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Ernie's Ark [PDF / EPUB] Ernie's Ark The paper mill looms up from the riverbank in Abbott Falls Maine a town once drenched with ordinary hopes and dreams now praying for a small drop of good fortune Ernie Whitten a pipe fitter was three The paper mill looms up from the riverbank in Abbott Falls Maine a town once drenched with ordinary hopes and dreams now praying for a small drop of good fortune Ernie Whitten a pipe fitter was three weeks away from a pension secured retirement when the union went on strike eight months ago Now his wife Marie is ill Struck with sudden inspiration Ernie builds a giant ark in his backyard It is a work of art for his wife; a vessel to carry them both away; or a plea for God to spare Marie come hell or high water As the ark takes shape the rest of the town carries on There’s Dan Little a building code enforcer who comes to fine Ernie for the ark and makes a significant discovery about himself; Francine Love a precocious thirteen year old who longs to be a part of the family like world of the union workers; and Atlantic Pulp Paper CEO Henry John McCoy an impatient man wearily determined to be a good father to his twenty six year old daughter The people of Abbott Falls will try their best to hold a community together against the fiercest of odds.

About the Author: Monica Wood

The One in a Million Boy which won a Nautilus Award Gold and the fiction prize from the New England Society in the City of New York She also is the author of.

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    Lately I’ve been very generous giving out 5 STARS but this is another book that deserves every star I am giving itThese nine interconnected short stories take place in Abbott Falls Maine whose main industry and source of employment is the paper mill The workers have now been on strike for 8 months with no resolution in sightMonica Wood has brought some of the people from this town to life Ernie whose love for his wife is heartbreaking and sooo beautiful; Francine a 14 yr old girl who has never fit in and is such an observer of people; Marie Ernie’s wife whose passion for life and her ability to inspire people makes everyone love her There are other people as well but these three have nestled a spot in my heart foreverThere is so much humanity in these storiesMonica Wood is a beautiful writer who has brought this town and these people to lifeThanks to Linda my GR friend whose review spurred me to read this bookI loved it so much that I am diving into another Monica Wood book right away

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    Rating 4875 of fiveThe Book Report Ernie Whitten no longer has a purpose He's been a pipe fitter in Abbots Falls Maine at the papermill for most of his life and now he'sretired unemployed not working whateverBORED So he decides to build somethingAn ark Like in the Bible Maybe miracles will come with it for Marie his sick wifeNine stories spin in their orbits around this one major event in Abbots Falls involving town residents both willing and unwilling and purposeful and aimless and old and youngMy Review Sparkles like a gem The writing is delectable a sensory feast and an emotional powerhouse The characters are all limned in uick indelible strokes and the way Monica Wood works is to make you care just this side of too much for each of them and then moves on to the next one all before your readerly feet are fully under you It's a really cool trick gotta tell yaI said once upon a time that I couldn't understand why this wasn't a TV series I still don't get it Abbotts Falls should be on the airwaves somehow Don't hesitate to pick this book up It will pay your attention back many times over3102012 KINDLE EDITION IS 99 CENTS TODAY

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    Monica Wood brings to life characters that can see into another’s heart In her beloved prize winning One in a million boy she masterfully shines with characters that walked into my heart and never left This collection was written 15 years earlier and we are witness to her early gift in a collection of beautifully written short stories that are linked together through a small town experiencing a crisis She allows you to see the humanitythe pain the worry the defeatbut she also gives you hope thru little acts of unselfishness or expressions of kindness There is an endearing tenderness in her writing An almost uietness This is not as impactful as One in a Million Boy But oh is it lovely

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    I love Monica Wood There's a sort of understated genius in her writing Her style reminds me somewhat of Richard Russo although she's much brief She has that same ability to create a small town world with characters you care about and to throw in a lot of insight about life and relationships This is a very short 189 pages collection of interconnected stories that make a novel when read together It takes place in a small Maine town where a strike at the paper mill drags on for months and months and divides the town Each story tells how this situation affects a particular character and those close to himher Doesn't sound all that exciting I know but I found myself eager to get back to the book for love of the characters and beautiful writing

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    I don't know how Monica Wood isn't well known Her writing just blows me away Simple and sparse yet very evocative It's been a long time 10 years? since I've found an author I love so much I have to immediately read everything she's written Unfortunately she hasn't written all that much Anyway this is a collection of linked short stories about the various people of a small working class town in Maine As with her previous work the characters are rich and deep and stayed with me long after I ended each story Please people read her stuff

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    You know I love a bargain right?Finding Ernie's Ark as the Nook Daily Find for 99 cents it's like finding a pretty little vase at a garage sale that turns out to be TiffanyIs it nine short stories or is it a novel? Is it melancholy or is it brimming with hope? Are the characters really messed up or are they really beautifully drawn rich and deep and good? Yes and yes and yes and yes and yes and YESI've never read Monica Wood before but I am charmed and will look for of her works

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    Nine interrelated stories create a layered and complex portrait of a community in the midst of crisis as a strike wears on at the paper mill and the residents of Abbott Falls Maine feel the reverberations of the towns shifting fortune Ernie just days shy of retirement when the strike hits finds new purpose in building an ark in the backyard Written with a uiet grace and lyrical power Ernies Ark is a moving work by a writer who understands the vagaries and hopes of the human heart

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    Set in a small Maine town where a bitter paper mill strike has forced almost everyone to take sides these nine linked stories explore the ways people stumble towards empathy and grace in their relationships with one another In several of the stories perhaps most it is when the protagonist is feeling most alone and helpless that they put themselves at risk to feel or express compassion for someone else Most of the stories end with a sense that however much of a mess the characters have made of their lives and some have done better than others they may do a better job with what they have left often through self sacrifice or conscious kindness to others The fact that the stories are told from eight different points of view mostly third person but close focus and that characters are all bound in a web of relationships signals that the repetition is an intentional choice that the author is offering a single nuanced thesis about how life works argued through a series of cases And the writing is so lovely no wasted words but not austere either everything is illuminated in a soft clear light that invites the reader's empathy for each of the main characters in turn view spoilerTo make it easier to recall the stories months from now their focal characters are 1 Ernie Whitten whose beloved wife Marie is dying of cancer; 2 Henry MCoy owner of the paper mill; 3 Marie Whitten; 4 Dan Little striking electrician turned code enforcer whose brother Timmy has become a scab; 5 Cindy Love Dan's florist ex wife now married to a philandering sculptor Bruce; 6 James Whitten Ernie and Marie's son traveling ack to Maine with his ex wife Karen for Marie's funeral; 7 Kenny Love Bruce's son from an earlier marriage who inherits a cabin from his biological mother's uncle; 8 Francine Love Bruce's daughter who loves her stepmother Cindy and resents her father's philandering; and 9 Ernie Francine and James five months later The title 'Ernie's Ark' refers both to the art installation Ernie builds to honor Marie and also to the apparent thesis of the cycle that our empathy our reaching out to connect with someone else is the ark that gets each of us through our personal deluge The metaphorical and the physical arks merge in the book's final line describing Ernie and James working together to repair his wooden ark in the process finding a new basis for their relationship with one another They worked long into the evening father and son battening down the hatches two by two hide spoiler

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    Monica Wood's fictitious characters live in a fictitious Maine paper mill town but both the characters and the lives they lead burst with realityIn Ernie's Ark Wood tells each of their stories in separate chapters weaving those lives together with a delicate artistry and a wonderful sense of believabilityThis is a writer who understands the richness of even the sound of words placed togetherErnie's Yorkshire terrier Pumpkin Pie is this silly name pushbroom of an animalIn a conversation with another character Ernie's son envied her the luxury of confessionA dance teacher's leotard looked like something borrowed from a circusA frumpy teenager in the dance class who moved like a stalled snowplowJust a 182 pages this slim work reads uickly but take this bit of advice and don't race through it Savor the writing

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    I read this book aloud in segments over the last year and it was truly enjoyable I originally picked it up at a bookstore in Maine when I asked the proprietor to recommend something that would give me the feel of Maine The book is collection of nine short stories that are all linked to changes in a paper mill town including a strike rallies multinational corporation machinations and how non mill workers interact in the community At its heart though this book is about love loss connections and solitude I may have enjoyed this than the average person will because I work on paper issues and get the inner workings of this clearly and am uite sure this is based on a mill in Maine that was purchased by SAPPI but that said even without a working knowledge of this industry this is a beautiful collection and well worth the read

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