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    This is real works as advertised has been available as a treatment for 20 years and yet has not caught on here in the US It pains me to think of all of the lives that could have been saved and all of the lives that will not be saved simply because this sounds too good to be true It doesn't fit into the current addiction treatment paradigm and a whole bunch of people will be looking for other employment when this finally catches onIf interested in learning check out Claudia Christian's biography Babylon Confidential and look for videos on YouTube from both Claudia and David Sinclair related to the Sinclair Method

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    This book carefully walks you through the origin the efficacy and the method of The Sinclair Method a drug called naltrexone Naltrexone allows you to continue drinking while simultaneously curing alcoholism it prevents endorphins from being released such that when you drink after a short time you no longer crave As long as you take a naltrexone pill before every drink the pill will prevent the cravings Eskapa provides all the statistics you could ever wish to prove the efficacy of naltrexone For example and most importantly success rates with naltrexone are 78% or higher in curing alcohol addiction than current methods which sit around 10 15% Is that incredible or what? We get various stories from several people for whom naltrexone has saved their lives including actress Claudia Christian who writes the witty introduction to the book Further Eskapa lists what he calls the human costs of alcoholism all of the statistics and facts that will scare your pants off For example 18 million people die every year from alcoholism it costs 187 billion per year and 20% of suicides were alcoholics You cannot keep living like this; The Sinclair Method can help The most helpful part of Eskapa's book however is that it explains precisely how you go about starting The Sinclair Method and has a section for physicians to understand how to help their patients begin the medicine This book is the perfect start to curing alcoholism and every alcoholic should give it a read in hopes of taking their lives back

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    Pharmacological Extinction Naltrexone Drinking CureI've also read Claudia Cristians 'Babylon Confidential' and seen her doco 'One Little Pill' excellent read 5 stars

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    This book was very emotional for me to read because it finally speaks the truth about the very physical addiction caused by the most abused drug in the world and the beautiful people that suffer from it The Sinclair Method is a 21st century game changing treatment for alcohol use disorder It will save so many lives and I am so thankful the book was written For far too long 75 years since 1939 no real evidence based medical treatment has been available to those that suffer with alcohol addiction No other disease has gone without improved medical treatment for so long With this method people can yes 'cure' themselves of the addictive cravings using a safe and inexpensive medication I know it sounds too good to be true but so were the methods involving insulin and penicillin years ago As a very basic introduction to the method search for the TEDx talk by Claudia Christian on YouTubeThank you Dr David Sinclair your research was a free gift to mankind

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    Okay so I used the audible version narrated by Claudia Christian rather than the paperback but it wasn't abridged and it wasn't one I could stop listening to either The subject of The Sinclair Method has fascinated me for five years and learning about the methodology and the history of this treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder was what motivated me to pick up the book I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a way to give up alcohol who hasn't succeeded or doesn't think they can succeed on the traditional abstinence methods

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    A viable solution to a terrible problem More than ever patients and especially the medical community needs to have and use this information to help control this debilitating and insidious addiction It works has had much success in clinicL studies and is inexpensive It's a biochemical reaction which fortunately doesn't happen to everyone But often a person doesn't know they have a problem until they try to stop or slow down and can't

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    We may one day hail Sinclair and Roy as saintsMy family has a long history of alcohol abuse and I myself I would like to drink much healthily UK health practitioners and experts need to be aware of this book and the Sinclair cure for alcoholism method Thank you so much to Dr John Sinclair and to Roy Eskappa

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    If you or anyone you know are adversely affected by AUD or alcoholism I can't recommend this book enough The Sinclair method is life changing life saving and woefully unknown in a world ravaged by alcohol and it's effects

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    Ten years after the book was written deep into an opioid crisis in our country still hardly anyone knows about nor is using this miracle “cure” for alcoholism opioid addiction cocaine addiction obesity gambling and on and on? That’s suspect at best And there is no “cure” Even if you can buy in completely to the concept of the book you’d have to admit that there’s no “cure” to addiction unless you consider regular intake of insulin to be a “cure” for diabetes It wouldn’t be a bad read because the idea is compelling albeit exceptionally overstated However the book is exceedingly redundant Skip it watch a YouTube video about The Sinclair Method by Claudia Christian and spend the rest of your time actually learning about how the typical person who is addicted behaves The time will be better spent

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    Great resource

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The Cure for Alcoholism [PDF / EPUB] The Cure for Alcoholism Finally there is a cure for alcoholism This is the first stepFeaturing new and updated information and studies including an introduction by actress Claudia Christian the second edition of The Cure for Finally there is a cure for alcoholism This is the first stepFeaturing new and updated information and studies including an introduction by actress Claudia Christian the second edition of The Cure for Alcoholism delivers exactly what millions of alcoholics and families of alcoholics have been hoping for a painless dignified and medically proven cure for their addiction Backed by clinical trials and research that extends back to The Sinclair Method deploys an opiate blocking medication in a very specific way—in combination with ongoing drinking—to extinguish the The Cure PDF/EPUB ² addictive “software” in the brain The de addiction process rolls back the addictive mechanism in the brain to its original pre addicted state— before the first drink was consumed making this program an actual cure for alcoholismDrs Roy Eskapa and David Sinclair of The Sinclair Method have put together a sound scientific book that proves that with this particular method alcoholism can be cured in than percent of patients What’s the treatment avoids the dangerous withdrawal symptoms allowing patients to detox gradually and safely while they are still drinking This removes the need for expensive and unpleasant inpatient rehabilitation programs Actual drinking levels and cravings automatically decrease until control over alcohol is restored The bottom line is that patients can control their drinking or stop altogether with the simple yet powerful process outlined in The Cure for AlcoholismIncluding a new introduction by actress Claudia Christian about The Sinclair Method’s impact on her life updated trial information and a letter explaining the treatment that can be given to doctors by patients The Cure for Alcoholism is a revolutionary book for anyone who wants to gain control over drinking.

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