American Sniper The Autobiography of the Most Lethal

American Sniper The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in US Military History [PDF / EPUB] American Sniper The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in US Military History From 1999 to 2009 US Navy SEAL Chris Kyle recorded the most career sniper kills in United States military history The Pentagon has officially confirmed than 150 of Kyle's kills the previous American r From to US The Autobiography MOBI ð Navy SEAL Chris Kyle recorded the most career sniper kills in United States military history The Pentagon has officially confirmed than of Kyle's kills the previous American record was but it has declined to verify the astonishing total number American Sniper ePUB Ñ for this book Irai insurgents feared Kyle so much they named him al Shaitan “the devil” and placed a bounty on his head Kyle earned legendary status among his fellow SEALs Marines and US Army soldiers whom he protected with deadly accuracy from rooftops and stealth positions Sniper The Autobiography ePUB ´ Gripping and unforgettable Kyle’s masterful account of his extraordinary battlefield experiences ranks as one of the great war memoirs of all timeA native Texan who learned to shoot on childhood hunting trips with his father Kyle was a champion saddle bronc rider prior to joining the Navy Sniper The Autobiography of the PDF/EPUB or After he was thrust onto the front lines of the War on Terror and soon found his calling as a world class sniper who performed best under fire He recorded a personal record yard kill shot outside Baghdad; in Fallujah Sniper The Autobiography of the PDF/EPUB or Kyle braved heavy fire to rescue a group of Marines trapped on a street; in Ramadi he stared down insurgents with his pistol in close combat Kyle talks honestly about the pain of war—of twice being shot and experiencing the tragic deaths of two close friendsAmerican Sniper also honors Kyles fellow warriors who raised hell on and off the battlefield And in moving first person accounts throughout Kyles wife Taya speaks openly about the strains of war on their marriage and children as well as on ChrisAdrenaline charged and deeply personal American Sniper is a thrilling eyewitness account of war that only one man could tell.

  • Paperback
  • 528 pages
  • American Sniper The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in US Military History
  • Chris Kyle
  • English
  • 15 October 2016
  • 9780062107060

About the Author: Chris Kyle

Librarian Note There is than The Autobiography MOBI ð one author in the GoodReads database with this name Chris Kyle is a former United States Navy SEAL who with kills of them officially confirmed by the Pentagon is the deadliest marksman in United States military historyKyle served four American Sniper ePUB Ñ tours in the second Ira War He was awarded the Bronze Star with Combat V device four times and the Silver Star He.

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    I was all excited when I purchased this book expecting a Carlos Hathcock type tale of derring do What a letdown I was sick of Mr Kyle by page 5To begin with I'm not sure who to credit for this bit of writing; I suspect that Kyle contributed little but the anecdotal accounts and his name to the effort as two other names are listed with his on the cover Interestingly his wife is not given any co author status although she provides significant input throughout the bookNow all feelings about the propriety of this very controversial armed incursion into Ira aside one thing that turned me off about Kyle was his total lack of regard for his opponent They're all evil or blinded by evil throughout this book What makes them evil is never satisfactorily explained; perhaps Mr Bush's axis of evil speech had something to do with it Anyway lightly armed Irais who oppose heavily armed and armoured coalition troops on Irai soil are evil and terrorists He states several times that he is getting payback Payback for what exactly? He also repeatedly claims to be defending his country although I know of no attempt on the USA by IraI fully understand that he doesn't decide to send the troops over and that he has a job to do but please Mr Kylejust a little regard for the human beings you're killing? Maybe a little remorse for the retarded kid you pounded because he didn't understand you? Hellohe's retardedand he speaks another lanuagewhat the hell did you expect?? People like Mr Kyle are a large part of the reason that the citizens of the USA are held in such disdain by many foreigners His pomposity and vainglory ooze off of every pageAnd the violence I'm not talking about warfare hereI'm talking recreational violence Bar fights Destruction of property Beating a fellow up because the victim's girlfriend was in an argument with another SEAL Maybe he figured the other SEAL couldn't handle her? I cannot believe this chap didn't end up in jail In one chapter he gleefully tells about beating a celebrity because he thought the celebrity a former governor was disrespecting a SEAL wake or some such BS He neglects to mention that the celebrity is now in his 60's Look it up on Youtube you can see the hero chortling about it on a radio interview If this book is worth reading at all it's only to see the decline in the American military Apparently the officers have no control Hazing is rampant Citizens are beaten with apparent impunity Childish behaviour like mooning neighbours and chasing Irais with radio controlled vehicles are considered legitimate pastimes I could go on and onsuffice it to say I won't buy any books with this fellow's name on them But if his wife wants to write a book about how she survived living with a self centred vainglorious manchild I'm buying ither contributions were the only parts of the book that made any sense

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    I tried I really tried but I just couldn't make it through this book I wanted to like it because I'm ex military and I live in Texas but about half way through I put the book away for good The writing was dull and choppy the sentences short and non descriptive It read as if it had been written by my nine year old son I found the repeated referral to bar fights and the continuous boasting of kill numbers to be a complete turnoff I had hoped for colorful narrative like that of Black Hawk Down but instead found the book well just boring

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    Excellent read absolutely enlightening to how thoroughly enjoyable not to mention competitive war can be to those that are obviously hooked on the adrenaline rush The author is such a man and when promoted out into an office job a planner turns it down because what he wants to do is be right in the middle of the action with a gun and his mates and was willing to put up with all kinds of hardship and danger not to mention turning down a pay rise in order to do so If people honestly still believe that war is something that soldiers absolutely loathe and they only do it to be upright citizens who want to defend their country and way of life they need to read this book and War The Junior Officers' Reading Club Killing Time And Fighting Wars and perhaps Brotherhood of Warriors all ones I have read recently War for conscripts is one thing but these men are all volunteers and they re enlist for further tours until either they get it out of their system or think of something else to do often related like security services This author was the Top Guy the best shooter of them all planning his missions carefully executing them perfectly and who knew taking along his notepad on big missions there was someone there with a laptop detailing the action to make detailed notes about each killing so that he could justify it as was reuired The British and Israelis have to do the same thing Irai Palestinian and Afghani insurgents aren't reuired to justify their killings These Rules of Engagement are just one way and you can be sure that a large amount of the public sympathy is going to go to those who never play by those rules but kill as many as they can Not only that but it is interesting that Americans at least I don't know about the British or Israelis will also treat those they have just wounded sending them to their military emergency hospitalsI like reading about the mechanics of war from all sides whether it be those who some call freedom fighters and others say are terrorists the military and especially the medical teams that try to put all the still alive victims back together again I'm just finishing off Paradise General Riding the Surge at a Combat Hospital in Ira and have previously read The Dressing Station A Surgeon's Chronicle of War and Medicine It's all very interesting but I am glad so glad I don't have to fight I wasn't built for gore guts or even gloryEdit If you read this book then please read Chris had started a foundation to help troubled vets and was working with one yesterday a young man of 25 when the man fatally shot Chris and and his companion Chris was a wonderful man a family man who had served his country to the best of his ability RIP Chris

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    Oh my goodness I really wanted to like this book I tried hard to like this book even if it started out with Chris describing Irai women and children as evil savages who he enjoyed killing His only regret was that he did not get a chance to kill of them I respect the sacrifices that the members of our military have made over the course of our relatively short history and the trials that they face when they return back home So even if I was disgusted with the first few pages I read on I was hoping he only started out in this manner because he would eventually come to terms with his misguided judgements Alas no such luck Chris never makes any mention of why he felt that he was doing the right thing by being in Ira besides an off hand comment here and there about how he wanted to kill Saddam Hussein for planning 911 The abhorrent ignorances only continue throughout the book and he adds to the loveliness by constantly reminding the reader how much he enjoys killing In fact he discusses his love for the marines because they are a group of people who just really love to kill The irony in that statement is self explanatoryEven if I didn't appreciate Mr Kyle's beliefs opinions or attitudes I'd hoped that the saving grace of the book would be the content of the stories Again no dice The whole first half of the book recalls his days filled with abundant free time between training and waiting to go to war which he spent fighting at bars and eventually meeting his wife who looked hot and classy as hell in black leather pants When he finally got around to describing the events of the war he makes no effort to go into any details about the strategies or how a scene unfolded but glosses over those incidentals to instead describe how great it felt to kill peopleOn top of all of this the writing itself was horrific He and his wife who also writes portions of the book have the vocabulary of a 8 year old child The only three phrases he used to describe anything was either it sucked it was awesome or it was badass Ok I'm done Onto bigger and better things

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    Before reading this book I had heard of Chris Kyle I have not seen the movie and honestly I didn't know much about the controversy surrounding this man I'm very conflicted on reviewing this book I almost just threw up my rating and walked away but I tend to forget the books I've read and I try and review for myself so that I can remember the book later This one I just don't knowI don't know if they paint Chris Kyle in the movie as he has bared himself in the book I'm curious enough that I do want to watch the movie now though In the book Kyle's words are his own He is not politically correct and the writing is not smooth and polished The one thing it is though is honest It's almost as if he is sitting with you telling you his storiesThere are things about him I liked and things I could not wrap my head aroundHis unwavering loyalty to his country He pushes himself to the limits and then goes past them when he needs too Then I felt that he put that same country ahead of his family time and time againI felt bad about leaving Taya She was still healing from the birth But at the same time I felt my duty as a SEAL was important I wanted to get back into action I wanted to go to warThen in a few pages he would talk about the pain he feels when one of his brothers in arms is hurt or killed and my heart would hurt for him He was a complicated man I'll give him that I don't think I could have taken being in his wife's place She has parts of this book told in her voice and honestly it kept me from not liking Kyle completely that he added them in Taya would say Wait a minute You've been gone for how long? And now you want to come home and be part of this family and make the rules No sir because you're leaving in another month to go back on training This was after he got frustrated with dealing with his young son There was a part of Chris Kyle that was completely hot tempered too He openly puts those parts in the book He talks about the bar brawls and just sometimes hitting people I think maybe it was stress relief I can't say I have the answers One thing that caused a storm of problems later on was him including him punching a person he called Scruff face and if what happened really took place I'm glad he punched his stupid ass Now his estate is in the middle of lawsuits from it Another thing about Kyle was that even though he did not want to come off as bragging he couldn't help but repeatedly mention the fact that he has the highest number of confirmed kills of any sniper That contradicted himself over and over and got to the point where when it was mentioned I cringed from it He was tough though I don't think he needed to overly emphasize those facts He wrote about hell week in the SEALs and that part of the book was excellent So you knew he was Badass without him having to point it out to you So all in all I'm still conflicted with this man and his story I'm proud that he served his country so valiantly but I don't think I could have been a close friend of his UnfortunatelyWith all this good stuff going on You'd think I was living a fairy tale or a perfect life And maybe I should be But real life doesn't travel in a perfect straight line; it doesn't necessarily have that all lived happily ever after bit You have to work on where you are going Rest in Peace Chris Kyle

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    This book was without a doubt one of the worst pieces of literature I have ever wasted my time withI was recommended this book by a colleague; and I wish I had the hours back that it took to read The author comes across as an unsympathetic often racist gun ho shoot first think later type some of the best uotes I don't shoot people with Korans I'd like to but I don't At times killing was a game Giving them the Irai people the tools they needed to progress is not what my job was all about my job was killing not teachingAh how I cringed at the story of the mentally handicapped child I punched him and slapped him to the groundClassyWhat about his slogan violence does solve problems And to close out Chris attempts to save face I think America does a lot to support people Yeah sure buddyWhat a horrible book

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    I'm hesitant to write a review of this book I'm not a military reader nor do I usually delve into autobiographies But I saw Kyle on a tv interview and liked how he appeared there I have come away from the book with a better understanding of what the guys on the ground experienced vs what the news media has shown us here at home A long time ago when I was studying political science I studied a mission that failed back in the '70's I read first hand accounts from the military commander in charge all the way up to de classified White House stuff I walked away from that assignment thinking that the Colonel who planned the mission and then had to answer to that failure had a better understanding of human nature goals and obstacles than the politicians even wanted to think about I walked away from Kyle's book with the same attitude I wouldn't classify this book as literature Literature implies someone who studies and learns a craft then writes a novel This book is a story It's value doesn't lie in big words or fancy phrases The value is in the fact that is has come out so recently after the events have taken place that memories are still fresh The value of this book is that Kyle wrote the story himself and did not leave it to historians in dusty libraries With time the matter of fact approach will be invaluable to all the poor rubes who will study political science They will have an excellent first hand account to draw from Most of all I've walked away from this book with a sense of gratefulness that I can be sitting here behind my computer with my dog writing a commentary on a warrior's story while my family is safely at work and school Thank you Mr Kyle and military personnel 232013 UpdateI'm so sad to hear about the senseless death of Mr Kyle My condolences to his family and friends May the work he did helping veterans continue

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    July 6 2015I watched the movie yesterday While it's brilliantly shot and exceptionally well directed it left me cold I just could not sympathise with gun crazy sociopathic protagonistI need to read the book now I do not think I will like it to judge from a popular uote“I am a strong Christian Not a perfect one—not close But I strongly believe in God Jesus and the Bible When I die God is going to hold me accountable for everything I’ve done on earth He may hold me back until last and run everybody else through the line because it will take so long to go over all my sins “Mr Kyle let’s go into the backroom ” Honestly I don’t know what will really happen on Judgment Day But what I lean toward is that you know all of your sins and God knows them all and shame comes over you at the reality that He knows I believe the fact that I’ve accepted Jesus as my savior will be my salvation But in that backroom or whatever it is when God confronts me with my sins I do not believe any of the kills I had during the war will be among them Everyone I shot was evil I had good cause on every shot They all deserved to die”However I have a sneaking suspicion that Clint saw Dirty Harry and The Man With No Name of the Sergio Leone westerns personified in Kyle Maybe that's why he made this movieJuly 11 2015I uit two thirds of the way through I cannot put myself any through this tortureSuggestion to the CIA next time you want to torture somebody tie them up and make them listen to an audio version of this book continuously You will get your confession in no timeReview coming after I recoverJuly 13 2015Here's the review as promisedFirst of all let me confess that I read the book only because I saw the movie I am a fan of Clint Eastwood as a director His war movies Flags of Our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima which showed the same battle from American and Japanese viewpoints and stressed the human element in both of them I consider to be worthy additions to the genre So I expected of the same in this movie however I was sorely disappointed The protagonist came across as a psycho and it was not sure whether Clint was rooting for him or showing us the futility of his battleWell there is no such ambiguity in the book Chris Kyle sees the world in black and white American is good Texan is excellent non American is not so good and Arab is bad He has no doubt why he is fighting the war in Ira it is not to help the Irais as the US government would have us believe it is to stop this shit from reaching America He has no ualms about killing; rather he is at pains to tell us over and over that he simply loves it He is not killing because he is a soldier and it is his duty he became a soldier to killYou can see plenty of uotes from the book in my status updates They are only a sample There are a plethora of such gems scattered throughout the bookThe portrait of an extremely juvenile character comes out from the book a person whose ethical sense has been stunted in his pre teens The themes which are repeated again and again his addiction to video games the comic book heroes he tries to emulate his simple pleasure at shooting a human being presents the picture of a kid who have never really grown up And he does not even bother to hide his racism; he says he would have shot any Arab carrying a Koran with pleasure had the higher ups allowed itIt's interesting to see how the tone changes when the Marines and SEALs are at the receiving end Then people are not killed but murdered Also it's interesting to hear him lamenting about the fact that the Arabs hate him just because he is a Christian and that religion should be about tolerance when he is ready to drop anybody with a KoranOn top of all this bigoted racism the book is badly written to boot Of course he is not a professional writer but you would expect some coherence and seuence The narrative comprises short staccato sentences repetitive descriptions of Kyle's kills interspersed with detailed discussions about arms and military vehicles I think it would be enjoyable if that kind of thing is your field of interest I have a bone to pick with Clint Eastwood too His movie bears no relation to this narrative than the bare outline By infusing a storyline into it introducing murderous Irai characters like The Butcher who kills children by drilling them and peppering it with philosophical dialogue Eastwood has tried to present a sympathetic view of Chris Kyle view spoilerAnd his killing of the mythical Irai sniper Mustafa by an impossible long range shot in the end is straight out of one of his old movies hide spoiler

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    The other night watching the show ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ my son recognized Chris Kyle the author of “The American Sniper” a biography he read for a school assignment Curious about it I picked up the book and browsed through it Needless to say I finished it in 1 and 12 daysI come from a country where patriotism used to be forced down our throat on a daily basis a continuous lie the communists told us for generations The result of it? We all hated it After moving to the US I always wondered what drives Americans to stand when the national anthem is played before each game What unseen force tells them to fly their flag high on a mast for the world to see it for the wind to dance with it What drives them to enroll in the military leaving all they love and their family and make the ultimate sacrifice Chris Kyle’s autobiography answers to all these uestions and As Chris explains it it's God country and family It's being selfless and the need to protect all that you inherit from your forefathers believe in all that you have and all that you areAmerican Sniper is Chris Kyle’s account on the Ira war where he’s deployed 4 times To most people one time is than enough You serve your country do your duty the best you can and then return home But not for Chris He needed to be there among his fellow countrymen covering them taking fire for them and protecting them with his life if it meant that was the last thing he'd do What media presented and I should say manipulated about the war in Ira is by far different than Chris’ view on it We American's didn't go there to as Chris says “bring democracy to Ira” We went there to protect fellow countrymen fight for our country not Ira It's a war that politicians deemed necessary not our soldiers They only followed orders As a kid Chris had always dreamt to join the military A dream he'd fulfilled lived and finally shared memories of it by writing this biography It's written from Chris’ point of view concise and detailed a progressive narration of war seen through a soldier's eyes From time to time his wife Taya pitched in giving us an insight of what a family goes through while their loved ones is at war the constant fear the anguish the frustrations The biography tells untold stories of unknown heroes It doesn't sugarcoat doesn't use fancy words and artistic scenes There's nothing artistic about the war Like you and I doing our job that’s what Chris did his job People might or might not agree with his cold blooded attitude toward the people he killed But before you throw that stone let me ask you something if you disagree with Chris why didn't you stand to protect this country?God Bless America

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    This is a book written by a Navy SEAL Sniper not a professional author Yes he did get some help but it's ultimately his tale Could it have been written better? I don't know maybe but I think it would have made the book feel like a story and less like an account of his experiences Personally I loved this book There is no sugar coating no PC koombyah This is an account of war and it seems pretty realistic and gritty I don't feel like the author was grandstanding or bragging as I've read some feel in other reviews I've read I think he comes off as a pretty humble guy who just happens to have the talent to be a great warrior and he's honest about it What's wrong with that? It's not like he's telling you over and over how awesome he is because he wants your accolaides Mr Kyle writes in the beginning of his book that he chose to write it because it had come to his attention that others wanted to tell his story an he figured he'd better tell it himself I'm so grateful that he did I laughed I cried and I couldn't put the book down This is a book about a real honest to God hero written by the hero himself He's not perfect he's no saint but he's no doubt a hero Do yourself a favor and check this book out then share it with your friendsI'm adding this little note on 2313RIP Chris Kyle Thank you for your service to this country and thank you for all the charity work you've done in service to your fellow veterans God Bless

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