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    Conrad Navarro a modern day gladiator in an underground fighting league has been searching for his missing sister Imogene for years His search takes him all over the world and what he finds may devour humanityWith this book my uest to read all of the works of Laird Barron by the end of 2017 is complete Honestly it took me a little while to get into this one I was puzzled over what it was supposed to be At some point things turned over and I was hookedMost of the descriptions I've read for The Light is the Darkness emphasize Conrad's job that of a gladiator that fights to death or dismemberment in secret arenas all over the world That part is secondary I'd say The Light is the Darkness is about Conrad's search for his sister and all the secrets he uncovers along the wayThe Light is the Darkness actually feels like a Roger Zelazny book than anything else particularly This Immortal albeit infused with the Barronoid mythos Like the titular character whose first name he shares Conrad is one of those capable somewhat smart mouthed protagonists that still manages to get way out of his depthBarron's prose is as delicious as always with a poet's gift for phrasing I caught a few comic and pulp references than usual like the one to the Shadow One of the drawbacks of reading a physical book over an ebook is that you can't highlight things for later reference There were a lot of sentences I would have highlighted in this oneThe cosmic horror lurks in the background for most of this book although there are hints of the Children of Old Leech in the background and time is a circle was mention a couple times As Conrad unearthed secrets I was pretty sure the book was heading toward a Jim Thompson sort of endingThe Light is the Darkness is nasty brutish and short uite a good way to spend a cold afternoon Four out of five stars Now that I've devoured the works of Laird Barron like an uncaring cosmic worm I'm waiting patiently for Blood Standard

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    Meet Conrad Navarro a contender in an underground type of fight club called The Pageant Conrad has a sister named Imogene who is missing And so begins this crazy beautifully written weird storyI've been mulling over what to say about this book It was so good I want to do it justice while at the same time I don't want to look like an idiot Let me start with the uality beauty darkness and denseness of the prose I submit this uote for your perusalThe room throbbed with bloodless light the ashen flush of a landscape under the caul of an eclipse The amniotic light sluiced against cheap blinds dripped and seeped through chinks and seams patterned great ominous shadows against the clapboard walls A dense description surelyone that must be read slowly and savoredHow about this oneThe city lifted itself from the flat backed plains as a colony of blue bottle glass and aerodynamic steel Can you picture it? I canLet's move on to the story The pacing was excellent We follow our protagonist Conrad on the search for his sister Imogene A search that leads him to both dark people and places We find out things about Conrad that even he didn't know We are not told these things we are taken along on the voyage of Conrad's discovery It's written so that it's like a continuous progression hurtling on to the very endThe last half and the final chapters are where this book really spreads its wings I could name some famous authors whose work is like this Lovecraft for sure but in the end this work is Mr Barron's and Mr Barron's alone There are several things mentioned that I just NEED to know about The Imago seuence is one of them This uote also piued my interest Whatever plucked the strings existed partially upon another plane and across an improbable gulf; an entity that radiated malignant hunger and rage of scarcely conceivable scaleNow tell me who could read that uote without hungering for ? Certainly not me I will be tracking down and reading of Mr Barron's work shortly What about you?

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    Evil mad scientists secret agents gone rogue and crazy underground gladiator fights? Oh myI read my first Laid Barron novel last year The Croning amazing and it was so good and dark and strange I just had to get the rest of his workThe Light is the Darkness is the story of Conrad Navarro a modern day gladiator who fights in the Pageant a sort of wrestling league that entertains mysterious and obnoxiously wealthy patrons But there is to him than that the US secret service have kept a close eye on him since his sister Imogene an FBI special agent has vanished on a revenge mission finding Dr Ambrose Drake whom she believes to be responsible for her brother's death and father's corruption She leaves clues for Conrad to follow clues that seem to indicate a sinister and occult conspiracyBarron has uite a gift for creating grotesue and creepy atmospheres from Conrad's long drives to the strange laboratories and fighting rings An intriguing hallucinatory and unsettling short novel of cosmic horror Very good

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    This was a damn good book Other reviewers have done a superb job mapping out the story its strengths how Barron writes circles around us makes us actually believe that this pulpy goodness is probably happening out there right now eternally and goodness thank you Mr Barron for making this seem all too right now I've learned a lot from this workI read this on my Kindle Apparently it's a novella Mr Barron if you are reading this I want you to know that as long as you write these I'll read them If it takes a long cold winter for you to make this happen then let me know that you are on your way to the cabin the woods and I'll try not to tear my eyeballs out while waiting to devour of your work I read Barron's piece in the Datlow edited Supernatural Noir couldn't shake it out of my system and don't know why I waited so long to read this gem The Croning is apparently awesome too so will have to find out for myself but I'm still too close to this one still want to place myself back in the center and walk away with some of Barron's skill some of that light If I stand too close to the firebut that's where good fiction takes us right? Too close? Too mesmerizing

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    There is a lot going on in this one A strange dark trip into the cosmos Conrad is the best fight club gladiator around and he’s been engineered that way Born to be an unstoppable forcemaybe evena God A desperate search for his lost sister takes Conrad on a strange and dark journey to unravel sinister family secrets and ultimately the truth about himself There is a lot going on in this one Government conspiracy mad scientists Old Gods gladiator fights and even ink blots This is cosmic horror at its finest and an excellent homage to the HP mythosDeep elegant prose and not a fast read this one is heavy original and very dark I will be thinking about this one for a long time Highly recommended

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    THE LIGHT IS THE DARKNESS LitD is one of Barron's longer pieces not uite as long as the Croning though and reads like a Hunter Thompson esue drug fueled odyssey for one Conrad Navarro I of course enjoy Barron's prose but this one really amped up the street poet prose style and perfectly enhanced a certain sardonic bleak humor which left me grimly smiling and chuckling at various passages involving Conrad's interactions with other really whacked out charactersThis story is ostensibly about Conrad's desperate search for his sister who has gone MIA in her own desperate search for cosmic answers However as we continue to read into the story this outer plot shell is pulled back revealing a personal search for Conrad to discover who he really is and what he is evolving into Barron's mixing of the noir with the cosmic is exuisite and you really get an overwhelming sense that the characters that our protagonist interacts with are always wreathed in shadows both figuratively and literally While there are no direct links between LitD and the Croning at least none that I can discern I still got a sense that we were exploring the same dark world in this one as we did in the Croning We are also introduced to the Order of the Imago which strikes me a little like either a competing faction with the Order of the Old Leech as introduced in the Croning or perhaps the same cult with a different name Further assuming we are still dealing with the same cosmic horrors Barron provides us with further glimpses of how this otherworldly alien engages in its nefarious machinations here on this planet Likewise we are left with a realization that there may be numerous Old Leeches competing with each other to harvest and devour human souls Conrad's revelation that mom and dad were not his only progenitors was chilling and explained uite a bit about how he was evolving and what he was becomingAnother great story adding noir and cosmic mystery to Barron's burgeoning mythos Highly recommendedAs a side note the physical book is absolutely gorgeous the picture really does not do it justice I'm glad to know that in this day and age of Kindle and Nook there are still companies who have not given up on the art of publishing beautiful books

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    Conrad Navarro modern gladiator with a genius I is the apotheosis of all Laird Barron’s previous tough guy protagonists He is their perfection – the imago if you will – a poetic image which Barron invokes repeatedly in his body of work The story of Conrad's transformative journey is violent hallucinogenic and terribly sad by turns; it's also surprisingly challenging in its executionKnown simply as “the American” Conrad makes his living fighting in ludi after the games held in conjunction with Roman religious festivals secret and meticulously orchestrated blood sports in which combatants fight to the death for the pleasure of the wealthy and powerful Between bouts Conrad obsessively searches for his missing sister Imogene an FBI agent gone off the reservation on her own dark odyssey she’s hunting the ancient elusive and sinister Dr Drake a radical experimental physician who may have killed their cancer stricken brother Ezra in a botched treatment or was it a ritual? Following her trail Conrad finds the cryptic messages she has left for him parlaying each into another step closer to his beloved “Genie” and his own fateHowever nothing in Conrad’s surreal world is as it seems What really happened to Ezra and the others under Dr Drake’s care? Why did his mother drive herself off a cliff and what drove his father – less literally – around the bend? Why does Conrad “a special case” according to dear old Dad seem impervious to death and get stronger heal faster by the day? And where has Imogene really gone?What Conrad fails to grasp until it’s far too late is the extent of the conspiracy that enfolds his family or the cruel cosmic game in which they are merely pieces on a board In his blundering search for the truth he has caught the attention of the darkness and he will have to pay Short fast and unapologetically brutal The Light is the Darkness is a gut punch that shares stylistically with Barron’s first anthology The Imago Seuence than it does with his most recent and subtle novel The Croning though one does get the feeling that all of Barron’s stories are taking place in the same savage world that the cosmic horrors we meet are related and that human beings almost always exist primarily as “provender” for their obscene needsAt first I was mildly disappointed with LitD; so much happens so fast it's like like bright strobes illuminate various setpieces and then before you can make the necessary connections it’s over But it had crept into my brain and wouldn’t leave me alone so I went back to it Fortunately just novella length its fairly experimental style reuires a closer look in order to fully appreciate the layers of imagery and sometimes nonlinear trajectory Upon a second reading symbolic patterns and foreshadowing emerge and cryptic hallucinogenic stream of consciousness passages that seemed intrusions on or excursions from the main storyline click into place and make Conrad's story richer and ultimately horrific For me real enjoyment of this incredibly weird book demanded study The Light is the Darkness may not be anybody’s idea of light summer reading but once again Laird Barron challenges the prevailing assumption that so called genre fiction can't also be intellectually challenging

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    Wow It is a courageous horror writer who takes on HP Lovecraft In our postmodern endlessly self referential age it is is extremely difficult to do so without seeming trite or ironic That Laird Barron not only avoids such pitfalls but comes across as blazingly original is no mean featThis is a really intense short novel honed to the bone with no extraneous fat on the narrative Every word and image is considered carefully for maximum impact The result is a visceral and lingering readConrad Navarro is a latterday gladiator working for a shadowy cabal called the Pageant The conflation of the worst excesses of the Roman empire with a Lovecraftian mythos is a particularly ingenious move on the part of Barron who manages to make Navarro both appealing and abhorrentNavarro is also trying to track down his sister who went missing while avenging the death of his younger brother at the hands of the mysterious Dr Drake who may or may not be human any after uaffing an immortality elixir with unintended conseuencesThe uest for Imogene leads Navarro to some very dark corners of his own family history and to an ultimate confrontation with the Lovecraftian horrors that the Pageant is but a front for Fantastic spine chilling gore soaked stuff written with heart and gracePS This is the first book by Laird Barron I have read According to other reviewers and fans Light is the Darkness references some of his earlier stories such as from his collection The Imago Seuence If you are coming to Barron cold like I did I am happy to report this in no way detracts from the reading experience Indeed it is another sign of Barron's consummate skill as a writer that he so deftly accommodates both new and old readers of his work

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    First rule about the Light Is The Darkness isok I won't go there but you can't help but flash on Fight Club as you read this book Don't get me wrong this is one of the most original books I have read for some time and the author tells a fantastic story that combines science and supernatural elements with brutal bone snapping violence This is a uick read and a lot of fun highly recommended

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    I never reviewed and I'm watching his live interview so before I forgetIf you read The Great and Secret Show and love the Jaff Jaffe? then you want to read thisYou want to read this

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  • Leather Bound
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  • Laird Barron
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  • 09 May 2016

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Laird Barron an expat Alaskan is is the eBook ¸ the author of several books including The Imago Seuence and Other Stories; Swift to Chase; The Light eBook Ú and Blood Standard Currently Barron lives in the Rondout Valley of New York State and is at work on tales about the Light is the eBook ↠ evil that men doPhoto credit belongs to Ardi AlspachAgent Janet Reid of New Leaf Literary Media.