Wild Things Epub ß Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 350 pages
  • Wild Things
  • Chloe Neill
  • English
  • 10 June 2014
  • 9780451415196

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    ”Courage has nothing to do with winning” I uietly said “Courage is about fighting the good fight Stepping forward even when stepping forward is the crappiest of all possible options”And here is another one of my “What I liked vs What I didn’t like” reviews As always here’s a short reminder to those of you who didn’t read the former books of this series already Don’t read my review if you don’t know them there might be spoilers you don’t want to read ; P This said let’s get to the interesting part What I liked The friendship between Mallory and Merit They are finally getting back to their former relationship and I’m really happy about that I loved how close they were before everything went to hell XD ”We were friends because we were connected together because something in our souls called to each other understood each other That connection that spark between us would remain even if our lives had changed completely I hadn’t accepted that beforeI could accept it now” Gabriel Keene I love that guy He’s great and a really good leader His relationship with Ethan might be strained but they both respect each other and know how it feels to be responsible for their people ”He walked back in with a bottle of beer in hand and looked I realized for the first time utterly exhausted He’d probably been playing Apex all evening and for the festival he’d planned for Here finally he was with people who weren’t his subjects For a brief moment – a rare moment – he shook off the mantle of power and sprawled onto the couch” The introduction of two new characters from the pack Damien Garza was such a cool guy and I loved Emma That woman has guts and the way she handled the pack situation was just hot lol No wonder everyone was a little bit in love with her XD I hope we’ll see of those two in the next few books ”Damien Garza was a good reminder that people were rarely what they seemed that judging a book by its cover was a remarkably inaccurate way of taking its measure” ”We looked at Emma who shook her right hand the knuckles split and dotted with blood A hank of brown hair fell over her eyes and she blew it up and out of her faceI was in absolute awe and a little bit in love” The many new supernaturals that were introduced in this book This is one of the things I really appreciate about this series It doesn’t only focus on vampires but gives other sups a chance to be a part of this series too The most intriguing new sups were the elves though I loved that they are so dangerous and that even the shifters and vampires considered them a force to be reckoned with ”They are barbarians They protect their lands without regret kill without remorse They do not believe in weakness and they don’t overlook it They don’t believe in pity They kill children they don’t believe will flourish men and women past their prime They do not live peacefully They wait” Malik He’s such a calm and soothing presence and really deserves to be Cadogan’s master vampire Not that Ethan isn’t a good one as well but I guess his ego gets in the way sometimes lol I think this constant back and forth between their leadership is getting kind of tiring and I’d rather prefer Malik as master and Ethan in another role That’s just me though An arm wrapped around my shoulder I looked up surprised into Malik’s eyes “Are you all right?”He was so uiet so reserved I wouldn’t have expected him to offer physical solace which made the fact that he had offered it even meaningful Mallory and Catcher Those two manage to seem super domestic but still sexy somehow? I absolutely love that they found their rhythm and are so content around each other Well and that they still have that spark when they talk about professional stuff doesn’t hurt either lol ; P ”What do you think? Compass in water? Map on a dart board? Google Maps?”Catcher’s eyes shined “Damn I love it when you talk shop” Last but not least Jeff Christopher He’s legit the best thing about this series and I’ll never get tired of mentioning him 333What I didn’t like The fact that still only about 10 months have passed between book 1 and 9 I mean this is a series that consists of 13 books in total and Chloe Neill is actually telling us that only 10 months have passed? There happened and happens so much in those books it would be way realistic to at least give each book the time span of a few weeks or months The relation is totally blown out of proportion otherwise I mean for instance take Mallory She was a really bad witch and is supposed to atone for her crimes and now she’s already on the mend and doing fine? There couldn’t have passed than about 2 months ever since she went to “the dark side” and returned It’s all pretty unrealistic if you ask me Especially if she’s addicted to magic We all know an addiction isn’t something you get under control that easily Ethan Sullivan I mean I don’t have anything against Ethan but boy his pep talks are getting repetitive It happens in each and every single book and I’m tired of it sighs ”We cannot change the world Merit We do what we can in our small corner and we act with honor We rise to the occasion and we do our best” The situation with the GP Talk about strange time spans About a thousand things happened but the situation with the GP is basically still the same Like WTH? Can they finally get it over with and do what is necessary? All that beating about the bush is getting really tiresome And if I’m already at it I really dislike the back and forth between the mayor and the vampires too It’s been like that for ages and it starts to get annoying The plot was pretty underwhelming as well I mean it all sounded nice in theory but once it was played out it kind of lacked finesse The romance between Merit and Ethan Is it just me or did they lose their bite? Ethan is always getting into sticky situations Merit is always worrying about him or everything is just the other way around and their “sexy scenes” are not sexy at all shakes headSo yeah what it comes down to is that I still enjoy this series but at the moment it feels like I’m reading it because it’s a nice series when I need to read something light in between my other serious books I wish I could give this four stars but the reoccuring themes and patterns of the “Chicagoland Vampires” are not only ticking me off but also kind of started to kill my enthusiasm If Chloe Neill doesn’t resolve some of those issues soon I won’t be able to enjoy this series until the end As always this was another nice bookish snack Loved that we were introduced to new supernaturals and that there was a different set of troublesThe GP storyline is getting old lolAnyway Full RTC soon Guess it will be one of my “what I liked and what I didn’t like” reviews ; It’s time for bookish fast food and this series has been my go to meal for years lolI can’t believe I’m already at book 9 but since this series consists of 13 books in total I still have a few “fast food snacks” ahead of me XDGuess that’s one of those series I’ll finish before I’m old and wrinkled ; PAnd just to get it out thereForget Ethan Sullivan I live and breathe for Jeff Christopher and Gabriel 3PS I definitely won’t miss the covers though LOL

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    SpoilersDidn't like it I thought the series would start to redeem itself but it's only gotten and generic dull and predictable The only reason I'm carrying on with it is for completion's sake Summary Ethan and Merit staying with Gabe and his shifters to avoid arrest The shifters attacked they suspect EthanMerit and that leads to them investigating the latest mysterious bad guy of the week Merit and rest of the main characters were bland empty and predictable There was nothing uniue or endearing about them Merit's thoughts were utterly boring she sounded like every UFPNR heroine that ever was Ethan was no better he was cheesy and blah — at least with most other UFPNR series the hero is usually entertaining and interesting Ethan on the other hand failed to captivate or entertain me in the slightest Any time he would speak I'd roll my eyes he was just so bloody boring Merit and Ethan's romance was bland and tropey they had no chemistry between them They used to early on in the series but somewhere along the line they lost it and now read as passionless forgettable and forced I rolled my eyes at the many characters who acted like they were wise and all knowing The way Ethan Catcher Gabriel and even Merit talked sometimes as if they knew it all grated on me I found Merit's overprotectiveness of Ethan cringey and over the top It made Ethan look weak and made their relationship come across as imbalanced what with him being the pwecious snowflake Cadogan master and her being his disposable bodyguard Am I really meant to believe Ethan would be a good GP leader? He's not even a good House master he's a rubbish leader and he's always getting himself and his House in trouble He'd be awful at leading the American vampires I didn't understand why everyone kept complimenting Merit and co's investigative skills They weren't even that good they did the obvious blundered along and got lucky The only one that was actually impressive was Jeff with his computer skills the rest were rubbish The prophecy reveal was underwhelming after half a dozen books of being teased about it I expected so much So yea Merit and Ethan will have a child with green eyes like Ethan's and I'm guessing that child will marry into Gabriel's family eventually since he kept banging on about Merit being practically family Ugh it was so disappointing why was it dragged out for so long? I hated that out of every vampire Merit and Ethan where the ones that would be able to magically have kids when no other vampire in the past had been able to do so It turned them into even bigger speshul snowflakes It seems like all the books in the series have Merit and the rest of the Cadogan vampires desperately trying to prove themselves to everyone else by saving the day Yet no other supernatural has had to do the same for them I find that really unrealistic Also I've already read that same basic plot in earlier books why would I want to read it again? Recycled storylines hardly make for thrilling reading I'm also bored of all the vampires being hated and distrusted by humans and various other supernaturals The last book had the same thing and the one before that and so forth reading the same vampire issues and problems over and again is boring Why did so many shifters hate vampires? There was no real reason given they just distrusted them and that was that Considering how many humans hated vampires and all things supernatural I would have thought the shifters would want to stick together support and be open minded with vampires until the humans were no longer a threat It should have occurred to them to not be so blindly prejudice of a whole other species when they knew exactly what it felt like themselves I wasn't interested in all the GP nonsense it was predictable and dull The GP arc might have been good if they were actually written like real antagonists instead of as a dated organisation filled with ridiculous petty cartoonish characters who would inevitably fail and be beaten by the noble courageous do goody American vampires Give me a break Would it have been so hard to write the GP as a real force a true threat and ultimately an intelligent organisation? That would have been far entertaining All in all another disappointing installment The main characters lacked depth and personality the plot was rubbish and the romance was dull

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    Warning This is a total fangirl review Well for me this book was really yummy especially since I love all things Ethan He was just amazing in this book I LOVE him and Merit together but throw in some uber Alpha being all possessive jealous and demonstrative? Phewthings were a meltin' So here's a breakdown of the storyEthan's hiding out from the mayor Ethan being yummy Creatures attack the shifters and of course the vampires get blamedMallory Catcher Jeff and Damien helping Ethan being jealous Some other creatures get attacked and are missing and of course the vampires get blamed Ethan coming to the rescue sigh Vampires investigatingGabriel being his usual cryptic self Ethan being super sexy oh my Other vampires paying the dues for EthanMalik Luc Lindsey and the rest of the house taking care of business Ethan being very demonstrative Merit having to reach out to old foeJonah being there to help Ethan being strong Alpha Things get resolved Ethan being yummy and destined? Well there you have itin a nutshell I enjoyed how everything is progressing and yes there is progress But importantly is how well Ethan and Merit do just everything together I hope things keep moving forward because it can only get better Favorite uotes ♥ “You don’t own me” No” he agreed “We own each other I am your Master And you are my Sentinel”♥ “Eyes on your own man candy” “My man candy’s already dressed” she said between bites of what looked like chocolate sludge “Yours is less so”♥ “You screamed like a kid in a horror movie” Jeff said now doubled over and wiping tears from his eyes “That was tremendous”♥ Sentinel he silently said You are a sight for sore eyes I ran like the hounds of hell were behind me jumping into his arms and wrapping my arms and legs around him Thank God I said Thank God I said it to the universe to him for him♥ “I will have both of you” he said “My Sentinel and my city And the GP will learn exactly how stubborn we both can be”

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    One would think that by the ninth installment of the Chicagoland Vampires Series that the stories would be getting stale or ridiculous and our obsession with “Methan” would have run its courseWild Things was in my opinion the best book yet in this incredible series There will be teeny spoilers from previous installments in the Chicagoland Vampires Series Sorry but by the ninth book it’s unavoidable – please don’t be madWhen we last saw our favorite Cadogan House vampires Ethan was being encouraged to make himself scarce before the Chicago PD came to arrest him for killing a fellow vampire in self defense As much as he hates to do it Ethan and Merit decide to hide out at the Breckenridge estate Their self imposed exile soon becomes a huge inconvenience as supernatural groups all over the city are attacked and members of each group kidnapped – including Gabriel Keene’s shifters To try and make things copacetic between vampires and shifters Gabe asks Ethan and Merit to investigate the attacks and find the kidnapped victims And of course in the middle of all this a favor Merit promised in exchange for some help is called in and the ramifications could spell the end of her and EthanChloe Neill has done a brilliant job planting seeds and letting them slowly grow over time until before you even realize it they’ve turned into something amazing Remember that intriguing prophecy that Gabriel mentioned to Merit in Twice Bitten Chicagoland Vampires #3 about a baby with Ethan’s eyes that wasn’t Ethan? CLV superfans have been waiting with bated breath for some movement on this It’s been mentioned once or twice since then but in Wild Things we finally FINALLY hear about it including the revealing of it to Ethan The best part is Ethan’s reaction I think I read that part three times And what’s even better is there’s still to come on this subjectThe corruption of the GP was introduced early in the series with a much finer point put upon it in Drink Deep Chicagoland Vampires #5 Even though Cadogan House is no longer a member the GP is still trying to flex on them Based on actions taken in Wild Things there’s hope that the GP’s mafia mentality may soon come to an end although most assuredly not without a fightAfter all this time we still get a few delightful surprises in Wild Things A never before seen brand of sup is revealed and they’re pretty creepy too and believe it or not we finally get the Librarian’s nameVery nearly all our favorites from CLV books past are featured at least a little The original Scoobies – Merit Catcher Mallory and Jeff – team up again many times with assistance from Ethan Luc and Lindsey are there with their usual snark Luc always has the best one liners Malik offers stability and support and Jonah once again backs Merit up in an RG capacity We even catch up with Seth Tate who we’ve not seen since Biting Cold Chicagoland Vampires #6And there’s no way I can talk about favorites without mentioning the shifters As you might be able to tell from the name of the book The North American Pack plays a very prominent role Gabe his wife Tanya and his baby boy are front and center nearly the entire way through the book We are also blessed with appearances from Nick Breckenridge his brothers his father den mother Berna pun very much intended Fallon and new hottie shifter Damien who serves as Gabe’s muscleWithout a doubt though the best part of Wild Things is Merit and Ethan With all the stopping and starting of their relationship through the first six books in this series it sometimes felt like we’d never get to this place of stability and comfort Ethan is finally not afraid to show ANYONE that he’s desperately in love with Merit even though his PDAs embarrass her to no end The sureness of their relationship is a wonderful addition And thankfully that doesn’t in any way mean a tempering of the passion Holy hotness – When Ethan and Merit set their mind to doing something they do it well and good It’s fan freaking tasticIf you’re someone who may have started the series early on but hasn’t finished yet let this be your call to action Because for as much as I LOVED Wild Things I get the impression that we haven’t seen anything yet

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    Originally posted on Confessions of an Opinionated Book GeekThere is nothing really wrong with this book it’s just boring Boring because it’s of the same The City of Chicago are still bullies Merit and gang stumble upon yet another magical mystery that only they can solve and nothing much else happens Lots of series have formulas and monster of the week type formats but in my opinion Chicagoland suffers for it There just isn’t much holding me to the series beyond the fact that I love Ethan Sullivan but even he fell flat for me in WILD THINGSWe finally learn the meaning behind Gabriel’s infamous prophecy and I kind of guessed it years ago But But after years of reading this series the prophecy seems illogical and against the lore Chloe Neill has spent years setting up More Merit has been taken from normal girl to Ms chosen one special first of her kind McAwesome Completely against the premise that a grad student becomes a vampire All of a sudden she’s something which isn’t what I signed up for I’m kind of tired of the “chosen one” angle no matter how simple or intimate the anomaly isThen there is the mystery I have often felt that Merit and team were weak detectives and they are but for some reason the characters in this particular installment seem to think that they are getting better or accomplishing feats when really they are just bumbling around in the dark They stumble across leads without any real deductions or investigative prowess Everything is solved with a single phrase or action Too easily wrapped up with not enough tension or resolution In fact I could care less about the villainThe ending was intriguing and I’ll no doubt read the next book without such high hopes but interest non the lessI am really disappointed and underwhelmed by this bookRecommended for fans of the Chicagoland Vampires seriesARC Provided byRelease Date February 42014

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    ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱Ugh⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ Re read 04022018 Ugh I hate myself right now I hate that I no longer love this series That I'm no longer so in love Ethan that I was No longer Merit's biggest fan They just are Sure I still like them But I'm finding so many damned flaws I don't like how weak Ethan seems at some points I don't like how manipulating Gabriel is And I don't like how I sorta kinda want Gabriel and Merit to have I love a animalistic alpha males I do believe I remember this series too well though; probably because I used to love it so much Oh well on to the next disappointing re read The characters— Caroline ‘Merit’ ‘Mer’ Evelyn Merit becomes vampire at 27 but is 28 in years Sentinel of the Cadogan House— Ethan ‘Liege’ ‘Darth Sullivan’ Sullivan 394 though became a vampire at 30 master of the Cadogan House — dead but is back from the dead— Mallory ‘Mal’ Delancey Carmichael 28 Merit's bestfriend and a fourth class sorcerer a master of the First Key; power— Charles ‘Chuck’ Merit in his sixties Merit's grandfather is the Ombudsman; a ‘liaison’ between the regulars and the sups— Chuck's team ↳ ∘ his secretary Marjorie 50 ↳ ∘ the computer prodigy and a shape shifter Jeffrey ‘Jeff’ Christopher 21 ↳ ∘ a fourth class sorcerer and a master of the Second Key; weapons Catcher Bell 29 ↳ ∘ and there's also a Housed vampire who works for him that not even his colleagues knows about— Joshua Merit Merit's dad sucky dad— guard of the Cadogan House Lindsey 115 and who is also a psychic and a good friend to Merit Also dating Lucas— Lucas ‘Luc’ the Captain of the Cadogan House guards now House Second; back to being Captain— Malik Washington Second House Cadogan now Master of Cadogan House until Ethan takes back leadership; back to being Second— Morgan Greer Master of Navarre House 72 though looks 28 Merit's sorta ex and a weak man— Gabriel ‘Gabe’ Keene Apex of the Central North American Jeff's pack leader love him— Darius West head of the Greenwich Presidium and a total dick— Seth Tate 36 former mayor of Chicago and a fucker A part of him that is; His twin brother Dominic was evil and lived inside of him Seth is technically good He's view spoilerangelmessenger hide spoiler

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    First of all I am BEYOND ecstatic to be back in Ethan and Merit's world The mystery the romance the I would do anything for you momentsthey are divine There is nothing like picking up one of these books It's like you're coming home They make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside no matter the content within whether there's devastation or break ups or war these books are just fabulous I've yet to rate below a four And speaking of which the only reason this isn't a 45 is because I am about 20% into the 10th book and it is CLEARLY a full 5so I didn't think it would do the next book justice if I bumped this one up when it wasn't as good as the next one So you knowthere's thatMe after 8 books My excitement only grows side smirk emojiI've said it before and I'll say it again Some series are just too long Some may say that's the case with this particular seriesbut in my opinion after the huge altercation in book 45 they only got better and better as the series progressed Book after book issue after issue we are FINALLY where we were meant to be Some of you will understand that some won't For those of you who know? Oh yeah It's gettin' spicy ;So to show my devotion and love to this series I'll give you some uotes because everyone deserves a little Ethan in their lifeHe glanced at my muddy pants and jacket And I presume my Sentinel would appreciate a change of clothesCadogan's Sentinel if that's what you meant to say would appreciate a change of clothes And a showerGabriel grinned She has your number SullivanAnd my heart for better or worse He looked at me and smiled ignoring the mixed company and sent blood rushing to my cheeksNo matter how foreign the world the landmarks the customs I'd never be a stranger beside Ethan Love bred the best kind of familiarityHis lips so soft yet so stern he pressed his mouth to mineI will have both of you he said My sentinel and my city And the GP will learn exactly how stubborn we both can be For of my reviews please visit

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    This series is getting stale It's like re packaging the same story over and over again And there are situations that have been going on for book after book that still isn't resolved what's boring than regular politics rehashed over and over again? Vampire politicsThe best parts of the book? Berna the barmaid who wants to feed everyone who comes in English is not her strongest but she is hilarious every time Twilight Berna confirmed pointing at me and Ethan Grumpy she said pointing at Catcher She looked at Mallory for a few seconds before offering judgment Magic she finally said with the smallest of smiles Twilight Berna? You used to be coolAnd the badass hot shifter guy with a kitten that he named Boo hold everything I am looking for a good kitten gif and I see this? The only time I have ever been tempted to get a cat in my life must have awesome kittyAnd the last good thing in the book? When they met Tanya's sister Emma who was a tiny little thing but kicked a guy's ass We looked at Emma who shook her right hand the knuckles split and dotted with blood A hand of brown hair fell over her eyes and she blew it up and out of her faceI was in absolute awe and a little bit in loveI really like her Ethan murmuredI seriously want to be her best friend Mallory said glancing at me No offense I love the non jealousy and girl powerAside from those things? Well the storyline was the same crapdifferent book It got boring as hell Merit is still too much of a special snowflake these days And the vampire politics are going to continue in the next book I have a sickness of wanting to finish series that I start but I am going to read something else before I move on to the next one I need a break

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    Wild Things is the ninth installment in Chloe Neill's urban fantasy series titled Chicagoland Vampires Following this series has given me so much joy as a reader I don't read a lot within the mystery genre but I am so connected to these characters and their struggles that I get caught up in the paranormal mysteries featured in each book The female lead Merit is so smart and strong and manages to maintain a beautiful sense of humanity within a world that is constantly on edge She's one of my favorite heroines within this genre I found Wild Things to be engaging thrilling mysterious action packed and sexy It also offers some new developments that make me eager to pick up the next book If you enjoy mysteries set in an urban fantasy world then check out the Chicagoland Vampires series Be sure to start from the beginning though Even though each installment features a different mystery the characters and their world have an ongoing story that should be followed in orderMy favorite uote “There are those amongst us who have erred deeply and significantly Who have wounded the world and broken themselves The worst of them lose themselves in their errors The best of them crawl back one foot at a time and seek to amend their breaches That is the way of the braveChicagoland Vampires series includes the following installments as of September 2015 The ratings listed are my opinion only1 Some Girls Bite ★★★★★2 Friday Night Bites ★★★★★3 Twice Bitten ★★★★★4 Hard Bitten ★★★★☆5 Drink Deep ★★★★☆6 Biting Cold ★★★★☆7 House Rules ★★★★★8 Biting Bad ★★★★★825 Kicking It ★★★★☆85 Howling For You ★★★★★9 Wild Things ★★★★☆10 Blood Games105 Lucky Break11 Dark Debt12 Midnight Marked13 Untitled

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    This is the 9th book in this series and woware things happening here Political intrigue new characters mysteries and of course of Ethan Merit Chicago’s new mayor is on the warpathand what better way to use Ethan Sullivan as an example of how bad vampires are In the previous book Ethan had killed Harold Monmonth one of the GP leaders and even though it was in self defense he’s still being held accountable for the deedEthan and Merit take refuge at the Breckenridge shifter estate where they are immediately thrown into the middle of a supernatural fightTogether with Catcher and Mallory they embark on a journey to solve the mystery of supernaturals being abducted or have disappearedThis is a fast paced story filled with action and thrills What I enjoyed the most was seeing how far Merit and Ethan’s relationship is going to such a great place They are now committed to each other and their connection is just so lovely I sat beside Ethan comforted by the closeness of his body and the smell of his cologne the familiar things that brought comfort in unusual timesThat I thought was one of the best parts of being in a relationship No matter how foreign the world the landmarks the customs I’d never be a stranger beside Ethan Love bred the best kind of familiarity So enjoyed seeing the characters I have grown to know and loveCatcher Mallory are such a “hoot” “So we’ll sleep on the couch” Catcher said “like we’re twelve year olds at a slumber party”“In fairness” Ethan said “we don’t all have to sleep on the couch”“In fairness” Catcher said “you can kiss my ass”“Ladies” Mallory said “Let’s put on our big girl panties Merit and Ethan are already sleeping in the bedroom and there’s no point in making them move Catcher and I can take the couch The shifters will feel better if we make this work and it’s no great loss to any of us Jeff the geeky and cute shifter has now fallen in love And a mysterious shifter is introduced that I am dying to know aboutAnd the never a dull moment life of Chicago’s supernaturals continuesI can’t get enough Do I like this world??

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Wild Things[PDF / EPUB] Wild Things Since Merit was turned into a vampire and the protector of Chicago’s Cadogan House it’s been a wild ride She and Master vampire Ethan Sullivan have helped make Cadogan’s vampires the strongest i Since Merit was turned into a vampire and the protector of Chicago’s Cadogan House it’s been a wild ride She and Master vampire Ethan Sullivan have helped make Cadogan’s vampires the strongest in North America and forged ties with paranormal folk of all breeds and creeds living or deador both But now those alliances are about to be tested A strange and twisted magic has ripped through the North American Central Pack and Merit’s closest friends are caught in the crosshairs Gabriel Keene the Pack Apex looks to Merit and Ethan for help But who—or what—could possibly be powerful enough to out magic a shifter Merit is about to go toe to toe and cold steel to cold heart to find out.