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God Believes in Love [PDF / EPUB] God Believes in Love From the Bishop of the Diocese of New Hampshire in the Episcopal Church the first openly gay person elected in 2003 to the historic episcopate and the world's leading religious spokesperson for gay ri From the Bishop of the Diocese of New Hampshire in the Episcopal Church the first openly gay person elected in to the historic episcopate and the world's leading religious spokesperson for gay rights and gay marriage—a groundbreaking book that lovingly and persuasively makes the case for same sex marriage using a commonsense reasoned religious argument made by someone who holds the religious text God Believes Epub / of the Bible to be holy and sacred and the ensuing two millennia of church history to be relevant to the discussion eually familiar with the secular and political debate going on in America today and for whom same sex marriage is a personal issue; Robinson was married to a woman for two decades and is a father of two children and has been married to a man for the last four years of a twenty three year relationship.

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    I am a very liberal person who has always supported gay rights including gay marriage On the other hand I am an historian well versed in ancient cultureshistorymythology It always strikes me as funny when people want to cling to christian mythology while at the same time trying to find a way to twist and mold what the bible says to what they WISH it said Here are the facts1 The bible says that for a man to lie with another man sexually as he would with a woman is an abomination Ditto for women doing the same with women This is written directly and plainly2 The bible says that those who do these things gaylesbian sex and relationships are to be murdered stoned to death 3 The character of Jesus says uite plainly that not one word of the Old Testament was to be changed or done away with until the end of the world4 The world has not yet ended As an Atheist I don't expect it to 5 Therefore what was said about gaylesbian love being an abomination calling for the death penalty still stands regardless of what else is said about loving ones' neighbors What exactly is it about this that this gay minister does not understand? Plenty it seems He spends the whole book trying to twist and mold the bible's very plain words to suit himself Sorry fella it says what it says and if you truly believe the book you have to take it as it is Fortunately I am an Atheist with no ancient fairytales to believe in and no male bosses in the sky so I am free to support gay marriage

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    God Believes in Love is a wonderful delving into the subject of gay marriage It's a short book and an easy read but it covers all the bases Why talk about this now? Why should I care about it if I'm not gay? What does the Bible really say about it? Isn't this really about validating immoral behavior than eual rights? This is a major issue facing Christians today To put our head in the sand and try to ignore it is almost as bad as taking an anti gay stance without any understanding of what it is to be gay or any reading of the what the Bible really means when it seems to be talking about it If in our society today we think we don't know anyone who is gay we better think again And if we want to truly show the love of God to the world then we better be working harder to understand those of this world that are being oppressed As the title of the book suggests this is an issue of love Spend some time with it if you want to broaden your understanding

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    While I am already a firm believer in gay marriage I saw Mr Robinson on The Daily Show and was so impressed by how kind and funny he seemed I was curious about his book once he mentioned that he specifically discusses the Bible verses often used to mark homosexuality as evil and wrong After checking it out from the library I am thinking I may have to get a copy to keepRobinson as most know is the first openly gay Bishop of any faith in the United States As such he does have an underlying desire to see gay marriage become commonplace and DOMA disappear And he makes no bones about how being gay and not allowed to wed for so long affected his life However he does get into scholarly research as well as many explanations with regards to the history of the Bible and those within it It was interesting to read many things I never knew and how important context is to even the words of Jesus himself The only downside to the book is that Robinson does tend to repeat himself a little than I would like but I'm guessing it has to do with how the book was put together Each chapter is about one main argumentuestion and his rebuttalanswer So naturally some of the answers will tend to overlap a little bitFor me the mark of a good nonfiction book is whether it makes me ask uestions and gives me the desire to do research myself This book did that Again I'm all for gay marriage and I agree with the fact that it is a civil rights issue NOT a religion issue Or shouldn't be anyway It was the history and the context he used during his arguments that had me fascinated and wanting to learn This is a book well worth reading regardless of where you stand He makes rational thought out arguments that at the very least might make you think a bit I want to have a copy on hand so I can go back to the conversation when words fail me in the future

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    This book was written by Gene Robinson the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal church I was raised in a very conservative 1920s prayer book yo Episcopal church but with fairly liberal parents so I remember back when he was consecrated all my very religiously conservative college friends were horrified and I was going Wooop woooop Episcopalians Y'alls my boysSo needless to say this book what somewhat preaching to the choir for me which is why I have a hard time reviewing it I always think an important part of reviewing a book that makes a specific case or argument for something is how well it does it and that's always hard to do when I'm already convinced That said I think it's nicely broken down into chapters each one intending to answer a different uestion I didn't agree with him on every Biblical interpretation especially regarding the cultural interpretation of Jesus telling John and Mary that they are now each other's motherson at the end of his life but I never agree with everything from any religious source anyway so that's hardly a giant blow to the bookThe main flaw for me is that starting around chapter 6 he starts to repeat himself A lot As in entire paragraphs are almost verbatim from chapter to chapter and it made me wonder if these were originally many separate articles that got suished into one book I really really wish editors would pick up on these things because I certainly do and it makes me craaaaaaaaaaazy

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    Simply put this book makes sense I talk to many who are still on the fence in terms of gay marriage or ueer identity in general This book deconstructs some of the thoughts and misgivings many people have in their lack of understanding of the LGBT community It's liberating for SGL people who want to marry but feel constrained for whatever reason It's liberating to those who are willing to open their minds and consider that the case for gay marriage is not only a valid one but a moral and just one as well

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    Recommended for any person of faith regardless of what side of marriage euality you are on Very reasoned intelligent analysis of the same sex marriage debate which addresses all the arguments that are made against it then refutes these arguments by pointing out that not only are they unconstitutional but that they are misinterpreting the supposed Biblical edicts against marriage Here's one of the many great passages I believe marriage is the crucible in which we come to know most deeply about love It is in marriage that God's will for me to love all of humankind gets focused on one person That opportunity to love one person and to have that love sanctioned and supported by the culture in which we live is a right denied gay and lesbian people for countless centuries It's time to open that opportunity to all of us Because in the end God believes in love

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    This is a great little book for those who have honest uestions about gay marriage and are looking for clear well thought out answers It would also be helpful to anyone who is sympathetic to the cause of marriage euality but doesn't know how to explain their views to friends and relatives who may not understand them or who object to gay marriage on religious grounds Each chapter presents an argument against gay marriage and then carefully and logically refutes it A well organized and thoughtful treatment of a very important subject

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    A wonderful affirming explanation for why gay marriage is good for society heterosexual marriage and Christianity Even for those familiar with pro gay marriage arguments the chapters on Biblical interpretation and history make it worth a read It’s rare I read a book on a politically charged topic that leaves me with the warm and fuzzies This book did Beyond his arguments for gay marriage Bishop Robinson also does a good job reminding us all of why marriage regardless of gender still matters Highly recommended

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    I agree with this man almost entirely regarding a reasonable Christian perspective on the issue of marriage euality I continually found my own opinions being put into words yet with much elaboration and many references I wish there was a way I could make this book reuired reading for any Christian who wants to discuss marriage euality with me Not that I would expect any one of them to be swayed and agree with it all but at least it could be used as a starting place for rational discussion

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    In the end I came to believe that being gay was no better and no worse than being straight and that like everyone else I was a child of God loved by God beyond my wildest imagining The problem was no with God loving me The problem was with loving myselfImagine beginning the self alienation at an early age 'There's something about me integral to me that I can never ever share with anyone and especially not those who love me because it will certainly mean losing their love' Imagine pretending from adolescence onward that I am interested in and attracted to people I'm not interested in or attracted to and at the same time stripping from my outward actions and words any indication of who I am interested in and attracted to What does it do to a child to learn at a uite early age to filter absolutely everything I say to rid it of every indication of what is really going on with me? To learn as an adult to never mention to my co workers what I did over the weekend and whom I did it with? To deflect all attempts by my well meaning friends to set me up with someone of the opposite sex? To completely compartmentalize my life into the 'respectable' parts versus the unspeakable parts? To feel 'less than' in every possible way? And to live in constant fear that the real me will be discovered and everything I have worked for and hoped for will go down in shameful flames? That is what it would mean to walk in a gay man's or lesbian's shoesBeing gay is not about what we do; it’s about who we are It is impossible to overstate the importance of this and the degree to which heterosexual people don’t understand it The word 'homosexual' seems to define us solely in terms of the gender of the person we’re sexually intimate with There is much to us than our sexuality And besides many gay and lesbian people—some very young and some very old—have never been sexually intimate with anyone of the same gender yet they know and understand themselves as gay It’s about the lens through which we see the world It’s about our history of being an oppressed and discriminated against minority It’s about the culture that colludes to make us feel unworthy immoral and dirty Every person gay or straight encounters the world in a particular body with a particular sexual orientation It affects every interaction whether with the same or the opposite gender That orientation affects every relationship every encounter with another person even if the relationship is not romantic or sexual in any way It affects the chemistry of a relationship and the nature of the human interaction And that is true whether or not a person has ever 'acted on' the same sex attractions he or she has feltSome religious groups now attempt to sound gay positive by saying that being gay is not a problem as long as you don't act on those attracted This reduces being gay to sexual acts Not only is it an affront to those of us who are gay; it is simply silly I would argue that I am gay all the time waking and sleeping I am not just gay when I am making love to someone of the same gender but all the time Gay is who I am a whole constellation of ways in which I see and engage the world

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