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Rescued by a Ranger [PDF / EPUB] Rescued by a Ranger Alexandra Hunt is living a lie In fact that's not even her real name But after the death of her estranged husband Alex and her four year old daughter were at the mercy of ruthless people her powerful Alexandra Hunt is living a lie In fact that's not even her real name But after the death of her estranged husband Alex and her four year old daughter were at the mercy of ruthless people her powerful possibly crooked former in laws When they came after her child Alex saw no Rescued by PDF or choice but to flee Small town Fredericksburg Texas offers unexpected sanctuary Until she meets her next door neighbor by the book—and devilishly handsome—Texas Ranger Zane WinchesterSingle father Zane has to admit he has a thing for sweet pretty Alex Yet while the attraction is mutual she's definitely hiding something And Zane can't abide a liar He needs to find out Alex's secrets before he can truly allow her into his and his teenage daughter's lives But when he discovers the truth will he help Alex—or turn her in.

About the Author: Tanya Michaels

Tanya Michaels is an award winning author of than thirty romance and women's fiction novels as well as numerous short stories and nonfiction essays She is a four time finalist for the prestigious RITA awarded annually by Romance Writers of America and was nominated for RT Book Review’s Career Achievement in Category Rescued by PDF or Romance When she's not speaking at reader events and writer conferences.

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    He bent his head to hers his mouth replacing his finger Her nerves thrummed her skin tingled His tongue slid between her lips and he kissed her with excruciating tenderness tasting her thoroughly but slowly as if he wanted to do this all night Need unfurled inside her It had been a very long time since she'd been truly aroused and she almost gasped at the piercing sweetness of returning desire 68%The title of this book is misleading This Ranger doesn't rescue anyone and at times I found him a bit annoyingHeather doesn't show up for her custody hearing she runs away with her four year old daughter Josie This is a bad and not very well thought out decision Her evil husband is dead killed in a car crash and his evil parents want custody of the childShe cuts and dyes her hair takes on a fake name for her and the child and goes to live in the house of a friend of a friend who is out of town for six monthsShe is now the next door neighbor of Zane a Texas RangerZane is trying to parent his fifteen year old daughter Eden with some difficulty Her mother can't handle her and has sent her here from CaliforniaEven though Zane loved and married Valerie his ex for being a wild interesting daring adventurous girl he can't allow his daughter to have the same traits He doesn't want to teach her to drive He doesn't want her to date any boys Needless to say Eden finds him stifling Strips of neon aside she looked so much like Valerie that he couldn't help a twinge of nervous déjà vu As a teenager Val had been beautiful fascinating and self destructive He prayed the similarities between mother and daughter would prove superficialMichaels is pretty funny I've reviewed her books before and her trademark humor pokes its head out here too Most of it stems from Heather's abject terror of Zane because he's law enforcement and his bafflement at this terror Alex Heather raised her gaze starting to say something but then she froze like a possum in oncoming headlightsMs Hunt? Everything okay?She eyed the encircled silver star pinned to his denim button down shirt He'd been working this morning and hadn't bothered to remove the badge Interesting symbol she said slowlyRepresents the Texas RangersLike the baseball team?No ma'am Like the law enforcement agency Maybe that would make her feel better about her temporary home He jerked his thumb toward his house You have a bona fide lawman living right next doorBeneath the freckles her face went whiter than his hat 10%Even though I didn't particularly like Zane who seemed like a big doofus to me and offered Heather no help for her problem I had sympathy for him at times He annoyed me because he is a very black and white thinker there is always right and wrong breaking the law is always wrong very stern boy scout type guy That's not really what Heather needed IMO It also made it hard for me to believe he'd end up with Valerie as his ex who is a wild adventurous woman who cheated on him multiple times But her cheating only made him double down on this good vs bad mentalityHe makes a snide remark about his daughter's makeup embarrassing her but almost immediately regrets it He also meets a woman with piercings and purple hair who is a bartender and that makes him rethink his kneejerk hatred of his daughter's pink hair It's not like he's incapable of learning or thinking about his actionsHe's so baffled that Heather doesn't like him Even in the dim illumination provided by the streetlight he could see AlexHeather scowl Now that he'd had time to mull it over he was almost certain she was going through a divorce Maybe she was at that stage where she disliked all men It was a palatable explanation than her hating him personally for no discernible reason 16%Take this scene where he asks Heather out on a date Warning signs clanged in her head All his smiling tonight had he been flirting with her? Are you asking me on a DATE? She lost her grip on a slick wet glass It hit the tile floor and shatteredZane swore under his breathI mean that's not the reaction you want I know Michaels is going for romance here but in all seriousness Zane just cannot take a hint I'm sorry but this guy seems too persistent to me If a woman seems terrified of you avoids you at every turn and reacts to you with fear stop pursuing her hombre It's not good It's hard for me to believe Zane and Heather end up in a relationship together Dating a Texas Ranger when you are on the run is very stupid for one thing For another he's kind of a dick in the way he pursues her when she obviously is scared of him for whatever reasonAnother reason he wasn't winning any points with me is the way he acts toward her after they have second time sex That's private Did he notice the hysteria creeping into her tone?Dammit Alex Frustration roughened his voice to a growl Everything's private with you Everything's too personal to share Except your body I guess You'll sleep with me you just won't trust meShe drew back stung You're the second man I've had sex with in my entire life Don't make it sound like I'm indiscriminately free with my bodyFreer than you are with your secrets he shot back 86%I mean no Never insinuate the woman who just allowed you to have sex with her is a um Loose woman Are you fucking kidding me? This is a good way to make sure she never lets you touch her again Plus how dare you? I find it hard to like or respect a male who says this kind of thing to woman after sex Fuck you Really cruel and unnecessary However I do have a degree of sympathy for him First he marries a woman who cheats on him multiple times then he decides to sleep with a woman who turns out to be a fugitive He'd made love to this woman had breathed her name while inside her and it had all been a lie The rage he'd felt when Valerie cheated on him the blinding wrath at being so stupid flooded back Would he ever fall for someone who didn't make a fool of him? 89%HOW'S THE SEX CARMEN?Well there is the kissing scene I opened this review with KISSING And it's sexy and hot how Heather has never been with anyone but her husband and now she's seeing someone in a sexual light This seems very heady and interesting for her Her gaze slid to Zane's mouth She'd only kissed one person for the last decade 46%On the bad side they decide to have first time sex on the bench seat in the back of his truck Carmen slaps her palm to her forehead NO I don't understand this It's one thing to have sex in vehicles when you are a teenager As an adult who owns a bed fucking use a bed Beds are good I'm sick of reading about uncomfortable sex I just read a book where the two adult leads had sex on a narrow bench in a gazebo Ouch Just stop Beds use them Here's the sex scene I'll hide it under a spoiler tag just so you don't have to scroll through it if you don't want to read itview spoiler She straddled him in her desire to get closer kissing him hungrily Lust was dulling the edges of his brain but he was still cognizant enough to register that her behavior had a frenzied undertone to it She was shaking with desire or from her earlier fear?Hey He pulled back slightly cupping the side of her face and meeting her gaze I'm okay I promiseI know But I also know Her voice broke and he stroked her shoulder as she regrouped I know that tragedies occur and people die young If anything had happened to you Unable to finish the thought she rained kisses over his skin putting her feelings into actions instead of words She nibbled a line down the side of his neck making him even harder He hesitated wondering how far she intended this to goAlex reached for his hand and placed it on her breast The feel and shape beneath the thin cotton nightshirt the tight bead of her nipple hardening for him zapped away the last of his coherent thinking Everything was sensation and emotion moments and touches each blurring into the next as he succumbed to his need to explore her She eagerly raised her arms as he tugged her shirt free then rocked against him as he suckled her Her gasps and raw moans spurred him on and he wasn't sure which one of them reached for the button of his jeans firstHis one moment of sharp clarity came when Alex lowered herself on him She was wet and ready but so tight it took his breath away The instinct to thrust home warred with the sudden grave realization that they were unprotected Wait He gripped her hips loving the lushness of her body I don't have Her muscles contacted sic around him and he gritted his teeth at the exuisite agony We're not using Oh She blinked Condoms? I haven't done this in so long I didn't even consider She sounded flustered and self consciousHe rubbed his hand over the small of her back reassuringly but soothing became caressing as he dipped lower and lower Her voice was husky and distracted when she added I can't get pregnantI haven't done this in a long time either And he couldn't remember when he'd wanted anyone this badly I'm glad I waited for you Unable to wait any longer he began moving inside herUnimaginable perfection He wanted it to last forever Knowing it couldn't and determined to make sure she got just as much out of it as he did he slid his hand down between them finding where she was slick and swollen and responsive Her cries filled the cab of the truck and sent him reeling into his own climax He said her name repeatedly but it was long afterward before he could string together any other wordsObservations about the outside world gradually intruded such as noting that the last time he'd seen windows this fogged was when he'd busted a couple of teenagers necking in an empty parking lot He also couldn't help discerning that as damn good as his body felt the front seat of his truck had stopped being comfortable What the hell was he doing taking her in the driveway like a horny eighteen year old? Alex deserved far betterI'm sorry Not sorry we made love I wanted that with every cell in my body he said candidly But I should have done it differentlyShe didn't bother lifting her head from his chest No complaints hereWas she humoring him? We're in a TRUCK There went any future claims to chivalry hide spoiler

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    Very good book Alex took her daughter and ran to protect her from her former in laws She ended up In Fredericksburg trying to live uietly and not draw attention to herself Everything was going great until she met Zane Her daughter thought he was terrific and Alex was certainly attracted but he's a Ranger and she doesn't dare let him get close Zane is trying to repair his relationship with his teenage daughter and not having a lot of luck with it He sees how well Eden relates to the little girl next door and asks Alex if she can help him It doesn't hurt that he is very attracted to Alex and wouldn't mind getting to know her better But as they get closer he senses that she is hiding something and that bothers him He has no use for liars and he's afraid of what he might find out I really liked Alex and Zane and their girls Alex knew she wouldn't stand a chance against her in laws which is why she ran She is very attracted to Zane and really likes his daughter She is terrified that Zane will discover the truth and turn her in Zane is a pretty straightforward guy He considers everything in right or wrong terms with no room for gray areas But the time he spends with Alex and the she helps him with his daughter he sees that not everything is that straightforward When he discovers the truth about Alex he is furious but doesn't want to cause her problems I liked the way that he helped her see what had to be done and helped her get the assistance she needed The conclusion of her fight was great I also loved how realistic the two girls were I could completely believe their actions and attitudes

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    In Rescued by a Ranger Michaels returns to Fredericksburg TX for book three of her Hill Country Heroes series Widow Alex Hunt is on the run desperate to keep her preschool daughter from the clutches of her coldly heartless—and possibly criminal—in laws Fate would have to plant her next door to a by the book Texas Ranger and a hot one at that Expect a character driven story with plenty of humor and even heart In particular the reader falls in love with Zane who wrestles with his desire to do right in a world chock full of shades of gray But it’s Belle the daughter for whom Alex would do anything including giving up Zane who steals the show Why else should you read this book? Because it contains this little nugget He Zane helped the little girl to her feet “So why do you carry a chihuahua in your purse?”“Because I’m fabulous” She Belle punctuated her statement with an exasperated duh lookSome names were changed to protect the innocent

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    Alex Hunt has taken her daughter and run from her wealthy in laws after her husband dies and his parents threaten to take custody of her child Having settled into a new life with a fake name she is dismayed to find out that her next door neighbor is Ranger Zane Winchester The man makes her heart flutter not only because of his hotness but also because he’d turn her in if he learned her identity Can she collect enough evidence against her corrupt in laws to protect herself or must she turn for help to the one man who could expose her secrets? Rescued by a Ranger is a heartwarming story about love betrayal and trust

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    Great book I liked the characters and the story

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    Miniseries Hill Country HeroesCategory Heart Home

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    Great book fast read

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