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    Reluctant Gods by A J Aaron is a paranormal fantasy fiction work and also a romance with a mythological theme This story starts off in the 1400's with Sevilen Decarain calling upon the Archangels Michael Gabriel Raphael and Auriel to cast a spell so that he may meet again with his love Leyna who has died The story then jumps right into the present time There is a man Sevilen who we learn is reincarnated from the 1400's Sevilen who visits his grandmother Aysel in her mansion The grandmother has decided that it is time to tell Sevilen the truth about his previous life and how he is a god and must take over from her as the designated one In the meantime we learn that there is another Leyna who is a powerful executive that is a real bitch especially to the men she has a relationship with Sevi's grandmother tells him that he must find this present day Leyna and fulfill what he vowed to do in the 1400's which is to be with Leyna She says that there is good and evil in the world and that it must be balanced and the two of them have to fulfill their destiny and become gods Sevilen works with his servent Alexander and Aysel to perfect his magic and time traveling abilities so that he may find Leyna before it is too late and she has died in this life once again This story has many similarities with other books such as time traveling in The Time Traveler's Wife and also to 39 clues and the Da Vinci Code with regard to being descended or in this case reincarnated from ancient times There is also a lot of magic in the book for all the Harry Potter fansI loved this book I loved the whole reincarnation theme and the romance between Leyna and Sevi and how they are reluctant to realize that they truly are gods I enjoyed how at first you despise Leyna but then she grows on you and you want Sevi to get together with her I enjoyed the time traveling aspects and the magic that goes along with it whether it is the way Sevi describes the tingly feeling of time traveling or the way they are able to shower and change their clothes without actually doing those things They even learn how to change their appearance At the beginning of each chapter the author includes a uote that gives you the general idea of what will happen in the chapter The one part of the book that I didn't care for too much was the sexual encounter that Aysel has with Sevi We are to believe from the beginning of the book that Aysel is Sevi's grandmother and to read about the sexual encounter kind of grossed me out I am hoping that in the second book we may learn that Aysel is not his grandmother at all This book would be perfect for someone who has many different interests whether it be reincarnation time traveling magic or gods This book is kind of like Time Traveler's Wife meets 39 Clues with magic thrown in like Harry Potter I loved this book and can't wait to continue with the story of good vs evil in the next book Reluctant Gods II The Demon Seth You will not be disappointed in this book I think this will be a bestseller

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    Two lovers bound together in another time must find one another in the present Sevilen an engineer firmly ensconced in the realistic present has just found out that he has powers that really don't fit with his logical lifeBeing a rich powerful god just isn't possible is it? Leynaa beautiful wealthydriven businesswoman is on a collision course with disasterHer hobby of seducing and then destroying the lives of married men is going to get her killed She has no idea that she is a goddessat least of the supernatural variety These two must find one another and realize their powers so they can continue to help out us mere mortalsPast mistakes must not be repeated and powers must learned and embraced The story is fast paced and easy to readRomanceintrigue and humor all aboundI found it a fluffy read not unpleasant but not much of substanceIt is number one of a series I'll probably skip the other two

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    Reluctant Gods by AJ AaronParanormal Paranormal Romance FantasySevilen is an engineer his life is mapped out predictable it makes sense; until the death of his Great grandmother when he is forced to reluctantly accept and learn the gifts that are his birth right and save the woman he has been meant to love and protect The power of the universe is his to createand destroy if he could just figure out for sure if it’s all a silly dream or realityLeyna is a powerful and cruel top notch executive she targets men exploiting their weakness and then seeks out to destroy them and ruin their lives they are play things for her amusement nothing she seeks power and has no use for relationships When the two are thrown together they must come together and fulfill their destiny's as gods and learn what they must of the seven gates or theywill be doomed to seek each other out again in the next life and until they right their mistakes from the pastThis was a very different read for me and I am having a hard time comparing it with anything I have ever read before I really liked the premise of the story the easy way the characters interact with one another they are very laid back Sevilen's Great Grandmother is constantly making passes at himwhich is both uncomfortable and funny at the same time The passage of time in the book is done beautifully and flows very well transitioning from POV without being distracting I found myself confused for the better half of this book which I found frustrating and a little distracting I wasn't sure what was going on or what to make of it; I wasn't sure if the author did it on purpose so you could empathize with Sevilen's confusions and reluctance to accept his new reality or if I was just being daft and not getting it Once I figured out what was going on and understood the concept of the knowledge of the seven gates and the Chakras and how this was going to impact their lives as they know it I enjoyed the story much although I will be honest it is still slightly confusing Its core is a love story about two people that have to find their way back to each other aftercenturies apart This is a good book for those who love the fantasy genre or the paranormal genre's it will grab your attention will make you laugh as you root for this unlikely couple trying to figure out their abilities and where they belong in this world and the beyond with the help of their mentorsI gave this book a 3 out of 5 star rating

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    AJ Aaron’s The Reluctant Gods is a book that tells the story of Sevilen a man who lived a normal life as an engineer until his grandmother died and he suddenly became a wealthy man with a lot of secrets in his family He learns that he than ordinary and has lived many lives He also discovers that he has a love in his life that has lived many lives as well This book follows Sevi as he struggles to come to terms with all of the things that he has learned about himself and his family and make sense of everything His mind has a difficult time making logical sense of things that he not only knows are true but also has seen with his own eyes When he finds Leyna the love of his life in past lives he learns that she is not someone that he would find desirable in this lifetime until he spends some time with her overseas Leyna and Sevi have to learn their pasts in order to accept their futures together while also processing a lot of unbelievable information at the same time This story has elements of real life things and things that are a part of the story For example this book tells of the beauty and rich history of Prague while explaining magical powers that people in the story possess and exhibit powers that are rather unbelievable such as the ability to transform one’s appearance in the blink of an eye There is a lot of detail put into the appearance of the mansion that Sevi and his grandmother Aysel before she died lived in I can almost envision the beautiful hardwood floors throughout the mansion and the great furniture pieces When the remodeling takes place there is great detail put into the updates that are made to the already beautiful interior of the rooms in the house Readers will have vivid pictures in their minds as they read this book There is also a focus on the meals that the characters in this story have and the preparation that goes into making them Readers will salivate while reading this book during mealtimes in the story and will be able to almost smell the food that is cooked in the mansion This story is told with such attention to detail that it was easy for me to get lost in the lives of the characters as the story was unfolded

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    Reluctant GodsA J AaronAngels Guard Publishing Review by Barbara Bamberger Scott Reluctant Gods is the first installment of AJ Aaron's trilogy in the works a paranormal romance Focusing on the relationship of a pair of lovers deceased in the fifteenth century the story begins then as Sevilen Decarain calls on the Archangels to cast a spell on him so that he may again be with his love Leyna who has died Then the plot jumps to current reality Sevi’s present day counterpart is unaware of his destiny at first until he learns his true god status from his grandmother who informs him that his time to take over for her as the designated one is drawing nigh She tells him he must find the present day Leyna a hard hearted powerful business executive so they can fulfill their destiny and live as gods Aaron an engineer by trade does a good job of setting up the structure for his fable Reluctant Gods is one of those paradoxically logical fantasy tales in which you don't really know anything that is going on until you know everything that is going on not because of confusion but because the author is patient in laying his foundation At first for example the heroine Leyna isn't lovable at all Sevilen doesn't even like her but the character grows and takes shape as credible and empathic This is because the author does an excellent job of slowly modifying her behavior and attitude over the course of the story allowing her to gradually let down her guard One could assume given the immortalparanormal nature of the story that this is another member of the vast family of Twilight spin offs While there are similarities the tone is uite different Reluctant Gods reads as a book written for adults rather than children or teens The one unexplained plot element is the hint of a sexual encounter between Sevilen and his grandmother but as this is the first book in a trilogy perhaps we will learn that all was not as it seemed Reluctant Gods should be thoroughly enjoyed by adult fans of fantasy fiction

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    AJ Aaron’s Reluctant Gods is a wonderful example of a fantasy novel When his Ninee Aysel dies at 106 years old Sevilen inherits everything her house her powers and her 75 billion dollars spending money There’s just one catch he has inherited her position as the Designated One His soulmate will die on her birthday within the year if he can’t find her and save her In order to save her he’ll have to help her learn to use her powers put aside her man using dangerous ways and get her to fall in love with him All while learning to use and believe in his own powers With the help of 4 archangels Raphael Auriel Gabriel and Michael as well as some unexpected helpers will he succeed?Although the cover of this book does not do it justice the book itself is a treasure trove of a novel The plot is well developed and engaging The descriptions and historical facts used to help create the story were well integrated flawless and made you feel like you were right there with them The uotes at the beginning of each chapter are thought provoking and intriguing The message of love in this book rings loud and clear but is done in a tasteful way and does not overwhelm the story The mixing of chakras mythology and god like characters is uniue and makes it feel realistic than other fantasiesThe characters are well developed and entertaining especially Gabriel I didn’t care for the female lead her growth seemed superficial at times but the other characters made up for it The uniue personalities and reactions of all the characters are fun to read about and effortlessly draw the reader into Sevilen’s world I love how the addition of the time traveling abilities and the ability to change things with a mere thought integrate so readily into the character’s personalities as well as how they’re portrayed in a way that hasn’t been seen before in other books Overall I give it 5 stars Worth the read for any fantasy reader or person who is interested in a slightly new age feel to their fiction reading

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    Had Potential but Never Realized ItIf you woke up and found yourself with the full powers of a God and a portfolio containing 77B what would a typical engineer do? Sevilin is tutored by his greatgrandmother Aysel to remember his God level powers from his past lives His biggest issue is believing that what he is doing is reality and not magic Even though each chapter is headed up by scholarly uotes from Einstein Toffler Freud Marcus Aurelius and many others there is very little treatment of this material in the text outside of a basic explanation of the theory of relativity how it applies to a God's ability to manipulate matter and energy in very generalsimplistic terms and the Tinkerbell method of believing makes it true There is a huge gap between Einstein and Disney's favorite fairy for the basis of sciencephilosophyWhile Sevilin was not offensive he is not a compelling protagonist He is like a doormat His girlfriend and fellow lost God Leyna actually was offensive with her habits of ruining other people's lives She is shark Great grandmother Aysel and the assistant Alexander are by far the best characters Aysel pampers the doormat torments the shark while wearing scandalous outfits Alexander keeps everyone drunk and fed What could you ask for?One day a doormat and a shark were given the powers of God's after they found each other and fell in love It could have been an interesting story instead it devolved into descriptions of the multiple changes of footwear daily girl on girl jealousy how many strangers want to have sex with the shark and a description and valuation of everyone's jewelry It's clear that in the future the shark will be tempted to turn evil have sex with demons or switch sides and become fully evil There will be much wringing of hands but the bottom line is a shark and a doormat can't coexist happily because they are meant for different environmentsSkip it

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     Author AJ Aaron entices readers with a great escapist read in his novel Reluctant Gods; this is the first novel of his fantasy romance series which does not disappoint This inventive fantasy romance incorporates components of the occult magic romance and mild sexuality to create an interesting read featuring a curious mix of fascinating characters    Sevilen Decarain and Leyna Di A are old souls whose ultimate fate was determined many lifetimes before their own Sevilen is the hero of this creative tale he is wealthy handsome and albeit a somewhat reluctant newly realized god Guided by his great grandmother Aysel also a god he finds himself on a mission to find an unfamiliar woman from his dreams convince her that she will be a God  and that they are destined to be together to help mankind Initially hesitant to accept his fate and faced with a challenging task Sevilen finds time is running out and for him obstacles abound As polar opposites it is hard for Sevilen to rein Leyna in  While he is somewhat grounded and willing to cooperate Leyna is hardheaded selfish angry and oversexed  If Sevilen does not succeed in convincing Leyna of her destiny she will die by her birthday and miss the last chance for both of them to fulfill their eventual destinies of becoming GodsThis was an entertaining fantasy read; it was amusing at times especially the scenes including the archangels who were just too cool Another interesting aspect of the story is the way the author incorporated spiritual principals it was an intriguing twist that really lent to the story Overall I enjoyed reading Reluctant Gods it was a good read to help escape the ordinary and I look forward to reading the next installment in the series   

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    I loved Reluctant Gods by AJ Aaron I thought that the story line was so interesting and that the author did a great job of character development I thought that the book had such a great mixture of magic fantasy and romance I noticed that this book was part of a series and I was really looking to get into a new fantasy series Fantasy is one of my favorite genres along with romance and I found that the author did an amazing job of intertwining both of them togetherThe book focuses around 2 main characters Leyna and Sevilen These two have known each other in the past and understand each other well Sevilen is trying to save Leyna from a past life If he doesn't save her in the past life she will be dead But in his current life he really despises her He is a former engineer and even though he hates Leyna he is still willing to risk his life to save her which really shows a testament to his character Leyna is very powerful and stubborn so she runs from Sevilen She is focused on finding love and a manI also liked the other characters in this book as well The Great Grandmother Goddess was hilarious If I had to pick a favorite character I would probably pick her because she was so funny Really every character plays a special role in this book and it makes the book come together Just the story and the characters really made the book for me I don't really read books with this much creativity so I felt really blessed to come across this one I am so excited to read the second book in this series I can't wait to see where all of the characters end up Highly recommend this book

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Reluctant Gods [PDF / EPUB] Reluctant Gods Sorry to all 40000 or so of you that got the unedited file I mistakenly placed on Goodreads and all other book sites The proper edited file was uploaded on 42314 My apologies for this gross oversight Sorry to all or so of you that got the unedited file I mistakenly placed on Goodreads and all other book sites The proper edited file was uploaded on My apologies for this gross oversight AJBecome a supernatural immortalReluctantlyBook one of this fantasy series about reincarnated loversReview by Danita Dyess for Readers' FavoriteAuthor AJ Aaron is a genius I loved this book Although it had fantastical images the real story was about Sevilen accepting his power I understood that everything is as it should be but the author’s depiction of this concept is exceptional The laid back dialogue and cool characters helped mix fantasy with what is usually considered a serious esoteric subject Leyna’s mindset and sexual exploits are tastefully done uotes from Einstein Toffler and Drucker reinforced the message“Reluctant Gods” asks you to imagine waking up one Saturday morning and learning that you are literally a god with the power to save the world Your grandmother Aysel is an ancient mystic who showed you the secrets behind the trap door Well this scenario happened to Sevilen an engineer with a back problem Within hours of Aysel’s death his health is restored Then he inherits billion and learns he can telepathically transport to another dimension He meets Alexander a trusted servant and four new angels Raphael Michael Gabriel and Auriel Together these super humans will help him reunite with his one great love Leyna a gorgeous narcissist who misused her power and died in her past lives But there is one catch Sevilen must accomplish this before Leyna’s next birthday and the proverbial clock is tickingAuthor’s DescriptionPast lives and past mistakes echo themselves for over five hundred years until an ancient agreement with four archangels manifests itself to remind a witch and a wizard of their destiny This is Leyna and Sevilen’s last chance to reunite and achieve the godlike powers meant for themSevilen a former engineer reluctantly takes on his role to try to save his love Leyna from his past life since in this life as in her past lives she will be dead in months if he doesn’t In today’s life he doesn’t even like her and doesn’t care to save herLeyna a powerful cruel and callus executive runs from Sevilen and the thoughts of becoming a goddess or falling in love with a manThe two are dumped into a world of magic where they gain abilities to create and destroy universes throw a bolt of lightning change into another body or use their ESP to read mindsWhat are the other characters likeLaugh with the sexy great grandmother goddess who keeps making passes at her great grandson Marvel at the ancient loving manservant Alexander that makes Jeeve’s look like a houseboy Love the archangels Michael Mike Gabriel Gabby Raphael Rapper and Auriel Aurie who look and act like no archangels you ever heard ofWhat kind of a read will it beYou will be engulfed in this tale of romance denial and disbelief among an outrageous cast of characters The comedic antics of the diverse and colorful characters will make you laugh while they become as familiar to you as your best friends in this blend of fantasy humor mystery and romance Science beliefs and real life references will make you wonder could this happenHow is it writtenDetailed pictures are created in the reader’s mind as they flow through this tale vividly told Journey through Prague in the Czech republic and walk the streets of Mala Strana and Stare Mesto Visit the fully restored mansion in Chardon Ohio where they all liveThis witch and wizard series fantasy romance is like no other you will ever read Is it really fiction that they attained their psychic powers Or any of their powers.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 259 pages
  • Reluctant Gods
  • A.J. Aaron
  • English
  • 23 October 2015

About the Author: A.J. Aaron

I wrote my first book A New Reality A Wake up Call to Life's Mysteries because I had a true story I had to tell It developed from an envelope of notes and scraps of papers collected over time from strange happenings Being educated as an engineer and very pragmatic I had to find answers to the occurrences When answers arrived to every uestion I had to tell the storyI enjoyed writing the.