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    This book is awesome and the best theory of 'mental illness' I've come across Its an intense read as the theory is so well thought out its proposal takes time to digest and piece together Why isn't this included in Neuroscience university programmes? Had I been told to read this book when I did my Neuroscience degree I would have left with an actual understanding of the causes of mental illness However because this book includes the understanding that there is a spiritual non physical existence and normalises schizophrenia autism and everything in between this spectrum it will never be an accepted theory within the mainstream system of psychiatry or psychology So anyone interested in these fields MUST SEEK OUT AND READ THIS BOOK The depth of the authors level of understanding is huge incorporating the theory that dark matter IS consciousness something that I and I am sure many others had been thinking for a number of years so its very exciting to have someone take the time and effort in piecing this intuition together with a coherent understanding of the matrix the web and its interactions with physical matter and the evolution of the schizoautism spectrum If you have a diagnosis of autism or a child with one then I recommend reading this book if you wish to embrace their place in the wonderful vibrant multi faceted manifestation of Man I'm halway through the book but had to review it now as its so fricking awesome

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    I discovered this book for 200 on a sale shelf at Pasadena Central Library CA I pushed the book in and out as I do when one calls to me and then I bought it It blew the lid off my head i say this whenever I really discover an important book It is profound; fuses physics and spirituality; gives credence to the idea of civilization spurting forward when a divine being enters the physical realm It is almost like at the time of entrance of change all the atoms on earth are revitalized They mention different religions and to my delight included wwwbahaiorg and I have been a member of this Faith for 52 years My take is oneness belief in all of the faiths and past generations; with each new Divine Luminary comes societal and individual change and the civilization advances Spiritual teachings are always the same but with oncoming civilizations capacity of audience changes; social changes must occur but there is a divine unity with previous Messengers Prophets Avatars and Divine Luminaries My personal feeling is when this happens a new level of consciousness gradually emerges and creativity expands Along with this new consciousness I read about autism and bipolar conditions I had not realized autism has been around a long time i small fact that I noticed was when autism is up bipolar is down The writers are two Irish scholars and the book is written in accessible intelligent language I have a friend who is a wonderful scholar and speaker but low on pesos so to speak; I bought the book for him IT IS OUT OF PRINT I found one for 25 and felt it worth the price indeed He says it's the best book he's ever readMy speaking of my belief system is not to intrude upon any reader's belief but to show that this book so resonated with the Teachings I humbly try to follow and have done for 52 years There is much to this book than my simple review A few weeks ago I sent out a four page book report just spilled onto the pages and I sent this out to about 30 of my friends

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    This is a book I cannot comment onHowever I can comment on others reactions to itSome will view it as sheer bunkum; some will see it as food for thought; and others yet again will see it as Manna from HeavenAnd there are those who will view it as expressing a formulation for the current age to appeal to those imbibed in the religion of science

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    A magnificent tour de force from the Human Givens' duo Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrell Having been on their training courses I am in awe of the depth of their research and the breadth and scope of this book It explains the evolutionary and biological reason for so much of human behaviour and finishes off with a theory of how the universe is unfolding as we develop as individualsa theory of co creation which is literally mindblowing It includes many spiritual traditions as well as psychologies and is a fascinating read for anyone interested in Life the Universe and Everything A thoroughly good read

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    COPYCAT OF NEOPLATONISM?'A Theory of Everything' that encompasses every essential aspect of human existence and puts it in a coherent theoretical framework It took me a month to read the book reading a few pages pages and then having to put the book the book dowh to ponder on its meaning They have a clear theory but I don't agree with their main thesis that the universe continuously oscillates between wave and energy possibility and actuality The vast matter that we experience and the feeling of a certain continuity of the self is seen as an illusion They compare it with a film which creates the illusion of duration while existing of different pictures succeeding each other Their argument for this didn't convince me the universe our world and our sense of self is too stable to be explained this way by which I don't mean to say that they are substances that endure for eternity or at least untill death That was a first thesis that made me frown a little bitThey try to explain everything using three entities pure awarenessGodhead energyuniverse and the Observing Self Grounding their hypothesis on the famous double slit experiment they propose that an conscious entity is necessary to keep the universe in existence I would put my money on the Godhead but they propose that human beings as Observing Selves collpase the wave function and create matter This hypothesis seems to me highly improbable although that is exactly how some Sufi thinkers think about the world as creation of some special individuals called mystics they keep the universe functioning The author's speak of an ascending and a descending arc in our relationship to the One Godhead we can get closer to the One and attain a state of blissfulness or we can drive ourselves away from the Godhead and descend into darkness This reminds me very much of neoplatonism where the One emanates the world of ideas the soul and the material world in a descending level of perfection The material world is the most removed from the 'Sun' and that makes evil possible I don't understand why the authors never mention the neoplatonists such as Plotinus or Proclus their model is coherent as a theory of everything and their model of a continuously oscillating universe from Pure Consciousness to the material universe through the mediation of special human beings called mysticsI didn't understand the connection between the first part of the book that handles psychosis and autism and their following elaboration on cosmology and the role REM played in both parts I will read the book again to see if I can see what they were trying to achieve as a whole But all by all a very thought provoking book and the closest anyone has come to a theory of everything I would absolutely recommend this book for the reader though a certain amount of patience is needed to finish this tome of almost 450 pagesThe best parts of the book are the ones where they use sufism to explain their theory it shows that the mystical current of the Islam can still make a great contribution to our knowledge of the world as it has done in the Middle Ages Ps The authors use a lot of uotes from poets and mystics without putting them into their historical context all references to Meister Eckhart were ad random erroneous and only served to make make their point This is problematic from an academic point of view but they had to uote Eckhart because he made the word 'Godhead' famous the word was actually coined by Pseudo Dionysius the Aeropagite but this is not mentionned in the text Most of the time they talk about 'the' mystics or mystical tradition without differentiating which is a little bit annoying for readers who are familiar with the original sources

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    New thoughts and ideas abound to get a grip on Many of them demands real effort to grasp and the mystical ones I still haven´t understood Godhead is enriching and a book to return to It is a challenge and it is well worth the trouble The authors’ intention is to show that mysticism and science are compatible and not opposites ”We are participators in bringing into being not only the near and here but the far away and long ago” John Archibald Wheeler 1911 2008 American physicist”The Universe could only come into existence if someone observed it” Martin Rees cosmologist and president of the Royal SocietyThat is SO mystical Without our consciousnessno creation Not bad for a residual product or epiphenomena as the reductionist scientists say our consciousness isThe authors think that science has not succeeded to give us a deeper understanding of reality just because it won’t address humanities eternal uestion what is the meaning of life? This uestion should be taken seriously and our time demands answers that are compatible with our best science The religions that traditionally has been the providers of meaning has in many instances been overrun by time and we need something to take their place something that can unite an increasingly mobile and cooperating world A science that includes as a central factor our consciousness and our eternal uestions could take over their roleAnother theme in Godhead that is also taken up in another book by the authors Human Givens is the imbalance in our brains and that we are in the mess we are in ecologically and psychologically as a result of this imbalance Most of us are ignorant about this problem and how much common it is than we think We have no idea where the leaders that we elect or leaders for big companies are on the autistic or psychotic spectra Information about this is vital for us as a species as wrong leaders can do immensely harm as we know The increased pressure on us will hopefully lead to a new evolutionary development a conscious such which stabilizes our psyches Interestingly it seems like there has been knowledge about this earlier in history Do read the other books by the authors about psychology They are revolutionary in their simple and common sense approach

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    This book is very heavy going it lost me at times and some of the theories are so far out there that they're hard to take seriously Even so I felt it was well worth reading and I got a lot from itThe first half is primarily about their theory that autism and psychosis are actually the same problem just affecting different hemispheres of the brain This section was tough at times but mostly I got it and thought the theory made a lot of senseThe second half was a different proposition altogether Dark matter relatons eternally oscillating universe the I AM and much Every time I thought it couldn't baffle me any something else would crop up Saying that I thought it was a very interesting concept The problem was that a massive theory that encompasses the entire universe and all time is just too much for the brain to comprehendThey use a lot of evidence all the way through from psychological studies historical analogies religious comparisons scientific experiments and physics anomaliesIt was a bit repetitive at times but I believe this may have been intentional as repetition is the best way to embed knowledgeIf you have the time patience and imagination I think it's worth braving this book

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    This book and only one other Big Brain The Origins and Future of Human Intelligence are the only two I've ever encountered that grasped the significance of a human brain change in the spurt of human consciousness about 20000 years ago that led to the emergence of large scale human civilization about 10000 years ago This was a primary driver for the A3 brain concept described in my book Collapse 2020 that provides the foundation for the explosive technical breakthroughs that followed The main author of Godhead was Dr Ivan Tyrrell I lost touch with him after he had significant medical problems in January 2014 Joe Griffin who led the publishing effort did not feel knowledgeable enough about the science to continue Ivan's work These books are important to my effort because they provide validation for my discoveries

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Godhead [PDF / EPUB] Godhead Griffin and Tyrell reveal why science and mysticism are two essential aspects of human functioning and how both are linked to the human vulnerability to mental illness In doing so they provide new rea Griffin and Tyrell reveal why science and mysticism are two essential aspects of human functioning and how both are linked to the human vulnerability to mental illness In doing so they provide new reasons for why those who think human life is essentially meaningless are utterly wrongThe innate human need for meaning is a given and through the lens of evolution cultural history poetry and a wealth of new insights the authors draw psychology science and mysticism together into the same river of human experience and answer uestions at the heart of humankind's deepest yearning to understand ourselves The following are just some of the uestions covered• Why is it that we are capable of creating societies that foster the highest pinnacles of extraordinary individual and collective creative achievement yet so often let our cultures degenerate and brutally collapse• Why did mental illness not evolve out of the human race• What is consciousness• How did consciousness arise from inanimate matter• What is the 'nothing' that physicists say existed before 'something' first appeared• Where did the uantum information come from that made our vast universe and all life forms in it possible• Can the claims about the nature of reality made by mystics throughout the ages be reconciled with our best scientific insights• What is mysticism for• Is evil necessary• Is serving others important• Are 'God' and 'Godhead' still useful terms• What is 'destiny'• Can one live one's life so as to consciously evolve• Can individual consciousness survive deathIn their answers to these uestions you will encounter breakthrough ideas about the origin of information in the universe the nature of consciousness time autism caetextia psychosis imagination hypnosis prehistoric cave art stone circles ancient Egypt Gnosticism Sufism the esoteric origin of science and the nature of relationships love and human destiny.