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Big Deal [PDF / EPUB] Big Deal For the past six years I have been flown all over the world put up in great hotels fed great dinners introduced to amazing people offered a microphone and paid for taking it And this has been great; I For the past six years I have been flown all over the world put up in great hotels fed great dinners introduced to amazing people offered a microphone and paid for taking it And this has been great; I won’t lie But this microcosmic form of fame comes with baggage just like that other much bigger kind and I have learned just how bad things can get when you claim a spot at the cool kids’ table for all the wrong reasonsThis book is not about how to develop your professional career nor about the low art of self promotion It’s the story of my experience with nano celebrity and a reflection on what I learned in the process It’s a story of professional success personal failure and soul searching redemption While teaching a man to fish is certainly valuable than giving him one the real value is in the story of how you learned not to jab yourself with the hookThis is the story of my jabbing myself with the hook Candid real and touchingAlla Zollers via emailIf you are working in the web industry you should take a break and read this bookBetrand DufresneWonder what it's like to be Internet famous BIGDEALBOOK for Kindle by rhjr is a great readJosh Crain.

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    Robert Hoekman Jr is a user experience designer and consultant who is best known for his books about interface design Designing the Obvious and Designing the Moment His self published book Big Deal On Being Famous to Almost No One tackles a far personal subject In Big Deal Hoekman Jr recounts his rise to the top of the web design field and describes how his craving for professional notoriety eventually devastated his personal friendships marriage and sense of self worthThe form of celebrity Hoekman Jr discusses in Big Deal has been dubbed “micro fame”“My name is Robert Hoekman Jr and in certain rooms under certain circumstances at certain moments surrounded by certain people and when all these very certain things come together I am a big fucking deal”In other words Hoekman Jr might be unknown to the general public but within the web design industry he is a bona fide rock starFrom the uniue perspective that this notoriety affords he takes the reader on a whirlwind tour of the conference rooms hotel bars book signings photo opportunities and corporate retreats that consumed his attention as he rose the ranks of his profession Along the way we rub shoulders with a veritable who’s who of the web industry Matt Mullenweg Jeff Veen Jeffrey Zeldman Caterina Fake Luke Wroblewski to name but a fewUltimately Hoekman Jr’s craving for recognition and approval forces a crisis in his professional and personal life and he has to face up to the root causes of his obsession with fame and deal with the falloutThis makes for fascinating reading especially for a web design nerd such as myself but I was left with the nagging feeling that Hoekman Jr has – perhaps unwittingly – used his book about the pitfalls of fame as a platform to reinforce his cool kid credentialsThe nonstop cataloging of his professional achievements came across at times like bragging and I wish he had dialed the self promotion back a notch Even in the book’s later chapters where he describes a dawning awareness that his obsession with fame is destroying his marriage the laundry list of book signings and speaking engagements barely slows down It is as if he wants to remind the reader that even though he no longer cares about being famous he still is famousIt is said that pride comes before a fall and in Big Deal Hoekman Jr talks candidly about the flipside of his micro fame spiraling self doubt professional rejection by Apple and Yahoo isolation from friends and the collapse of his marriage It takes guts for a writer to expose their weaknesses so openly but it feels a little like sitting in on someone else’s therapy session in a psychotherapy cliché he lays much of the blame for his low self esteem at the feet of his mother I imagine the process of writing Big Deal was extremely cathartic but I uestion whether the experience of reading the book is eually enlighteningThe problem is that Big Deal is all about Hoekman Jr and frankly I’m not sure that his personal experiences provide enough material to do the book’s topic justice If of Big Deal had been devoted to examining the impact of micro fame in a broader context – the cult of celebrity engendered by social networking services like Twitter say – the book might be better rounded and have a broader appealDespite the reservations I have outlined above I still found Big Deal very enjoyable There is no doubt that Hoekman Jr is a talented writer and has penned a book that can accurately be described as a page turner I finished the book in one day and certainly wasn’t left unsatisfied Hoekman Jr paints a very human picture of his life as a web industry A Lister and in a field where technical manuals are the norm Big Deal is uite unlike any other web design book I have readThis review first appeared on my blog

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    I enjoyed this The author wrote the book in 30 days and this is what it reads like A life story told vividly It's also seems well edited not rough or edgy in any way I read it fluently and with joy It is interesting to follow Robert along as he becomes a professional and rises to fame It is interesting to see how it turns for him I found it brave how honest he writes about his emotions and his relationshipThe constant self analysis and altklug voice that goes this is what I was when I was still stupid but now I am wiser bugged me a bit Towards the end the narrative around his childhood complex is repetitive The last chapter a relatively abstract what I have learned is rather dry and I wasn't inspired much Because of this only three stars to what otherwise would have been a four star bookBasically I do this for my own categorisation Four star books are books I have liked a lot and would read again Three star books are books that I have liked a lot but will probably not read againRecommended to anyone familiar with the web conference scene or people with similar life stories Also an interesting and inspiring example of how to write biography

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    I gave a full review on the page for this The book deeply resonated with me and I read it in one sitting

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