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Mayas Masters Vipers Dungeon #2 [PDF / EPUB] Mayas Masters Vipers Dungeon #2 She didn’t want to ask for their helpMaya fought hard to win her independence She isn’t about to give it up to anyone—not to the gang who threatens her the Dom who wants her or the ex SEAL who n She didn’t want to ask Vipers Dungeon eBook ↠ for their helpMaya fought hard to win her independence She isn’t about to give it up to anyone—not to the gang who threatens her the Dom who wants her or the ex SEAL who needs Mayas Masters PDF/EPUB or herBut her friend Viper has other ideasDerek has known Maya for a long time but realizes she has no love for the BDSM lifestyle Yet when she is threatened by a local street gang he can’t stay away Even if she Masters Vipers Dungeon Kindle Ø doesn’t want a Dom he can still be her protector But when Viper introduces her to Cam a confident cocky naturally dominant ex SEAL Derek finds himself fighting old memories and new jealousyCam happily supports Maya as she explores her submissive needs and the scary world of BDSM but will falling for a woman who seems to love another be harder than he expectedSiren Ménage Everlasting Erotic BDSM Menage a Trois Romance MFM public exhibition bondage spanking sex toys HEA.

About the Author: Abby Blake

Abby Blake writes erotic romance Vipers Dungeon eBook ↠ exclusively for Siren Publishing She has MFM MFMM and FMMMMMMMM stories currently published with BDSM paranormal contemporary and sci fi themes At the moment she has three completed series available and many planned.

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    Me gusta como en estos libros todos los personajes se ayudan entre sí en lo ue les afecta de su vida Cam consiguió un propósito y el amor siendo muy tierno y apoyando a Maya con mucha confianza Derek por fin logró acercarse a la mujer ue uería creo ue es el ue más desafía a Maya pero a su vez siendo el Dom experimentado también logró ue Cam y Maya encontraran en el BDSM algo ue les gustabaTuvo más acción y momentos policíacos ue el anterior y me gustó como Maya se manejó y como sobretodo en el final no cometió el error ue muchos autores hacen ue sus personajes eligen 'no involucrar a otros para no ponerlos en peligro ser mártires y blah blah blah' Maya fue inteligente se dio cuenta ue la ayuda era necesaria y no tuvo miedo en pedirla y de forma muy inteligente debo añadir Me encantó esa decisión de ella Aparte fue un momento perfecto para ver en acción a nuestros SEALs Si empiezo a ver el patrón de ue uno o más en este caso de los personajes no tiene ue ver con el mundo BDSM y es introducido a él

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    A strong sexy lady whose friendly open personality and luscious curves call out to Derek working at Viper's Dungeon a local exclusive BDSM club Maya still knows that she is in danger She doesn't want to depend on someone for her safety but when she meets Viper's friend and ex SEAL buddy Cam Maya agrees to allow Cam to serve as her bodyguard following a home invasion of her living uarters Derek has desired Maya for months but she rejects his lifestyle Yet together Derek and Cam gradually introduce Maya to her own inner self as well as provide the protection and safety she needs A lovely romance with spicey erotic loving and relationships built on respect and friendship I like that kind of love

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    I enjoyed this one than the first book While the events happened just as fast this one was a bit believable The characters are sort of thrown together in a situation that makes it seem likely that things would progress uickly I also really liked that not only was Maya learning to be a sub but Cam was also learning how to be a Dom You don't often see that in books The only thing I didn't like was that I wanted to see in Cam's head about what he felt as he was learning to dominate Maya Whenever we got on his head he was so concerned with whether or not he was in the way that we didn't really get much about how he felt in regards to the Ds side of things

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    ok hmmmmm now let me just start with thisIT WAS HOT but i think that abbys 1st book emmas education really hooked me i was expecting the same from thisi really liked this but i was not as emotionally involved in it as i was the 1st bookit might just have been my mood or frame of mind at this time that took a bit away from this book so this is on me not abby so im gona keep this shortmight add later ;the 1 thing i can say is that the scene at the end was awesome so i got to finish this on a high

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    Reread 8 14

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    Really enjoying this series

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    Not as good as Emma's Educationbut still an enjoyable uick read

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