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Heavy Issues (Bowen Boys, #2) [PDF / EPUB] Heavy Issues (Bowen Boys, #2) Steering clear of relationships has never been difficult for demolitions expert Cole Bowen, but now, with his brother s engagement sending the female population into full blown hysterics and the town Steering clear of relationships has never been difficult for demolitions expert Cole Bowen, but now, with his brother s engagement sending the female population into full blown hysterics and the town of Alden s month long festivities helping along, he finds himself in hell When he discovers Alden s new resident and the object of all his wet dreams, Christine Sheridan, has sworn off relationships and is going to hire a gigolo to get professionally laid, he decides to kill two birds with one stoneChristy is so not drinking again Thanks to Jos Cuervo she has her friends signing her up for stud conventions and Cole frigging Bowen offering sex in exchange of fake dates, which is so out of the question it isn t even funny She knows the domineering man will push her boundaries, and after battling all her life with self esteem issues, she isn t ready for that Too bad he won t take no for an answer Cole is determined to strip away all of her defenses but refuses to lower his ever present walls, so when Christy realizes she wants , she s left with only two options walk away or crack his shield and risk her heart in the process.

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    This was just a sizzling, sexy read with a great romance to go along with all the seriously hot action After reading More Than Meets The Ink, I just knew this was going to be good Elle Aycart is a fantastic erotic romance writer and, despite my reservations about the heroine in the first book, I felt pretty sure that the second book was going to blow me away And, I wasn t wrong.This is SIZZLING hot Cole certainly knows how the set his girl on fire and I burned with her that s for sure Christy, our heroine, has recently moved to Alden after a bad break up and swears, very loudly, that she just needs a stud for sex and nothing else Cole overhears and offers to be that stud as the town s female population has gone into overdrive to get themselves a Bowen Brother after James recent engagement He promises Christy really hot sex in exchange for fake dates to keep the she wolves at bay and he most definitely delivers on that promise.Christy is such a sweet heroine she really broke my heart She s got some pretty destructive low self esteem issues She s been obese after using food as a comfort blanket most of her life but has kicked her addiction to the kerb and is now a normal weight but the pull of sugar and empty calories is never far away She never believes that a man like Cole, who is 6ft 4inches of almost perfect male, could possibly be seriously interested in her She takes him up on his offer of no strings but mind blowing orgasmic sex and they start a fake date relationship.Cole is not without issues either He s commitment phobic after his mother walked out on him when he was just ten years old He doesn t trust women, has built up a wall around his heart and never lets them close He loves having sex with them but never allows them to penetrate that steely facade and allow them to get close to him He s had his eye on Christy since she walked into Alden, always a little at half mast every time he sees her He can t understand his visceral response to her and assumes it s just heady lust but is he wrong Is there to it than that This was a wonderful romance it was just so captivating to watch the growing feelings between Cole and Christy even though I wanted to bang their heads together on than one occasion when they were frustrating me by not opening their eyes and seeing what was building between them Cole is a drool worthy hero to die for He s absolutely drop dead gorgeous and constantly reprimands Christy when she puts herself down She is beautiful to him and he won t have it when she won t accept this and brushes off his compliments.The whole time I was reading this, I kept hearing Christina Aguilera singing in my head and this has to be the theme song for Christy the words could have been written for her You are beautiful no matter what they sayWords can t bring you downYou are beautiful in every single wayYes, words can t bring you down, oh, noSo don t you bring me down today So, despite my reservations about Tate in the first book, Elle Aycart has quite literally burst onto my horizon and is now one of my favourite erotica writers She s got a stable of hunks just waiting to find that sinfully sexy HEA and I really can t wait to read from her 4.5 stars erotic romance ARC courtesy of Elle AycartFor reviews, please visit Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews

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    Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us You need firing up Then you should try one of the Bowen brothers They ll scorch your underwear just with a look Yeah right With just a look This book is full of heavy, emotional, heartfelt issues, and also overloaded smexy _ ..what I want for a change is someone who can fire me up I want hot sex Animalistic heat Primal connection I d love the candlelight and the romance to go with that, but since it isn t meant to be, I d settle for something I ve never had screaming, blinding orgasms, ChristyResigned from finding the right one, Christy threw her engagement ring and shout to world that she will hire a stud to give her a mindblowing O Luckily, the ring falls to Cole Bowen He grab the chance to be with her by offering his service in exchange of fake dates He chase her, seduced her to agree to his plans Steamy affair happened and they both got what they agreed and Uploaded with ImageShack.usThis is a story about two damaged people At first I m annoyed with Christy with all her heavy issues But as the story goes I can slowly feel her understand her Her insecurities fears How she relates what happened to her in the past how she indulge to foods to alleviate her pains is quite depressing T_TWhile Cole issues was on his mom He have commitment hang ups, no picket fence, no babies, no marriage and no string attached Their arrangement works for them but when Christy starts to fall for him, she decided to change their arrangement No fake dates, PDAs, sleepoverit will be just purely sex Haven t you figured it out already babe..When it comes to sex, I like to run the show I m a control freak Cole Uploaded with ImageShack.usCole was an Alpha Male, a controlling freak and a yummy dirty talker I like James coz he is much tamer than Cole and have lesser baggage But I admit Cole stamina exceeds James While I was reading first half of the book I was wondering if this book was just full of mind blowing smexy Then the second part tears me up How they both deal with their issues, compromise their differences break both their walls was sooo sweet Uploaded with ImageShack.usNow, I m looking forward to Max s story And it was no big secret those three Bowen brothers were the county s most sought after bachelors Even Christy had heard about their exploits during the first week of being in Alden Hell, she hadn t checked, but they were probably featured as centerfolds in the town s tourist guide the town s entire female population into full blown, hold on to your panties, get yourself a Bowen husband before they re gone hysterics. Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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    This book was on a hot tamale train to my Favourites folder from page one I started reading it on a bus and laughed so much while reading the first chapter that everyone around me thought I was crazy Heavy Issues simply has it all witty and realistic dialogues, loveable characters, a beautiful love story of self acceptance and lowering one s defences when the right person comes along It is not JUST a steamy love story the focus is, of course, on the relationship between the two main characters, Cole and Christy, but it is equally a story about learning to love and accept oneself and allowing others to love us I really liked how Ms Aycart dealt with Christy s issues of warped body image and lowered self esteem Her imagined ugliness was so believable to me as a reader that I couldn t decide whether I felt like hugging her or beating some sense into her head But then there was Cole taking a moment to wipe off drool and his perfect possessive macho suck it up princess way of dealing with Christy s issues He accepted them but never allowed her to get away with her need to hide her body from him or obsess about her flaws I just FELT their connection, really believed it and got invested in it I loved their love story so much but I also loved their own personal journeys I can t recommend this book enough to anyone looking for a truly enjoyable well written read N See this review on my blog

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    Heavy Issues is the second Bowen brothers book and in this one we get Cole s story Before I start I want to do a bit of gushing I am so excited to have found Elle Aycart She completely hooked me with More than Meets the Ink which gave us James sigh Tate s story but now with Heavy Issues she has completely cemented a place as one of my favorite authors and I cannot wait to read of her work E Aycart can certainly write one amazing Fab U Licious yummy, funny and heart breaking story that s for sure I cannot recommend her or this series highly enough..It s a MUST READ Heavy Issues is so REAL, funny, and well written Yes, it has A LOT of steamy yumminess in it but it is ultimately a beautiful love story that highlights the importance of self acceptance and giving ALL of yourself to the right person when he or she comes along Some serious issues were dealt with by E Aycart but in a very well written and sensitive manner in between the hilarious banter and dialogue This story has two damaged people who have grown to be who they are due to issues in their pasts They have both erected thick walls around themselves in fear of getting hurt and to avoid disappointment and showing vulnerability We have Cole who s Mum deserted him and his family when he was a young child leaving him literally begging on his knees for her to stay This heartbreaking moment affected him deeply and left him with a very negative view of relationships and women Women left That s what they did, that s who they were ColeCole was extremely intense..it was all about control not always necessarily in a good way but wow also in a very yummy way 0 Haven t you figured it out already babe..When it comes to sex, I like to run the show I m a control freak ColeThe reason for his need to always have the upper hand and needing to assert distance is made clear and is completely understandable Let me tell you though..Cole..well he is despite his issues and his blunt sometimes rude remarks perfection personified How on earth does it get better than him and his no nonsense and very dirty mouth A highly sexual possessive alpha male yet funny and so attentive and understanding of Christy s negative body image You had some issues and you learned how to deal with them I m ok with that I don t see why what you told me should in any way change my mind about f king you Cole yep he doesn t mince his words LOL. So yeah I am lost for words because E Aycart sure knows how to write a good man what with James and now Cole..as readers we have been spoilt Christy comes with her own issues too, that again stem from her messed up relationship with her Mum and her childhood She was absolutely adorable, very intelligent yet psychologically damaged by her emotional eating problem Her self esteem is virtually non existent She drove me crazy at times, it was almost too much..but I completely got it and wanted to pick her out my kindle and cuddle her to pieces SoCole and Christy s journey begins when he overhears her drunken chants to her friends on how she needs a man but purely for sex after a disastrous engagement to an ex she caught cheating Without spoiling anything, Cole volunteers himself in exchange for a pretend dating arrangementheaven forbid anyone should use the term relationship See there s only 2 available Bowen brothers left and the women of Alden circle them like crazy wanting to be the next chosen one I m very attracted to you so it won t be a burden to f ck you Not by a long shot ColeNow, Cole is very demanding and as established earlier a control freak so he lays down the ground rules for this arrangement , to the letterin a hilarious way at times..all I ll say here is ladyscaping Cole and Christy s relationship was off the charts in intensity Their journey of letting go of the past, opening up to another person wholeheartedly and realizing how to say I love you well it was pretty amazing and HOT You are safe with me Christy Yeah I am baby Cole

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    Gah, this was a fantastic read What a real, raw storyline Touching upon obesity, overeating and addiction, not to mention the addition of the trauma experienced by a soldier and an abandoned child, was brave and sensitive to say the least but Aycart did a sterling job, tackling some seriously difficult issues, issues that so many women will be able to relate to Here is my breakdownPlot Strong, realistic, emotional.Characters Loved both Cole and Christy Cole is just gorgeous and his vulnerability adds to that, and Christy isn t a supermodel thin perfect Goddess, she s a real woman with real hang ups, making her impossible not to love and empathise with.Steaminess Hot hot hot Well written, adundant and racy sex scenesAngst There were two instances when I wanted to scream at Cole and Christy, but no complete heart attacks in this book.Ending Happy happy happy Favourite Quotes You know it s within everyone s own reach to get what they want out of live It s just a matter of attitude and positive affirmations You don t believe in second chances, Cole, But you do, and I think we ve already established you re the smart one here I want the right to spend time with you, not only fuck you I want the right to stay for breakfast And I want you bareback Ah so this all boils down to sex Everything boils down to sex, honey Always My drive to fuck you is huge, don t be mistaken, but this is More He nodded but didn t reply.

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    Here you have an excerpt of Heavy Issues Enjoy

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    3.5This should be called Pound Town 2 Cole because he pounds the beejeepers out of Christy.Her ladygarden took a beating, I tell ya And other orifices.In the bedroom.In the kitchen.In the living room.At his office.In the library.They hijacked someone else s apartment once.In an alley.And he s a bossy, toppy mofo during the bangity banging and a lil bit kinky too Somehow, somewhere amidst all the trips to the Bone Zone there was actually some relationship development I m always excited by the fake relationship trope and that s how theirs starts off but it s plain to see they re both invested than they re willing to admit Their relationship took a quick trip around Nuttersville there toward the end and I could ve done without all the dramatics, but I forgot about all that by the time they went to Pound Town again It s a predictable story but hot like burning and there were even a couple of hilarious moments.They both have baggage Hers the weight body image issues kind and his abandonment both of which I thought were handled well and not in a trite way They have a couple bumbling moments but they FINALLY used their words and talked their shit out and got their HEA.I m invested enough to backtrack and read Pound Town 1 James.

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    What in hell is my problem WHY WHY WHY did I wait so long to read this book What do you get when you take a hot, dirty talking commitment phobic Alpha male with mommy issues and an insecure, quirky female with issue of her own just looking for a few good orgasms A FANTASTIC F in book, that s what ColeFirst, let me just say that this book had some of the best dirty talk I have read in some time I kid you not There were chapters that after I was through reading them, I felt like I needed a cigarette, a cold shower, or a drinkat times all 3 Moving on I ve been a fan for Elle Aycart since I first read More than Meets the Ink While this book can easily be read and enjoyed as a stand alone, I highly recommend reading the 1st since many characters were first introduced in it and because it s a great book.At first I though I wouldn t like Christine and her body issues would grate on me and be repetitive but it wasn t even close to it She was quirky, and endearing, and I found myself liking her and with every page She doesn t take Cole s BS or anyone else s.The chemistry between Cole and Christy was burn through the pages hot, and that s not even touching on the actual sex scenes because MY.GOD They both had issues and I loved how they helped each other deal with them I especially loved how Cole approached Christy s issues with food and her body.I also really liked the way that Christy dealt with a few issues that came up at the end view spoiler A jealous woman, and Cole s commitment problems hide spoiler

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    I couldn t wait for this book to come out after devouring and loving More Than Meets the Ink, and this book did not disappoint at all.If anything, I m finding it hard to decide which book I liked the best and I just can t decide.In Heavy Issues we meet the gorgeous Christy Sheridan who has an emotional eating problem and past weight issues that make her question her worth and her choices until a night of one too many tequila s has her sprouting her plans for having great sex in the future.Enter Cole Bowen, extremely hot brother of the extremely hot James Bowen from More Than Meets the Ink Cole is a confirmed bachelor He has past issues that relate back to when his mother walked out on the family when he was very young and because of this Cole has vowed to love em and leave em and have amazing sex along the way, with no attachments whatsoever.He meets Christy and the sexual chemistry between these two is off the charts She is a good match for Cole Een though Christy has her issues, she pretty much lays her feelings out and her and Cole are amazing together.The angst in this book isn t at all annoying Everything adds to the story and the developing relationship these two is just wonderful, and the sex is very hot Cole is very bossy especially in the bedroom and very firm on how he wants a woman to behave, and I loved him He was hot as hell and took care of Christy, never belittling her and helping her to combat her issues The emotional problems dealt with in this book are so real and I found this a emotional read than the first one and just loved every page I couldn t put it down.I don t know how I ll last until the next one comes out

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    You know you are going to have fun with a book when it s opening chapter starts with it s decided, ladies I m taking the sex for hire route This story for me is the best kind of escape , I love it when a story has me all kinds of wrapped up with excitement It is Romance and chemistry at its best, this author created a story that had me staying up all hours to finish Two fabulous characters, plenty of fun and smile inducing lines, a story with plenty of heart and soul, great depth, chemistry that will make any reader swoon and a touch of heartache and history that made me applaud the author for a well written put together story.This is a book you don t want to miss.5 massive stars and a humongous recommendation from me.

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