Your Soul's Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You

Your Soul's Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born [PDF / EPUB] Your Soul's Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born In his groundbreaking first book, Your Soul s Plan, Robert Schwartz brought the idea of pre birth planning into the mainstream Now, his brilliant sequel Your Soul s Gift delves even deeper by explorin Gift: The PDF/EPUB Ä In his groundbreaking first book, Your Soul s Plan, Robert Schwartz brought the idea of pre birth planning into the mainstream Now, his brilliant sequel Your Soul s Gift delves even deeper by exploring the pre birth planning Your Soul's Epub / of spiritual awakening, miscarriage and abortion, caregiving, abusive relationships, sexuality, incest, adoption, poverty, suicide, rape, and mental illness Working with a team of gifted mediums, Schwartz brings forth great love and wisdom from the other side to explain why Soul's Gift: The Epub â such experiences are planned and the deep, soul level healing they can createThrough the stories in Your Soul s Gift you can Develop greater self love as you become aware of the tremendous courage it takes for you to plan a life on Earth and to live the life you planned Emerge from victim consciousness to know yourself as the powerful creator of your life Forgive those who have hurt you and create a lasting inner peace Understand the qualities you came into this lifetime to cultivate and express See profound purpose in experiences that once appeared to be meaningless suffering Develop a heartfelt knowing of your infinite worth, beauty, magnificence, and sacredness as an eternal soulEndorsements This book is an incredible guide map to your soul and the various jewels stored inside it read this to reconnect with your TRUE SELF James Van Praagh, author of Growing Up in Heaven Robert Schwartz offers deep wisdom into the nature of our soul and the purpose of our lives He explains life and karma with clarity and elegance Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret I was deeply impressed by Your Soul s Gift This is a fine discussion of one of the great mysteries of existence To what degree do we plan our lives before we are born Robert Schwartz offers a profound spiritual analysis of some of life s most difficult crises and turning points This book is well worth reading for its novel and surprising insights into the difficulties most of us face in life Raymond Moody, MD, PhD, author of Life After Life About the AuthorIn a personal session with a medium in , author Robert Schwartz was astonished to speak with nonphysical beings who knew everything about him not just what he had done in life, but also what he had thought and felt They told him that he had planned many of his most difficult experiences before he was born Realizing that a knowledge of pre birth planning would bring great healing to people and allow them to understand the deeper purpose of their life challenges, he decided to devote his life to the study of pre birth planning The extraordinary insights that have emerged from his work speak to our heartfelt, universal yearning to knowwhyRobert Schwartz is a certified hypnotherapist who offers spiritual guidance and hypnotherapeutic regressions to help people understand their life plan Forinformation please visit him online at yoursoulsplan.

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    An absolutely phenomenal book Every page of the 524 pages for me were filled with thought provoking wisdom Why would any being choose to experience a miscarriage, an abusive relationship, homosexuality or even have the potential of committing suicide A continuation of Robert Schwartz s first book Your Soul s Path , Your Soul s Gift takes the reader into the lives of several individuals who have had extreme challenges in their lives and gives an intimate look on how each had lived through the challenge and became a evolved being Using very skilled mediums who connect with the individuals Spirit Guides, or highly evolved beings or the individuals own higher self, the reader is taken to the pre life planning session of the people involved There you get a glimpse of how as Beings of Light we choose to incarnate into a life on Earth Agreeing to a wide range of potential paths that manifest as we react to each particular experience, we learn and grow in a way that only living through the experience of being a human can give This book changes people It changes how you perceive our world as you begin to understand that nothing, NOTHING is as we had been lead to believe You realize that you cannot judge anyone or anything any You just have great compassion for those here with you as you realize how they are on their own journey of understanding and growth.Schwartz will forever be remembered of being one of the first people to bring this important knowledge to the masses I will be forever grateful to him for being such a courageous soul Simply put this book is a must read Put it on top of your list of books to read It will change your life.

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    Review posted by Joanie Eisinger on .com I was enthralled by Your Soul s Gift the power of the presentation and the enormously valuable information found within It is a true masterpiece.Schwartz begins by sharing what motivated him to write the book For millennia humanity has learned through suffering If we want to move beyond the learning through suffering paradigm, then such an understanding of how lives are planned is essential And further To bring an awareness of soul planning into the collective consciousness so we can heal the wounded parts of ourselves and in doing so bring an end to incest, rape, and other forms of violation A bit later, before the main body of work, Schwartz introduces himself, penning the trials he planned before birth and how his prayers were answered in his current lifetime How powerful it is when an author shares his story of awakening with the reader Yes, we learn volumes from those whose stories he tells, yet it is especially moving when we see who an author truly is in spirit.Your Soul s Gift is presented thoughtfully The people presented in each chapter experience a different life challenge Schwartz introduces the topic at hand and then skillfully talks with each person about their experience Channeled information then sheds light on the life challenge and why it was planned before birth The mediums and their guides share insights and offer very valuable suggestions as to how one can work through these situations to heal and find peace Schwartz concludes each chapter, masterfully bringing together points that were raised, adding insights and depth to the material covered It s beautifully written and deeply inspiring.Many terms and concepts are introduced and discussed We learn about free will, vibration or frequency, karma, being of service to others, the three layers of the soul, learning by contrast or opposites, the process of pre birth planning, forgiveness work, how to heal traumatic wounds, and old and younger souls Explanations are easy to grasp, and one is left with a greater understanding of and appreciation for the soul s journey.The chapters are brilliantly positioned There is an ebb and flow to the poignant stories the reader is given respites between high intensity moments Schwartz uses intellect and heart to create a flowing piece that does not overwhelm, but instead threads hope, succor, and inspiration throughout the material.As each interviewee becomes enlightened by the information brought forth through the mediums sessions, so, too, does the reader who sits in Schwartz s classroom, where sensitive material is examined and discussed The reader is privy to such intimate sessions and learns so much from the courageous people in the book These individuals rose to share their trials so they could heal themselves and those who would read Your Soul s Gift.Schwartz suggests the reader ask this question If I planned this experience before I was born, why would I have done that He explains that this query encourages expansion of consciousness He teaches us that all souls are equal partners agreeing to incarnate for their respective growth opportunities He invites acceptance of pre birth planning, which enables us to release blame and judgment of others Embracing pre birth planning also offers meaning to life otherwise, the events of our lives are random and often seemingly useless Schwartz suggests that if we move from passive, victim consciousness to that of active soul participant, we can relate to our fellow souls with greater compassion, understanding, and Love.I was very moved while reading Chapter 3, the story of Rebecca, who experienced a miscarriage I wept, smiled, and remembered the miscarriage I had in 1997 Because I embrace the concept of planning at the soul level, the tears were sweet I was inspired by the detailed account of the fetus being the angel in human form In Chapter 8 Schwartz dares to explore the pre birth planning of incest This is perhaps the most powerful chapter, deserving a second read through I consider sharing something this controversial to be an act of bravery.Later in the book, Schwartz writes, It is the awareness of pre birth planning that can ultimately illuminate one to remember their soul s light, who they truly are As I gleaned new information that expanded my spiritual knowledge, I felt reassured and comforted that the traumatic events I have experienced were not for naught they were, in fact, pre planned gifts To be reminded that we are not alone, that we are part of a soul group, that guides watch over us, and that we are all united as a Heavenly family brings me great joy This book touched my soul, and I am deeply grateful.I would encourage people to consider this book for their personal healing For you are not just a passive recipient of information here you are a soul undergoing transformation Your Soul s Gift overflows with wisdom for healing present and past life traumatic events Schwartz writes, Your soul longs to integrate its unhealed aspects If you embrace this idea before sitting down with the book, you will release hidden, unresolved issues readily This book is a powerful catalyst for change, helping you move to new vistas.I highly recommend Your Soul s Gift It s a gift to, and from, your soul.

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    The subject of regression therapy and using what has happened in our previous lives to guide our current lives has always fascinated me As a practicing witch and pagan, I accept the notion of reincarnation as a distinct probability but lack the hubris to claim it is a firm reality I have had experiences with things I believe to be otherworldly in origin I once lived in a haunted house Yet I also adopt a healthy dose of skepticism regarding claims made by certain parties when discussing the subject When it comes to all things metaphysical and regression therapy in particular, I temper my openness to the concept with the very Christian warning to Beware of false prophets Which brings me to The Soul s Gift Author Robert Schwartz takes the concept of past lives a step further, claiming that all souls plan their future lives and that all of the bad things that occur in our current lives are the result of fighting against this plan It is an intriguing concept The idea that things happening in the present were planned in a past life, and that understanding that plan can empower an individual to reach one s full potential, is something I was interested in exploring Unfortunately, the author lost all credibility for me in his opening chapters as he introduced the readers to the mediums and spirit guides who helped him write the book This group includes Jesus Or Jeshua, as it prefers to call itself, a spirit that speaks through and with medium Pamela Kribbe I afford no credence to anyone, whether New Age spiritualist or Judeo Christian theologian, who claims to speak with the authority of either mythological beings or the holy personages of other faiths There is something very smarmy and dirty about usurping the holy figures from other faiths for one s own ends One of the most uncomfortable parts of the book was when Jeshua was discussing the idea that a woman had planned to be the victim of incest I won t even get into the specific of the discussion Just sit there and try to rationalize that for a moment According to Schwartz, women chose to be raped by planning their assaults as part of their soul s spiritual development Among other bizarre claims Souls plan to have miscarriages in order to develop self forgiveness and then the insinuation that abortion is the result of the souls of the mother and the unborn child failing to come to an agreement Because even pregnancy is not a biological function well understood by science, but rather a metaphysical contract negotiation that sometimes falls through Even as a woman who is Pro Choice, I find this entire concept insulting The entire book is essentially a blame the victim cult sermon wrapped up in a faux blanket of love and universal harmony I ve read plenty of tripe out of the New Age moment over the years, but this book is beyond harmless tripe and fundamentally dangerous for the emotional well being of anyone who would adopt the concepts here.

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    This is one of the most insightful books I ve ever read Highly recommend it to anyone who truly wants to understand past lives and the reasons why we reincarnate Scharwtz a certified hypnotherapist details how he brought several clients back to their pre birth planning sessions to understand why they had chosen lives that involved miscarriage, abortion, abusive relationships, incest, adoption, poverty, suicide, rape and mental illness With the help of four gifted psychics each client is given further in depth information to understand what each life was designed to help them understand In many cases difficult lives were planned to help the soul learn how to love and honour themselves This is a ground breaking book showing that life is not unfair, there is a spiritual reason for everything that happens to us, we are masters of our destiny, and what appears like suffering is really the soul s attempt to grow and evolve.

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    There are many books on spirituality including channeled books which explain the purpose of your life and the working of the Cosmos Quite a few of these are life changers Rob s books go a bit further where he ties up these spiritual principles with actual life scenarios and this greatly helps in internalising these concepts Rob, wish you could write a few volumes of these case studies and also include pre birth planning with soul mates.

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    A very creative thoughtful book If your interested in the spiritual or have ever wondered about fate this is the book to read Easy to undersand and compelling Thank you for a fast delivery.Xoxo,Goodreads winner

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    After reading and loving Your Soul s Plan I had to pick up the sequel too Mainly I wanted to know what they re saying in the chapter about mental health because there wasn t anything mentioned about it in the previous book.And OMG, I m glad I read this book because it was so relevant the mental health chapter I threw my hands up in the air multiple times and said Yes over and over again because I agreed so much Also I loved the chapter about pets It was so freaking interesting.One star less because I found it repetitive towards the end Some things and questions are repeated up to 4 times in one chapter And after reading that many chapters I know how they re built and I don t need to be reminded in multiple chapters how the process of speaking with the mediums is working.If you re struggling with something in your life or someone close to you does and it doesn t really matter if the specific problem isn t mentioned in the two books, do yourself a favor and read one or both of these books You can get so much out of them It can change you world view forever Mine did.

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    Ksi ka z tych, kt re wci gaj i szybko i przyjemnie si czyta Jak zwykle cytaty Uzdrowienie b dnych prze wiadcze wymaga nie tylko intencji i wiadomo ci, lecz tak e prze ycia pozytywnych sytuacji, kt re obna aj ich nieprawdziwo Naj atwiej jest je kreowa , gdy zachowujemy si tak, jakby tak, jakby my naprawd czuli si warto ciowi, jakby my wiedzieli, e jeste my silni, e mi o jest bezpieczna, a ycie pe ne rado ci Wraz z up ywem czasu oraz dzi ki wielokrotnemu prze yciu pozytywnych do wiadcze , transformujemy nasze fa szywe przekonania Co najwa niejsze, nie mo emy ich przekszta ci , zmuszaj c si do zmiany my lenia Wymaga to zmiany odczu Czy czuj , e jestem warto ciowy, silny i wiem, e nie jestem sam Czy czuj obecno Ducha i Mi o ci, jak obdarzy mnie Wszech wiat Czy odczuwam rado i zaufanie do ycia Aby naprawd uwolni b dne przekonania, nale y dokona zmiany na poziomie odczuwania Mo e to by praca na ca e ycie.W jaki spos b mo emy uzdrowi swoje fa szywe przekonania, skoro wiat zewn trzny wci nam je odzwierciedla i stale do wiadczamy sytuacji, a nawet prze ywamy ca e wcielenia, kt re potwierdzaj nam prawdziwo tych przekona Aby odpowiedzie na to pytanie, musimy zrozumie , e cierpienie wynika z opowie ci, kt re sami sobie opowiadamy Sytuacja, w kt rej partner od nas odchodzi, nie jest sama w sobie ani dobra, ani z a Je li jednak zaczniemy my le Nikt mnie nigdy nie pokocha lub Nigdy nie b d szcz liwy , tworzymy opowie , kt ra wywo uje cierpienie Zanim jeszcze umys wymy li tak histori , znajdujemy si w momencie, kt ry Jeszua nazywa momentem wyboru Podejmujemy wtedy decyzj odno nie do tego, jaka b dzie nasza odpowied na dan sytuacj zewn trzn Reagujemy na ni z pewnego miejsca w swoim wn trzu Gdy u wiadamiamy sobie istnienie tej wewn trznej przestrzeni, zdajemy sobie r wnie spraw z tego, kim naprawd jeste my Nie jeste my ofiarami ale pot nymi tw rcami wiadomo tego przynosi nam uzdrowienie s.56 Jeste cie tu po to, by przekona si , jak to jest by cz owiekiem, s 79 fajna i kr tka odpowied na pytanie po co yjemy Nasze my li i s owa wypowiadane na g os lub zapisywane s energi , kt ra przenika wszystkie wymiary s 170 zw aszcza to o tych s owach zapisywanych mi si podoba P Wi kszo lekcji przyswajanych na Ziemi sprowadza si do rezygnacji z pogl du Nie jestem wystarczaj co dobry dobra Dusza wie, e jest samowystarczalna, nawet w najtrudniejszych wcieleniach, chocia jej r ne osobowo ci mog o tym zapomina Ona jest cz ci ca o ci, po czon ze Wszystkim, co istnieje, z ka dym przejawem Mi o ci Wszech wiata Mi o jest zawsze samowystarczalna Je li uwa asz, e nie jeste wystarczaj co dobry, to dlatego, e my lisz, e nie jeste kochany, kochaj cy lub nie mo na ci kocha s 194 Nie ma potrzeby os dzania naturalnego przerwania ci y ani aborcji s 202 BARDZO mi si podoba to zdanie, jest idealne Oczywi cie jest konkluzj ca ego wyja nienia, e dusza najprawdopodobniej chcia a si wcieli w p d, kt ry b dzie poddany aborcji i e z takiego punktu widzenia nie ma w tym nic z ego, ale mnie si og lnie podoba ta konstrukcja gramatyczna nie ma potrzeby w a nie tak zawsze to czu em Po prostu nie mam potrzeby zajmowania si kwesti aborcji tzn oceniania jej w aden spos b , bo w a nie tak uwa am, e nie ma takiej potrzeby Przeci tny cz owiek prawdopodobnie uzna by wyobra ni i sny za zjawiska nierzeczywiste Dla nas s one jednak jak najbardziej rzeczywiste.Nasze przysz e ja nie potwierdzi y tym samym koncepcj , z kt r zapozna em si w trakcie sesji channelingu wyobra nia jest rzeczywista To, co sobie wizualizujemy, naprawd si wydarza Taka jest moc ludzkiego umys u Pocz tkowo nasze wyobra enia rozgrywaj si w wymiarze niefizycznym Je li jednak stale sobie co wizualizujemy, a w dodatku zasilamy wyobra enia silnymi uczuciami, mo emy przyci gn je do swojego fizycznego wiata Jak powiedzia wielki jasnowidz Edgar Cayce Umys jest budowniczym s 262 podoba mi si ta koncepcja rzeczywisto ci niefizycznych, w kt rych dzieje si to co sobie wyobra amy nimy Wi kszo z nas miewa a takie momenty, w kt rych czuli my si mali i niewa ni, zastanawiali my si nad prawdziw warto ci naszego ycia oraz nad tym, czy to, co robimy, ma naprawd jakie znaczenie Do nas wszystkich przem wi y nasze przysz e ja nie Wasze ycie ma znaczenie Jeste cie niezwykle wa ni To w a nie przez was, przez ja fizyczn , wasza dusza rozwija si , a wraz z ni ewoluuje ca y Wszech wiat s 262 263 troch jak nawi zanie do ksi ki Gdy wszystko si zmienia, zmie wszystko Je li kiedykolwiek cierpieli cie na choroby psychiczne lub pot piali cie samych siebie, uwa aj c si za kogo z ego lub wypaczonego , wiedzcie, e Duch podziwia wasze transcendentne pi kno Je li s dzicie, e jeste cie s abi, u wiadomcie sobie teraz, e przewodnicy i anio owie podziwiaj wasz niezwyk moc A je li uwa acie, e jeste cie nic nie warci, poczujcie w tym momencie niesko czon wdzi czno swojej duszy oraz innych jej wciele , kt rym pomaga si uzdrowi Jeste cie niezwykle warto ciowi, a energia waszego uzdrowienia dociera do odleg ych zak tk w Wszech wiata Wszystko inne jest fikcj i zadaje k am waszej wspania o ci s 285

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    This was a great way to view our purpose in life

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    Wow, lots of new stuff to think about here, pre life planning, it sounds far out but it does make some sense

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