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Race Against Time [PDF / EPUB] Race Against Time Were it not for her cop neighbor widowed mother Madison Jacobs would be dead Thankfully Detective Brody Philips interrupts an attempt on her life in the nick of time But the would be killer hasn't giv Were it not for her cop neighbor widowed mother Madison Jacobs would be dead Thankfully Detective Brody Philips interrupts an attempt on her life in the nick of time But the would be killer hasn't given up and each tick of the clock brings the madman closer to finishing what he started Brady vows to catch the serial killer plaguing the sleepy Virginia townespecially when he realizes the danger has followed him from the big city With everyone around him at risk it'll take everything Brody's got to do his Race Against PDF/EPUB or duty and keep Madison and her son safe.

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    A short uick read I had not read anything by this author It was a Love Inspired Book which I have come to like Romance action and mystery No sex scenes in these books I had the culprit figured out but not until 34 of my way in

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    Christy Barritt is an awesome author I love all of her series books This book is not a book in any series It's a romantic suspense book and truth be told I don't like romance books all that much The mystery part of this book was very good though and it contains Barritt's usual magic with plots I think the romance part is rather sappy but it can be overlooked It's your basic boy meets girl can't accept he likes girl while girl can't accept that she likes boy and of course they eventually get together But the mystery involves a creepy killer who has followed the cop handsome Brody from the big city where he murders people whom he first forces to write suicide notes Madison Brody's pretty widowed neighbor comes into the killer's sights but luckily Brody is there to save her He sets himself the task of keeping Madison and her young son safe while following the killer's trail who gets ever closer

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    Title RACE AGAINST TIMEAuthor Christy BarrittPublisher Love Inspired SuspenseApril 2012ISBN 978 0 373 44486 1Genre Inspirationalromantic suspenseMadison Jacobs is a single mother of a preschooler After taking her son to preschool one day Madison is running late She goes home to do a few things but hears a ticking sound When she goes to investigate she discovers a man hiding in her shower with a knife Brody Philips is a detective on vacation staying in a friend’s house He’s out on a jog when he hears Madison scream He goes to investigate but doesn’t find any potential killer just Madison hanging in the bathroom almost deadThe killer doesn’t seem to want to give up and each tick of the clock seems to bring him closer to his goal Brady vows to catch the serial killer plaguing the town especially when he realizes the madman has trailed him to the city Everyone seems to be at risk Will Brody find the killer and keep Madison and her son safe?RACE AGAINST TIME is Ms Barritt’s newest romantic suspense Madison seems like a typical single mom trying to make ends meet after her divorce and provide a stable home for her son Pulled in too many different directions she doesn’t do the wise thing when she senses something wrong at the beginning and call for police Brody is a real hero kind and gentle and going the extra mile to take care of Madison even though she initially is no one important to him I did find it odd that he can hear her screaming and things crashing and when he goes to investigate she’s almost dead by hanging That seemed kind of contrived I also wondered why he didn’t call for backup when he found the situation If you are looking for a romantic suspense then RACE AGAINST TIME is one that will keep you guessing Discussion uestions are included at the end of the book 575 218 pages

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    35 Stars for Race Against TimeThe Good the Bad the Thoughts Madison is a single mom to a preschooler Lincoln after her husband died roughly 3 years ago in a car crash Brody is her surly next door neighbor who is living in his cousin's house while he's away over seas He's a murder investigator originally working our of the Big Apple but relocated for a slower less stressful job still a murder investigator After a serial killer attempts to kill Madison and make it appear as a suicide Brody has all but assigned himself as her protector after all he's the one who broke down her door and saved her from certain death After the serial killer reaches her again this time to deliver a message to Brody Brody decides to take a active roll in her protection and finds himself falling for herNow I uite liked this book While I pegged the killer early on I still actually enjoyed the story I really only had one issue with it And that was the 8 months from not knowing each other to getting married What kind of message are these books sending to people? Reminds me of the stupid song Hey I just met you and this is crazy only it ends 'so marry me maybe' They have known each other for MAYBE two weeks before they confess their love and then the epilogue like eight months later getting married WTH people?Anyhow that was my only major issue with this book Otherwise it was great In conclusion I would recommend this to a friend should it appeal to their reading tastes Not too preachy a rather good mystery with a bit of romance Only one major issue

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    I really could not put this book down; I knew that if I did I wouldn't be able to sleep I just had to see the serial killer brought to justice There's WAY suspense than romance here and that's fine with me The romance was pretty unconvincing but I was concerned about the main characters' survival than anything else Some people have said this story was predictable which it was just a bit towards the end However I found myself mumbling several times HmmI don't trust him and uickly realized that I didn't trust ANY of the charactersI have two major complaints with the storyFirst the ending was SO rushed We go from nearly being murdered to chatting about the future in just a couple pages There's a very cliched very vague revelation of motive at the end which turns out to be not nearly as clever as I expected based on the rest of the bookSecond problem personally I found this story a bit over the top in the violence realm Not that it was descriptively graphic; I just felt that fake suicides actually performed by a psycho killer were bandied about a bit too freely here Nobody grieves over the many deaths as much as you'd think and that bothers me Death is a serious matter and there's of a yikes We have to find the bad guy feel than a real weightiness that would match the story's contentRead this only if you are okay with being afraid of egg timers shower curtains and prettymuch everything else for a day or two ;

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    Avis Central patron July 2016 4 starsChristy Barritt's Race Against Time was a thrilling murder mystery set in a uiet Virginia town The main character Madison Jacobs survives an attempted murder when her neighbor appears unexpectedly Brody Philips Madison's neighbor and detective works with Madison to hunt down the killer who is targeting the people of their town As they investigate the string of murders Madison must come to terms with her late husband's death and Brody must deal with his feelings of regret and unworthiness to love each otherThe story line was really interesting and kept you wondering who the murderer was There were times when the relationship between Madison and Brody seemed a bit drawn out but it was encouraging to see how both of them worked through their issues with God before becoming a coupleIt was an excellent story of redemption and new beginnings and showed how God's love can mend even the most difficult of situations

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    Thank you Goodreads and Christy Barritt Love winning a bookespecially a murder mystery wrapped up in a touching love story I really liked Ms Barritt's inspirational message of faith not fearThe portrayal of Madison's belief ran the realistic gamut of uestioning not only God's plan but her faith in it to the peace one feels when you do surrender to the knowledge of it's His will being done Some Christian fiction characters fall into a trap of being pious or preachy and thus losing the impact the author is striving for The range of honesty and growth Ms Barritt allowed to both Madison and Brody also allowed the reader room reflect on their own faith without the feeling of being lectured toA couple typos and plot point could be nit picked but overall I recommend to anyone who enjoys a romantic suspense 35 Stars

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    When searching for a suspect sometimes the closer to home you look is the best plan Madison Jacobs a widowed mother of a son lives in a sleepy little Virginia town where everyone trusts everyone else When a new neighbor moves in next door she takes the proverbial casserole along with her welcome to him He seems aloof and not interested in small talk That’s a big enough hint for Madison Unknown to Madison her neighbor Brody Phillips has left New York City and is now a sheriff’s deputy in town Their boy meets girl first encounter grows into something meaningful between Madison and Brody When an attempt is made on Madison’s life Brody thwarts it Christy Barritt leaves clues along the way as did Hansel and Gretel but the reader probably won’t know for sure till the last few pages who the predator is and why Barritt is a master of suspense

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    This book was really good It kept me on the edge of my seat I kept thinking one person was killer and it turned out it was someone else Madison Jacobs life was in danger but she didn't know that until the killer hung her from a ceiling fan in her house Detective Philips happened to be around at the right time and he saved her He pretty much became her bodyguard throughout the story and he wouldn't let her go anywhere alone Eventually with the help of clues it was discovered that Brody knew the killer The ending was very fast paced but good

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    Maybe 3 12 It gor better the further it went but is started out bad with two blatant editing errors one of them grammatical and one plot silliness a policeman finda a woman hung from the ceiling with her HANDS IN PLASTIC CUFFS BEHIND HER BACK and he wonders if what he sees is suicide Really? However it got better and exciting until right at the end when it descended to the obvious It turned out to be a better read than I first gave it credit for

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