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    This is such an adorable book Made me laugh the whole way through If you have a dog that likes to sneak up on the couch you will like this book I definitely think children of all ages will like this book because mainly it is a story from the dog's point of view what child doesn't like that? It also has great colorful illustrations Plus it has a sneaky message in it Not so forward as to bore the kid reading it The message Don't do something you are not supposed to do because in the end you will get caught

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    All this book makes me think is Boy I do not want a dog

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    Have you ever wondered what dogs do while you are gone? Stanley knows the answer to that Stanley is forbidden from sitting or laying on the couch like most dogs but soon Stanley starts to see a pattern with his owners always going out for long periods of time Stanley is very clever and definitely clever enough to learn that maybe just maybe he can get away with hanging out on the couch or stealing food from the kitchen without getting caught while his owners are gone What starts out with an innocent relaxing and playful time on the couch and stealing of food in the kitchen progresses into a full blown dog party Will Stanley get caught? For anyone who has ever been out and come home to their dog laying on the couch and looking guilty this is for you

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    I thought this book was really cute It is about a little dog named Stanley who likes to have fun while his owners are out of the house at night He listens to music dances and eats lots of food Eventually Stanley ends up throwing a big party but that's the night his owners come home early Stanley gets in big trouble and he has to help clean the whole house

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    Stanley is a good dog and knows he's not to get on the couch One night while his humans were out Stanley got on the couch and nothing happened Before he knew it Stanley was getting braver and braver with his antics and finally invited his friends and their friends and their friend's friends to the biggest house party ever What happens next only your own dog can tell you

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    Stanley's Party is a book about a dog whose owners go out every night and leave him alone Stanley decideds to host a party for all the dogs in his neigborhood and eventually gets into trouble By doing so stanley gets to then go out with his owners each time they leave but not without making Stanley one of the most popular dogs on the block

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    Haha Hilarious and delightful picture book ofwhat are your dogs doing while you're away? Highly recommended for dog lovers

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    A funny story about a dog realizing all the fun things he can do when his people go out Goes on a little long but not bad Lots of text age 5

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    Super cute Have you ever wondered what your animals do when you leave? This dog throws a wild part

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    AnnotationHome alone one evening Stanley explores what happens when he sneaks onto the couch – it was even better than he ever dreamed Pretty soon he parties every night alone but realizes something is missing – friends Stanley must also keep his new lifestyle a secret from “his people” ReviewStanley’s PartyWritten by Linda Bailey Illustrated by Bill SlavinBailey’s best works are Good Times Travel Agency Adventures and the Stanley the dog series; both illustrated by fellow Canadian Slavin Slavin won twenty six awards nine for Stanley’s Party and Bailey won twenty two as of 2008 CANSCAIP2007;Bailey and Slavin2007 Stanley’s Party was the first in the series and answers the uestion all dog owners ask – what do they do when they’re alone? Stanley tests his waters first by taking a seat on the couch having the best night ever and doesn’t even get caught Soon he’s blasting music raiding the fridge and eventually hosts a full blown dog party The intended audience is K 2 with complex sentence structures and some repetition Overall Stanley’s good dog and the storey develops his character even at first as an explorer then lonely and finally a party animalThe plot is strong and uickly builds with anticipation It’s an exciting read aloud as the voices have potential to be funny Children are generally intrieged by animals dogs especially and the way Stanley acts as a member of the family paired with the excitement of getting caught appeals to children while adults can appreciate the humour The scene Stanley invites dogs to his party contains a lot of white space and the illustration goes off the page leaving the impression that there are dogs involved than can be seen Conversely the dog party is full of action The text says every kind of dog is present while the illustration shows them in hilarious situations conveying a wild party Slavin’s curved lines give the dogs a friendly appearance conveying them as members of the family with human traits His watercolours and ink add a cartoonish texture I highly recommend this book for young independent readers and as a read aloud as both children and adults will enjoy the humour

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Stanley's Party [PDF / EPUB] Stanley's Party Stanley's people go out a lot Stanley is a good dog but one night while they're away the temptation becomes too great and he sneaks up onto the couch What a wonderful experience Soon he's also blastin Stanley's people go out a lot Stanley is a good dog but one night while they're away the temptation becomes too great and he sneaks up onto the couch What a wonderful experience Soon he's also blasting the music dancing around the living room and raiding the fridge Stanley's never had so much fun But after a couple of weeks something is missing and Stanley realizes that partying alone has lost its thrill.

  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • Stanley's Party
  • Linda Bailey
  • English
  • 12 November 2015
  • 9781553377689