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The Sacred Scroll [PDF / EPUB] The Sacred Scroll Constantinople 1204 the holy city is razed to the ground by Crusaders the streets awash with blood Modern day Istanbul an elite group of archaeologists uncover the grave of Enrico Dandolo once Doge of Constantinople the holy city is razed to the ground by Crusaders the streets awash with blood Modern day Istanbul an elite group of archaeologists uncover the grave of Enrico Dandolo once Doge of Venice and leader of the bloodthirsty Fourth Crusade They seek The Sacred PDF or a legendary set of documents that reveal the truth behind Dandolo's rumoured secret links to the Templar knightsDays later the team vanishes without a trace All that remains in the ransacked grave is a strange key inscribed with an ancient codeSpecial Interpol Operatives Jack and Laura are called in They soon find themselves battling against an ancient enemy in a life or death race against timeThe dark secret of the Templar knights is about to be revealed.

  • Paperback
  • 554 pages
  • The Sacred Scroll
  • Anton Gill
  • English
  • 09 May 2016
  • 9780241950661

10 thoughts on “The Sacred Scroll

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    The notion of what the eponymous scroll was capable of kept me reading when I dearly wanted to give up I found the story very disjointed the constant jumping from time and place didn't give me a full picture of the history of the item but just frustrated me that I couldn't settle into any given characterI found the present day plot most uncompelling The two leads Jack and Laura lacked any real interest to me I found the story of Dandolo much interesting and as appalling as the man was I had a much vested interest in him than the modern day leads It felt like the author felt similarly about them going through motions until he could go back to Dandolo's storyWorst when I finished the story I felt cheated The big twist actually makes several major plot points for the World War era story stop making sense at all and undoes the whole point that was made with themI found this an intriguing notion that was poorly handled with cluttered multiple eras and plot jarring relocation between places and people and characters that lacked enough substance for me to dislike instead holding an absence of care about them

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    So far I can report that the author loves the word discreet Many many things in this book are discreet neckties signs gestures I first noticed the word used twice in one paragraph and so now I look out for itHaving now finished the book I can report that the use of word discreet peters out unfortunately This author's strength is historical fiction and these parts were interesting and grounded in reality The modern day thriller aspects were less successful and the very few female characters are thinly drawn The female characters to me felt like they were cast by a horndog casting agency there for the secret agent to have sex with rather than being actual characters developed by a writer As I proceeded through this book I uickly reached the point where I did not care what happened to anyone It was ridiculous However this is usually how I feel whenever I read a thriller

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    I did enjoy the book the whole idea of Constantinople and it's treasures and the present day search for itand all the action that comes with that haha However the ending I found to be a total let down Plus about half way through the book the author throws in a third time frame in regards to the main subject of the book and it starts to get hard to keep track of everythingI've read books that flip back and forth through multiple time periods but this one seemed to struggle keeping everything separate in it's own writing while still tying the pieces together It's like a puzzle made cheaply and incorrectlyIf you enjoy the what if's of Religious History I'd recommend it but you'll need to WANT to read the book in order to actually finish it

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    Well worth the read Anton Gill weaves a story of a relic that contains a form of Sumarian spell that can put people under your influence As the hunt for the relic begins in modern times the reader finds himself transported to the time of the crusades and its' use there As the modern time story progresses we also find ourselves in Nazi Germany watching where the relic goes and how it wins friends and influences people All in all this story is well written all the loose threads brought back into play It is a tight piece of work

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    Painfully slow and ponderously written Clay tablet bought by Dandelo Doge of Venice from crusaders is capable of enabling the holder's will to be carried out by others I nearly gave up on this one half way through

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    A really nice fiction Very well written keeps the reader engrossed I liked it The author has taken some real history and very finely mixed his fiction to it to give a plot in today's time I recommend it to the reader who loves historical fiction

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    I find this book at bit draggy at times

  8. says:

    Left a lot to be desired

  9. says:

    Dull formulaic didn't finish

  10. says:

    Not what i had really expected but there you go Story was fine just not really my kind of thing

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