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Trinkets [PDF / EPUB] Trinkets Sixteen year old Moe's Shoplifters Anonymous meetings are usually punctuated by the snores of an old man and the whining of the world's unhappiest housewife Until the day that Tabitha Foster and Elodi Sixteen year old Moe's Shoplifters Anonymous meetings are usually punctuated by the snores of an old man and the whining of the world's unhappiest housewife Until the day that Tabitha Foster and Elodie Shaw walk in Tabitha has just about everything she wants money friends popularity a hot boyfriend who worships herand clearly a yen for stealing So does Elodie who despite her goodie two shoes attitude pretty much has klepto written across her forehead in indelible marker But both of them are nothing compared to Moe a bad girl with an even worse reputationTabitha Elodie and Moe a beauty ueen a wallflower and a burnout a unlikely trio high school has rarely seen And yet when Tabitha challenges them to a steal off so begins a strange alliance linked by the thrill of stealing and the reasons that spawn itHollywood screenwriter Kirsten Smith tells this story from multiple perspectives with humor and warmth as three very different girls who are supposed to be learning the steps to recovery end up learning the rules of friendship.

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    Trinkets was exactly the kind of fast paced easy read I needed I've been in a major book slump lately I must be 30 60% of the way through at least 10 books right now nothing has been holding my attention so I'm so glad I picked this one up Trinkets is about 3 high school girls Moe Tabitha and Elodie Moe is the bad girl She hangs out with the tough girls in her school even though she secretly loves Katy Perry and other Pop favorites and is secretly sleeping with the boy across the street popular boy Noah She lives with her brother and aunt after the death of her parentsTabitha is the ueen bee of her school Beautiful popular and girlfriend of the gorgeous Brady Her life may seem perfect but Brady is a dick and she wants out of the relationship and she's discovered that her father is cheating on her motherElodie is the new girl She moved to the Portland suburb a few months ago with her father and his new young wife her mother is dead She only has one friend who isn't much of a friend and has joined the yearbook as their photographer The three girls don't have much in common except for one thing they are all shoplifters who've been caught and are forced to attend Shoplifters Anonymous so that their crimes don't go on their records The girls form a friendship of sorts and instead of getting rehabilitated by the program urge each other to steal even trying to outdo the others in what they steal Trinkets is told by all 3 girls in super short chapters Elodie's are in verse making the book just fly by I liked all 3 characters and enjoyed watching them become friends Overall I would recommend this contemporary YA if you are in the mood for a uick easy read with some substance

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    I LOVED the voices in this novel Superb storytelling uniue voice even with alternating pov would love to see this book translated to film

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    Actual rating 25 out of 5 starsUnfortunately I don't have much to say about this book I'm watching the Netflix series right now and enjoying it but aside from the great premise the two anchor themselves in they feel like completely different properties which I guess is the point This was a light and breezy read that felt aged since its publication Each girl represents a high school cliche the awkward new girl the most popular girl in school and the burnout Throw them into Shoplifters Anonymous and a friendship starts to form From there there are glimpses at a potentially deeper story particularly with Tabitha's should be divorced parents one is cheating and the other is an alcoholic and her abusive boyfriend But the story doesn't dig deeper than that instead focusing on the friendship between the girls and their budding romances one that is pre established from a hook up and the other with one of the character's older brothers which may cue eye rolls from some readers It would fall into the chick lit sub genre and deemed as inoffensive by some if it wasn't for the transphobic slur said by one character I know the genre classification is a harsh comment to make for something like this but this novel feels so bare bones and given Smith's prolific career in screenwriting I'm not surprised this ended up being adapted for the screen and expanded to a show I've liked uite a bitIn my mind the series has not only expanded upon the great idea of the premise but reflects a representative picture of our world today Elodie is ueer Moe and Tabitha are both women of color Tabitha is also played by a non binary actor and the situations with Tabitha's parents and her boyfriend are expanded Also both Elodie's conflict with her stepmother and Moe's conflict with Noah elicit empathy out of me mostly because the acting is really good and the soundtrack accents those moments with indie bops It's interesting to see what changed from the pages to the screen and I'll be curious about whether or not this gets a second season and what will be put in there please give us prom and the Shakespeare retreatEven though I'm very lukewarm about Trinkets I was a sucker for the friendship between the three leads enjoyed the three different formats throughout Elodie tells her perspective in poetry Moe journals and Tabitha narrates and there were some funny lines But I unfortunately will only really remember the series once I finish it and not so much this story sadly Read Trinkets if you're interested in the source material of the show or if you're looking for something uick and light to read

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    I LOVE this book TRINKETS is a beautifully told story of friendship between three girls who despite their outward differences ultimately help each other discover the people they truly are Touching hilarious and real

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    uick popcorn lit for tweeny girls watching iCarly that haven't graduated to Degrassi

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    this was super fun and fast paced and i really recommend this if you want a feel good book that will put you in a good mood

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    I won this book in a give away so I didn't have the chance to take a peak inside to see if this book would be a perfect match for me or notI was hoping it would be detailed and little bit complicated in the writing style The story is very short and to the point and written perfectly for people in the 13 to 14 age groupThe story is told from three perspectives of three very different teenage girls in high school I felt at times that the cliues were sort of cliche and in my personal experience a little unrealisticBut there would be scenes in the book that would hit a nerve in me that was real and make me go I know exactly what that feels likeThis would be great for anyone who is looking for a very light read with fun subject matter Okay maybe shoplifting isn't considered fun subject matter by everyone's standards Anyways it was great to read something like this after reading a heavy novel in both subject matter and volume even though I sometimes found little parts cheesy I liked it than I thought I wasSorry if this is a horrible review This is my first time

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    An exceptionaly bad bookBoring flat dullTwo dimensional characters zero humour pathetic psychology everything pathological behaviour such a kleptomania abusive relationship painful family ones is magically solved by the power of friendship yahiiiAnd friendship is made by byby bonding after kleptomania anonymous meetings and stealing because every body knows that presents which are stolen have muuuuch affective value then the ones bought But no worries in the end they give alllll the things they stole well half of it in fact to charityI wonder how anyone could have thought that such an uninteresting story could have been the one to adapt as a series but I sure won't try to watch it

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    35 5 stars Was a uick easy read which was a nice change However I wasn't amazed and nothing stood out as spectacular Still enjoyed it though

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    Kirsten Smith’s newest novel TRINKETS is a humorous read filled with high school drama shoplifting and above all friendshipMoe is a 16 year old troublemaker that to no one’s surprise has to attend weekly Shoplifters Anonymous meetings The dulls ville gatherings start to become a bit interesting when ‘it’ girl Tabitha and goody two shoes Elodie show up Who would have thought these seemingly perfect girls would have such sticky fingers?What starts off as acuaintanceship soon turns to friendship as Tabitha challenges the girls to a steal off which turns out not to be the best idea DuhThough we may not all be able to relate to the klepto maniac girls portrayed in TRINKETS Kirsten does a fantastic job of making their friendship as relatable as ever Moe who is a tough girl on the outside has never had a real friend because she’s always been afraid of the vulnerability in such a relationship Just as she tears her walls down and starts to confide in her newfound friends she getsREAD THE REST ON MISS LITERATI

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