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The Art of the Epigraph [PDF / EPUB] The Art of the Epigraph A collection of than 250 epigraphs from across 500 years of literature a uick and lively way to immerse yourself in the world of books and ideas There are few things a bibliophile loves than an epigra A collection of the Epub à of than epigraphs from across years of literature a uick and lively way to immerse yourself in the world of books and ideas There are few things a bibliophile loves than an epigraph Those intriguing uotations sayings snippets of songs and poems that appear just before Chapter One do than just set the tone for the experience ahead the epigraph informs us about the author’s sensibility Are we in the hands of a literalist or a wit A The Art PDF \ cynic or a romantic A writer of great ambition or a miniaturist The epigraph hints at hidden stories and freuently comes with one of its own Edited and with original commentary by Rosemary Ahern The Art of the Epigraph collects epigraphs from across literature Featuring the cumbersome but amusing prefaces found in early novels like Don uixote and Gulliver’s Travels to the crisp and clever epigrams that Hemingway and Fitzgerald made fashionable in the twentieth century this collection traces not only the art Art of the PDF/EPUB Á of the epigraph but the history of the book.

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    This was a very useful book to me It's not only a book of epigraphs but also a book containing precious informations on authors and books It's not a very big book and I would have appreciated information on some of them for instance the explanation about the epigraph used by Thomas Merton in his biography The Seven Storey Mountain was redundant at best not to say uninformative about the author something Ahern uses to do rather seriously in most entries Aside from a few bumps in the road like this one I found the book very good indeed

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    The Art of the Epigraph How Great Books Begin is a collection of those tiny uotes that appear at the beginning of a book compiled and edited by Rosemary Ahern In that sense it is far like a book of uotations than anything that really delves into the meaning or history of epigraphs beyond a very short introduction Based on its title 'the art' I thought that it would be than just a collection of epigraphs that the reader could easily discover by flipping open books at the library or even just through Google I was actually really excited to pick up Ahern's book because I am definitely the kind of person that reads every epigraph I love them But I didn't love The Art of the Epigraph Read the rest of the review on In The Next Room

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    I was excited about this book because I love epigraphs I brushed over them in my younger days but recently have come to discover how fascinating it is to see how an apt uotation foreshadows and compliments the book or chapter it prefaces That said I think epigraphs by themselves as they're presented in this book are definitely rewarding if you're at least familiar with the subject of the book they appear in With the classics I had a general idea about even the ones I hadn't read but The Art of the Epigraph is slanted much heavily toward modern novels than I expected and only a few have explanatory notes It's still an interesting collection but not uite up to what I thought it would be

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    This book is simple a collection of epigraphs that have been used in great works of literature often coming from other great works of literature organized by theme It's essentially a book of uotations that have inspired at least one person I love a good uotation and it was fun to read these Occasionally there are brief descriptors of why a certain epigraph was chosen or about the source material I would have preferred discussion and explanation but a straightforward collection of beautiful words can make simplicity its own reward

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    it's interesting

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    This is really just a collection of epigraphs with no original writing giving any further explanation or exploration of the epigraph

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