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Daughters of Erebus [PDF / EPUB] Daughters of Erebus The technical side of what happened on Mt Erebus on that fateful November day back in 1979 has been brilliantly explained by Justice Mahon the Royal Commissioner appointed to investigate the crash of The technical side of what happened on Mt Erebus on that fateful November day back in has been brilliantly explained by Justice Mahon the Royal Commissioner appointed to investigate the crash of the Air New Zealand DC His magnificent investigation and conclusions were rubbished by a Prime Minister desperate to remove blame from Air New Zealand who as Prime Minister and Finance Minister was desperate to save the airline to save its Daughters of MOBI :ß face and its possible financial ruin as a result of negligence claims Without a doubt the airline was grossly negligent in changing the navigation co ordinates early in the morning on the day of the flight and not informing the pilot Daughters of Erebus is the story of five people who were left behind and how the whole tragedy affected their lives On the night of the crash Maria Collins wife of captain Jim Collins was a year old mother of four girls Kathryn Elizabeth Phillipa and Adrienne who was years old That night their lives changed The next day because her Dad would have expected her to do so Kathryn sat a School Certificate exam and passed The girls have all been successful all are highly educated They are all uite different all strong independent individuals They all have great senses of humour Elizabeth says the accident made her an adult overnight It broke forever a beautiful marriage of two people who loved each other desperately Kathryn says they all became forever collateral damage of both the accident and the Chief Inspector's findings They have never been able to end their grief This is a New Zealand story told by one of the great New Zealand storytellers It literally drips with pathos It is a story which should nay must be read by all New Zealanders.

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  • Paul Holmes
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  • 20 April 2016

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    There had been an air accident investigation carried out by the chief air accident inspector Civil Aviation Division a Royal Commission of Enuiry on the matter and other books written in respect of the event Paul's focus was on reviewing a mountain of material to determine the part the pilots and air crew played in crash Along the way it provided an insight into the treatment of the pilot's families post event and also the impact the Royal Commission of Enuiry had on Justice Peter Mahon and his family This is a comprehensive review at times a bit repetitive but by the nature of this type of book it happens to ensure the reader is clear on the issue under consideration Nonetheless the book held the attention of the reader throughout It was very difficult not to become angry with the knowledge that the Government mechanism for dealing with air accidents could be so corrupt in the handling of the accident investigation and later in the participation in the Royal Commission of Enuiry Not something that would be expected by the general New Zealand public It was decided that pilot error was to be the outcome; the pilots were dead and were to be the silent scapegoats Obviously there was no consideration of the impact this strategy would have on the families no compassion shown there just collateral damage There was a fundamental error and several contributing factors but none were initiated on the flight deck Justice Mahon rose above all this smoke screen and demonstrated absolute impartiality an acute analytical assessment and a determined disposition to present the facts in his reportTo the families of the pilots Peter Mahon and of course all those who died on the mountain you have to extend sincere sympathies The crash need not have happened if Air NZ had been somewhat professional in its approach to the Antarctic flights To those who lied destroyed evidence manipulated facts to suit the desired outcome and those that deserted previous friendships through misguided loyalties not much can be said of them that is nice other than some should have been wearing a ball and chainThe book covers other subseuent events and there are some nice personal insights includedFor me it raised the uestion of the price for justice Well done Paul this is recommended reading and at the end the reader will be knowledgeable about a variety of issues related to this event

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    This book was written in true Paul Holmes style It is not great literature and he tended to repeat himself a lot which was a bit frustrating but overall I was enthralled by his research and investigation into this tragedy I remember Erebus and the shameful way the pilots were blamed but I couldn't plough through Justice Mahon's report and book so Daughters of Erebus was a very readable way to fill the gap Shame on the Air New Zealand board and the Prime Minister of the day This event has had a life long impact on the Collins family and the family of the other pilot and Paul Holmes was able to give readers a glimpse of that Their fathershusbands were scapegoats instead of just being innocent victims along with all the others who tragically lost their lives that day

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    Fascinating And appalling What a dark period in New Zealand's history Paul Holmes' personality shines through this book For some that'll be a positive Unfortunately I was never a Holmes fan I found aspects of the book a bit patronising and repetitive much as was his style on TV he likes to tell us the same thing multiple times just to make sure we really get it But I do admire his passion He is highly persuasive in his calls to restore the reputations of Jim Collins and Peter Mahon two men who served their country well and who deserved to have been treated with much respect

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    This true story has all the ingredients for an enthralling book but the author has done a very poor job Holmes repeats himself again and again and jumps back and forth between the timeline of events so for example we read about the outcome of the inuiry before the inuiry is even convened He also gets bogged down in endless irrelevancies like what the girls ate for lunch on the day their father's plane crashed Overall Holmes has written an almost incoherent narrative of what could have been a compelling and intriguing tale I wonder why the book's editors didn't rein the author in

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    Erebus is an important and defining story in New Zealand's history and unfortunately this was an atrociously written account I struggled to make myself wade through all 456 pages when it could easily have been half that Firstly it was incredibly repetitive giving the reader the same information time and again and often in exactly the same language Secondly it jumped all over the place and not in a cohesive way But the self indulgent overuse of poetic phraseology was unforgivable Journalist he may have been but Holmes was no writer

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    Disturbing well written book on the Erebus disasterIf you want to understand happened that terrible day and in the on going aftermath of this disaster this book is a good place to start It tells the human stories of the disaster and also the horrifying truth of the company's cold attempt to cover their own responsibility for the disasterHolmes not only exposed Air New Zealand's endless litany of lies for what it is but tells the story of the terrible toll this took on the family's involved

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    This is one of the most amazing book I have read in a very long time Sir Paul Holmes has done an amazing job for the Collins Family proving that their father was badly treated by the Air Crash Commissioner that he was not negligent and that the crash happened as Judge Mahon said it did through the co ordinates being changed through the pilots not being notified of this change and through sector whiteout in the AntarticI was 11 when Flight TE901 was lost on Mt Erebus I remember sitting at home with the 6pm news on being told that a plane was overdue from a flight over Antartica and that there were concerns For some reason I was still up at 9pm that night when Phillip Sherry said that the plane had now run out of fuel and that all hope was lost The following morning I got up to the story that the plane had been found and still remember the haunting photo of the vertical stabelizer lying on it's side in the ice on Mt Erebus proof beyond all other that this was indeed Flight TE 901 I don't remember any of the following stories about the investigation although I vaguely recall the blame being laid at the feet of the flight crew I do however remember Justice Mahon's Orchestrated Litany of Lies statement and understanding that there had been a gross injustice and that the pilots were not to blame in any way shape or form but that they had been sent on a flight path that took them over a mountain they had no way of knowing was actually there their flight path had been changed the night before with out this information then being passed on to the flight crew Two things still need to happen Justice Mahon's family the Collins Family and the families of every other person on flight TE 901 deserve full and unrestrained apologies from both the NZ Government and from Air New Zealand and the Chippindale Report needs to be revoked totally and completely The other review on this site says the book is repetitive They are wrong What Sir Paul does is what any academic is taught to do to prove an argument go to the original source and back it up What he does rather than repeating himself is show his argument to be correct based on multiple stories proving that there was a litany of lies from various people both in Government and from Air New Zealand Not just once does he show this but many many times At no times is this arguement boring as so many people went out of their way to lie and many others went out of their way to prove that there were lies involved Missing documents destroyed tapes it goes on and on The decision from the outset to find the flight crew guilty is horrific The fact that the Chippindale report still sits there as a supposedly accurate document is also horrific Thank you Sir Paul Holmes for your unstinting and unrelenting follow through with this book with your desire to show us why Justice Mahon was right and Chippindale was wrong Thank you for the time and effort you have put into this amazing book Finally the world can see who the Collins Daughters had for a father and they should rightly be proud of him

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    Paul Holmes has managed to bring together all of the relevant details and there are an awful lot of them to paint a understandable picture of what caused the crash of an Air New Zealand plane on Mt Erebus Antarctica Given the lies mishandling of information professional egos and Government and Air New Zealand machinations at the time this is no easy task and Holmes brings to bear his experience as a journalist and a pilot in this comprehensive retelling of one of New Zealand's biggest disastersFor this first time we also get a clear idea of the hell that the pilot's family went through and the terrible toll taken on Justice Mahon who had an angry Government and airline company to contend withUnfortunately Holmes wrote as he spoke In a meandering manner that is time consuming and unnecessary He badly needed an editor to tell him to cut the excess However if you can ride the rollercoaster of Holmes's writing style you will be rewarded with detailed information about what really happened before during and after that Antarctic flight

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    This should not be the first book anyone reads about the Erebus disaster Daughters of Erebus revisits the facts but in no particular order and focuses instead on the impact emotional and otherwise on the pilot's family who was a convenient scapegoat for Air New Zealand and politicians at the time The first book I read about Erebus was Gordon Vette's and I recommend itPaul Holmes is passionate about the injustice done to the pilot and his family Some passages are emotional and repeated than once which I initially found irritating but I found that I warmed to his style after a while I recommend this book for the fuller picture I now have of what happened on Erebus and also what happened at the enuiry and behind the scenes politically

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    Actually stopped after a couple of hundred pages as I had a few plane rides lined up Plus I knew what the outcome was and Paul Holmes was staring to go over the same facts from different angles What I did read gave me a bette ri sight though as to what happened and how it effected so many people that we didn't really hear about at the time

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