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Ensnared I Ensnared #1 [PDF / EPUB] Ensnared I Ensnared #1 Lord Darius Galatea seems to have all the power in the world He is Leader of the Cosimo or Cosi those who keep order in an advanced civilization built upon a strict caste system Andreas Hesper comes f Lord Darius Galatea seems to have all the power in the world He is Leader of the Cosimo Ensnared I MOBI :ß or Cosi those who keep order in an advanced civilization built upon a strict caste system Andreas Hesper comes from the lowest caste and is the most successful leader of an underworld gang A chance encounter leads to a white hot romance upending both their worlds and puts them in grave danger.

About the Author: D.L. Warner

I'm a writer filmmaker publisher manga editor cancer survivor and amateur chef doing my thing in Los Angeles Ensnared I MOBI :ß I write genre erotica sci fi fantasy yaoi often with bdsm themes I read almost everything.

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    Lots of folks have made mention of Ai no Kusabi I could never get into Ai no Kusabi too damned depressing and it just never held my interest much I did both read and watch the anime a while back but it just wasn't for me and so retain almost no memories of it other than it was freaking dark and depressing And you don't get to just throw around the plagiarism word because of similarities even if it is similar to your most bestest favoritest book in the world especially when you haven't even read the damned book you are throwing the P word at As I said I don't remember much about Ai no Kusabi so I can't comment on similarities I can say that I have read plenty of books that had the same underlying ideas and themes the whole nothing new idea but had very different executions I also tend to think you should go on than a blurb before you scream plagiarismjust sayin'I liked this I enjoy DL Warner's writing I've long had the Soldier books and the Ensnared books on my to be read list I just put them off strangely enough because I do enjoy her writing So I have been saving it for crappy days or to combat a terribly crappy read Today it was both of those thingsThe funny part is what I really enjoyed was the second half the half that other people didn't like They didn't like the meals and meetings and details and such I adored all of it I got to know the world better I got to see Andreas learning and I got to see Andreas and Darius draw closer without the benefitcrutch of sex that so many mm novels use now Sex does not eual intimacy it's just sex The intimacy comes from the emotions involved from knowing the other person and even if you say the intimacy is there if you don't show it I am probably not going to feel it I liked the details and the side characters and the interactions I also like the lack of internal relationship drama My preference is for conflict to come from outside the relationship and to see my MCs weather it together and get stronger without letting it tear them apart If you are too busy fighting or engaging in constant stupid misunderstandings then you are not generally getting to know each other better Anyhow that's my take on it and I'm off to read the second book

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    This look like it's plagiarism of the series of Japanese books Ai no Kusabi by Rieko Yoshihara Ai no Kusabi Vol 1 StrangerEven the cover make it look like that view spoiler hide spoiler

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    This book started out as uite interesting from the start and I mean the first 5 pages any yaoi fan would recognise the story is like Ai No Kusabi Well the first half of the book is Ai No Kusabi without the sad dark theme of the original and the 2nd half is an almost replica of JC Natal Rysykk's RiseThe 2nd half of the ebook lean towards mm version of victorian life style and it is pretty draggy with lots of breakfast and dinner togetherIt would have been great if there is action in the 2nd half of the book but I guess the author is saving that for its seuel Anyway I do look forward to the seuel as I wanted to know how fare Darius Adri with a certain Lord K plot

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    Basic story and characters are good I enjoyed the book most of the time but there is a definite domination theme between the main characters that I find objectionable so I probably emit continue the series

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    More please Well writtenthough just a little long winded I'm not complaining at all though Keeps you interested through out all the way to the endthat's not easy to do with me Worth the money spent on volume one Hope volume two holds up to t h e same

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    This was so good It reminded me of one of my favorite yaoi animesnovels I loved all the characters Darius is a picture perfect leader in my opinion

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