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The Great Betrayal [PDF / EPUB] The Great Betrayal Thousands of years before the rise of men the dwarfs and elves are stalwart allies and enjoy a era of unrivalled peace and prosperity But when dwarf trading caravans are attacked and their merchants s Thousands of years before the rise of men the dwarfs and elves are stalwart allies and enjoy a era of unrivalled peace and prosperity But when dwarf trading caravans are attacked and their merchants slain the elves are accused of betrayal uick to condemn the people of Ulthuan as traitors the mountain lords nevertheless try to prevent conflict but the elves’ arrogance undoes any chance of reconciliation and war is inevitable Snorri Halfhand son of the The Great PDF \ High King and no particular friend of the elves is at the vanguard of the war with his cousin Morgrim Blackbeard At the city of Tor Alessi a vast army stands against the dwarfs Here Snorri will meet his destiny against the elven King Caledor as the first blow is struck in a conflict that could bring about the fall of two great civilisations.

About the Author: Nick Kyme

Nick Kyme b writes mostly for Black Library His credits include the popular Salamanders series and several audio dramas.

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    Full review to come I swear I'm actually going to type one up this time

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    A great account of the beginning of the Dwarf and Elf conflict and it origins D It shows clearly how things are manipulated but at the same time shows the confusion between the two races as to who is actually at fault and how this has been compounded by sides on both sides contributing to the escalation of events with many of them clearly being supremacists for their respective people while moderate and even minded people strive to hold the peace together D Characterisation is three dimensional and you get to see the growing conflict from characters eyes that keeps a different perspective on things going on throughout the book D At the same time we get to see guest appearances by may different well known characters throughout and this helps to tie things together into overall chronologies DAt the same time their is the feeling of manipulation of events with some events pointing to a wider manipulation of events than is readily apparent to the Dwarfs and Elves that set thing s up for later events and at the same time goes a long way to showing that the stirring up between the two races has to it than is apparent to the people on both sides DBrilliant and highly recommended D

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    I don't think I'm alone in thinking that Nick Kyme is singularly gifted at writing from the dour and dutiful perspective of the dawi This is yet another example of a gripping read that not only provides a metric bucketload of fluff for Warhammer fans such as myself but also weaves a powerful story of conflict and you guess it betrayalI absolutely LOVE how many offhanded references to events that Warhammer fluff addicts would know about are provided in this book Just little one sentence remarks that if you've read short stories from army books etc you can immediately attribute a whole portion of Old World history toAlso I adore Nick's ability to subtly weave humor into the story without it detracting from the seriousness of what's going on To name but a couple of non spoiling examples the miners' rhythmic work song ho hai ho hai ho hai and the digging of three tunnels Thom Grik and AriWhether you're a veteran Warhammer fan or just feel like finding out some of the reasoning behind the enmity between the dwarfs and elves; this makes for a bloody good read

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    I'm not a Warhammer stalwart and don't claim to have a great knowledge of the history and timeline of the setting I do love a good fantasy novel and am lucky enough that I get books to review pretty often so here it isA stunning detailed look at the history of the Dwarf and Elf races as a part of history in the Warhammer setting and an incredible start to explain why the two most interesting races in fantasy history as far as I'm concerned have a deep hatred for eachother Throughout this novel Kyme has played on several focal points and side plots to create the start of a tale being told on a very grand combining this with some genuinely epic battle scenes and well placed twistsWith so well written descriptive settings interaction and the introduction of essential characters and legends in the form of Snorri Halfhand Malekith and of course the Elven King Caledor and his sword of eual legend Kyme has surpassed expectations in the first part of 'the war of vengeance' series If you do have an interest in monsters demons war magic or anything that makes fantasy worth reading about then this is possibly your next favourite novel Now all I need is a huge axe and a beard long enough to plait

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    A Damn fine read and a wonderful addition to the Time of Legends range I'd wager this to be Nick Kyme's best workthat I've read so far and man the great war between the Dawi and Elves is starting amazingly While the novel has tons of action I really loved that most of it was the terrible diplomacy of trying to avert the war rather than focusing on the war itselfThe characters were really Damn fun each one written terrifically well and each grew in a way that felt real which is an awesome feat for tie in fiction sometimes The Dawi were awesome though sometimes a little tough to tell apart on account of all the similar names and holds and whatnot The Elves were real bastards too though and you could go from loving Imaldrik to hating the race from one chapter to another As a would be dwarf myself the start of the War of the Beard was particularly heartbreaking Really good stuff and I hope that the new Age of Sigmar can get this level of greatness in their fiction

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    A strong opening to one of the darkest tales in the Warhammer World Looking forward to seeing how the threads woven here will develop

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    This was an interesting read It took some time getting used to all the characters and the tone of the story but I liked reading itThat ending was Unexpected but I kind of like it still

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    You can read the full review over at my blog The War of Vengeance trilogy as it was originally concepted was retooled some time after the release of The Great Betrayal and after Chris Wraight’s companion trilogy from the Elf perspective War of the Beard was cancelled The redefined trilogy is now a joint story from both perspectivesShadowhawk reviews the first novel in the new War of Vengeance trilogy for the Time of Legends meta series“This is uite possibly Nick’s best work to date better than even Nocturne perhaps The only way to decide might be a novel deathmatch” Shadowhawk The Founding FieldsI make no secret of the fact that I really enjoy Nick’s work and that I hold his Tome of Fire trilogy to be some of the best Warhammer 40k fiction put out by Black Library in recent years My first introduction to his work the Warhammer Fantasy novel Oathbreaker was a highly negative experience but most of the other stuff he’s written since then that I’ve read has impressed me With The Great Betrayal Nick has continued his streak of successes and I am now a huge fan of the Warhammer variety of Dwarfs In this novel he has done a great job in exploring their culture their society their history and their attitudes Barring some odd stuff here and there I could not have asked for a better novel to kick start the long awaited War of Vengeance trilogy which is going to be complemented by Chris Wraight’s War of the Beard trilogy which will tell of the great war between the Dwarfs and the High Elves from the latter’s perspectiveThe central drive for this war between two of the elder races of the Warhammer world is that Malekith formerly a great High Elf prince and now the bitter ruler of the Dark Elves wants to destroy his former people completely And to do this he begins by staging false attacks by the Elves on Dwarf merchantmen patrols holds and villages He uses his extensive knowledge of the Dwarfs and their empire gained when he first came to their lands ages ago and befriended their then High King and the result is utter mayhem and confusion The entire event is one of the greatest tragedies in Warhammer history a tragedy compounded by ignorance ego recklessness and prideParticipating in the entire debacle are Dwarfs from all levels of their society One of the most central characters is Prince Snorri son of High King Gotrek Starbreaker The Prince is a man who is always in his father’s shadow the Dwarf hero who crippled the Orcs and has led his people into a golden age of peace and prosperity Snorri wants to prove himself as great a warrior as his father but such a thing is impossible in times of peace at a time when the Dwarfs are very much at the peak of their power Initially Snorri seemed to be a mostly average character but as Malekith’s treachery unfolds through his various agents he grows into a very complex character He straddles a very fine line between war and peace a fulcrum balancing those who want vengeance on the Elves and those who want to prevent an all out and destructive war that could cripple the Dwarf race for ages For me he was at his best when he was compassionate and friendly whether with his cousin Morgrim or the High Priestess of Valaya Elmendrin When Snorri made snap decisions to incite war with the Elves he was irritating because I wanted to reach out through the pages and give him a good shake and tell him that he was being manipulated like a fool Alas watching the train wreck was a bit of fun too so I’m not really complaining

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    This is a decent book but it has a few problems that keep me from giving it a four or five rateingOne of the discrepancys in the book is the mention of the tower of hoeth which will not be built for a few thousand years and under the phoenix king Bel KorhandisAnother discrepancy is the mists and spells that surround the island which in the book is attributed to Caledor but every where else says it was commisoned by Bel Hathor to stop the Norse from raiding the coastThe book follows the dwarfs through out 99% of the book with a few mentions into the minds of the elves There will be other books in this series as this one has not finished the tale It also has a perchance for jumping about making it at times a confusing and nonconsitant read because you have to either reread a section or keep moving forward to just figure out what is going on The lead inns are nearly nonexistant and time tends to jump forward in small to very large incrumentsThe prince of the dwarfs is shown as for lack of a better word a spoiled brat and warmonger He is interested in himself than the rest of the dwarven race which is parelled in the opinions and views of the elven phoenix king caledor II The cousin of the dwarven prince brother to the elven king and king of the dwarfs seem to be the only ones who want peace and truelly care for their racesThe war kicks of with the destruction and sacking of the elven city Kor Vanaeth 50 thousand where there they recived some loses and had Prince Snorri at its head While this was happening the King of the dwarfs had sent his ambassador to Ulthuan to sue for peace Word of the city being destroyed reached the phoenix king before the dwarfs got there which in the end lead to their beards being cut off and the war escalatedThe prince marches on Tor Alessi with 30 thousand troops their numbers being brought down by the fight at Kor Vanaeth and with hit an run attacks He lays siege to the city until this father arrives and he takes over the fight During this time they repair some of the bonds between father and son The flight last 6 days leaving about 3 thousand dwarfs before they retreat as a elven fleet draws nearThe story then advances 20 years with the war continueing weather by chance or design the phoenix king is spoted and the prince take his army out to kill the phoenix king with the dwarven king getting the news two days after the prince has left The prince challenges the phoenix king to a dual to settle the debt The prince loses very uickly and the elves leave When the dwarven king finds out about this he swear vengeance upon the elves The book ends with the runelords saying the princes cousin was the one the profocies spoke of and not the prince and the druchii who had left Athel Maraya looking for Bloodfang

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    I had just finished the sundering series in which the early history of the elves was masterfully told and it left me wanting So when i got my hand on a copy of the great betrayal I was excited to say the least I was not dissapointed even pleased with it then i had hoped The main reason for this is that story is told from the point of view from the dwarfs not the elvesI assume that after the sundering some decided the anciant dwarf society needed a closer look as well A great idea since few books give then a glimp off the dwarfrealms Yes there are the gotrek and felix series and a few books like Skarsnik and Neferata give you some idea of how the dwarf society looks like but it wasn't enough for me So any readers who really want to get a real good image off dwarf life in warhammer check it out this is in my opinion what makes warhammer amazing fantasy the people are real they have fears desires and hope Best off all it feals like real efforts are done to build up entities in these books and world in this book elf supremacism enters the story no kiddingNow other people who unlike me don't have a fetish for antropology in fantasy books will still find this book exciting This is one off the few books that a reader who has some knowledge of warhammer knows the ending The dwarfs and elves are going to war no uestion there But still I was hoping it wouldn't happen and I occasionally got my hopes up But the actual ending no spoiler here read it yourself really suprised me As any decent warhammer book I as an experienced reader did less then a week to finish a sign for me that it was well written The switching of scenes was done decently perhaps a bit to many storylines to follow but a small bit of criticism does not lower my appreciation of the book So great pulp fantasy literature as it should be

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