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La fugue (La balade de Yaya, #1) [PDF / EPUB] La fugue (La balade de Yaya, #1) Chine 1937 Les Japonais entrent dans Shanghai et poussent à l'exode des milliers de Chinois et d'Occidentaux retranchés dans les concessionsAu coeur de ce chaos déclenché par les combats deux enfa Chine Les Japonais entrent dans Shanghai et poussent à l'exode des milliers de Chinois et d'Occidentaux retranchés dans les concessionsAu coeur de ce chaos déclenché par les combats deux enfants vont se lier d'amitié alors ue tout semblait les séparer Yaya est la fille d'un riche commerçant chinois et Tuduo est un gamin des rues.

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    This is the first instalment of a nine volume series of graphic novels set in Shanghai in 1937 during the Japanese invasion Yaya is an eight year old girl who comes from an affluent family and who loves playing piano Yaya’s family want to escape Shanghai and flee to Hong Kong but Yaya sneaks out to go on an important audition and is caught out in a bombardment Tuduo a street urchin saves her life and this way their adventures beginThe artwork is beautiful with bright and vivid colours which really suit the drama of the story context and make it engagingI am looking forward to reading the next volume of the seriesThank you to NetGalley and Diamond Book Distributors Lion Forge for the ARC provided in exchange for an honest opinion

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    Oh my gosh this is an amazingly beautiful first volume of a nine volume graphic novel series about a little eight year old girl Yaya who is so single minded and focused on her piano recital that she doesn't realize that the Japanese are invading the country and that the reason she can't go is because her family is going to flee the country in the morningShe escapes and runs into the middle of the invasion And during the craziness she meets a street urchin Tuduo who agrees to help her reunite with her parentsThe single mindedness of Yaya is amazing to behold The illustrations of Shanghai are gorgeous as is the world of 1937 I look forward to reading the other eight volumes Highly recommend this story to show a part of little known history at least for most Americans from a child's point of view Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review

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    Fugue is the first volume of The Ballad of Yaya It follows the adventures of Yaya and Tuduo in war torn ShanghaiYaya is a talented 8 year old girl who single mindedly follows her wish to audition for a piano performance She sneaks out of her home the morning her family is set to leave town to escape the war While Tuduo is a young street acrobat Homeless and abused by the gang boss he's working for he decides to entrust his younger brother to a monastery and flee from the town himself Together Yaya and Tuduo must muster up the courage to face the painful realities of war and growing up Jean Marie Omont Patrick Marty and Charlotte Girard wrote this great adventure of the dynamic duo Golo Zhao's illustrations gave the prose richer imagery that evokes a myriad of emotions The Ballad of Yaya is a nine part comic series targeted to both young and mature readers If you have seen and loved Grave of the Fireflies you should also read this great work provided the ARC in exchange for a review

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    25 on the blogI'm not uite sure of the audience this is geared towards The basic storyline and written context is very children's picture bookish but the visual content is much much too violent and graphic for even Middle Grade readers and I see it being too childish and boring for older readers So it's an ultimate fail in those respectsThe background art is stellar as well as the depictions of clothing and animals but there is something amateurish about the faces I know what style they are going for but something is off and it took away from the emotional impact of the charactersI was approved for an eARC via Edelweiss in return for an honest review

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    Wow Surprisingly good little comic book that bring a bit of history and a lot of friendship I love the art and the story All in simplicity but uite good Like it

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    I liked it Interesting set up I'm looking forward to see what happens in the next volume Endearing art

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    Why would you leave it on such a cliffhanger?

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    I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest reviewI spotted this gorgeous and interesting looking graphic novel on Netgalley and I had to read it I am glad though that I didn’t read the blurb and I would recommend everyone to stay away from the current blurb I just checked it and oh boy I am spoiled of all the things that will probably happen throughout this series | Really why the hell do people write blurbs like this? Keep it spoiler free pleaseThis beautiful book takes place in 1937 right before the Japanese invasion During the first part of the story we follow both Yaya and Tuduo and then when they meet up we see it from both of them at the same time Yaya is a rich girl who loves playing piano Her parents are about to flee from Shanghai and off to Hong Kong I loved how strong this girl is though she makes some very dumb mistakes I guess I could forgive her she is still a tiny girl but still I was shaking my head when she wouldn’t listen to her parents I understand that you want to play your piano I get that but there is a time and place for that Now is definitely not the time and you should thank the Lord that you didn’t get hurt any furtherTuduo is a street urchin who takes care of his little brother He has to beg and do tricks to earn money His life isn’t the happiest because no matter what he does his boss is never happy and hits himThese two unlikely children will meet up in the midst of a war that is starting Bombs are falling and you will be on the edge of your seat to find out what will happen next Will these two get home safely? Will they find Yaya’s parents?I have to say that I was a bit hesitant at first when I started the story Why? Because one of the narrators is a bird And sorry talking birds are just a no no In a magical setting sure but having a talking bird in a story like this no Thankfully he turned out to be not that annoying or I just tuned him out Whatever came first PThe art reminded me a lot of Ghibli’s art which was absolutely lovelyThis first volume ends on a cliffhanger and argggggghhh While I now know what is going on thanks to the superspoiler blurb I still need to read the next volume Hopefully it comes out not too long after this one releasesAll in all a beautifully drawn story with likeable characters I would recommend itReview first posted at

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    This historical fiction graphic novel tells the story of two children Yaya and Tuduo from wildly different backgrounds who are facing the onset of WWII When war comes to Shanghai and Yaya is separated from her family due to an ill fated trip away from them of her own machination it is Tuduo who comes to her aidFugue is the first volume in a nine volume series so it takes the time to introduce the cast Yaya is a pampered child the eldest and beloved her her wealthy father and mother She will soon have a younger brother but this joyous event is overshadowed by the war that is coming to Shanghai Not even her father's wealth can protect them but this is not something that Yaya understands as the threat that it is being as young as she is All she knows is that something so vital to her person an important piano audition is no longer possible because the family needs to flee It it this that causes her to runaway and attempt to get to the audition on her own ultimately leading to her meeting with TuduoThe reader will have a greater understanding of the events surrounding Yaya's situation not only because of potential knowledge of history but because of the artwork showing a city preparing for war people preparing cars other vehicles with their worldly possessions in order to leave before the Japanese arrive The level of detail the author went to conveying not only Yaya's feelings in the narrative but the feeling of anxiety worry and horror of those around her filled the book with many levels interconnected stories that may not have seemed important to Yaya but were prevalent than she realizedThen too there is Tuduo counterpart to Yaya He is a street urchin under the thumb of Zhu who uses lackeys and threats against Tuduo's younger brother to make sure Tuduo uses his skills as an acrobat to bring in money every day One day in order to protect his brother from Zhu's dangerous clutches Tuduo runs away entrusting his brother to a nun he's befriended and fleeing the city himself knowing Zhu will be on his heels This is of course and unfortunately the day the Japanese arrive and the day Yaya runs away to her auditionWhat these two children face as the city is being bombed is unimaginable There's no blood but the buildings coming down around them the utter destruction conveys so much that I think it was a good choice by the artist Not only for the audience that will be reading this but because there are many ways to convey the depths of sadness and terror of the situation and Tuduo and Yaya suddenly being alone in a war torn cityit was poignantI'm looking forward to seeing where the next volume picks up because the cliffhanger prompts the reader to want to know to need to know how how Tuduo and Yaya will fare when they are still so small in the face of such a wide world that is at war Will Tuduo's street knowledge be enough? Will Yaya's determined spirit see her back to her family?  I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review uotes included are from an advanced reader copy and may not reflect the finalized copy

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    On the cusp of war in Shanghai 1937 little girl Yaya only wants to go to her music school audition Her parents try to tell her they are leaving because of the war but Yaya doesn't understand and sneaks away to get to her music audition Meanwhile Tuduo a little boy who lives on the streets and earns money with his acrobatics has to smuggle a younger boy to safety when the boss who manages all the street boys threatens to put the little one to work Because he is sneaking the little boy to safety Tuduo is in the same area where Yaya is when the bombs start to fall on the cityThis is just the first book in a series so it merely introduces the characters how they meet and sets the stage I'd be interested in reading of the series I can't tell if Yaya is supposed to be a French girl or Chinese girl based on the illustrations The illustration style makes it really hard to tell There's a talking pigeon in the book that adds an element of fantasy but other than that it is pretty much just historical fiction It appears some rough times are in store for Yaya Recommended to graphic novel fans historical fiction fans and WWII buffsNotes on content No language issues or sexual content Tuduo and some of the other boys are physically abused by their boss I received an ARC of this title from the publisher with no strings attached

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