingual doesn t qualify you to be a medical translator interpreter if you have no education or work experience in the medical field This was reinforced by the interview transcripts where most of the experienced translators argued it is better to get a degree or career experience in a specific field with knowledge in at least 2 languages for translation rather than getting a translation degree since it will make the person competent and specialized knowing the ins and outs of the language for that field rather than having a general knowledge of the languages s but no ability to use them accurately in specific contexts Also you can always add on a translation certification with the specific work experience or education in medical or business to make ones skills sharper and to get better employment opportunities.The interviews in the second to last chapter of the book were profitable tips from experienced translators on how to manage a business, common mistakes to avoid,...

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    The book is an indispensable resource for the future translators It provides wide range of information about ethics and practice of the trade There are questions and answers at the end of each chapter to help people prepare for Certified Translation Professional exam.

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