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Equipoise (Ennek Trilogy, #3) [PDF / EPUB] Equipoise (Ennek Trilogy, #3) Ennek, the son of the Chief, and Miner, a former slave, have escaped the totalitarian citystate of Praesidium and remain fugitives Having defeated two mighty wizards, they begin to realize that comple Ennek, the son of the Chief, and Miner, a former slave, have escaped the totalitarian citystate of Praesidium and remain fugitives Having defeated two mighty wizards, they begin to realize that complete freedom can be as dangerous as absolute powerIn this final book in the trilogy that began with Stasis and continued with Flux, Ennek and Miner face battles, corruption, and further journeys through lands both new and familiar As they grow secure in their relationship with one other, they're also learning that the greatest challenges sometimes come from very close to the heart and that everything of value has a price With the help of a few allies, they seek equipoise—a balance for themselves and for their world.

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    A nice conclusion to the series. If you're a fan of Kim Fielding's AU works this series is worth a read.

    Ennek and Miner's relationship is tested yet again after they make their way back to Praesidium and things got a bit dicey there for a second. Be forewarned that there is a domestic violence scene if that's a trigger, you should exercise caution.

    I don't want to regurgitate the whole story through a synopsis, so let me just say I really like these two characters. They are two men who have faced adversarial situations aplenty and through it all of they've primarily relied on each other to weather each and every one of those storms. They've met some amazing people along the way. I particularly liked Hils and Gory in this installment and hope each of them found their life partners. Individually Ennek and Miner are intelligent and capable but together they make a formidable pair, a well balanced pair which seemed unlikely given the disparity of their positions at the onset but their relationship has brought out the best in each of them.

    Ennek was as necessary to Miner's being as air in his lungs, and even the thought of losing the man he loved made him feel as if he were suffocating.

    As far as this installment goes, it did drag in places and there was maybe too much caring for Ennek after he'd, yet again, depleted himself using magic, but I liked them so much and Fielding writing so much that I can't rate it lower than 3 hearts. I'd wager that she loved these characters as much as I and letting go of them was difficult because the writing demonstrates that this was a labor of love.

    If you're a reader that needs sex in your romance reads, you'll be disappointed as this series has none. But if you love strong characters, detailed worldbuilding and a timeless romance between two men who have been to hell and back to get to their HEA then give The Ennek Trilogy a shot.


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    3.5 stars!

    Equipoise is the final part in the Ennek series and I have to say that I really enjoyed Ennek and Miner’s adventures.

    Ennek is the son of Praesidium’s chief and the day he decided to free Miner from Stasis, his life has changed a great deal. Together, they were forced to leave their homeland and since that moment on, they were facing a number of dangerous adventures. Together, they overcame every hurdle they had to take and they grew stronger and stronger in their relationship.

    This final part of the series is challenging them and their love once again. Ennek desperately wants to go home to Praesidium and to make his homeland a better place. However, he isn’t expecting that – in order to fulfill his dream – he might have to kill his own brother. How far is Ennek willing to go? Will he be able to keep Miner safe?

    Kim Fielding’s writing and world building was once again very impressive. I could imagine Praesidium very well and I really wanted Ennek to succeed. The dynamics between Ennek and Miner have been very emotional and while I would have liked to have some on-page-sex, the fade to black scenes weren’t an issue; they fitted nicely for this special couple.

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    The third book in the series is also sweet, pleasant and not very intense. I don't know how I would've felt if I'd had to wait for the second and the third book for a year each, but since I read them all in one go, and the first book really touched me deeply, and the main characters were so loveable... I enjoyed the whole experience very much.
    Ennek and Miner's love and loyalty and trust in each other was such a comforting thing. Really beautiful and touching. A very feel-good series all in all. Well, you probably won't want all your books to be like that (with even the most dangerous things resolved quickly and safely). But sometimes it's exactly what you need to read. And it was fast-paced, interesting and emotional - thoroughly good, in other words.
    Oh, but I forgot - there's something I would have wanted to know about. (view spoiler)[What happened to those men Ennek released from Stasis in the first book? Did they die because no one took care of them? Where they killed? Did any of them survive, become a bond-slave and was liberated? (hide spoiler)]

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    This book was a nice finale to the trilogy, but the ending seemed a little too rushed and easy? Maybe it’s just me, but I enjoyed myself quite a bit nonetheless.

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    The final book in the 'series with GRE words as titles.' (Eauipoise means 'distributed equally').

    Ennek and Miner went home to find the old Chief had passed and Larkin had become the new one. They came to Hills, the Council man who had his eyes on Ennek, for help. They also met Gory, Ennek's childhood friend who had become chief in the neighbor polis. Now that Ennek is in contact with his old Noble friends, would the social-economic differences between the two become an issue?

    (view spoiler)[I'm happy that Ms. Fielding didn't go to jealousy route for the plot. The relationship among Ennek, Hills and Miner is handled nicely. Neither did she drag the issue of Ennek treating Miner badly. In the hands of other authors, these would be exploited to create as many angst as possible. Or to make them having multiple partners. (hide spoiler)]

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    This was a satisfying conclusion to this series. There was less rushing into things blindly and expecting no opposition which made what happened more reasonable. Ennek has always wanted to save his home and bring them into being a leader in humane treatment of people. He sees a bright vision for their future, but convincing his family in power to make the changes he envisions won't be an easy task. Miner will always be there to support his love.

    This wrapped up all the loose threads fairly well and left things to move into a brighter future for everyone involved. I could see reading the further adventures of Miner and Ennek, but am also satisfied with where things concluded as well.

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    Praesidium.... after a hard struggle to get away from that city, in book 1 (Stasis)... after more fights and sacrifices to keep away from that city, in book 2 Flux)... in book 3 what we will have? The end... the end of this amazing fantasy trilogy... the end, in which Ennek and Miner know very well, that life is always unfair, and sooner or later, fate would made both be face to face to their own fears.

    What Ennek fear most?
    His immense power

    Water... Air... Earth... all three elements respond to his command. It's too much power, to someone so conscientious.

    He fears himself... and what he can is becoming.

    And dear Miner... his fears..

    are more mundane. He want to be there... always there... by Ennek's side. But he know more and more his love for Ennek seems not enough to control his wild nature.

    In the last book Ennek and Miner will reach a point of non return. They will succeed in their quest to liberty and democracy? They will find peace, to love each other? Well, it's a good question, because it's what they will do or they will die trying to...

    3 books... 3 times 5 stars!
    I love it, just... read, give a try and you will see why. With all the elements of classic fantasy (adventure, fights, magic creatures, trickery...) it's also surprising romantic love story.

    So yes, Another 5 stars... and my applause

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    The final story in the trilogy about Ennek’s and Miner’s journey is an adventure that is as suspenseful and exciting as anything happening in the first two books, but it is also the tale of Ennek’s maturation into a more balanced individual. Miner plays a significant role in this process - in fact I don’t think Ennek could have gotten half as far as he did were it not for his lover’s unwavering support. Set in a fantasy world of city-states, strict laws that can result in magic-induced stasis for the worst criminals, and slavery as punishment for any infraction the leader deems serious, the moral of this story is still as applicable to our world as it is to Ennek’s. He struggles to find a better way to rule than by hereditary chiefs, he figures out how to find friends and allies to help him, and he deals with his own magical abilities with a strength born from experience that he didn’t have before.

    Different from the previous books - where Ennek told the story in the first volume, and Miner continued the tale in the second – both main characters get a voice in this third installment. As much as what they go through and how they deal with the obstacles still in their way, the fact that I heard from both of them equally made it clear that balance was what they were ultimately looking for. It also reassured me that they might eventually achieve it, since much of what happened in this epic series externally has been reflected in the way Ennek and Miner’s relationship developed. Very well done!

    The descriptions of events, people, and the areas Ennek and Miner travel through were as lively and fascinating as ever. I felt as though I was walking next to them as they traveled, got hungry when some of the food and drink they consumed sounded particularly appetizing, and enjoyed the sounds and smells they encountered as much as the visual descriptions of the sights they appreciated. Miner’s progress in the artistic field, as well as his growing reading abilities turned out to be as interesting as Ennek’s varied uses of magic – both his own and the ones he “collected” along the way.

    But what I liked best of all was the ending. In a slight twist of what I expected, and in a total stroke of genius, Ennek changes his plan and manages to pull victory straight out of the maws of certain defeat. It all happens at the very last second and so fast that I had to go back to reread the scene to fully understand the beauty of it. Absolutely amazing, and yet so very fitting with what Ennek and Miner are all about, and with what they set out to achieve.

    If you like fantasy worlds with lots of magic, a seemingly impossible quest for a solution to ancient problems, and suspense, and if you’re looking for a read about young men who are building a relationship while facing multiple external and internal obstacles and some tough choices, then you will probably like this novel as much as I do. I think it is the perfect third book in this outstanding trilogy.

    NOTE: This book was provided by DSP Publications for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

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    Note: This audiobook was provided to me through Hearts on Fire Reviews in exchange for an impartial review.

    First and foremost, this book is book three of a trilogy and should not be read as a standalone—mostly because a reader would be lost—but honestly? Why miss out on the heartwarming and gut-wrenching saga that is the story of Ennek’s and Miner’s journey to happiness? Read all three! Or better yet—listen to all three audiobooks.

    The second most important point in this review is that this is an audiobook review and if you haven’t already read one of my audio reviews you likely are among the minority who don’t know that Joel Leslie is the epitome of a professional voice actor, in my opinion. This man of a thousand voices provided another outstanding and enjoyable saga here that I found easy to follow since he portrayed the characters in individual and unique voices at a good listening and comprehension pace. I’ve said this before but it bears repeating—the only thing that makes Kim Fielding’s work as a storyteller and writer extraordinaire even more outstanding is listening to the voice of Joel Leslie as he brings her story to life.

    In the conclusion of their journey, Ennek, brother of the current chief of Praesidium, and his lover, Miner, a former bond slave, realize they need to return to Praesidium if there is any hope of bringing a measure of peace to his former land. With help from Hills, his childhood friend, and the magic that remains after several struggles that take place early in the story, he at least gets to see his homeland. More detail would spoil the adventure.

    Let’s just say that there’s plenty of exciting action throughout this book and, most important, there is love—lots of love—both between Ennek and Miner and for friends and family members. Ennek’s heart is so big that his love for his fellow man guides him in his decisions and frequently gets him in trouble, but it is also his most endearing quality and shines throughout this story.

    I love the way the author took a measure of history and a measure of fantasy and wove the two together. The love Ennek and Miner share is the core of the story, but the balance is a very clever tale spawned from the author’s vivid imagination. The conclusion was unexpected but very satisfying. I can’t recommend this audiobook highly enough. Fantastic is too mild a word.

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    Ugh.... that dragged forever! The book is written well enough, but it's slower than death. The ending with Ennek's brother is - sorry - not believable at all and very anticlimactic, tho I am happy for everyone involved.

    I hope there is no book four. And if there is, I am not reading it.

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