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    The author has a very engaging narrative style If you're not big on pop culture references wellread it anyway because it's funny And prepare to kind of have the hots for the Irish guy It's clear everyone else does The plot is an added bonus where it's not entirely predictable as some mysteries are

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    I picked this book out for Darth Heather chadlenge – but it tickled my funnybone that there is an Irish connection here A main character is a 6’4” Fey Irishman that traces his roots to the faieries or one of the Sidhe though not full blooded Even better it satisfies the Around the Wortld Challenge #2 much better than the book I originally planned to read one person provides help to another person – Peyton wants to help Rob find out who killed him and his girlfriend Allison even though Rob had dumped Peyton for AllisonA mix of paranormal romance and mystery A fun read fair paced and relaxing I plan to read book 2 of this series when I purchase a subscription to Kindle Unlimited

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    I'm listened to the audiobook which did not affect my rating It's really of a 35 star book but some things about it don't let me justify a 4 star ratingThe reader's voice iswell while not horrible is definitely not good If the story hadn't captured me uickly I'd have given up That woman is not a good voice actress She sounds like one of those spam phone call robots until she's acting as another character even the main character Peyton sounds a bit monotone However the flashbacksvisions were done wellPeyton works at the Broom Closet with owners Archie former hippie Rhoda Wiccan and Megan another Wiccan She and her boyfriend Rob broke up for good this time and good riddance because he was constantly pulling that on her A new coworker named Milo is hired at random by ArchieMilo is gorgeous and Irish The overplayed trope was predictable And this has nothing to do with the author herself was horribly displayed in the audiobook It was nice to hear the reader not do a monotone voice but she kept messing up the accent to where half the time it didn't sound Irish She needs to not do accentsWe learn that Peyton can talk tointeract with the dead no matter their condition She sometimes doesn't even realize a person is dead This information comes along at a time when we learn that Rob has been missing for four months His status certainly does not come as a surpriseI do like how Milo helps Peyton no longer feel out of place and that they get uite a few sensesfeelings from each other It's strange that Peyton senses the ocean through Milo since it's obvious to us as to what Milo is and I can't believe Peyton doesn't realize it eitherThe truth behind the necklace is creepyIt bothers me a lot that Peyton considers herself to be Christian and even goes to mass on Sundays yet practices palm and rune reading She also seriously considers joining a small coven with her two female friendscolleagues provided they can find a fourth person It goes against what Christian denominations teacher Her ability to see the dead is one thing since she doesn't invite that and the medium aspect is a part of her Purposely reaching out and touching the other side through magics such as seances which she hates so I hope that we don't see one but I have a bad feeling is another thing That detail made me drop the rating an entire starI do however like that Peyton doesn't drink Milo has some interesting secrets He is very intriguing I'm not terribly suspicious of him though; I am however suspicious of ArchieWhen Milo reveals his origins I kind of deflated I personally don't like stories that include such details even though I'm a fan of Laurell K Hamilton's Merry Gentry series I did like the Celtic mythology Roberg added though But that along with the delve into magics are enough to turn me off to the rest of the seriesWhen Detective Wallace showed a bit too much interest in Petyon I became immediately wary of him I'm just a suspicious personAlso what kind of young adult not only doesn't own a cell but doesn't even have an answering machine that tells you the number of messages and lacks caller ID?? That is so strange for meI'm very glad most of my suspicions were debunked at the endRoberg weaves in visuals well which add to the story but don't distract In that her writing style is a bit like Laurell K Hamilton The story itself makes me think of the Rachel Morgan series by Kim Harrison However it is still uniue and not a rip off I knew beforehand that Roberg was a geek I heard of this story on Star Wars message boards so while I expected the pop culture references and geekery they made me smile nonetheless

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    Like the title says this was a super fun read I don't normally go for urban fantasy but after a friend gifted me this book I decided to give it a readI loved it And truly can't wait for the next one to come out I'm thrilled to see it's going to be a seriesI enjoyed the plot twists I did not see that endingthe villain coming at all and feel like a total idiot for not figuring it out and I adore Milo for sure Well I like all the main characters for that matter It's a fast paced mystery with good character development and a sweet romance that is just a matter of course and not central to the plotAll in all definitely fun please write faster Ms Roberg

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    This is really good I really enjoyed this one even with the seeing dead people which for me is not such a stretch Peyton and Milo have some really awesome chemistry going on and I really enjoyed the mystery of what happened to Rob I really liked Peyton's mom who still hangs out with her even though she's been dead a couple of years now Loved it so much i found the second book in the series and just had to start it immediately

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Pasted The Broom Closet Mysteries #1 [PDF / EPUB] Pasted The Broom Closet Mysteries #1 After years of an on and off again relationship New Age shop clerk Peyton Reynolds thinks she's finally got Rob Morris out of her system That is until he dies and starts following her around like an u Broom Closet MOBI ï After years of an on and off again relationship New Age shop clerk Peyton Reynolds thinks she's finally got Rob Morris out of her system That is until he dies and starts following her around like an undead puppy Peyton figures that if she can help Rob solve his murder maybe Pasted The PDF/EPUB or he can move on But it isn't as easy as it sounds Poking her nose into his death lands Peyton in the middle of some very nasty business involving a twisted love triangle unscrupulous business practices missing cleaning ladies and a lot of tacky gold jewelry To further complicate matters Peyton's got The Broom Closet ePUB ☆ a hunky new coworker who seems to want than just a palm reading As the body count rises she rushes to solve Rob’s murder and put a stop to things before someone makes Peyton herself a ghost.