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Betrayer [PDF / EPUB] Betrayer The Shadow Crusade has begun While the Ultramarines reel from Kor Phaeron’s surprise attack on Calth Lorgar and the rest of the Word Bearers strike deep into the realm of Ultramar Their unlikely all The Shadow Crusade has begun While the Ultramarines reel from Kor Phaeron’s surprise attack on Calth Lorgar and the rest of the Word Bearers strike deep into the realm of Ultramar Their unlikely allies Angron and the World Eaters continue to ravage each new system they come across – upon the garrison planet of Armatura this relentless savagery may finally prove to be their undoing Worlds will burn Legions will clash and a primarch will fallThe Horus Heresy Betrayer is presented in an enhanced eBook format and includes exclusive internal illustrations by artist Karl Richardson.

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    Aaron Dembski Bowden hit it out of the park when he wrote this book The characters were all amazingly fleshed out and you love each and every one of them Par Erebus That guys a jerk I cant wait to read his next novel

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    WARNING THIS CONTAINS MILD SPOILERSMy hear is broken THANKS AGAIN WARHAMMER 40K FOR TAKING MY HEART AND RIPPING IT TO SHREDS I read this book in under 24 hours and a day later I still get chest pain from how much it hurt meRant endedOnce again my dear friends well the rest of the girls where out watching The Host I was reading the BetrayerGawd how do I even talk about this?Well Lorgar and Angron are going on a big boy trip through Ultramars 500 billion worlds or something like that Yeah know screwing Ultramariens and burning worlds typical heretic thing Only as you can probably guess Lorgar is up to something where as he has previously tried to calm Angron down he know encourages it It's odd now having worked in a hospital I'm imagining some of the things we'd say to calm someone down said to Angron needless to say we'd all be deadThe story was brillient Lorgar Guilliman Angron Argal Tal KharnLotar They are the ship I have in my head so there names can't be seperated and that Motherfucker Erebus Yes THAT is his canon name now all made stunning apperances I honestly can't say if I want to make passionate love with all the characters or kill them Fine line there probably couldn't kill Erebus he's so fashionableSome of the parts with the World Eaters where really enjoyablemainly the part about the nails killing most psykers going through Kharn's mind was well done and a great way to see that side of the storyAngron's conversation well fighting Guilliman was really good because I'd always thought all of that stuffbut no one would hear me say but as the blood god's son said it they kind of HAVE to listen Another great moment was when Lorgar brought up yet another thing I thought offand don't try and give me some crappy answerwhy couldn't the Emperor have helped Angron's ragtag army? Seriously unleash the legion to war and he'd have a much loyaler son and one not so bent on his issues with what he felt was betraying his brothers and sisters Can we give Aaron around of applause for another book well done?

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    1 This book continues to uphold my belief that Aaron Dembski Bowden is one of Black Library's best writers It's a well written seuel to The First Heretic and I think it did great justice to the Word Bearer and World Eater Legions You get a good look at the mind of the Primarch Angron from the perspective of his First Captain Kharn Lorgar Aurelian and his Legion also got a lot of airtime in this novel and with two Primarchs taking to the battlefield the battle seuences were nothing short of incredible Betrayer had some of the best seuences I've read in the series so far2 I didn't really like how Magnus was portrayed in this book Graham McNeill did a stunning job fleshing him out in Thousand Sons and since this novel takes place after those events it was a bit jarring to see that he was portrayed as this arrogant figure who knew best Whether or not this was fully intentional we'll have to wait for future books about the Thousand Sons to find out3 On a somewhat related note it's good to see that Black Library is finally moving its stories beyond the Isstvan V time frame It seemed for the longest time they were content to write about events during and leading up to Isstvan V This is a step into the next phase of the Heresy and that can only mean good things

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    Possibly the darkest most tragic book in the series yet And that is saying something

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    Following on from Butcher’s Nails and the events of Know No Fear Betrayer is a novel exploring the war in Ultramar Focusing the roles played by both Lorgar and Angron in crippling worlds who might come to the Imperium’s defence and the aftermath of their failure at Calth However this defeat is not the greatest concern of the Word Bearers primarch Angron is visibly becoming less stable by the day as the mental implants continue to drag his tortured into a perpetual blood frenzy Worse still is that they are not only driving him insane they are beginning to kill him Determined to keep him alive Lorgar focuses his efforts on saving his barbarous brother through corruptionIn many ways the novel is very similar to Graham McNeill’s preceeding title in this series Angel Exterminatus You have two very different legions working towards the same goal one legion being shown its downfall to Chaos entirely a primarch ascending to a greater power and with it linking directly into a multitude of other novelsHowever Aaron Dembski Bowden goes about covering events of prior Heresy installments in a very different way In this much of what is seen makes you want to go back to re read titles and look at them again with the revelations now known Right in the first few pages there are scenes which seem to address a number of criticisms and fan objections to Battle for the Abyss and the actions of Magnus the Red Nothing so extensive that it smothers the opening of a very good tale Instead feeling like it’s addressing older flaws on short notice while managing to make them feel at least somewhat meaningful These scenes never last than a few pages at a time but on almost every occasion they offer new insights into events characters and even the primarchs themselves Best of all none of them ever feel like they’re betraying said characters simply expanding upon what was previously toldAtop of these revelations the book carries directly on from what we were shown from First Heretic The scenes featuring Lorgar Argel Tal and other feel like they were direct extensions from their previous novel and have fantastic continuity with what came prior to this There are certainly some eyebrow raising moments such as the decision to resurrect yet another character from the dead but it doesn’t feel like a decision beyond those attempting the act It’s only the choice of having the act take place which feels wrong not the fact the characters themselves are performing it Further the author manages to reconcile Erebus between both what we saw in First Heretic and the treacherous viper he is from the others I don’t want to ruin it but how he is presented here and treated by his primarch is closest to the brief scenes of him from Anthony Reynolds’ Word Bearers trilogyAs for the battles they’re competently written While never feeling beyond anything we’ve seen in the past they’re certainly no worse than what we’ve encountered in ground engagements Where the book seems to truly shine however is when it takes time to emphasise upon space warfare and duels between specific characters Every time guns start firing in the void and one warrior singles out the other you know some outstanding battles are about to take placeStill for all this praise I’m sure many of you are wondering about the opening statementEach of the Horus Heresy novels had the tenancy to do two things Progress the story towards the endgame at Terra in some way and flesh out the legions In Prospero Burns we learned of the Space Wolves’ outlook on life in Legion we learned of the Alpha Legion’s role and methods A Thousand Sons shone light on that legion’s culture so on and so forth Betrayer though? We learn nothing we didn’t already know of the World Eaters Plenty about figures within the legion and a little about Angron but not the legion itself In what could be their one chance to shine in the Heresy they end up being constantly overshadowedIt would be wrong to say they’re not integral to the plot but nor are they the focus of it or the ones in control No that constantly goes to the Word Bearers and Lorgar the acts and fates of who Betrayer constantly veers towards exploring over that of Kharn and his ilk While seeing Argal Tal’s story furthered is a than welcome addition their presence really makes it clear that this is their story The World Eaters are just there as an objective or have their veterans show just how big a joke the legion has becomeThe World Eaters have consistently been written as berserkers to be unchained and let loose but they’ve always been presented as an effective force One with a high attrition rate but that was usually put down to their deployment against foes dangerous enough to be completely annihilated In this they seem to be written as dangers to themselves especially in the invasion of Armatura undisciplined and only achieving victory due to controlled elements outside of the legion Fine they’re attacking a fortress world supposedly one amongst the best in the galaxy despite the lack of Dorn or Perturabo’s involvement but they seem to be massacred in easily avoidable situations Entire elite detachments abandon their posts and hundreds are cut down in situations you’d expect even semi lobotomised killers to be smart enough to avoid It feels especially wrong when they thoroughly outmatch their enemy a hundred times over both in numbers and firepowerThere is method to the decision to portray them in this light Unlike other authors who come to mind Dembski Bowden isn’t writing this to beef up another legion to make them look impressive A very intricate plot revolves around internal decay involving Angron his relation to the legion and the changes of the butcher’s nails An extremely well handled an interesting oneDembski Bowden has shown he is willing to display as many flaws as strengths within legions and resist treating them as being powerful beyond reckoning Even emphasising those flaws when he sees it needed to enhance character or improve a tale Were this a standalone tale I’d be praising this decision but when following on from novels showing every other legion as an effective force it becomes a huge black mark against what should have been a much better book The problem is this feels wrong in their one big chance to be the focus of a story especially when next to the Word Bearers Taking what should have been a display of a legion’s individuality and strengths as with all preceding novels then limiting their presence and exploring how massive a failure they areIf you’re after Word Bearers action insight into Angron or are interested in seeing older novels shown in a new light look this one up If you’re here to see worlds being eaten re read previous instalments like The Outcast Dead

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    This is another of me as I read it reviews which may not turn out all that coherent by the end but the impressions are unmitigated by the passage of timeI had a conniption over the repugnance I felt through Angel Exterminatus and left the Heresy There was only one problem the fact that I own a copy of Betrayer These audiobooks aren't cheap and I decided to carefully weigh whether I should listen to it Points against my word that I was leaving the Heresy and the continued degredation of uality from low and mediocre to just bad Points in favor Sunk costs and the fact that Aaron Dembski Bowden has a decent track record so farI decided I would at least listen to what I'd already paid forEDIT My decision to listen to Beytrayer has already yielded entertaining fruit It's only a mistake in math but it's a funny one While the Traitors are on approach to a major World of Ultramar Kharn states that there are a billion soldiers down there of which a tenth are youths undergoing implatation and gene therapyThis number makes me laughAnyone undergoing implatation and gene therapy in the service of Ultramar is on their way to becoming an Ultrasmurf Now at the start of the heresy the 13th legion was a uarter of a million Ultrasmurfs strong A tenth of a billion is a hundred million in short count countries like the US at least it's worse in long count countries It takes between four and six years to complete the implantation and gene therapy to make an Ultrasmurf cite Lexicanum creating a space marine That means this world would be churning out between sixteen point six million and twenty five million every year To stay at a mere uarter million the legion would have to be taking between 6666% and 10000% casualties every year That is they would have to lose the entire legion sixty six to a hundred times every year or once every four to six days This would make the Massacre at Calth just another Tuesday for GuillimanI know the explaination is that Kharn got the numbers wrong because he's got nails driven into his brain but I find the Guilliman Meat Grinder explaination funnierEDIT 2 I've finished Betrayer and it was actually worth the time spent But with the losses the Ultrasmurfs took throughout it seems like the Whole legion once a week loss rate might actually be accurateWhile not rave worthy if it had been the baseline instead of the heights of the Heresey this series might not have made me so cross

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    One of my favorite reads in the the series so far Dembski Bowden has proven himself time and again to be a powerful writer skilled with imagery and language and full of powerful psychological insights He does in this book what seems impossible he makes Angron a sympathetic character

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    At first the book did not get to me perhaps I have read a bit too much warhammer 40k of late but in addition it might have also been my disinterest for Lorgar and the wordbearers and dislike of Angron and the worldeaters Up until this book they always felt like one dimensional characters but Aaron changed my opinion on this He made both legions and primarchs interesting to me I started to feel bad for Angron and get what Lorgar was trying to achieve But importantly he also gave enough attention to regular space marines and humans Now it is up to someone to finally convince me that Roboute Guilleman isn't such a bland character I will be really impressed if someone can achieve this One remark though for all his writing talent and character building I feel as if Aaron has a specialty that he can't shake off Tragic characters primarchs that are mentally broken and at ill ease with their legion and legionnaires that are melancholic When comparing his nightlords novels to this one you can't ignore the similarities between Konrad and Angron's tormented minds and Talos linked to both Khârn and Argel Tal even if Talos was developed and complex as a character Regardless this was an excellent book that I will proudly place in my collection but I do hope the author has another literary trick up his sleeve

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    Excellent Dark Sad This novel was really good but hey it is about the success of the non loyal forces and not the ImperialsErebus once again the largest of the c bags EVER makes an appearance in this book He was not in it for than 20 pages in total and yet he made me so angry I had to put the book down a couple of times to calm myself downThe Primarchs are much powerful than I thought they were MUCH physically powerful than I had imagined at this point I mean look at the death of Ferrus Manus it seemed almost easy in the novel Fulgrim But here here we see Lorgar take a Vulkan Plasma blast to the FACE and live And Angron catch a Titan's foot and hold it in place I was shockedThe battle between Roboutte and Lorgar was wonderfulespecially with Lorgar seeing it all coming apart and finally feeling bad about it BUT BUT BUT being saved magically by Angron a second time at the cost of the justice I so want to be thrown on Lorgar's head was infuriating to me and ultimately with the death of another major character why I when I finished this novel I was depressed and angry Especially with the next book being a compilation novel that is a preuel to this story FINISH THIS SERIES

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