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Twitch and Die Lost DMB Files #26 [PDF / EPUB] Twitch and Die Lost DMB Files #26 Two populist Texan folk heros Chancho Villarreal and James Starr embark on a mission of political endorsement but what they find is a hill country rife with fear and rumor A so called Angel of Death i Two populist Texan Die Lost PDF ↠ folk heros Chancho Villarreal and James Starr embark on a mission of political endorsement but what they find is a hill country rife with fear and rumor A so called Angel of Death is executing individuals infected by a terrible plague and the company mining town at the epicenter has gone darkIt's up to Chancho to navigate a world of shifting allegiances while uncovering the truth about Twitch and Epub / a plague and its infected who refuse to die uietly.

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    Dark goings on are afoot in David Mark Brown’s alternate history Texas Actually a lot of them are going on underfoot because the twitcher outbreak that’s the focus of this story takes place in a mining community If you’re claustrophobic you might find some of the underground scenes tricky — best seek medical advice before reading this novelSeveral different forces are at work here in this novel each with their own agenda with alliances and betrayals enough to keep you on your toes but not enough to confuse you The various parties are sucked into the outbreak of a strange disease in a mining town Supposedly dead people look suspiciously similar to the ‘twitchers’ who have infested the town or possibly liberated it depending on your point of viewI read an earlier book in the series A Fistful of Reefer I thoroughly enjoyed that book with its wide open vistas and possibilities Twitch and Die has of a close up feel The characters are dark and brooding; there’s a little less sense of wild adventure and hopelessness Dark it might be but the author still has plenty of scenes of humor exuberance and even romance without them feeling tacked onThis is a fully standalone novel and yet I enjoy the big picture in the background big ideas and long running plot and character development There are many stores in this series and one is bundled with this book McCutchen’s Bones which is a novella from the perspective of the Texas Ranger character or ex ranger by the time of the story It’s a good tale in its own right and illustrates how the author is adept at taking his setting and his principal characters and using them to write very different tales

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    The Lost DMB Files series has really been a pleasant surprise as I am not generally a big fan of westerns nor zombie stories and frankly I thought it would be an awkward combination However I found the pulpy feel and the alt history angle ultimately put the series in a genre by itself I was hooked from the first volume I read McCutchen's Bones and Twitch and Die is a heartening example of a series that keeps getting betterBrown draws some interesting characters and pulls some terse but realistic dialogue out of them I was also impressed with how he handles dialects which can be just awful if done badly And the attention to detail is first rate descriptive but never tediousWhoever described this book as if Sergio Leone and uentin Tarantino had a book baby nailed it although I'd probably throw George Romero in there for good measure It's intelligently written as any truly good Western must be but with the campy gore of a good zombie story The characters are at once larger than life and yet all too human The zombies are impeccably mindless and implacable The tension is nearly continuous and punctuated with some pretty graphic violence It's a thrill ride plain and simple

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    Full disclosure I was a beta reader for David and received no compensation other than a free PDF of the final versionTwitch ad Die is the latest installment in David Mark Brown’s Lost DMB Files series of novels It builds on the two previous novels bringing back the main characters and throwing them once again into the line of fire I also had the pleasure of beta reading the first two Fistful of Reefer and The Austin Job and I recommend both of these prior stories as well While each is a stand alone novel they are a uick read and it is a joy to watch the characters develop in David's hands across each storyTwitch and Die centers around a dead mining town the abandoned homes of the rich perched on an overlooking hill and the murky depths of the mines beneath Northern Texas in the early 20th century provides enough civilization and unsettled wilderness across which David splashes the blood of the living and as the name would imply the dead reanimated by a mysterious plague nicknamed Twitch Chancho the motorcycle Mexican accompanied by the stunning Chloe O'Brien and his fellow Texas State Senator James Starr are called upon to investigate the source of the mysterious disease and find a way to stop it if they can Their journey inevitably leads them to the horrible truth of the disease and the dark purpose for which it was created Along the way Chancho faces his old nemesis Ranger McCutchen and continues to struggle with his feelings toward ChloeDeath dispair greedy corporations evil company goons politics old demons and double crosses provide enough interesting detail to prevent David's work from slipping into a dull and predictable hack and slash monster novel This particular story’s nearly post apocalyptic setting struck a chord with me through the vivid descriptions David has created His character development continues to be strong amidst a good storyI enjoyed David's Twitch and Die and eagerly look forward to the next book in the series

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    As the author I'm really excited about this third novel length Lost DMB File in combination with six shorts and a novella This marks the beginning of the final phase of my Texicas alternate history universe By December of this year the first near future novel DMB Files within the same timeline will be available And all these wonderful lost files will bring to life the forgotten history of the Texicas universe as artifacts within the new thriller seriesBut the Lost DMB Files are much than artifacts within another series of stories Twitch and Die is pulse pounding weird western pulp stealing a page from grindhouse flicks toned down for broader consumption Enjoy the show coming June 1st 2012

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