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Ceaseless [PDF / EPUB] Ceaseless Can he make her fall in love with him again When Pagan Moore proved worthy of Death’s devotion he was given the gift of getting to keep her But Dank was never promised that Pagan would keep himWhen Can he make her fall in love with him again When Pagan Moore proved worthy of Death’s devotion he was given the gift of getting to keep her But Dank was never promised that Pagan would keep himWhen a soul is created so is its mate In every lifetime those souls find each other They complete the other’s destiny It’s time for Pagan’s soul to choose if she truly wants an eternity at Death’s side or if she wants the mate created just for her Dank didn’t think he had to worry about her choice He knew where her heart belonged Until he realized that every kiss every touch every moment of their time together would be washed from her memories He would have to win her heart all over again and prove to her soul that he was where she belonged If only her soul’s mate wasn’t right there standing in his way.

About the Author: Abbi Glines

Abbi Glines is a New York Times USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Rosemary Beach Sea Breeze Vincent Boys Field Party and Existence series She never cooks unless baking during the Christmas holiday counts She believes in ghosts and has a habit of asking people if their house is haunted before she goes in it She drinks afternoon tea because she wants to be Britis.

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    I liked this one better than book 2 I liked the stolen memories plot I will say that Pagan's Soul's mate was a total loser Who the hell would want Jay's cheating whoring ass for a mate Just saying I loved the wrap up of the series I was glad to see Miranda get a HFN I also enjoyed all the sweet moments with Pagan and Dank Overall this was a cute YA read

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    More Reviews Here Readers Live A Thousand LivesCeaseless was an emotional rollercoaster and one that I loved It was by far my favorite in this series and I was blown away by how much I enjoyed it Also Pepe is on the cover so let us all take a moment to appreciate his lovely appearance Any book with Pepe on it immediately draws my attention If I am being completely honest which I always endeavor to be with my reviews I was very leery going into Ceaseless After reading the summary I was all oh come on Really? The last two books had a love triangle and then we finally get rid of Leif and then we have to deal with Jay now I felt like it was such a typical way to go and just another way of including the ever annoying love triangle However I am happy to admit that I was wrong Abbi did a fabulous job with this and while I was frustrated at points with the characters I did love the story I think the reason I was able to enjoy this love triangle was the way Abbi handled it By having Pagan lose her memories it made it understandable If the love triangle had erupted with Pagan remembering everything about Dank it would have been ridiculous I would have never believed for a second that Pagan would have second thoughts concerning Dank after everything they had been through together However because she couldn't remember it made it believable that she might have her attention divided It also made her moments with Dank sweeter Oh and speaking of Dank watching him was heartbreaking He had to see Pagan go on dates with another guy and he had to watch her not remember anything about him I just wanted to hug him for the majority of the book One again Pagan and Dank have an incredibly sweet romance despite the obstacles in their way Dank is 100% devoted to Pagan and that just makes him very sexy and endearing and lovable However he does have a tendency to be very dark and broody but that just adds to his charm I think He is damn near perfect in the paranormal fictional boyfriend department Like I said this book is an emotional rollercoaster but in the best way possible You will go from happy to sad to frustrated over and over There are moments that will break your heart and then moments that will turn you into a puddle of goo I loved every single change in emotion I experienced and it is easy to become absorbed in this story I am sad to see this series end but the way it ended was absolutely perfect in my opinionAll in all this is a great book and a great series in general Abbi created a great world where Death is a person and she crafted a wonderful story around it I will forever be thankful to the list on goodreads with all the books that have Pepe and Sztella on the cover It is what first introduced me to this series and I immediately loved it Please do yourself a favor and read this series

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    Some implied face palming may be present in this reviewand here we come full circle back to the rating that I gave for the first book a hesitant 25 stars I had high hopes for Ceaseless especially after being pleasantly surprised by the second book and the extra PoV after book 2 When I picked this up I was hoping for a fun night with some sexual brain candy While I did manage to get a helping of brain candy it didn't make up for the rest of the storyVery mild spoilers ahead but there's hopefully nothing that would ruin the book so you could probably read these Was there even a point in having Leif's PoV when his story abruptly stopped after 25? I'm not sure why this bothered me but it did Book 3 felt like a tacked on installment We go back to the Jay whatever that was part of this mess which had no real merit because his part in the story was filler Leif pops in just because but isn't really present with what's going on Everything about this book felt like it could have been pieced out and included in book 2 and in Leif's PoV Either that or 25 should never have happened I can't really put my finger on what went wrong here but book 3 felt like its own separate entity not attached to the trilogy So now what happens to Leif? Does he even get another story? If not then I fail to see the point of his PoVto make us like him then drop him on his ass? The typos were pretty bad in this book Although I'm now curious to see what pick high heels would look like It's nice to see that I'll never ever ever run out of books that will provide me with an ongoing supply of love is a drug references Are you all surprised that I can't seem to go than a few books without finding the mention somewhere? And here it is This could become a drug for me so easily if I let it Coupled with the instance that Death was stalking Pagan in her room and would have stuck around without her knowing while she at least partially maybe even completely undressedit was like a bad bad Twilight flashback Because you know he's DEATH and allhe gets to take liberties as he so chooses This may be invading her privacy but I was Death dammit I should get some privileges Why not a 1 star rating? The book actually was fun mindless brain candy It was a cute enough love story Even though I thought the ending was much too convenient I did enjoy the actual moments when Pagan and Dank still can't get over those names were together It was a lot of the extra stuff that I could have done withoutIn conclusion A happy ending does not automatically make a story good A long awaited sex scene does not automatically make a story appealing This trilogy took off in too many directions for me to feel satisfied over how it endedThe phrases dad gum and hot as hell do not belong in the same sentence That is all

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    SpoilersThis was awful The story line was fucking ridiculous Pagan's memories of Dank are erased by some sort of deity bitch she literally came out of nowhere why bother introducing a character properly when it's so much easier not to eh? Pagan's memories were taken away so she could have a fair chance of getting together with her soulmate Jay The fact that Jay and Pagan already dated for 3 years broke up and moved on didn't even seem to cross the deity bitch's mind Anyway Dank is naturally heartbwoken that his pwecious Pagan doesn't remember him so he broods growls and whines about the injustice of it all and he sets about winning her back before she's sullied by her good for nothing slutty slutterson of a soulmate The worst thing about the book apart from the fact that the hero's called Dank was Pagan I hated her she was a judgmental bitch and a boring goody two shoesugh How the fuck she was a virgin I don't know — she went out with Jay for 3 years and did nothing but kiss him even though they were hormonal teenagers were in love and were soulmates How was that even possible? Why didn't they have sex? Its beyond unrealistic that they did nothing than kiss in the 3 years they were togetherughMoving on Pagan sounded like an old fashioned elderly woman most of the time instead of a teenager — she didn't care about her appearance she thought guys in bands were bad news she judged what other girls wore and how they behaved she hated going to parties and didn't want to experience college life She was a rubbish character — she had no charm a crap personality she thought she was better than all the other girls and she was just unlikeable Her attitude was so fucking annoying she looked down at girls who had a sex life and liked to dress up — what was she a fucking grandma from the bastard olden days?I hated how the other female characters were depicted her best friend Miranda seemed interesting — she was upbeat liked to have fun and immersed herself in college life However because Pagan was narrating she was made out to be shallow materialistic and idiotic All the other female character came across as slutty bitches I would have preferred one of the 'slutty bitches' narrating rather than the frigid cow Pagan because at least they had a life and a personality Pagan was such a dull cliched Mary SueDank seriously made Edward Cullen look like good boyfriend material I have to admit that there was a time or two that his devotion to Pagan was kind of sweet but mostly it was just cringey and cheesy He was overly controlling and psychotic — he hated if Pagan dressed too sexily if she went out and if she talked to other guysugh How the hell were Jay and Pagan even soulmates?? 1 Pagan didn't even like Jay 2 Jay couldn't stop fucking other girls 3 They didn't have any connection at all 4 Pagan wasn't even torn about who she wanted Dank a guy who was now a stranger to her or Jay her soulmate What was the point of Jay when he was wasn't even a serious contender for Pagan's heart? Not once did Pagan want to be with Jay He wasn't a threat to Dank and Pagan's super speshul wuv Just because we were told he was her soulmate even though there was no evidence to suggest that this was true — surely soulmates have to at least be attracted to one another? didn't suddenly make things angsty or make Pagan and Dank's wuv forbidden or make an awesome love triangle All it did was make me roll my eyes it was the lamest 'love triangle' everOn a different note I thought the writing was poor and the dialogue was weird and didn't flow very well It was like no effort at all was put into the book A bloody awful book and an even worse trilogy I suspect they'll be a spin off to the series with Leif no doubt he'll meet some boring virginal Mary Sue and they'll fall in wuv and fight bad guys and shit I wouldn't mind reading a Leif series if the heroine was likeable sexually experienced powerful and somewhat evil — basically someone that would be Leif's eual in every wayIn conclusion I'm glad the trilogy has finished I deserve a bloody medal or something for finishing this shit

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    Seriously NOT looking forward to this bookWhat do you call it when a series is totally lame and tedious to read yet you still want to see how the story turns out even though you can't stand the characters?I must come up with a term to describe this phenomenonUpdate Interesting way to reinvent the love story I'll give her that Romantic tension is always a crowd pleaserBut besides that this book is JUST LIKE every other college set story lately Seriously they're all exactly the samePretty much all the things that made the story original Death death lists Voodoo princes etc are significantly underutilized They're mentioned a couple times but to me all that world building just fell apart and got swept under the rug The story really isn't about all that any The flimsy premise of book 3 isn't taken seriously by the author or the characters and everything wraps up all too neatly in the end Whatever It's over I've been released from the series and will try to forget it ever happened PS What in the world is that preview for Glines' New Adult Contemporary in the back? Ew Even if you rename the genre it's still just trashy grocery store romance Still no dignity in that

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    This was an okay story but I didn’t like it as much as the previous books in the seriesPagan was an okay character but her having her memory wiped was pretty irritating and the fact that she didn’t even recognise Dank was just like de ja vu from the first bookThe storyline in this could have been good I thought that we’d at least get a juicy love triangle with Jay thrown into the mix but it was just rubbish Jay didn’t fight for Pagan at all and she didn’t really care about him either so the whole point of the book was a bit of a flopThe ending to this was fairly happy I just wish getting there had been entertaining65 out of 10

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    He defied Heaven to keep her he defeated evil to save her but if her soul wants another will he be able to let her go? Da fa? After all he did she goes and falls in love with some other guy? Jeez whattabitch i would of just left her to die mate you went to all that trouble to have her and now she wants someone else Booooo you wh0re now i don't even feel like starting the second book to read about his futile efforts

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    Seriously need to read this Abbi Glines is soo good at cliff hangers I'll be dying of anticipation until the new one comes out Buuut I am nervous about her falling out of love with Dank and falling in love with Jay call me crazy but I want her to stay with Dank In the first book they said there was a way I'll be terribly sad if they dont end up together

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    Abbiiiiiiii I just love this woman The Existence Trilogy has been one of my favorites since I first came across this series almost a year ago with Dank and Pagan being two of my most loved characters I was anxiously awaiting this final book in the series to finally see them get their happy ending after all the torment and heartbreak and WOW did Abbi Glines deliverI didn't read any of the teasers or blurbs for Ceaseless because I wanted to go in blind not knowing what the plot would be about And I must say I was so very pleasantly surprised to see that Abbi had taken the story back to its roots Pagan's memories of Dank and her love for him were wiped clean and in order to win her away from her soulmate Dank must start from scratch Away at college with Miranda Pagan runs into her ex Jaywho just happens to be the mate her soul was destined to be with Dank knows that he has to let fate run it's course and let Pagan decide who her soul will choose but he's determined to make it so he's always on her mind in the process But stollen moments a romantic date and some steamy texts may not be enough when Dank's supernatural existence and a certain voodoo man's son are in the euationThis was such a perfect way to finish off this amazing series I was so excited when I started reading and saw that Ceaseless was going to be all about Dank using his sexy flirtatious heart melting ways to make Pagan fall in love with him all over again We once again get to experience the excitement and butterflies in their romance that we first saw in Existence with some seriously steamy moments as Dank tried to stake his claim And the heartbreak and jealousy that comes with Jay worming his way back into Pagan's heart had me glued to the story holding my breath for her to finally wake up and remember her true love After all that Pagan and Dank had been through I was so glad that this book wasn't about the thrill and chills; Glines goes back to the core of this series the love story Sure Death is Death and he's got a job to do and there were a few surprising twists that had me biting my nails nervously but Ceaseless concentrated on Dank and Pagan's journey coming full circle and I loved it I never doubted for one second that Abbi Glines would give her readers exactly what they wanted when this series came to a close But I will freely admit that even I was never expecting just how racy she'd let this installment get and it was magical Pagan and Dank's romance was so incredible in this story and I absolutely loved that we get to watch it I ended my time reading this book with tears of joy in my eyes for these unforgettable characters A must read for any YA fans grab up this series if you haven't already

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