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Stuck in the Middle [PDF / EPUB] Stuck in the Middle Joan Sanderson’s life is stuckHer older sister Allie is starting a family and her younger sister Tori has a budding career Meanwhile Joan is stuck at home with Mom and her aging grandmother Not exac Joan Sanderson’s life is stuckHer older sister Allie is starting a family and her younger sister Tori has a budding career Meanwhile Joan is stuck at home with Mom and her aging grandmother Not exactly a recipe for excitement—or romanceWhen a hunky young doctor moves in next door Joan sets out to catch his eye But it won’t be easy Pretty Tori flirts relentlessly and Joan Stuck in PDF \ is sure that she can’t compete But with a little help from God Allie and an enormous mutt with bad manners Joan begins to find her way out of this rut and into the life she’s been hiding fromBook of the Sister to Sister series Stuck in the Middle combines budding romance soul searching and a healthy dose of sibling rivalry that is sure to make you smile.

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    This story was fabulous It wasn't edgy IMHO but it was still very intriguing and incredibly romantic not to mention downright hilarious at times For me Stuck in the Middle was the perfect example of the best of the best Christian fiction Not too much angst and drama but just enough tension and issues to keep you turning the pages The internal dialogue was so well done I felt like I was the main character dealing with the spiritual struggles and the sister issues Such honest and fresh fiction is not common The spiritual struggles were realistic and yet there was depth to the lessons that really cut to the heart of the issues But it was such a seamless part of the story it seemed natural like the point about being eually yolked with your partner and not being ashamed of your faithStuck in the Middle was so heartwarming and deep yet fun and light at the same time How did the author do that??? I totally loved the hero too He was delectable Those almost kisses were making me nuts I loved the misunderstandings too This story was also a great example of what not to do to win a man's heart The flirting lessons were hilarious especially when Joan tossed her hair and noted each time he moved inside her hula hoop To find out what that means you have to read the book I loved it Highly recommended

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    I only read this book because I just purchased a Nook and I wanted to try it out and learn how things worked This book popped up on the free book list and I just grabbed the first one I saw I began reading it as a way to learn the Nook's featuresIf someone had asked me early in the book what kind of rating I would give it my answer would not have been positive certainly not 5 stars The main character seemed interesting and the story was easy to follow but there were far too many annoying editing errors which in the computer age I find unacceptable I kept reading mostly because I never really stop reading a book before it's finished unless it's really really horrible and this one wasn't that I'm glad I didThis book touched me in ways I never expected I felt a definite emotional connection with the main character which almost never happens for me At one point I actually found myself in tears In keeping with the theme of the story answers come from unexpected places

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    I downloaded this for free for my e readerJoan is the middle child While Allie is married about about to have a baby little sister Tori is focused on her career Joan just got out of a messy relationship and still lives at home with her mother and grandmother Then a sexy doctor moves in next door causing competition for Tori and Joan until Tori decides Ken's way too religious for her tastesDespite the fact that this book is a Christian book it read heavily as chick lit especially for the first half I hate chick lit books mostly because they're too fluffy for my taste Throughout this book I kept wondering what the point was There doesn't seem to be much of a plot and not a lot happens No action to speak of Joan throws tantrums about the possibility of her grandmother moving into an assisted living facility competes with Tori over the same guy by following Allie's flirting advice and buying expensive clothes and just comes across as completely clueless I had to keep reminding myself that she's twenty five because she acts like a sixteen year old After realizing that religion is very important to Ken she decides it's important to her too Something good does come out of this when Joan decides to create a Christian singles group and help clean up the communityOther reviewers complained that this book was too preachy but that aspect didn't really bother me I've read books that have been much preachier What bothered me was Joan's constant 'poor me' attitude her refusal to act her age and the lack of a plot When I got to the end of the book I couldn't believe it was the end because nothing actually seemed to happen For the most part a huge waste of time

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    Like many of the other readers I snagged this book because it was free and because the girl on the cover has a cute skirt I read a book pretty much every day at work right now so I aim for something that I can follow while still being available to customersThis book doesn't have a really provoking storyline but it's funny and sort of heartwarming A lot of it spoke to me from the get godealing with aging family members failed relationships what to do with life in your early 20's but I was actually surprised that I appreciated the religious aspects of it I didn't know it was Christian lit when I downloaded it and I wouldn't say that it's my normal genre but it's something that has been on my mind lately who is God how do I relate what do I believe? and I guess it was just nice to see someone work it out so neatly and easily All in all it's an unrealistic book but it's comforting to watch the protagonist solve all her life problems in 300 pages If only

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    I thought this was very cute clean maybe too clean for some people's taste but it also has some things about it that I lovedThe book is labeled as Christian which is fine by me but some might not like that The story revolves around 3 sisters Joan Sanderson Allie her older sister and Tori the youngest sister All three girls are single and a nice looking very eligible bachelor moves in next door to them A man who's studying to be a doctor a plus whose name is Ken is up for grabs so to speak He is not about things; rather he lives modestly which Joan really likes It just so happens that Joan works for Abernathy Sales and Rental and the handsome young soon to be doctor is in need of some things that she can help him get namely furniture Naturally as sibling rivalry might have it both Tori and Joan have their eye set on Ken The sisters are both so different though One is dainty and petite the other tall and athletic One is blonde the other brunette One is stylish than the other So they both doll up in their own stylefashion and head to church where Ken is a serious attendant drawing out his Bible and notepad and listening carefully to the message Tori and Joan's mother worries that their desires set on Ken and the hopes of winning his affections will drive them apart Sisters if you're female and you have one or you'll understand that sisterly love and sometimes rivalry that comes with the territoryI love this story and how things happen and I enjoyed the cleanliness of the attraction and sexual tension There is no smut in this book if that is what you prefer

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    I don’t recall how I came upon Stuck in the Middle but it’s been on my nook for years—and has in fact transferred over to a new device at least once if not twice before I ever picked it up I thought perhaps I’d found it for free and that’s certainly possible But I finally picked it up in a uest to read through all of my unread books and it wound up being so much than I expected it to beThis started somewhat slowly and at only a few chapters in I wasn’t sure if I would finish it But I picked it up to read the next chapter at night before bed and found I couldn’t put it down Then I proceeded to finish it in the next two hours Stuck in the Middle is about Joan the 25 year old middle sister of three who lives with her mother and aging grandmother Her life is predictable and she likes it that way Until one day when a hot doctor moves in next door and everything begins to change The plot is fairly straightforward as a conventional Christian romance But I felt a surprising connection to the characters—especially Joan who felt incredibly relatableThe writing here isn’t particularly special but it is clear with a strong solid voice and is easy to read But something about my reading experience with Stuck in the Middle was special It brought up emotions that I hadn’t let surface in uite some time I found tears dripping down my face uncontrollably several times throughout and made me really stop and think about my life and the choices I’ve madeStuck in the Middle was the right book at the right time for me I’m curious to continue reading this series and see if the second book speaks to me as well

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    I ONLY gave this 2 stars because I liked Grandma If I hadn't found at least one character pleasing this would have dropped to oneJoan the middle sister feels overshadowed by her two succesful sisters She still lives with her grandmother and her mother does a job that bores her and has been jilted by her fiance Also she still misses her father gone since her parents' divorce Grandma is getting old and there is talk of moving her to a assisted living facility something Joan is vehemently against A young doctor Ken Fletcher moves next door Joan is interested in him but so is her younger sister which sister will he choose? You know I'm all for God but in this book it was just too much It was way preachy The first half of the book was pretty good and that's being generous after that it was all downhill I found Joan really annoying She spends most of the book complaining about her name the fact that she is uiet her job and even her relationship with God and feeling sorry for herself She's like 25 years old Accept it and move on already Joan I wanted to scream at her all through reading this book The character drove me nuts To be honest Ken is not much better He almost rejects Joan because she does not seem religious enough He goes to church with her family and makes a big deal about he doesn't like her church because it's so different from the one he's used to Seriously? I found the scenes where the two sisters flirt and buy new clothes to attrack Ken childish I kept waiting for Joan to get a grip and grow upNeedless to say this was deleted from my Kindle immediately after I finished it and I won't be buying any books written by Ms Smith

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    Not my cup of tea Just wanted to smack the MC

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    Didn't realize when I uploaded this book is was Christian romance Don't get me wrong I like Christian romance I just didn't realize it until half way through the book Unlike other Christian romance books I've read this one didn't beat me over the head with a lot of God this bible uotes it was interesting too that even though the main character Joan was Christian went to church every Sunday spent time with her familythe book made it clear there can always be to religion then the monotony of church to believing It was interesting too when Dr Ken is judged harshly by her sister Tori for being vocal about his beliefs yet brother in law Eric is accepted for being anti church; all these factors seemed modern realistic to what I see in my everyday worldThis was a good story about misunderstanding all over the place Joan her mom regarding Grandma Grace Joan her mom regarding Dad Ken his perception of Joan Tori and of course Joan God I recommend this book

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    This book was for book club and about 50pgs in I realized it was not for me but I finished it anyway The pace was very slow and and the story was honestly boring I kept thinking why is this even a book It was basically plotless and pointless and mostly just filler in order to make the book longer for absolutely no reason Most of the characters were unlikeable except for cookie cutter Ken and the grandmother especially pity party Joan Some of the religious aspect was a bit odd and judgmental but that didn’t bother me nearly as bad as the weak writing and nonexistent plot Needless to say not a fan of this book

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