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Doctor Who Book 6 Step Back in Time [PDF / EPUB] Doctor Who Book 6 Step Back in Time Exciting action packed new original fiction for younger Doctor Who fans starring the Eleventh Doctor with his companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams Step Back in Time contains two fast paced fun filled Exciting action packed new original fiction for Book 6 Epub Ý younger Doctor Who fans starring the Eleventh Doctor with his companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams Step Back in Time contains two fast paced fun filled adventures The Doctor Rory and Amy take a trip to the World Cup in Doctor Who PDF/EPUB or Extra Time Rory ends up playing a crucial part in this historic football match while the Doctor and Amy discover that the Doctor isn't the only alien visiting Wembley And in The Water Thief the Doctor Amy and Rory are visiting an archaeological site in ancient Egypt where they Who Book 6 ePUB ´ soon realize there's something unearthly being dug up and it wants all the water it can find.

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    This consists of two stories Extra Time and The Water Thief4 stars for the whole book but I'd give EXTRA TIME 3 stars and THE WATER THIEF 4 stars respectivelyThe first one was kind of boring for me Let's just say I'd have DNF it if I didn't like Doctor Who as much as I do But I really love the second one Shout out to Jacueline Rayner for always writing brilliant Doctor Who novels

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    Fun read

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    EXTRA TIMEThis is by far the best Doctor Who novel that I have read in a long time and the star of the story is Mr Rory Williams It is 1966 and Rory has persuaded the Doctor and Amy to visit Wembley stadium to watch England's greatest victory their one and only world cup final triumph But shortly after arrival the Doctor inadvertantly knocks out the famous Russian linesman the one who awards England the dubious extra time goal which most Englishmen myself included now conceed was never a goal Concerned that history my not take its course and W Germany could win the trophy Rory agrees to take the place of the linesman with the aid of a shimmer as seen in the TV episodes End Of Time parts 1 2 Meanwhile the Doctor and Amy investigate the presence of an alien race below the terraces of Wembley But to be honest all this pales in insignificance compared to the show stealing chapters featuring Rory as the linesman I found myself when reading the Doctor and Amy chapters wanting to rush through them so I could read the chapters from Rory's POV on the sideline of the pitch The chapters with the Doctor and Amy were interesting enough they assume the aliases Agent's Lineker and Beckham of Special Branch get to touch the famous Jules Rimet trophy have some very good dialogue with a local police constable on the beat along Wembley Way I refuse to call it by its proper name as the book does of Olympic way and actually have uite an intriguing foe to defeat the species have a very effect camoflague techniue akin to that of the Predator But sorry this story belongs to Rory and Rory alone And it was refreshing to see the character get the time he deserves in a story for once The only flaws I could find with this book were in the epilogue The Doctor assuring Rory that England win the competition again okay beliavable and then assuring Amy that Scotland one day win the trophy riiight And then in order for Rory to have a souvenir of the occasion the Doctor takes him off to Brazil in 1983 to steal the Jules Rimet Now I know the trophy was actually stolen and I am aware that Doctor Who is fiction but just didn't like the idea of the Doctor pocketing the famous trophy as a souvenir for Rory I think a much better ending would have been Rory re watching the footage of the final as he mentioned he had done so many times during the story and realising that it had been him standing on the side of the pitch and who awarded England the goal all along THE WATER THEIFNot the worst Doctor Who story I've ever read and not a bad story in general But for some reason this story just didn't grab my attention in the same way that Extra Time did It was a nice little story with uite a decent plot The chapters with The Doctor and Amy in ancient Egypt were well written and it was nice reading an adventure set in that historic period But despite being such a short story it did not move at such a smooth pace as the book before in this omnibus and took me considerably longer to read Rory's chapters in this book were set in a different time period to Amy and The Doctor and despite enjoying the chapters set in ancient Egypt I found myself disinterested in the chapters featuring Rory This was a massive contrast to the first book in this omnibus where I prefered Rory's chapters to The Doctor's and Amy's A nice little read but easily forgetableI'll give Extra time 4 stars and The Water Theif 2 So 3 stars overall for this omnibus

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    returnreturnExtra Time by Richard DungworthreturnreturnThe Doctor and friends arrive in 1966 at the World Cup Final to find emotion sucking aliens threatening invasion the Doctor and Amy deal with them while Rory substitutes for linesman Tofik Bahranov who is indisposed This is really a bit lightweight struggling to fill its 200 pages and not very original and the scene setting bits are a bit gor blimey I guess the kids will love it as long as they take the 1966 World Cup Final seriouslyreturnreturnThe Water Thief by Jacueline RaynerreturnreturnThis is a different matter Rayner consistently has good ideas for her Who stories and on a good day she delivers them too Here she has the Doctor and friends landing in Egypt as the Oxyrhynchus papyri are being unearthed with Amy and the Doctor then needing to visit ancient Egypt to sort out the inevitable alien invasion though the water slurping alien is a very nice touch Contains gruesome details of the mummification process but also a murder mystery and lots of nice character moments for our protagonists Great stuff

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    Extra Time goes for big daft fun based around the 1966 football World Cup Final whilst The Water Thief is a little thoughtful a well conceived alien menace threatening ancient Egypt Where the football is essentially colourful background Rayner’s clearly gone to a lot of effort with her portrayal of ancient Egyptian society

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    Read the first of two stories in this book and enjoyed it Rory as the linesman at the World Cup finale 1966 was just amazing fun D Alone for that it receives five stars from me already no matter how enjoyable the second story will turn out to be

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