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    This is so difficult to rate I read it a long time ago pre GRs and loved it and Georgie’s Schrodinger's Reread Theory has struck It's just not as good as I remember I've rec'ed this left right and centre in The Real World and now I rather regret itThat said I think my latent memories from reading it first time round when I was astounded by Rosenthal's style which seemed so new and different she comes into her own in The Edge of Impropriety and The Slightest Provocation if you haven't read those get on it have meant this gets a higher star rating from me than it probably should This is all a longwinded way of saying 35 stars rounded upHeroines dressing up as boys is everyone's least favourite trope but I really liked it here Pheobe's transformation into Phizz the androgynous dandy has taken place over some years and I buy into it 1819 was still a place with a culture of what we would think of as effeminate men and so the masuerade and perhaps importantly people's belief in it worked for me I like that David is attracted to Phizz initially and thrown off by that I would've liked to have seen this addressed positively and for David to have definitively decided to pursue Phizz the man only to then discover Phizz is Pheobe Nonetheless it's all handled with aplomb Pheobe's motivations for becoming Phizz were believable but handled with a lack of subtly both in terms of the execution of her character and the way the background was set out Rosenthal uses several inelegant infodumps to describe it all The prologue is particularly jarringDavid as a character worked for me Steady clearheaded handsome strong slightly older 40 ennobled farmer I liked his characterization which is remarkably bland when set against Pheobe’s tragedy of a man who had experienced passion although not love and family and hoped to find another wife and have children It’s unusual in romance to find a hero seeking these traditionally feminine goals leaving aside the eons of heroes who are seeking a wife because they ‘must’ as a result of money or duty Together Pheobe and David just worked for me As ever with Rosenthal it’s somewhat instalust and then instalove but because of the nature of her prose and the chemistry her characters share I was carried along The sex is no small part of this Gosh Rosenthal is good There is actually a fisting scene in this book and it is so tastefully done Rosenthal's lovely dense prose is here; it's undoubtedly part of the reason I enjoyed this so much I really do like the way she writesThat said this romance won’t work for everyone Our Hh don’t share too many conversations This is not a book of witty repartee Their shared interests anti enclosure politics generally are superficially handled and somewhat incongruously shoehorned in where they really don’t fit Pheobe’s reticence to be with David and then her sudden turnaround at the end were frustrating The climax of the book is daft I can live with the dramaz because it’s the conclusion of a mystery plot that’s taken place throughout but the villain of the piece is shockingly and ridiculously forgiven and David plays no part in any of it which is a strange choice in a romance He turns up literally as all the peril has come to its conclusion Ultimately though I like this book It is by no means a perfect thing For many it will not be four stars but I enjoyed it

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    I was a bit worried about this one after reading the many 2 and 3 star reviews Upon completion I must agree with seton's comments about it being a cerebral read It was a wonderful change of pace from the EC books that I had been reading for the past two weeks Enjoyed the writing and the story It was a bit of a role reversal with the characters PhizzPhoebe was the dominant character throughout the book even going so far as to rescue herself at the end while the hero David remained completely in the dark as to the villain's identity Four stars for me

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    Spare yourself the tedium of this novel if you are interested in intelligent different romance Back when female writers hid behind male pseudonyms and dreamed of rooms of their own they could not know that they were spared having husbands and sons influence their novels This had already destroyed Elizabeth George and while Lydia Joyce only sacrificed sexuality for it Pam Rosenthal never even did without I'm giving her the benefit of doubt when I say she might have intended to write an intelligent different type of romance and just failed completely The plot of the heroine dressed as a man and the hero fancying that seemed outrageous to some readers except it's pathetically non shown in the book Georgette Heyer had such masuerades played out over longer periods of time with lovely and interesting interaction that the hero saying he say beyond the heroine's disguise did not diminish Shakespeare had people of both genders fall in love with masueraded women Rosenthal doesn't actually show how enchanting or popular Phizz is and worsens the love at first sight to lust at first glimpse and then has all of the heroine's few confidants freely spill all of her secrets to the hero who tells his friend and a roughneck and So gender being of no conseuence and safely confirming that only villains are gay brutal fat ugly men with even the rentboys all innocent straight kids what about sex? Well the heroine is allowed one rent boy whom she soon protects than procures okay the hero had dozens and dozens but he also tired of them only after the first glimpse of the hero she stops sex with the boy because this tiny glimpse awakened true sexuality in her like only a writer reared on bodice ripper cliches can imagine She now dreames of real sex while the hero wants to marry her tada the conflict Rosenthal tried for because her writing teacher told her that's the basis of a book The other basis are three non fiction works she actually lists and one should probably read instead of this short but thick volume because Rosenthal certainly does not show how a no name effete young man can turn himself into a Beau Brummel overnight but then she learned from the worst and so doesn't even show a stupid kiss but has them think about it for whole chapters later Never before was denial so boringKensington publishes a lot of gay romance novels Maybe they tried to draw readers of both genres with the nice cover and the hint of mm desire or cross dressing The only readers that might like this novel have to be fans of conventional modern het romances though unless you don't belong in that category don't believe what the bad reviews promise don't read this annoying bloodless tripeThe biggest schizophrenic problem is that the hero is a real man and in no way a nancy boy and does not even know what two men would do together yet he wants to fuck Phoebe in the ass Not just once he introduces her to ass play He also considers her rightly as not experienced but pushes her down on her knees and then mouthfucks her at their first intercourse when usually only prostitutes were giving blowjobs But mainly please consider that it wasn't just sodomy for mm but also for fm to use the back passage The author flinched from having any pretend mm and yet wants to show hot sex with the main practices of mm intercourseThe biggest general shite was her second conflict being the most trite the most overused and least plausible of all ie that she has to leave him because she loves him I never wanted them to marry because this book even so than Chase's last could not offer any reason why her life would be better back in confinement rather than the free life she made for herself Once Rosenthal destroys Phizz and makes Phoebe love the country the baking and all of a sudden hugging little girls who want to kiss her because she's so pretty who started that revolting tradition? then the reason she has to leave suddenly becomes her infertility as if the huge difference in how he and she had viewed their ideal future had never existed and only the lack of new fresh babies were the conflict which is then wiped out by magic No I haven't finished it but even if convention weren't abundantly clear about all barren women in MODERN romance novels suddenly conceive there is also forshadowing and lots of plowing and seedingThere's also a mystery with the villain's motive being too stupid to mention villainy in general presented as unevenhanded as the whole plot the writer cannot make one feel pain and horror so she tells of ever incredibly injustice Perhaps hoping we'll forget there's not even a good reason for the masuerade itselfAnd this is a crime that Rosenthal and all the others should have to justify themselves for To pretend to tackle REAL problems and then wipe them away with always the same miracle Just as the not in proportion promiscuity is just an excuse rather than a liberation or euality so is this sickening need for the babies on top worse than not mentioning problems like infertility To have them not get together because he needed fresh babies to have her die in childbirth because her body really shouldn't have tried to actually fantasy IN A ROMANCE NOVEL that their ROMANTIC love could do without children none of that will ever happen

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    Very enjoyable But you’ll need to suspend disbelief about a woman disguising herself as a manSTORY BRIEFPhoebe was married to Henry an abusive man One day in anger Henry drove recklessly with Phoebe and their son Bryan The carriage overturned causing the deaths of Henry and Bryan Due to her grief and psychological wounds from abuse Phoebe faked her own death and has pretended to be a man Mr Marston for the past three years She freuents mens clubs and is a successful gambler David is an earl His wife died 5 years ago He’s usually busy with farming issues on his estates but he periodically visits London When David is first introduced to Mr Marston they both feel a magnetic attraction David is confused over his reaction to another man David later overhears someone hiring Stokes to follow Mr Marston David decides to follow Stokes Other events include someone sending threatening notes to Mr Marston There are some side stories about Kate Phoebe’s best friend and Billy a male prostituteREVIEWER’S OPINIONThis is a pleasant story with a lot of time spent on the couple getting to know each other A couple of times a conflict occurred and I thought “Oh no the author will now carry this conflict through the rest of the book” like so many other romance authors do But I was surprised and pleased that the very next time the couple saw each other it was discussed and resolved I was impressed with the author for handling these conflicts honestly and soon This was refreshing Of course it was fun watching events lead up to David learning that Mr Marston was really a woman – which happened too soon for me I would have preferred of the reluctant attraction confusion before the truth comes outDavid falls in love uickly is patient caring and protective When he did something wrong he soon apologized in a wonderful way He surprised me a little when it came to sex because in the bedroom he was masterful confident and took what he wanted – different from his otherwise patient and caring nature Of course this worked well for PhoebePhoebe is educated very intelligent generous caring and loyal to her friends She doesn’t believe she can ever live a normal life She has trouble being around children due to her grief over losing her son Her Mr Marston persona is cynical and sneering but also witty and entertaining at parties He is a dandy known for his impeccable taste in clothesCAUTION SPOILERS but I don’t give away the bad guy’s identityAt the end there was no justice done The bad guys went unpunished I didn’t like that I prefer endings neatly tied up with justice suffering andor revenge I also needed explanation as to why Phoebe did what she did regarding the bad guysAfter the couple gets together we have the formulaic separation I was not happy with the reason for this Phoebe left David due to an inaccurate assumption and for his own good But the rest of the story was enjoyable enoughDATAStory length 314 pages Swearing language mild Sexual language strong Number of sex scenes 8 Total number of sex scene pages 19 Setting 1819 to 1824 England Copyright 2003 Genre regency romance female disguised as male

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    It seemed like this story held a lot of promise and the writing is skilful but I decided fairly uickly into the book that the plot is completely implausible I never really understood why Phoebe decided to re enter society as a man after her tragic experience with the deaths of her children this didn't help with suspending my disbelief either There is very little development of the hero and heroine's feelings for each other they appear to be deeply in love after just a few very brief encounters; in fact the hero decides that Phoebe is the woman he wants as soon as he realizes that she's a woman So there is very little to involve the reader on an emotional level if you don't believe the plot and don't understand or feel the characters' motivations all that's left is the descriptive aspect of the story which admittedly is uite good but not enough for a romanceAnachronisms in several places poinsettias didn't come into use as Christmas decorations until the 20th century Birth certificates only started to be issued in England in 1837 the story takes place in the 1820s before that births were recorded in parish registers so it is unlikely that a woman of Phoebe's age 30 would have had a birth certificate

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    You have to suspend some disbelief for this one and I think some aspects are historically anachronistic For example the titled hero secretly having married the lower class mother of his child without either of them giving up their way of life and living separately while raising their child and continuing their sexual relationship together But okay The book does make it clear than David is very unusual and ethical for a man of his or any station at the time And I did appreciate how even this bizarrely egalitarian man acts a tad domineeringchauvinistic a time or too And then he realizes it admits he was in the wrong and apologizes That's much better than if he was just the Perfect Feminist Regency Duke And then there's the heroine living as a man long term not just masuerading a la a fluffy farce but really passing The thing about that is people have done this do this now And Rosenthal gives us detail on all that goes into this what's strapped down what's padded up and all the attention to body languageNot as polished as The Edge of Impropriety but worth it if you're interested in a gendery feministy Regency

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    I just finished Almost a Gentleman by Pam Rosenthal and I did thoroughly enjoy that book The premise of a woman who dresses as a man and is not discovered is not a new one but it is very well done in this particular book The heroine had a valid reason to do so even I have to admit a bit too extreme but a reason nevertheless The hero refreshingly NOT a stunning stud in his prime but a bit older than in the average novels seasoned and experienced is well drawn out and very likable it is a romance novel after all The story line goes fluently and the writing style is a welcomed beautiful one The love scenes and there are a few are well done seemed mature as both of the lovers are as well For some readers they might be too expletive but I have to admit I enjoyed them There is a underlying mystery blackmailing in the plot which does not overpower the romance but runs parallel to it I enjoyed this book and I already downloaded another novel of Pam Rosenthal yep I loved if that much

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    Pretty good overall Certainly an interesting and very different take on the girl pretending to be a boy theme Unfortunately the execution was only average and the romance didn't wow me But I'd be curious to read from her definitely

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    Excellent writing however premise and execution are flawedA woman masuerading as a boyman is admittedly not one of my favorite themes in any genre However I have read an uite enjoyed a few Ashes in the Wind These Old Shades are just two off the top of my head The thing about those two books though is that both Alaina's and Leonie's masuerades were out of necessity They were in danger and what better way to hide a young woman than to turn into a young boy? In this book however Phoebe was 'unable to experience woman's greatest joy' therefore she eschews all parts of being a woman and becomes 'Phizz' a young bored dandy As Phizz she spends her days gambling fencing wearing exuisite clothes and generally being an arbiter of taste and fashion One word from Phizz and one could become the butt of jokes or be refused membership in exclusive men's clubs how Phizz manages to become such a lion of society is never satisfactorily explained imoI think I could buy the premise if Phoebe's masuerade as a man was done as a lark a little subversive wink to society that she was getting a kick out of what she was doing while pulling the wool over their eyes But that is not the case In fact she seemed to be as trapped and unhappy as Phizz as she'd felt as Phoebe Added to that I couldn't help but think as I was reading just how did she expect to continue on? How long was she planning to draw this out?Of course it doesn't continue because the hero David enters the scene and sees through the masuerade to the woman beneath The two embark on a romance that is both filled with tons of romantic tension but is also oddly convoluted David is enthralled and loves Phoebe and wants to marry her Phoebe has Issues though Her first marriage was horrible and even though she is in love with David she doesn't feel she can marry him To the writer's credit there is no grand misunderstanding Phoebe willfully withholds information from David just as he blindly forges ahead making assumptions without consulting herAdded to that there is a suspense subplot that only worked up to a point Someone knows that Phizz is really Phoebe and is taunting her with the knowledge through threatening notes That entire subplot ends with what I feel is a decided whimper The motives and actions of the tormentors not to mention their incredible ability to be everywhere make no sense And the final resolution of that piece of the plot was so poorly executed that it was anti climaticThat is not to say that this was all bad I had long been intrigued by this writer as I had occasion to read a sample of another of her books I picked this one up because it became available to me and I wanted to get a better feel for her writing The writing itself did not disappoint I enjoyed her prose and the easy way she had of creating creating a tone and characterizations I think if I wasn't constant uestioning the 'why' and 'how' of Phizz or if the author had managed to really sell me on Phizz i would have enjoyed this a lot than I did I like this author's voice and plan to read her other books I just didn't love this story

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    The premise of this book is completely ridiculous but its execution was a real pleasure to readIn Regency uh I think England a young woman is spurred by a horrible tragedy to live as a man She's completely successful at it too and becomes a trendsetter That's the ridiculous partEverything else was terrific enough to allow me to successfully suspend my disbelief The characterization was complex and never tiresome and the obstacles to the HEA were reasonable Romance lovers know that all too often a stupid misunderstanding keeps the hero and heroine apart for dozens or even hundreds of pages where if they'd just had a 30 second conversation the whole problem would've been solved There are definitely some misunderstandings and hurt feelings in this book but they're resolved by the main characters in ways that are shockingly mature and believableI don't want to leave out the best part of the book the hero David He's so incredibly appealing Rosenthal hit just the right note in so many ways He's hot of course but in a way completely different from the typical Regency hero For one thing although he's a lord he's also a farmer He's smart and attractive and well off but not a part of the London social scene pretty much a country bumpkin So his attraction with Phoebe is one of apparent opposites which is very effective here Lots of good chemistry I'll definitely be reading by Rosenthal

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Almost A Gentleman [PDF / EPUB] Almost A Gentleman A Daring Masuerade For three years London's haute ton has been captivated by the cool elegance of Philip Phizz Marston Tall refined an expert gambler with a cold unerring eye for style what keeps the A Daring Masuerade For three years London's haute ton has been captivated by the cool elegance of Philip Phizz Marston Tall refined an expert gambler with a cold unerring eye for style what keeps the ruthless social climbers attuned to this dandy's every move is something unsettlinga grace and beauty that leaves women and men alike in a state of unthinkable yearning Will Be Deliciously Undressed Lord David Hervey must be losing his mind How else explain the disturbing desires he feels whenever his eyes meet the penetrating gaze of Mr Marston When he overhears a threat Almost A PDF or on the gentleman's life he intervenes and alone discovers the glorious truthbeneath the bindings of Mr Marston's masuerade hides an exuisite body that is every bit a woman's And Every Hidden Desire Revealed Armed with desire and entrusted with her bold game Lord David won't give up till the lady gives in revealing herself to him completely surrendering her deepest secrets with every persuasive pleasure he can offer.