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Kit [PDF / EPUB] Kit KRISTOFFER DEL BIANCOIs revenge sweeter than sizzling attractionKit del Bianco doesn't recognize the word 'no' His striking good looks and his family's vast wealth and political power can very well af KRISTOFFER DEL BIANCOIs revenge sweeter than sizzling attractionKit del Bianco doesn't recognize the word 'no' His striking good looks and his family's vast wealth and political power can very well afford him almost anything Any woman he covets he gets He has never encountered a woman who didn't want him or at least a piece of him Until nowBettina Palermo is hauntingly beautiful but elusive as a unicorn Finally Kit meets a woman capable of outwitting him at every turn Her open defiance of him ignites a raging fire in his blood a challenge he cannot resist For the first time in his life he desires someone with frightening intensity and she doesn't come easy Or cheap He wants her for pleasure but her price tag is a wedding ring Something he cannot affordIna used to love Kit with all her heart But he betrayed her in a manner that she cannot forgive She is alive for only one reason to make Kit del Bianco suffer Her thirst for revenge is unuenchable her will unstoppable She would sell herself to the devil to get even with KitNOTE This novel was written in % English % Filipino.

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 426 pages
  • Kit
  • Eve Montelibano
  • Tagalog
  • 01 May 2015

About the Author: Eve Montelibano

Eve Montelibano is an Interior Designer and a hopeless romantic That said she couldn't be blamed for the amount of cheese and cream you'll find in her books She loves to write about jaded super alpha heroes and spunky sassy heroinesand enjoys putting them in a lot of sticky steamy sweaty situations Definitely not for the faintheartedHer favorite authors are Jackie Collins modern fiction.

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    my first book from LM before jonty and nico this b0ok made me crybig time i just wish the font were a little bigger

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    This is the book that I could sadly say I have read only twice Why?One it hurts to relive Lizzy’s hardship and agony; her bullies her friendship and relationship with Kit the rape the death of her person and of her heartTwo it’s heavy to relive Kit’s anguish and angst; his family his friendship with Lizzy his almost shot at redemption his addiction his abuse David and Lizzy’s loss the death of his person and of his heartThree it’s a pain to see through Ina’s vengeance and deception; her rise from the ashes her planned destruction her vendetta the discovery of unfounded truth that made her uest an utter path to self death Kit’s almost death yet almost another death of a wounded person and heartIn my opinion and mine alone this is Eve Montelibano's darkest novel yet And as dark as it can get it brought me pain and tears and a handful of emotion I’ve never experienced in my entire existenceI know in time I’ll find the courage to flip through the pages again In time I’ll shed a bucketful of tears as I try to relive the agony And in time I’ll be able relive what I consider as an arduous trek to truth and forgiveness of Lizzy Kit and Ina But until then I’ll just run my fingers through the cover and trace the face of the personification of life death and redemption

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    Ms Eve is one of my favorite filipina romance author I admire all of her works especially her series LotharioIn all of her books in her second batch of Lothario Kit is the second book that made me cry next to Blue del Rosario in Batch One I can feel all of the emotions while I'm reading the books Especially Bettina's and Kit's The Romance the anguish and all of kinds of emotions once you read this bookI rate this five out five

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    The reason why i feel inlove bigtime First book from LOVEMATCH that i read And gosh until now i still cant described my feelings Love myKIT forever

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    I'm not really into second chance romance but what the heck This book was awesome It made me love and hate the hero

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    One of the most heartbreaking story I have ever read yet a story full of love that was written by a Filipino author Kudos to Ms Eve

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    I really love the author

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    how to read this book?

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    Best of all Lothario Series 'c thumbs upUniue story

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