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    The book talks about PURA ie Providing Urban amenities in Rural Area It talks about various social entrepreneurs who took a challenge or a task to transform their respective villages and societies Dr Kalam along with Mr Srijan Pal Singh provides the readers with various steps which could be taken to eradicate poverty in the world by using PURA as a tool for development The book starts with taking about the other human kind which has no access to good life and lack basic amenities like portable drinking water and basic medical suppliesThen Dr kalam talks about the vision of 2020 that he had set out when he was the president of India A target he set that needs to met in which all the indians would strive to make our country a developed nation by 2020He talks about a form of socio economic revolution that needs to take placeHe rightly focuses upon the factor or rural to urban area migrationHe focuses on youth of India who could play a major role in this aspect in eradicating poverty He talks that rural India is a opportunity and challenge at the same time for young entrepreneurs who could bring a socio economic changeDr Kalam provides a list of sustainable features which needs to be undertaken to provide solution to the problem 1 Economic sustainability 2 Technological sustainability 3 Social Sustainability 4 Environmental Sustainability 5 Value Sustainability 6 Learning and adaptabilityHe talk how technology could become a major driving force in order to achieve the targetgoalHe also states that environmental conditions should not be harmed in the due processAgriculture and PURA In another part of the book Dr Kalam and Mr Singh give a detailed viewpoint as how PURA could be used in agricultural sectorSince rural economies are largely dependent upon agriculture the world over the work could begin from there to eradicate poverty but unleashing the potential of agricultureBoth talk about the second green revolution and how India needs another green revolution in which these agro businessmen of India could play a major roleThey then provide information about the many case studies in this field eg Chitrakoot PURA and WARNA cooperative sugar factoryThey also talk about the Milk revolution which needs to come again India being that largest producer of the milk in the world and Indian dairy 13% employment and 5% to national GDP The figures are provided to show the potential of Indian milk industryIndia has 283 million cattles in the world than any Cattle breedingcattle health care cattle food and nutritionprocessing and marketing of of milk is talked in detailSocial Transformation and PURA Mr Kalam talks about the gap in the Rural and Urban amenities in detail He provides a bunch of stats in this regard Here he talks that how technologymanagement entrepreneurship and investments need to be used optimally to create a revolutionary change in this decadeSociety based on knowledge and skill could be used to utmost advantage in IndiaThere are case studies of social entrepreneurs who made a huge change to society They also talk how there needs to be building of value based societyEco Friendly sustainable development They devote an entire chapter on how the development must be made on Eco friendly terms Any development which is done by harming the environment is not right and show be avoided Climate change and reforestation is talked in detail The use of renewable energy could be employed for power generation and they talk about the vision 2030 for global energyCommunity driven sustainable development In this part Public private community partnership model is talked The role of community action is been talked in length The four fold participation by the community is talked 1Planning 2Execution 3Sustenance 4GrowthThen there are case studies about the barefoot doctors of China which were part of Chinese rural health care movement started in 1950s It's success is talked and how it could be used Child journalist who create a voice for the community are also in another case study where “Bachhon ki pahel” news bulletin is talked They also talk about other organizations too such as Magarpatta community samaj shilpi dampati and female health volunteers of LoniEmphasis is made on youth to meet the targetEnterprise creation leading to empowerment This was the chapter which interested me the most where social entrepreneurship is talked This focuses on how enterprises could help eradicate poverty and PURA could be useful tool in it Micro small and medium enterprise’ role is looked in depth A constructive environment which is beneficial for all is talked about which could be build using an enterprise network Technology’s role is again mentioned and given a prime importanceCertain PURAs are talked in detail to give a perspective into the way working could be namely 1Chitrakoot PURA 2Periyar PURAWorking culture of Toyota and Fabio Rosa’s work towards bringing sustainable energy to Brazilian villages is a mentioned Realization of PURA In this part the steps towards implementation and realization of PURA are talked about The many organizations or individuals who could setup PURA and worked are talked It talks about policyThe people whom they mention are 1Government 2IndividualNRIs 3Entrepreneurs 4Industry 5Village cooperatives 6Academic institutions 7International organizations and NGOsIt is mentioned that ministry of rural development in May 2010 launched national PURA program under private public partnership with an active role for panchayati raj institutions The funding plans of the projects are also provided in detailRest of the book talks about that PURA cooperation could bring changes in development and result in the development of 21st century

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    India is very much fortunate for having this great visionary man This book explains his vision in a planned approach for rural development The book specifies PURA in a comprehensive manner and it can be a source of inspiration for youth to empower poor rural regions The book covers each aspect of PURA planningexecution and monitoring processes while clearly defining roles and responsibilities of each entity Overall it's a great book and deserves a place in collection of enthusiastic young people of the nation

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    Good independence week read

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    With all the due respect to the great person who authored the book I didn't enjoy reading it at allThe book make a large collection of cases cherry picked to suit its argument It is full of stats and diagrams about those stats and chapters which are written as if in answer to uestions from an Economics exam In fact you have studied Economics in college you would know this book is so much duller than the 'Indian Economy' PURA or Providing Urban amenities to Rural Areas is not a new concept except for name ITC's e chaupal is actually a private initiate based on similar idea The problem is book's approach It is too dull It makes things make too easy Neither it seems to be written with any target audience in mind and even if it want to write for everybody it could do with a bit discussion For example instead of writing a single para saying 'awareness has to be created' a bigger discussion on what is one of most important subjects would had been better

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    I must say it sets a Vision for the Future One important thing i noticed is though the book is focused on existing problems but the proposed solutions are of the future the world will be embracing I see synchronization between solutions suggested in Target 3 Billion and the latest developments happening in policy domain at International level For example the book talks about Sustainability and it was written in 2011 however now i can see the whole world is moving towards Sustainable development goals

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    The book is rich in terms of analogies and successful examples of rural upliftment efforts done by different players through entrepreneurial activities Through these case the concept of PURA an environment that helps in bringing employment by best use of local resources and eventually developing the standard of living Thus Providing Urban Amenities to Rural Areas PURA The only issue was it lacked crispness in writing

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    Former President Mr Kalam has done an excellent job in explaining with real life examples on how change can be brought The topic is how to improve resolve issues facing rural India In this book he cites numerous examples in different countries on how organizations including government and non government get together to solve a challenge for the greater good The language is very easy to follow and spurs our thought process

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    You will never get full insight of rural people3 Billion unless you have read this book This book will transform our thinking about PURAProviding Urban Amenities in Rural Areas and it's realizationI must say it's one of amazing book compiled by Srijan

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    After reading this book you will come to know how innovative solutions are already being used in rural India since 4 5 decadesIts a must have book for modern entrepreneurs who are targeting urban population onlyThe book covers various areas and how people can be empowered in creating values

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    This is a winderful bookGives you lot of examples where through collective effort of communities the aim of sustainable development is achievedA must read for social entrepreneurs

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Target 3 Billion [PDF / EPUB] Target 3 Billion Target 3 Billion Innovative Solutions Towards Sustainable Development is an amazing read about how we can make this world a better place This is a book by the visionaries APJ Abdul Kalam and Srijan Pa Target Billion Innovative Solutions Towards Sustainable Development is an amazing read about how we can make this world a better place This is a book by the visionaries APJ Abdul Kalam and Srijan Pal Singh and it explains how India can eradicate povertySummary of Target 3 ePUB Ñ the BookNearly per cent of the population of the world about billion lives below the poverty line The people who fall under this category are deprived of basic amenities like health food education and everything else that can help them lead a decent lifeBharat Ratna awardee Dr A P J Abdul Kalam has been trying to tackle this crisis for years together and has come up with some very interesting and intelligent solutions This book effectively manages to capture and explain his thoughts on how to wipe away poverty from both India and the worldDr Kalam suggests a sustainable development system called PURA that can directly assist the million people living in Indian villages It is an inspiring read and Dr Kalam and Srijan Pal Singh succeed in touching the humanitarian side of every reader The book strikes the right chords when Dr Kalam picks out examples of entrepreneurs and individuals who have contributed towards changing society for the betterAbout Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and Srijan Pal SinghDr APJ Abdul KalamFondly referred to as the 'People's President' during his term from to as India's th President Dr Kalam has been on the forefront of many revolutionary movements in the country A scientist by education and profession he was also known as 'The Missile Man' during his term as presidentThrough his books and missions like 'What Can I Give' for youth in and now PURA Provision of Urban Amenities in Rural Areas Dr Kalam shares his plans and visions for a better and brighter future for India He is a visiting professor at IIMs across the countrySome of the other popular books written by Dr Kalam includeWings of Fire An AutobiographyIgnited Minds.

  • Paperback
  • 300 pages
  • Target 3 Billion
  • A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
  • English
  • 10 December 2014
  • 9780143417309

About the Author: A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology IIST who served as the th President of India from to During his term as President he was popularly known as the People's PresidentBefore his term as India's president he worked as an aeronautical engineer with.