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    5 HUGE SWOONY STARS I LOVED THIS BOOK dreamy sigh Pure heart melting perfection “You’re my world babe Mine Not theirs They can have me but they can’t have you too I meant it when I said forever You are it for me The me that is standing in front of you right now is not the same me that’s out there in the spotlight They only get the outside not the inside That’s for you“ This book made my heart deeply happy and left me thoroughly contented and elated A huge reason why I loved it was that it had one of THE MOST FUNCTIONAL relationships I’ve ever read in it It was SO refreshing to read a whole book about a functional totally in love couple I was blissfully wrapped up in their world with the HUGEST grin on my face while reading most of the bookRight from the start I easily slipped back into Ryan and Taryn’s world Even though it had been uite a while since I read book 1 Love Unscripted I had no problem instantly reconnecting with the characters and realizing just how much I had missed themThe author perfectly captured the thrill of being in a relationship with a mega celebrity as well as the gritty realities that come with that world – the paparazzi stalkers invasion of privacy constant media scrutiny – making Ryan and Taryn have to deal not only with their own personal life and issues but also how all of those were seen in the public eyeI loved how both of them learned from their mistakes They weren’t perfect but they both worked really freaking hard at being functional at rationally dealing with everything and each other It was truly a joy to readThey had their share of issues to work through but they worked through them so functionally that I found myself constantly wanting to just be like “fck yeah” It was like a breath of fresh air to see a couple actually talk through their issues support each other openly and honestly deal with things handle things so maturely and just love each other SO much Their reactions concerns issues were all believable understandable and I could totally sympathize with everything each of them went throughRyan Christensen Definitely the sweetest and hottest Hollywood movie star to ever grace the pages of a romance novel swoon drool dreamy sigh He was just so freaking HOT and PERFECT It melted my heart how utterly in love with Taryn he was and how completely he was devoted to her Despite all of the pressures of his very public job all of the gorgeous women throwing themselves at him he always and only had eyes for Taryn “You’re my everything Taryn” Taryn was a wonderful heroine in this book I loved that she had her own journey to go through as she dealt with the repercussions of being involved with a high demand celebrity I love how confidently she slipped into his world It was daunting but she was strong and held her own and of course her deep love for Ryan was seriously heart warmingI loved seeing them work through the highs and lows of the industry and the highs and lows of a relationship supporting each other through their joys and fears and continuing to grow stronger and strongerI can honestly say that there is NO stupidity in this book Seriously you guys have NO idea how HAPPY that made me I didn’t want to put it down – it kept me flipping the pages and totally engrossed in the storyThis book was filled with feel good moments emotional moments heart racing and heart warming moments functionality swooniness HOTNESS let’s just say that now that they are traveling everywhere together they have lots of lots of crazy hot sex and it is on FIRE laugh out loud moments moments that gave me happy shivers and moments that made me clutch my heart and wipe my happy tears and the ending left me with the most complete and contented feeling ever That isn’t to say there weren’t moments of heart ache but they were dealt with so well by the characters that it only added to the strength of the story and yes there was a moment where I actually literally cried out “THIS BOOK IS AWESOME” when I was reading it right after sueeing loudly and thoroughly freaking my dog out but I digressThe ending was absolute PERFECTION I couldn’t have imagined a happier or perfectly beautiful ending for Ryan and Taryn after I ended it I just sat there hugging my kindle with the biggest silliest grin on my face There are no loose ends no unanswered uestions just a wonderful heart warming HEAIf you want a book that’s going to make you happy and swoony this is it HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDBut be sure to read book 1 Love Unscripted FIRSTI also just wanted to thank Tina Reber for giving me an ARC to review and for writing this AMAZING book CASTING Ryan freaking Christensen swoonFor of my reviews visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book Blog Facebook Page

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    WHAT 2013???? Total BSmight as well KILL ME NOW I've got to make this statement in bold textjust to get my point Nownownowonly a few days YIPEENOW NEW DEVELOPMENTSIT WOULD BE DELAYED AGAIN I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE IT'S LIKE KILLING ME ALL OVER AGAINAfter reading itI don't know how to rate this onereally so I decided and settled for a 3 star rating You know HOW MUCH I waited for this one I've been ranting about it bitching about how long the release would be And I'm ecstatic it was moved to this year instead of next year But as I read through the book I was a lil bit disappointed Why?Well I find nothing climactic about it The story was uite the same as the first one Ryan being chased by his fans and the paparazzi's did I spell it right? harhar and getting irritated and tired by it This time Taryn is in the spotlight as well gaining her own stalker Ryan dealing with his people and annoying co stars which made Taryn a target as well The most disappointing thing of allthe wedding It was a lil rushed and was only mentioned for a few pages towards the end of the book I guess I was expecting Though I love the part wherein Taryn was receiving her something gifts To be honest I didn't find the spark they had in the first book Which made me sad since I love their chemistry in the first book Now let's go with the things I DID LOVE in this book1 Mike and MarieI LOVE THEM I hope they get their own book and their own drama I would love to read that one They are both adorable in this book2 Taryn finding out the truth which I wouldn't elaborate for those who haven't read the book yet about her heritage For me I think this was the climax of the whole book Ok I guess I was wrong in saying there was nothing climactic about it3 Though I didn't enjoyed the wedding that muchI love the part wherein they were writing their promises for each other in several tissue paperit was adorable So the conclusion don't get me wrong I did enjoy reading this book But I would say I love the first book much much

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    THANK GOD I HAVE RELEASEGuys may get blue balls but this has seriously been the worst case of blue lips ever The wait the teasesI thought I was going to explode Then I it came Love Unrehearsed is finally here RELEASEI hope Tina Reber knows that I'm coming to live with her after I fail out of school Yep once I opened this book it took over everything I tried to study I tried to sleep but everything I started ended with Love Unrehearsed And ended it didThe pacing of the story was literary genius Most of the time when you're reading a book you know something big is coming; the climax the moment you've been waiting forthe buildup Love Unrehearsed was filled with that from start to finish There was no one big moment but several climaxes that came over and over againSpeaking of climax Tina Reber took Ryan and Taryn's physical relationship to the next level What level is that? The level of feeling like I was just fked by a bookrepeatedly It was funny too But I think he broke my vagina and He's still in god status and we all know that god's don't poop were the best lines ever I knew Tina Reber was good but it's like she decided to strip down naked and bathe in awesomenessThe only thing I would change about Love Unrehearsed is some of the edits I know books can't go on forever and publishers have strict guidelines about word count Not to mention the heat Tina got about Love Unscripted being too long Since when is length a bad thingEVER? but I couldn't help but feel that there was to the story While I was reading Love Unrehearsed it was almost like I could tell which parts were shortened or places where I know there had to be somewhere Maybe even a chapter in between I bet there's a super secret hiding place that Tina put the parts that didn't make the final cut I would love to find that placeOne thing's for sure thoughTina Reber knows how to end a book The epilogue was so damn good it deserves its own cover I literally lost count of how many times I read it When you wait so long for something you always have that desperate fear of disappointment Don't fear Tina knows how to pull a reader in hold you there and make you beg never to leave It was funny it was hot it was everything I needed and READ ON

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    This was a highly anticipated release for me while I am glad Taryn and Ryan are madly in love and there is a lot of sex going on I felt like this book lacked some meat I was hoping to see Ryan's possessive side develop a little and cause a conflict between Taryn and Ryan or possibly Taryn becoming a model and Ryan becoming jealous The ending seemed a bit rushed we waited two books to hear them say I do and it was over in 3 paragraphs with no actual view of their vows I really hope this was the direction Tina wanted to take this book and not the publishers decision Really bummed

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    Loved it SOOO MUCH SWOOOOOON What an amazing romance image error

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    LOVED IT absolutely loved it 45 stars Thanks TR the wait was agonizing After the angst ridden roller coaster of the first bk Love Unscripted I wasn't sure how RyanTaryn would fair this time Well let me tell you finally they're solid Oh sure they have their minor ups and downs but there's no mistaking their love and commitment I had an instance or two where I thought Taryn might be leaning towards another Love Unrehearsed meltdown but she rallied uickly after giving herself a pep talk and was back on even ground Whew I wanted to give her such a smack in bk 1 and there are references to the BIG meltdown near the end of the first bk and her thoughts now on how she acted Yes she regrets her actions and feels stupid having overreacted Sure hindsight is always 2020 but I appreciated that part to help foster a little calm and reassurance that Taryn had grown emotionally All is not perfect hearts and roses this time but almost Ryan and Taryn are both shown with their faults and flaws but to me it just made them human and relatable Ryan in love with Taryn is one of the biggest heart melters I've read Yes I adore Ryan That boy's love is solid swoon He never wavers; he always gives Taryn 100% Taryn's abandonment issues flair from time to time but she reels them in and she stands stronger in her love and support for Ryan Love how they're there for each other through the challenges they face in this bk Will say the angst level in this bk is WAY down from the last For me that was welcome that super angst from the last bk wiped me outLots of changes with the friendship situation Wow do they all have their ups and downs Ryan blames it on his fame causing the rifts that result among them but I really didn't see that as much as change being the issue Regardless of the miffs and riffs they all settled down to a satisfactory conclusion for me Marie and Mike have much bigger roles this time and I absolutely loved that I want to give TR HUGE thanks for the instances of explicit description of Mike's hot bod Still thinking of those huge shoulders that massive smooth chest and those V muscles that drift down toah well you get it Sorry gets me sidetracked every timeSigh Mike and Marie are absolutely adorable in this bk Makes me want a feisty little friend like Marie especially if she'd let me gaze at and drool over sexy MikePlenty of love Hollywood glamour drama surprises good times and some really funny moments one of which surrounds Ian Somerhalder The ending seemed a little rushed but the Epilogue made up for that I liked this bk so well makes me want to go back and reread them both now that I can relax and know this fairytale love story about a super star and a bar owner ends with a wonderful HEA

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    Read of my reviews and ramblings at Ana's Attic Sexy Tales “Dreams do come true if you point yourself in their direction” Love Unrehearsed by Tina Reber was everything I could have wished for and It has been over a year since I read Love Unscripted the first time and I have patiently awaited the next chapter in Ryan and Taryn’s life It could not have been better in any way I loved Love Unscripted so much I thought that a second book without the jittery butterflies of first falling in love couldn't be as good But I was wrong It may have been even better “You’re my world babe Mine Not theirs They can have me but they can’t have you too”“I meant it when I said forever That’s why You are IT for me” ”They only get the outside not the inside That’s for youYou bring me peace That’s mine to cherish not theirs” As I write this review I am going back through the pages and I wan’t to read the whole thing all over again So much happens in this book My favorite thing? Ryan finally mans up and stops letting his “handlers” tell him what to do “It’s time to go big or go home I want everyone to know you’re mine Taryn” Ryanhe is so sweet loving sexy hunky honest and real He is so devoted to Taryn and never wavers in that devotion He’s also insatiable and since Taryn travels with him in this book we get LOTS of the good stuff and the talking about it was almost as hot as the doing it “Oh no No sleeping We’re just taking a rest We still have to test the shower and the bed and that dining table over there And you still have four orgasms to achieve” Ryan One of my favorite uotes of the book “But I think he broke my vagina” What did I love the most? Nobody acted stupid nobody ran away there were HUGE obstacles to overcome and they did it as a team together They talked through their problems and worked them out as they came along How refreshing They became partners in every sense of the word Sure Taryn still had some major insecurities I mean who wouldn’t? But Ryan tackled each and every one as well as he could And Taryn took such good care of Ryan They made a great team “You’re my everything Taryn” It is clear how hard it can be to live in Ryan’s world The constant media scrutiny the screaming fans the travel the death threats watching your man “make love” on set to another actress and paparazzi making it difficult to have any privacy at all but they worked through it On top of all that Taryn had her own numerous issues to deal with between her bar her family and her friends Yet they took care of it all together and learned from each mistake they madeThere was another lovely part of the story Mike the bodyguard who may be almost as swoonworthy as Ryan Always a gentleman manly sweet and protective he is a great best friend to both Ryan and Taryn And he becomes even as he gets his own storyline no spoilers hereLikes OK in this case loves A true functional relationship with no miscommunications Neither Ryan or Taryn were perfect Ryan definitely had some issues OK so maybe that made him perfect Mike and Ryan’s “bets” So many different side stories happening with friends co stars managers etc and everything tied together perfectly Ryan standing up to everyone and taking over Marie getting to be such a big part of all the fun A fucking AWESOME epilogueDislikes none but I try to find something for every review I don’t have to look forward to Oh I just thought of one there were a few scenes that were a bit of a teaseall talk no action Maybe it’s the kinky slut in me but Ryan promisedthreatened lots of tying up and spanking but there wasn’t really any of that in the book though there were some great hot scenesRating 10 stars out of 5 yes I can do that I did it only once before 425 for heatThis book had me smiling laughing crying gasping and swooning It was emotional fun delicious and completely fulfilling Together with Love Unscripted this may be one of my favorite reads ever I can not recommend it highly enough Thank you so much to Tina Reber for providing me with an advanced copy of this book as well as one that I gave away And thank you even Tina for writing this book xo

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    I have to say I am a little disappointed I love Taryn and Ryan The first book was full of romantic tension and obstacles that kept the tension going In Love Unrehearsed there were a few minor antagonistic elements but not enough to make it suspenseful It seemed that all of the sparks flew in book one and book two was about the cementing of their relationship At the end of Love Unrehearsed the last few chapters spanned several years It felt rushed Every other paragraph seemed to skip ahead a few weeks or months Having said all of that I still liked it Book one was my favorite

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    Review of Love Unrehearsed by Tina Reber and recap of Love Unscripted as wellLove Unrehearsed is the long awaited seuel to Tina Reber's awesome debut novel Love Unscripted It is the continuation of Taryn Mitchell and Ryan Christensen's love storya story of doubts and acceptance of misgivings and trust of hopes shattered then pieced back together of total devastation and extreme elation of closures and new beginnings; and ultimately a story of finding blissful peace and life long contentment from loving someone completely and uneuivocally and having that love reciprocated in spadesIn Love Unscripted we were treated to all the angst we could possibly hope for in a new adult contemporary romance Taryn Mitchell a 27 yr old Rhode Island resident owner of Mitchell's Pub smart understated beauty recently unengaged from Thomas her significant other of 2 years who she found in bed with someone else meets Ryan Christensen a 26 yr old guy who lives out of a suitcase world renown movie star becoming wise to the selfish ruthless people in the entertainment industry gloriously beautiful but without conceit recently unattached from a woman who sold their personal story to the tabloids when the two collide on the street as Ryan is literally running for his life from a hoard of crazed female fans Taryn sneaks him into her bar and for the next four hours they drink beer do shots play pool and have a great time getting to know each other Ryan and his entourage come into the bar several times as they are filming only a few blocks away but it is clear they are there because Ryan is developing a thing for Taryn and vice versa Taryn who has major self esteem issues is convinced they can never be than friends because they come from two extremely different worlds Ryan on the other hand sees the glass half full and pushes for After a very enjoyable and believeable 100 pages of getting to know each other the day of reckoning finally dawns “So am I to understand that you’re mine?” I asked teasingly “I can be yours if you want me to be Taryn” he whispered My breath hitched from his words My pulse uickened and my fingers started to tremble “Is that your intention?” I asked still skeptical Ryan cleared his throat “My intention is to let you know where my heart is The rest the rest is up to you” he said softly I took another deep breath My own heart was thumping in my chest now “So now what? Where do we go from here?” “We give it a chance” Ryan declared uite convincinglyFinally Taryn and Ryan become lovers that swoon worthy bedroom door wide open scene reason alone to read the first bookand their relationship becomes exclusive Now the angst begins Taryn and Ryan deal with one intrusive situation after another jealously from Ryan's leading lady in Seaside the papparazzi relentless in their pursuit of pictures and a story of not only Ryan but a very uncooperative Taryn who guards her privacy zealously as well a car accident a pregnancy scare and a deranged stalker intent on doing away with Taryn so she can have Ryan are just a handful of problems they encounter Still Tar and Ryan continue to grow as a couple and are very much in love But Taryn's self esteem issues eventually get the better of her and the angst gets ratcheted up to its peak and finally explodes when she joins Ryan on set in Florida and becomes convinced he is sleeping with his co star who happens to be his ex lover It is heart wrenching to watch Taryn suffer especially because the story is told in 1st person by herThe ending of Love Unscripted is terribly sweet and perfect for the moment but really only leaves Taryn and Ryan with a HFN ending On to book two All eyes were on him as he stood atop the table It was so uiet in the crowded bar you could have heard a pin drop I could hear my heart hammering in my chest as I stared up at him “We’ve made a beautiful mess of things lately haven’t we?” He flashed that sexy crooked smile at me which made my heart flutter I nodded agreeing with him “But it’s our crazy story” he stated “It’s been ours only ours There’s been a lot of romance sometimes way too much drama” He raised his eyebrows and smirked “Very memorable comedy a few pulse racing action scenes” He shrugged and sighed “We’ve also had our fair share of suspense and raw terror and unfortunately gut wrenching heartache too “I think we’ve covered it all everything except for being captured by aliens” I couldn’t help but chuckle “But through it all you’ve loved me unconditionally and I know how fortunate I am to have your love “I don’t want to live without you not for one minute not for one second I want to spend the rest of my days living my story with you only you” He walked to the edge and jumped off the table landing in front of me “It is here that I fell in love with you” Ryan whispered taking my hands in his He dropped down on one knee “And as fate would have it it is here that I humbly kneel before you and ask you to be my wife “Taryn Lynn Mitchell will you marry me?”Love Unrehearsed begins with Taryn and Ryan engaged and very much in love But the demands of Ryan's job force their way into the couple's private world right from the start as he must deal with Marla the publicist from hell and David his manager from the same place who insist Ryan cannot go public with his engagement At first Ryan goes along with their plan; soon however he understands how much it is hurting Taryn so he basically says fuck it and lets the world know he is in love And he fires Marlaa wonderful turn of events that unfortunately will have repercussions laterThe angst in the second part of this love story is nothing compared to what we experienced in the first part and because of this I enjoyed Love Unrehearsed even LU is basically a story about what it would actually be like for a girl to be in a relationship with someone as famous as Ryan Less angst however does not mean there wasn't any at all because there was indeed plenty It just played out differently; and IMO was much easier to handle The biggest reason for this is that Ryan and even Taryn are pretty much secure with their love and in their relationship Angst presents itself as ramifications of being a movie star when both Ryan and Taryn so desperately want to live a life as close to normal as possibleso much so that protecting their privacy lands each of them in jail on separate occasions Surprisingly Taryn adapts to her new life much better than I expected she would She suffers through two major and totally unforeseen personal crisis' that both end well for her although one is a little bittersweet Of course being a woman very much in love with an actor who works primarily in the romance genre would really suck at times I don’t care how other women would handle watching their man fake sex with another woman; I twitched when Jonathan yelled “Action” yet again Ryan’s mouth on her jaw her lips grinding her into the bed like he was actually fucking her looked so real that the heartache seared its way up my throat It’s pretend It’s fake The sheet covering them slipped and a good sliver of Ryan’s ass was now in full view No matter how many times I repeated my mantra it still didn’t keep the bile from rising upBut Taryn hangs on to her sanity and eventually coaxes Ryan back into the fake sex and everything else acting entails when he reaches a point in his life where he feels that the sacrifices are too great for doing the job that he truly does love Tina Reber did an outstanding job of portraying the everyday life of a famous man and the woman who loves that man unconditionally I've read both books twice and can't wait to find a uiet weekend to sit down and read them again sigh Ryan is that perfect hero who is so much fun to read about and Taryn is the ideal woman for him Their journey to reach happily ever after was not an easy one; yet despite all of the situations that could have broken them apart and all of the temptations to stray that were presented to Taryn as well as Ryan not once did either of them falter From the day they agreed they were in an exclusive committed relationship they remained that way; and because of this Ryan had my total heart Love Unscripted Love Unrehearsed together present one of the most heartwarming and truly enjoyable love stories I have ever read 10 stars

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    I eagerly awaited the release of Love Unrehearsed for what seemed like years but it was really months I desperately needed a Ryan Christensen fix and I got it in a BIG way If I swooned over him in the first book I SWOONED for him in this book Ryan is HOT I mean if he was a real person I would be a total fangirl The man is sex on a stick and has that whole controlling jealousy thing down without being too overbearing Yes there are times it seemed like he was taking this control to the extreme but he was trying to protect the woman he loves I appreciated that he always put Taryn first and was understanding when his career choice caused some jealousy in Taryn For me he is perfect in so many ways Taryn is the type of female character that I love She is strong but still lets Ryan take care of her She is independent and isn’t looking for a walking bank account She is confident but not full of herself She goes through uite a bit since she is in a relationship with a major movie star but her love for Ryan is stronger than all of the outside noise and she is not easily broken These two had CRAZY chemistry and I will say this book had steam than the first book These two have a definite magnetic force pulling them together and I loved that they were inseparable I think they may have spent time with their clothes off than one Ryan said it best really “David cancel everything My gorgeous fiancée is glued to my body and I have absolutely no desire to put on pants — ever” He did eventually put his pants on but they never seemed to stay on long And the prenup on a napkinI was reduced to a puddle on the ground The romance between Mike and Marie was a great addition to this book They are incredible friends to Ryan and Taryn and I am glad they found each other The little competitions between the couples added a little humor; Overall I found this book to be an incredibly HOT yet sweet Hollywood love story The story was told well but I would have liked a little angst I simply needed a little conflict It is for that reason that this one did not score uite as high as Love Unscripted

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Love Unrehearsed [PDF / EPUB] Love Unrehearsed There is no rehearsal for true loveWhen A list film actor Ryan Christensen ducked into her pub to escape his screaming fans never in a million years did Taryn Mitchell think her life was about to chan There is no rehearsal for true loveWhen A list film actor Ryan Christensen ducked into her pub to escape his screaming fans never in a million years did Taryn Mitchell think her life was about to change forever But now eight months later after a whirlwind romance Taryn wakes up in Ryan’s Hollywood hotel room to find a diamond to die for on her left ring finger—and her face splashed across the cover of every gossip magazineRyan’s very public proposal is catnip to the tabloids his management team is worried and Taryn must figure out how a small town girl like her fits into his glittering world What does it take to make a relationship work amidst telephoto lenses daily on set temptations and jealous fans who will stop at nothing to keep you from walking down the aisle with the man of your dreamsWith no script to follow and no chance for a dress rehearsal Taryn and Ryan will be forced to take the plunge and risk everything to make their love last.