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Harrigan's Bride [PDF / EPUB] Harrigan's Bride Abiah's heart waged a battle of its own Abiah Calder had always loved Thomas Harrigan Always But the war had contrived to make them enemies Now that same war had bound them as man and wife Yet did Tho Abiah's heart waged a battle of its own Abiah Calder had always loved Thomas Harrigan Always But the war had contrived to make them enemies Now that same war had bound them as man and wife Yet did Thomas' heart's desire truly match her ownWhen Thomas Harrigan found Abby dying in an abandoned house he risked everything to see her safe No matter that he was a Yankee captain and she a loyal Rebel She was all that had been good and true in his life—and he would claim her as his own; and damn the conseuences.

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    really poignant Civil War era story a cut above the typical Harleuin fare

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    Captain Thomas Harrigan has left the Fredericksburg battlefield and is checking the home of some old friends the Calders He finds Miss Emma the mother dead and helps bury her He also finds the Calder daughter Abiah who is near deathIn spite of the possibility of court martial for being AWOL absent without leave Thomas takes AbiahAbby from her cold empty home hoping to find a safe place for her to get wellAlthough Abiah is a Southern sympathizer and Thomas is a captain in the Union army he takes her into Union territory trying to save her lifeOne of the uirks of life in the 1800s was the fact that Thomas should have left the young woman to die rather than besmirch her reputation by traveling with her without a chaperoneThere are two antagonists in this tale Elizabeth Channing who jilted Thomas recently without a word of explanation and Thomas' Grandfather WinthropThomas marries the dying Abiah to save her reputation and to get himself out of hot water with his supervisor who wasn't pleased Thomas had ruined Abiah's reputation It also gives him the right to get the care Abiah needs now that he is next of kinDarkness gathers and the trouble beginsI feel compelled to say a few words about Elizabeth Channing She had to be dumber than dirt to have tossed away an honorable living man during the Civil War I would have doubted her reasoning except I have known of at least 2 women in current times who have done the same thingI find books on relationships during the Civil War are very interesting I prefer historical novels because of the events circumstances andor background that surround and affect the storyAfter you read this great story you might want to pick up ALWAYS TO REMEMBER by Lorraine Heath a book about relationships immediately after the Civil War

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    another very sweet story I love the characters Abbiah Abby and Thomas I loved this story of old friendship love war with the bad behaviored Northern BelleI found the storyline very similar to The Prisoner but I loved both stories because of the characters I alkso loved Gertie and La Broie and the fact that they all went together at the end no clkasses differences I alos loved that it didn't suddenly go happily with the grandfather because that how real life often isI would have put a45 stars

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    Wonderful book with a handsome honorable and brave hero and a heroine who could have been a bit confident but still very likable The author told a story that kept one reading and was well researched as far as the Civil War Generals and battlefields are concerned I highly recommend it

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    Really good story Some descriptive sex though

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    This was the first book I read from author Cheryl Reavis and it didn't disappoint I enjoyed it so much I read 3 of her Civil War Romances in less than a weekYankee Captain Thomas Harrigan was friends with Abiah Abby Calder's brother Guire before the war Abiah's mother and Rebel brother were killed during the war Thomas rescues Abby and takes her across into Union territory The two end up marrying amidst a war and people interfering trying to tear the couple apartExcellent story with great secondary characters Ms Reavis did an excellent job with the historical details and the dialogue between the characters This one is definitely a keeper

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    I got this because I thought it was a copy of the first romance book I ever read After reading it and a little research I think the book I'm looking for is Heather Graham's 'One Wore Blue' In any case I did finish this so here's a reviewAs a slow burn historical romance sure it was good I'm a little surprised that the lovers she a Southern belle and he a Union officer never got into ANY arguments over the politics and the war that was literally killing and maiming everyone around them and uprooting their lives Secondly any time the Civil War is a theme or a plot or a setting and slavery is not mentioned at ALL feels problematic It was written 20 years ago so there's that But not even briefly mentioning slavery makes it feel like fan fic written about the civil war than actual historical fiction placed in the antebellum south Disappointed but not surprised

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    If this book could have had a rating of 10 I would have picked itThis book was goodIt was a touching story of young love and warAbidah love thomas sinceshe was young even if he was he brothers best friendThomas to realizes he has had feelings for her even thenNow Supposed to be sworn enemies because of war Thomas goes back to the place where he spent his happiest days Only to Find that his bestfriend has been killed fighting in war and Miss Emma like a mother to him has died because of a epicdemic he finds Abidah in her room alone and dying toHe steals her across the southern line and marries her much to his grandfather and Ex finace dismayTheirs alot of People that butt in to their relatinship and that made me upsetBut it also reminded meI have family like that toThis book was touching and will def be staying in my bookshelf

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    This was loaned to me by a C Reavis 'addict' Thomas the hero was a solid character His loyalty to the war made a realistic obstacle to reaching and protecting the heroine Abiah While I enjoyed the secondary characters especially Gertie and La Broie I wished Abiah had been a little less a damsel in constant distress At the same time I liked her well enoughMiss Reavis sprinkled in just enough Civil War info to keep the time and feel spot on I'd have loved a bit of the history thrown in but that's just me I'm a History junkieA sweet traditional romanceConsidering Miss Reavis is a three times RITA winner I'll have to check into of her novels

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    Not as good as her other ones same themes repeat over and over again its still sweet overall in that heartfelt Reaves way the whole sentiment of trying to recreate a place where you were once so happy as a young adult

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