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  • The Shelter
  • James Everington
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  • 04 March 2016

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    Stephen King's moving novella The Body depicts a summer when four young friends from a small town decide to take a look at a rud dead body the boys are all good kids who support each other in a world of bullies and dysfunctional familiesJames Everington's absorbing novella The Shelter is about a summer when four young friends also go on a brief journey to see something best left unseen except in this story the four boys are not really friends they don't support each other two of them are bullies and they don't find an actual body what they do find is something much much worseThe Shelter does not suffer in comparison to The Body it is well worth reading and comparing the two novellas actually added to my enjoyment The Shelter both parallels and functions as a negative of The Body in many interesting ways I wonder if it was intentional probably not the author's afterward notes that his piece is also based on events from his life another intriguing parallel and one major difference unlike King I do not get the sense that this author is a sentimental humanist not remotely as a sentimental humanist myself I felt the lack but it didn't take away from my positive experience reading the tale it's not my favorite tone but I can do bleak and hopeless it's like an anti vacation from my own personal outlook on lifeEverington certainly knows how a too hot summer filled with friends you actually don't like should feel he put me right there; the boys felt real and so did their late 1980s milieu his descriptive powers are strong and the boys' visit to an abandoned air raid shelter is genuinely unnerving the sense that something is goading them to anger and feeding off of that anger the dank shelter itself and the visions it contains the bleak ending well done it gave me the creeps 'tis the season Happy Halloween

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    This is when Goodreads is acting at its optimal best friend reads book and writes great review friend recommends book to you you seek book out and read it you enjoy book and will now recommend it to others I most likely would never have stumbled across this title on my own especially since it is a short novella available only in ebook format by an author I had not previously heard of This is why we cherish our book pushing friends who can give us a poke a nudge a heads up when something special passes across their reading radarFor those of you Goodreads users who believe three stars indicates an average unenthusiastic endorsement PLEASE do not take my rating as such The Shelter is a supremely creepy in a lot of ways classic horror story that is filled with sublime suspense and great characterization The tone and mood are heavy and dark cynical even I was enthralled every moment The writing hits that sweet spot at the intersection of literary meets pulp The Shelter is a familiar horror trope of going where you're not supposed to and paying the price Yet for all of its familiarity and even its predictability the story still manages to suspend the reader in a prolonged state of uneasiness and upset The exploration of the nebulous and often toxic ties binding together young boys where bullying and manipulation masuerade as genuine friendship is also very well done If you're looking for a uick and dirty foray into the dark for Halloween you'll not go wrong with this one

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    I picked up this short novella deliberately not calling it a novellette see why in the afterward to this story because I adored this writer's short story anthology The Other Room I was not disappointed I don't like to talk too much about the plot in my reviews many a book has been spoiled for me because of reviews like that but I will say that the story line involves 4 children taking a walk to go check out an old air raid shelter It is reminiscent of Kings The Body or It in this way In fact the author gives nods to those books in his afterword James Everington like King writes about children very well You do feel as if you are traveling with them as a part of their group You might wish you weren't as the story progresses I like how the story unfolds and reels you in It also had an ending that was not uite expected which I always enjoy I appreciated how this story focused on old school type creeping horror rather than outright blood and gore I enjoy and appreciate this author very much and am looking forward to anything else he may offer in the future

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    The Shelter is a well crafted story by a master storyteller I am a big fan of James Everington's writing After reading his short story collection The Other Room I was excited to hear that he was about to release a novella I just have a feeling that this author is going to be a big name in literature one dayJames has self titled his style of fiction 'weird fiction' and I would agree that there is an element of the weird in his writing but underlying it is a deep understanding of human nature and why people think or behave in certain ways He takes us inside his characters' heads and we live through their hopes and fears with them This skill is proof of his talent as a writerThe Shelter is a creepy spooky horror story It contains elements of psychological thriller ghost story and mystery The relationship between the schoolboys is realistic and well portrayed It kept me hooked all the way through and deals with the subject of how guilt can change the course of a person's life An interesting and thought provoking read

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    James Everington has the rare ability to spark all of my senses as I read without ever using wordy descriptions One or two short sentences and I can feel the character's fear and confusion I see the scene taste the dust and dirt And I can almost hear the characters breathing From the very beginning I was totally immersed in this storyThe Shelter incorporates a little horror a lot of psychological suspense some paranormal aspects and mystery This could be a tale of madness or redemption Either way you won't want to put it down

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    The Shelter is centered around at least two classic horror elements—a group of young boys in summer and an adult’s recollection of a supernaturally tinged childhood incident—but Everington adds his own distinct tilt to matters Besides there’s a reason these are freuently used tropes everyone’s childhood is haunted isn’t it?In the case of The Shelter four boys—ostensibly friends but without much real affection one of Everington’s early subversions of the type—set out to find an abandoned air raid shelter There’s Alan our narrator a boy smart enough and thoughtful enough to clearly sense something wrong about the whole proceeding from the beginning; Duncan the not very bright “best friend” whose moment of brightness Alan vaguely resents; Tom the oversensitive bully; and Mark the leader a sometimes bully himself but charismatic and thoughtful They’re a delicately balanced group in the pressure cooker situation of later summer boredom with Tom’s temper and Mark’s unpredictable interest an overhanging threat—and then there’s the way the shelter looms in everyone’s minds and Mark’s dreams creating odd bubbles of impulsively violent thoughtsIt’s short and I don’t want to give too much away But it’s a well written psychologically realistic story with a great setting and great ambiguity You’ll enjoy it

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    I have been a fan of Stephen King for many years especially his short stories James EverIngton's short story collection and this his novella are even better than King's earlier works which I've always considered to be the best in the genre Thank you James If it's not too creepy please feel free to refer to me as your biggest fan

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    Takes after the Dan Simmons and Stephen King school of thought but this is not detrimental to the enjoyment of the bookI've just finished it It's very very goodThe protagonist and antagonist are complex and realistic The horror is subtle and described with subtlety Free up an hour and read it at a sitting

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    Seek shelter hereThis is a great little novella from James Everington The story revolves around a group of adolescents who discover an old air raid shelter What lies inside? Read it and discover for yourself Great stuff

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    subliminal horror at its best

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The Shelter[PDF / EPUB] The Shelter It’s a long drowsy summer at the end of the 1980s and Alan Dean and three of his friends cross the fields behind their village to look for a rumoured WW2 air raid shelter Only half believing that it It’s a long drowsy summer at the end of the s and Alan Dean and three of his friends cross the fields behind their village to look for a rumoured WW air raid shelter Only half believing that it even exists beyond schoolboy gossip the four boys nevertheless feel an odd tension and unease And when they do find The Shelter and go down inside it the strange and horrifying events that follow will test their adolescent friendships to breaking point and affect the rest of their livesA horror novella of k words plus an author’s afterword.

About the Author: James Everington

I'm a writer from Nottingham England most of what I write is dark supernatural fiction although not necessarily 'horror' in the blood and guts sense My main influences are writers like Ramsey Campbell Shirley Jackson and Robert Aickman I enjoy the unexplained the psychological and the ambiguous in my fictionI drink Guinness if anyone's offering Infinity Plus published my second collec.