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Der schwarze Obelisk [PDF / EPUB] Der schwarze Obelisk From the author of the masterpiece All uiet on the Western Front The Black Obelisk is a classic novel of the troubling aftermath of World War I in GermanyA hardened young veteran from the First World From the author of the masterpiece All uiet on the Western Front The Black Obelisk is a classic novel of the troubling aftermath of World War I in GermanyA hardened young veteran from the First World War Ludwig now works for a monument company selling stone markers to the survivors of deceased loved ones Though ambivalent about his job he suspects there’s to life than Der schwarze PDF or earning a living off other people’s misfortunesA self professed poet Ludwig soon senses a growing change in his fatherland a brutality brought upon it by inflation When he falls in love with the beautiful but troubled Isabelle Ludwig hopes he has found a soul who will offer him salvation—who will free him from his obsession to find meaning in a war torn world But there comes a time in every man’s life when he must choose to live—despite the prevailing thread of history horrifically repeating itself.

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    The third book of Remarue I have read so far After this one I can loudly say no not just say I can scream and shout not can but will Erich Maria Remarue is trully my fav writer Even now I'm astonished with his words words which break through my tiny ironic skull and lied down everywhere And that's something What makes this perfect? Words where read at the end while listening to the great sounds of Bach's air

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    Despite Remarue's flawless sarcasm and sense of humor his books are never an easy read Only when reading Remarue one gets an irresistible urge to google How to stop being afraid of death?This book tells a story about a young guy who survived WW1 He spent his youth at war and thus did not get to ask himself all the uestions young people ask themselvesThere are two sides to this story The first one tells about Ludwig's everyday life describes the people he meets in the most hilarious ways but the point is that this side of the story is aimed at making the reader feel how pointless those daily routines are how insignificant it all is compared to the second side of the story Now this part tells one of the oddest love stories I have read about Ludwig falls for an insane woman literally insane she spends her days at a madhouse At first she really does seem crazy but as you read you see reason in her words and actions than in those of other Werdenbrück town inhabitantsThe Black Obelisk is a fount of uotes and a well of irony but then it also introduces the reader to the conseuences of war by describing people who have gone mad because of it people who no longer fit into reality Remarue managed to get us into the atmosphere of post WW1 Germany he let the reader understand the birth of Nazism there showed us that there could be no other way for these people back then It really did seem to be the right philosophy to choose after you've fought for a country whose economy just collapsed and left all veterans with nothing but hatred towards all nations supposedly guilty of their despairI have not read many Remarue's works but I'd definitely suggest reading this one to everyone It will be a slow read a thought provoking one sometimes funny sometimes depressing but it'll plunge you in the early 1920s German mood for sure

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    The best description of this book is the one that the author himself gave The story of a belated youth For me it is a novel about youth understood in the most poetic sense of the word and told in the most unpretentious manner possible It's a sincere story

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    The Black Obelisk continue with the absolutely amazing Erich Maria Remarue and of course with the topic of war Unlike A Time to Love and a Time to Die which is set during WWII The Black Obelisk examines the period between the two wars Set in a small German town the novel portrays a period of hyperinflation disillusionment post war suffering and rising of nationalism through the eyes of Ludwig a naive post war veteran trying to find his place in a greedy and insensitive world More philosophical than descriptive Remarue again denounces war and condemns its terror brutality and senselessnessWar is terrible On that there are no two opinions We have had an enormous amount of literature both fiction and non fiction on the subject so we know how it affects people how it awakens their most animal traits and how it destroys compassion love and emotions But what about the period between the two wars? How did Germany and its people recover from the disastrous defeat and what spirits and thoughts led to a even disastrous war? Didn’t Germans suffer enough? Didn’t they learn their lesson from WWI or did they think the new nationalistic movement was going to restore Germany’s fading glory? Remarue attempts to give us an answer in The Black Obelisk where the insane the disillusioned the opportunistic the impostors the nationalists the crippled and the naive shape the richness of characters and moods in 1920s GermanyRead

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    Masterpiece This book really impressed me with its original ideas about life and death crazy and normal people atheism and faith and with its ironic views about everything

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    I cannot recommend this novel highly enough but I realize it won't be for everyone This is historical fiction that puts a small German town 60000 under a microscope for the last 9 months of 1923 The hyperinflation was caused by severe reparations demanded after WWI by the allies primarily France and Great Britain It meant German workers were paid twice a day with a break in the morning so they could rush out with suitcases or wheelbarrows full of cash and try to buy a loaf of bread or another necessityMany of the characters are involved in funeral monuments casket making and grave digging The story is told with a dark humor as if the situation is so pathetic it is funny Other characters include an exhibitionist a priest and a psychiatrist Ludwig is the main character One of his girlfriends is in the asylum A Nazi horse butcher is married to the exhibitionist Many philosophical uestions are posed

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    Brilliantly paced dialogue and dark humor meet to drown the reader in a German city of the 1920s where inflation was pushing people to suicide and the extreme political right was gaining momentum Ludwig works at a funeral home at a time where day after day the Deutschmark loses and of its worth in exponential steps The economical strain on the country is well represented as is the social environment of a small town dealing with its small people Very very enjoyable and worth it as a read

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    A tale of survival and loss a damaged youth and a hopeless future Can you really stay sane in a society gone crazy? And what is a “healthy mind” anyway? Isabelle and Ludwig have lost a part of themselves their innocence and dreams and they hold onto their core self without finding a place of their own in the “new modern world” Genevieve is the only one able to create a seemingly collected new life leaving Ludwig behind assembling his broken pieces Remarue with his uniuely melancholic voice has shaped my teen years creating space in my own mind for paradoxes and uncertainty

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    Picked as my book group read by one of the members I was looking forward to something great from this book The copy I got from the library was a lovely Hardback First Edition from 1957 and the only copy of the book in the Montgomery County Library system I couldn't find the correct photo of it so the one above from will suffice It was originally written in German so I am always nervous about translated books A poor translation can kill a great book In this case I thought the translation was superb and the writing flowed very well Despite a dark topic Hyperinflation in Germany between the two world wars a ruined generation coming out of the First World war and the business of tombstones it was actually uite humorous in places The characters were very well described and most of them came to life in a very easy animated way There were some laugh out loud moments and some very poignant moments However the point of the story was lacking throughout It just seemed to meander through various happenings and locations while never uite getting to a point Perhaps this was the way life was in the upheaval and disorganization in Germany between the wars and that was the authors point I felt that he needed to get to a stronger conclusion by the end or that he could have split the book up into several smaller books with each of the separate story lines standing on their ownTo me this is a prime example of great writing and that is the only reason I actually finished the book but a weak storyline I struggled with what star rating to give this book I thought 4 at first for the actual writing style and 2 for the storyline so I split the difference and gave it a 3

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    this is by far one of my top ten set in a tiny german town between the two world wars remarue weaves a story of transition in a multitude of tiny vignettes in the run up to the nazi takeoverwe get a taste of different sides of a country with a broken economy and hurt pride featuring characters like the gorgeous but cheating butcher's wife two brothers on the opposite sides of the intellectual spectrum a schizophrenic dreamer drunkard coffinmaker a small town poetry club and at the center a young disillusioned and confused young character scarred by the previous warfunny sad angering and insightful

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