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Keyser Run Evelyn Morgan [PDF / EPUB] Keyser Run Evelyn Morgan Evelyn Morgan is a newly minted team leader placed in charge of one of the FBI's elite anti terrorist suads after tracking a world renowned assassin for most of her adult life Tasked with discovering Evelyn Morgan is a newly minted team leader placed in charge Keyser Run Epub / of one of the FBI's elite anti terrorist suads after tracking a world renowned assassin for most of her adult life Tasked with discovering the original sources of funding for a terrorist cell operating in a suburb of Washington DC she is uickly ensnared in an international conspiracy when all contact is lost with the terrorists While scrambling to find the terror cell Morgan uncovers a plot sinister than she could have thought possible One of her agents wants her dead and will stop at nothing to accomplish the goal.

About the Author: J.L. Austgen

JL Austgen grew up in Indianapolis Indiana He attended Brebeuf Jesuit Keyser Run Epub / High School where his love for writing fiction took root Nurturing a strong love for fiction he graduated from Colorado College with a degree in creative writing and began sculpting his heroine Evelyn MorganHe spends his spare time reading listening to music and spending time with his family Married with two children.

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    There's good and bad news about this book so let's get the bad out of the way first Early in the book the bad guy who is supposed to be smart does something so stupid as to be unbelievable The stupidity is compounded by the corporate CEO who hires him The alleged super assassin and the client meet face to face on a train to plan a hit I found this absolutely unbelievable a violation of tradecraft so egregious that it destroyed that willing suspension of disbelief that is necessary to enjoy fiction Later in the book he did it againAnother mistake though not so bad was having the bad guy and his not so capable assistant He's supposed to be capable but he does moronic things check out of their New York hotel and take their rental car to the library The results of doing this would be extremely frustrating and it leads me to believe that the author has never been in New York or he'd know betterBut now that's out of the way the rest of the book is a well written taut engaging thriller The characters are for the most part believable and the action is well written and makes sense I gave it four stars because if I don't like a book I don't finish it and this one I finished uickly because I really wanted to know what happened next It's not great but it's pretty damn good

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    Got this free from storycartelcom for my review Just couldn't get into this book it's just seems like a disjointed mess all over the place and Evelyn Morgan's seems invisible The book starts out with her shooting someone who's hunting that hurt her or I'm assuming that it's her It's like the books packed with an extra large helping filler the breakfast with the senators pure fluff and it's never pretty when it happens so early in the book You shouldn't need to have paper and pen handy just to keep track of the characters and who's who Glad I got this for free for my review other wise I would have probably slogged through it verse skimming through the book

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    Keyser Run is a page turner racing to revenge It will keep you up until you can't keep your eyes open any longer Political and economic intrigue with plenty of weapons martial arts and one lovely but tough minded heroine; not to mention the gorgeous ambitious assassin to be Don't miss the twist at the end when you are sure you know the culprit Can't wait for the next installment where everyone is flawed and everyone has a soft spot for someone This author can't write these fast enough for me

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    I would like to thank the author and publisher for providing this book in exchange for my honest review This thriller kept my attention with interesting characters and enough twists in the plot to make it engaging My only criticism is that occasionally it was not obvious who was speaking in a two person conversation and a spelling error that got by the editors than once taut a synonym for tight is the word you meant when you spelled taught I am looking forward to the next book in this series although this one stands alone very nicely

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    I'd like to thank the author and publisher for giving me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewI'm usually not one for political intrigue and espionage but I really enjoyed reading this book from the very beginning The author did a great job of keeping up the action and suspense up to a level that kept the book moving

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    Need some action then get a copy and start reading Action moves along rapidly Characters are well drawn with a story befitting their personalities Goodreads winner of copy did not influence review

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    Good read Very gritty world of professional goodbad guys Eve has her own personal demons but this is what lakes her real and not just a goody goody tough heroine Definitely sets the stage for future works

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    Received this book as an advanced copy through a giveaway and enjoyed the writing style and took a liking to the characters

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    Interesting concept for story Action was bit slow in spots but over all kept me reading

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    It was good but slow at times I had trouble keeping my interest I actually started and completed another book in between just to give me a break

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