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Lazy Ways to Make a Living [PDF / EPUB] Lazy Ways to Make a Living 'Have you ever seen The Thomas Crown Affair Faye Dunaway sugar pink lips fabulous nails playing Black utterly destroys Steve Mc ueen blue eyes playing White It's a dazzling performance That film made 'Have you ever seen The to Make PDF/EPUB Â Thomas Crown Affair Faye Dunaway sugar pink lips fabulous nails playing Black utterly destroys Steve Mc ueen blue eyes playing White It's a dazzling performance That film made me get out the chess set I'd abandoned three years earlier It made me search through East Anglia for a blue eyed boy suffering from wealth ennui I never found one but my chess and my nails were outstanding for a thirteen year old' Lexicographer chess master and hedonist Rose is down on her luck when she meets Jamie a guy she beat at Lazy Ways PDF/EPUB ² chess twelve years previously who has never recovered from losing the game or forgotten the sight of Rose's perfectly manicured nails poised to strike over the chess board She's destitute he's loaded and terrified of losing her again They strike a bargain in return for chess he will keep her What is it like being a kept woman in the st century Rose is about to find out She's also about to learn that disguising your moves in chess can lead to victory but doing the same thing in love leads to disaster.

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    I got this free with a magazine five years ago and my copy is as dogeared as they come as it is one of my favourite comfort reads Easy to read and predictable it holds a special place on my bookshelf

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    This was a very strange book not really my thing although I enjoyed it to start with It's about Rose an academic chess player who leaves her job and returns to Edinburgh when she is embaressed by her students With no money unable to live anywhere nice she has to take a number of low paid jobs to survive She then bumps into Jamie an old chess adversary who is rich and successful He offers her the chance to be a kept woman living in the lap of luxury and spending whatever she wants But Jamie has secrets and soon Rose's life becomes just as complicated following a drunken splurge in Las VegasI started off liking this despite the characters being a bit stereotypical but after a while I began not to like Rose so much Daft is the word that comes to mind And the ending is frankly ridiculous I love fantasy novels so strange hallucinations and time travelling visions are fine by me but not in this sort of book I kind of felt that the author suddenly realised she only had one chapter to wrap everything up in and panicked

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    In my opinion the best part of this novel is the front coverand as they say 'you should never judge' Maybe it just really wasn't for me although having said that my taste in novels is varied I will start with what I liked so 1 as I said the cover 2 I found the parts set in Vegas very entertaining the authors description of the decadant fantacy land that is Las Vegas conveyed great imagery for the reader 'talking flower beds' When the character was first introduced I liked Alistair but then he became irritating and insufferable I felt this way about Catherine too The book was full of promise in the beginning Rose an acedemic linguistic doctorspecialising in dictionary definitions finds herself dumped and jobless and beholden to her two sisterscomputer sleek geek Catherine and the 'pretty one' potatoe scientist Helenfor a bed and listening earThe story progresses and we feel pity for Rose as it becomes clear she is lacking in ever feeling the earth move with a man we also find out although the clue is in the cover she is a mad chess playerEnter JamieThey meet in the rain when Rose is working as a market researcher My feelings towards the character of Jamie went can see Rose's attraction like him don't trust him dislike him hate himTo summarise I found the novel disatisfactory in every way The character of Rose never developedtheir is one point in 'the middle' where Catherine tells her 'do not be submissive in a relationship' and i thought 'YES' this is it this is the message But oh no Rose goes from one submissive weird relationship with Jamie to a bonkers marriage to controlling Alistair and on a complete whim back to Jamie The storyline is nonsencical and I felt depressed throughout reading it

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    I bought this years ago second hand somewhere and have only just got around to reading it I was in a gap between demanding non fiction and needed something fun and frivolousAnd so it is but it's also a sweet reworking of Jane Eyre acknowledging how important a part of the canon Jane is for most female readers and how Jane and Rochester form part of our internal template of what love should and shouldn't be I don't mean this to be a reductionist comment the choices Jane makes are complex and some of that is reflected here Anyway this was a fun update and I enjoyed it a lot

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    The first page of this book does little in the way of telling you what to expect but this was good honest chicklit at it's best Rose is a likeable character who becomes the kept woman of Jamie But as always in the best tradition of chick lit romance the course of true love doesn't run smooth Rose finds herself encountering some very nasty bumps along the way Enjoyable entertaining

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    It may be because of the setting of this book that I connect with it so well I too live in Edinburgh and have worked in Livingston call centres but absolutely love it I've probably read it 5 or 6 times over the years usually picking it up around Christmas time when it's cold and snowing outsideThe plot follows a woman who believes herself to be an academic over the space of a year in her life; after a terribely embarrassing incident that involves a number of her ex's publically discussing her sexual abilities or lack there of she chucks in her old life and moves to Edinburgh After spending several months working a multitude of odd jobs barely making ends meet she meets a handsome old friend by chance and everything changesThis book is exactly what it should be an easy read for a lazy day it's very well written and the clever use of chess analogies throughout the book add a little something extra to think about; I'll no doubt read this again several times over the next few years and I'll look forward to it every time

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    This book huh I've baffled between giving it a three or a two star rating but I'm nice so I gave it a three The characters in this book were good They were very uite good The storyline was very good as well and the chess references were placed so tactfully and intelligently and made sense; there was a lot of moral discussions and classics discussions which I loved However the ending the fucking ending Abigail what in universe's name were you thinking? The ending looked as if she wrote a wonderful 4 star book with an ending which suited the plot perfectly and then she felt bad for the character for ending so harshly so she wrote a second shit part of the ending which ruined the book for me completely Maybe some might enjoy it but you're wrong because that ending was vile; it did not fit the characters nor did it fit the story Read it if you like chess And if you don't then don't read it Unless you want a chill winter read which will infuriate you towards the end

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    This was a lot of fun even if I'd rather have read the story of the poker playing older sisterI don't usually like romance as some of the tropes drive me up the wall such as the hero and heroine being able to sort out all their problems in five minutes if they talked honestly and sensibly But this is an intelligent example When I read that the heroine was analysing dipthongs in the word Phwoarr I knew that the book was going to be a cut above most of its peers It does play with and subvert some of the other romance tropes which I enjoyed though naturally I was far interested in the chap who was too PC for the heroine's liking He was lovely Anyway this isn't my usual sort of book but it is very good

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    I am literally baffled by the reviews saying they've read this book than once It's just trashy fiction but it's not even good trashy fiction It started off well with moderately likeable characters which unfortunately plateaued with little to no character progression For a character with so much going for her and a phd Rose just seemed sort of pathetic A shot gun marriage in vegas to a colleague she isn't even that keen on and she ends up moving in with him? A lot of the plot points didn't feel well crafted and thought out and the ending felt rushed 3 stars for the beginning and the concept but the rest was a flop

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    A fluffy chick lit book that I enjoyed than I want to admit a lot of sub par stuff came out post Bridget Jones' Diary but this is actually funny touching and not a total insult to the reader's intelligence Exactly what I wanted from a beach read Though I'd be really pleased if these types of books would stop portraying all their leading women as so damned shopping driven not to mention flighty and so math is hard the stereotype is offputting and it's a pretty obvious writing crutch

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