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The Dragonsitter Dragonsitter #1 [PDF / EPUB] The Dragonsitter Dragonsitter #1 'Dear Uncle Morton You'd better get on a plane right now and come back here Your dragon has eaten Jemima'It had sounded so easy Edward was going to look after Uncle Morton's unusual pet for a week whi 'Dear Uncle Morton You'd better get on a plane right now and come back here Your dragon has eaten Jemima'It had sounded so easy Edward was going to look after Uncle Morton's unusual pet for a week while he went on holiday But soon the fridge is empty the curtains are blazing and the postman is fleeing down the garden path'Short sharp and funny' Telegraph.

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    I read this aloud to the family last night That dragon really reminds me of my oldest who loves dragons coincidence? I think not We all enjoyed it The story was clever and the illustrations were fabulous They made the story

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    I couldn't put this book down the simple humor just kept making me smile I even read it while pumping gas

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    I was expecting this to be pretty bad Thankfully it far surpassed my expectations and it was genuinely funny

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    Basic Plot While he is on vacation Uncle Morton leaves his pet dragon with his nephew Eddie but forgets to leave instructionsThis was a rather clever little book It's written as an epistolary mostly as emails from Eddie to his unresponsive uncle The mom's responses to the dragon antics seen through Eddie's eyes were really funny to meThis series looks like a good transition from picture books to chapter books There are lots of pictures plenty of breaks because of the short emails a good sense of humor and language that wasn't too difficultSolid I plan to try the next one with my son and see if I can get him to do a reread

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    Cute first chapter book told in emails about a boy who watches his uncle's dragon while he's out of town Chaos ensues of course My main complaint is that the book is so short only 54 pages That wouldn't be bad by itself but the hardcover copy I had included another 30 pages of preview material for another book ads for other book series and extra emails from Uncle Morton I don't mind having a short book it's a big sell for reluctant readers but it seems off that so much of the book is that bonus stuff

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    Set out in a seuence of emails this is a little fun book about a boy who is looking after his uncles dragon My 9 year old read it aloud to me in about 15 minutes she loved it found it very funny and would give it 5 out of 5 I'd give it a three so or compromise we've given it a 4 start review as a children's bookWith thanks to the publisher and Toppsta for sending a copy to read and review

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    You could have warned us about the poo Mum says even puppies are trained to go to the loo outside This was a short cheerful childrens' book It was light and friendly telling the story of a brother and sister tasked with looking after their uncle's pet dragon in suburbia with very little prior instruction The dragon is lying on the sofa I told him he should be ashamed of himself but he doesn't look ashamed at all I enjoyed the ChineseMongolian inspiration for the dragon illustration and the family's neat hair and glasses made them appear very normal and relatableHowever the dragon's mischief was fairly unimaginative Mum said she wished that dragon was still here Eating too much chocolate ruining the curtain and poking on the carpet could have been perpetrated by a large dog I felt that the potential for realm dragon carnage was not reasiled overall the story lacked magic It wasn't afraid to have a small girl's rabbit devoured but fell short of adding the enthralling mysticism I expect from the iconic dragonWill the seuels rectify this?

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    Hilarious My favorite line Have you tried chocolate? A dragon is dropped off by a traveling uncle without any instructions Dragons turn out to be pretty fussy and messy and hard to care for Finally uncle answers the frantic emails and things get back on track I'm excited to have a new to me series for my beginning chapter readers It's short and has graphics to break up the text I think my students will find it humorous like I did

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    Edward and his family are dragonsitting while Uncle Morty is on vacation Unfortunately the dragon is very poorly behaved eating all the food lighting random things on fire and pooping on the floor All of this is communicated in a series of frantically escalating emails until Edward finally gets a most surprising answerFunny and would make a good readaloud I thinkVery short Periodic illustrations that show the dragons destruction Would recommend

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    Miss 6 thought the book was okay She liked the pictures but didn't find the story interesting enough for us to continue with the seriesMiss 6 and I like to explore different books and authors at the library sometimes around particular topics or themes We try to get different ones out every week or so; it's fun for both of us to have the variety and to look at a mix of new favourite authors

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