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Until Again The preuel novella to Blue [PDF / EPUB] Until Again The preuel novella to Blue Reviewers have called Lou Aronica’s novel BLUE “compelling” “beautifully written” “a story to remember and cherish” and “one of those books that everyone should find a moment to read Reviewers have called Lou Aronica’s The preuel PDF ↠ novel BLUE “compelling” “beautifully written” “a story to remember and cherish” and “one of those books that everyone should find a moment to read” Readers have said it was “a great inspiration” “I’ve never been moved or inspired” and “one of the best books I’ve read” Now comes this preuel novella a short work that provides the essential story behind the story Until Again eBook ↠ UNTIL AGAIN tells of a decidedly real world event the final weekend in the breakup of a marriage For Chris Astor the divorce is not something he wants primarily because of the distance it will put between his ten year old daughter Becky and himself Juxtaposed against this is a critical event in Tamarisk the bedtime story fantasy world that Chris and Becky created when Becky was much Again The preuel PDF/EPUB Â younger Miea the university age princess of Tamarisk fears that her world has become a terribly dangerous placebut she could not possibly have imagined where that danger will lead her and the people she loves These parallel stories converge in a most unusual way in a tale of change and new tomorrows A powerful revelation for those who have read BLUE and Again The preuel novella to PDF \ an emotionally charged introduction to these Again The preuel novella to PDF \ deeply relatable characters for those who haven’t UNTIL AGAIN is a warm engaging and bittersweet work that promises to speak to your heart.

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    O K Mostly repetitive info from BLUE

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    Until Again The preuel novella to Blue is a wonderful introduction to the world of Lou Aronica's earlier book Blue taking us back four years in time to when main character Chris and his ex wife Polly’s divorce first happened It allows the reader to see Chris and his daughter Becky happy before the strain of her parents' divorce tears them apart We see the dynamic between Chris and Polly and can understand all the better the choices and problems that they come up against in Blue It also gives the readers out first taste of Tamarisk the fantasy world that Becky and Chris created as a way for Becky to cope with her leukemia treatments Aronica describes each detail not only of the world but of its creation in such flawless detail that it becomes impossible not to see yourself in their world We see Chris' investment in the world that has helped keep his daughter optimistic through these difficult times and in many ways probably keeps Chris optimistic as well We see Becky struggling with the fact that she knows something is wrong between her parents but neither of them are talking to her about it and perhaps it's her age that keeping them silent And on the other side of the wall we see Miea a princess of Tamarisk desperately trying to make her own path in a world that is resistant to her being her own personbut might see her put there all too soon regardlessUntil Again is an excellent jumping block into the world of Blue so much so that it is highly recommended to buy both books at the same time; it will be very difficult to set either of them down once they're picked up

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    This story is very short serving as background omitted and that was a good choice I think to the main novel Blue However it doesn't take much time to read and if you're going to read Blue this is a good way to get into itThese are my thoughts about the story taking both books into accountI don't know Lou Aronica and I haven't read his bio so I don't know anything about him That said this man writes as though he has faced the unthinkable the death of a child a child who holds a parent's heart in the palm of his or her hands I don't know how someone could write this story who hasn't been there For me the story was totally believable not physically believable but emotionally believable I too lived a story like this with my son a number of years ago only our other world was a playground filled with laughing children and the music of a merri go round We too knew it ultimately wasn't real but while we were there it was so real we could hear all the joyous sounds of that place It gave us many happy moments There's magic in this story and it's so well told that you care about what happens in this other world and you hope and pray along with the father and daughter that they can come up with solutions to fix the challenges the people of the other world are facing In the end well read the story to find out Congratulations Mr Aronica on a story well told

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    If you have read Blue by author Lou Aronica and loved the magical world of Tamarisk and missed Chris Becky and Princess Miea than you are in for a treat Mr Aronica has written a preuel to Blue titled Until Again This short book takes readers back to where it all began In this book Chris and his wife are getting a divorce Becky and her father Chris only have one night a week with each other Though that is not much time Chris cherishes every moment he has with Becky and this includes their story time Chris has been telling Becky about the land of Tamarisk and the Princess Miea I grew close to Chris and Becky in Blue so it was nice to revisit with them again even if it was for a brief bit To be honest I never really gave much thought to going back in time and wondering what started Blue off Mr Aronica was that good of an author that I didn’t have uestions Though after reading Until Again I am glad Mr Aronica wrote this book I could get a much broader overall picture of Tamarisk and the characters Until Again is a nice preuel Fans of Blue will enjoy this short story

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    I really debated about reading this one before Blue Ultimately my need for chronological reading won out We'll see if I was right after I'm done with Blue As for this book Polly is portrayed as a real ball buster and Chris spineless As a child of divorce I've always been grateful that it happened before I could really remember I can't imagine being 10 years old and having both my parents acting the way Polly and Chris did I'm not happy about Polly's passiveaggressive comment about Chris moving to another town and I'm not happy about Chris acting as if he has absolutely no say in the seperation and custody ANYWAYbeyond that part I think the book was pretty good for a short story and I really look forward to reading Blue I look forward to finding out about all the characters and Tamarisk Oh I LOVE how Miea and her dad said goodbyeUntil Again Very sweet I also love that Chris and Becky have put so much energy and time into this tradition of theirs How awesome to have that kind of special time every night with each other

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    When I took a chance on Blue a fantasy novel by Lou Aronica I was super pleased I did I gave the book 4 12 stars and fell in love with the story and characters When Aronica contacted me about reviewing Until Again the preuel to Blue I had to say yes A chance to find out about these amazing characters before all the events in Blue transpired? Yes please The preuel follows Chris Astor and the divorce that he is going through While not too sad to be divorcing his wife he is devastated that he won’t be able to see his daughter Becky as much The father and daughter have a tradition of weaving tales of the fantasy world Tamarisk with Princess Miea and her mystical land Until Again shows readers the background of some major events that lead to the plot lines in Blue and I recommend both of these novels Even if you don’t normally read fantasy give Lou Aronica a chance He spins a masterful story touching and emotional that will leave you thinking about these characters far long after you’ve closed the books

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    Until You by Lou Aronica is a preuel to his novel Blue It is a Novella not a full length book The novella is the story of the breakup of the family It starts with Chris wondering how to tell his daughter Becky that a divorce is coming It takes us through the telling and to Chris moving out Much like Blue it is an emotional read and also has the story of Tamarisk For those not familiar with Blue Becky is seriously ill as a young child and Tamarisk is a fantasy world that Chris and Becky make up with nightly storytelling If you have not read Blue then I highly recommend both these books Lou Aronica writes a beautiful story I do not know if Mr Aronica has had a child die from cancer or not if so he has my deepest condolences He captures the pain as one who has experienced it

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    This was a preuel to the book I'm reading next so it's hard to have an opinion on it at this time I wish you could give 12 stars I probably would have given this 25 I didn't dislike it but I wasn't riveted by it either I'm hoping Blue is goodAfter trying to read Blue I adjusted this to one star There is no point to this book Everything here is repeated in Blue with the possible exception of the details of Miea's parents deaths and that wasn't worth knowing You already find out how they die so why do you need to read about their conversations before it occurs It's not relevant to the storyHowever I could NOT even finish Blue because it was so boring Part of the boredom for me was rehashing everything I had just read in Until Again

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    This wasn't a bad read It was uick and well written Well written because I completely hated the characters but they felt real if stupidmanipulative This is a preuel to a larger book and it was good enough to interest me in reading the book itself I'm not in a rush to read it but I do plan on reading it one day A solid 25 stars rounded up because it is interesting enough to me to read the next book I wouldn't necessarily recommend it but neither would I not recommend it It has two story lines the real world and a fantasy world that the father and daughter created and tell each other in a bedtime story every night If you like contemporary fantasy then you would probably enjoy this work

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    If GR allowed 12 stars I would give this one 25 stars I don't care much for the genre Fantasy no offense to this author or to the readers who enjoy it but decided to give this one a try The story goes back and forth between Chris father Becky 10 yrs old and the story they've made up at bedtime about the land of Tamarisk Somehow the author is able to intertwine the two as Miea Princess of Tamarisk goes through a crisis just as Becky's world is turned upside down as wellI'm not ready to read this author's book Blue just yet but I do know I will

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