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    Don't waste your time

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    As early as 1943 American journalist Drew Pearson was reporting in the popular press that Germany was building a remote postwar hideout for exiled Nazis in the remote regions of south Argentina Around the same time radio gossip Walter Winchell was reporting the construction of Nazi getaway way stations in the Canary Islands off SpainAfter the war FBI chief J Edgar Hoover took the escape of Hitler and senior Nazis seriously enough to have field reports filed on alleged sightings of the Fuhrer in Argentina and other South American localesThe story of Hitler escaping Europe duping everyone into thinking he'd actually committed suicide in his Berlin bunker with his new bride Eva Braun is not a new one but ultimately was one relegated to the realm of tin foil hat wearersThis book by Simon Dunstan and Gerrard Williams while very well researched and moderately persuasive may not convince most people to abandon the comforting official story of Hitler's wartime death but what it does do is cast heavy doubt on it Its central assertion is that Hitler and Eva Braun did not commit suicide in Berlin but fled the city by plane via Denmark Spain the Canary Islands and then via U Boat to South America and that the gunshot heard in the bunker was a ruse to kill two inconvenient witnesses to a cover up the dead ringer Hitler double Gustav Weber and an actress who looked spot on like Eva Braun Upon arrival in Argentina Hitler was ferried to a heavily fortified estate built up and financed over several years by financial whiz and confidant Martin Bormann and fellow Nazi travellersWhat the book does do very well is tell behind the scenes stories about the machinations going on under the surface of World War II that are often obscured in action packed tales of generals and battles Stories of the Vatican German Swiss American and Latin American banking and industrial interests diplomats sketchy characters backstabbing senior Nazis jockeying for wealth and influence and power all colluding to funnel hundreds of billions of dollars out of Germany to ensure the postwar security of a cadre of fleeing Nazi rats Stories about Nazis being allowed to flee Europe even while being tracked by enemy governments under the protection of higher authorities are just some of the outrages documented in the bookDunstan and Williams supply a logical reason for this since senior Nazis held most of Europe's artworks and loot hostage as well Germany's prized weapons and rocket scientists in abeyance there were valuable bargaining chips at hand that senior Nazis could use to negotiate for themselves and Hitler a postwar getaway playing Cold War rivals the US and the USSR against one another Although the authors introduce this concept early in the book they never uite explore it fully or tie up those loose ends later in the story I kept waiting for them to but they really don't The book mainly becomes a lot of eyewitness testimonies of people who claim to have seen Hitler Eva Braun the couple's alleged daughters and even Hitler's dog Blondi lolling about in hotels and estates in PatagoniaSome of the most fascinating stories in the book detail the intimate ties between Argentine fascist sympathizer and dictator Juan Peron and his beloved wife Eva Evita Peron and the Nazi party and Nazi industrial interests In the end the smartest character in the book perhaps not surprisingly turns out to be Evita who commandeered one of the greatest heists in history by stealing billions entrusted to her by senior Nazi Martin BormannThe book does a fair job trying to discredit the official story of Hitler's suicide death as told in Hugh Trevor Roper's classic book The Last Days of Adolph Hitler which I haven't read admittedly as of this writing but one wishes the authors had explicitly taken those assertions and made point by point refutations of them rather than trying to discredit Trevor Roper's competence and credentialsOne thing does appear to be the case and if so it is the most disturbing aspect of the whole case If there is a corpus delecti a body or forensic evidence proving that Hitler and Braun died in Berlin in 1945 no one has ever produced it As of the 1950s even Stalin and Eisenhower admitted that there was not a shred of physical proof that Hitler was dead Just the eyewitness accounts of a few Nazis whose self interests depended on the story being trueWhy would Hitler be allowed to escape to go unpunished and unpursued by the victors? Was the world just too tired to continue waging the war? Did Bormann and Nazis manage to negotiate sweetheart deals as this book suggests to ensure a cover up and a ruse? Have governments for whatever reasons hushed up the allegation that Hitler escaped and died in Argentina of poor health in 1962? The book doesn't uite seem to know the answersBut it should be no surprise to us that governments lie and lie for their own reasons usually to keep people calm to gloss over indelicacies to allow the perpetration of evils to cover up political and military agendas As the recent NSA revelations prove yet again citizens who give their governments a few inches should not be surprised that miles and miles are taken insteadThis book was rattling good; imperfect but thought provoking

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    At first I was worried that the author was about to retell the entire second world war But Simon Dunstan does an excellent job of taking us to the financial structure of the third Reich This is important because it paints a picture of how Hitler could've escaped Berlin as the Nazi regime was crumbling The secret plan to remove the hierarchy of the Third Reich out of Europe and into Argentina was paid for by this secret stash of cash And the secret money plan funneled gold art diamonds and valuables all to the Nazi regime When you follow the money you understand that Hitler was the richest man in EuropeMuch of this money was sent to Swiss bank accounts Gold bars were then converted to currency Many argue that the Swiss built the banks on the misfortune of other countriesMore remarkable to me was the level of coordination between the Argentinian government and the Third Reich The idea was to create a sympathetic space within the coastline of Argentina for the Nazi leadership 400 German companies set up shop in Argentina during the war Fascist friends all helpedDunstan argues rather effectively that Hitler was secretly moved out of Berlin as the city was crumbling under the weight of Soviet and Allied forces He and Eva Braun were flown to the Canary Islands From there the U boats carried him and secret documents to Argentina where he lived out the rest of his days until he died of the stroke in 1962 The evidence is overwhelming FBI files offer descriptions of eyewitness accounts and individuals who worked and cared for Hitler in his dying days The DNA evidence pulled from the bunker where he allegedly committed suicide came back false And there's never been a shred of evidence to suggest that he actually died in the bunker I'm convinced than ever that Hitler did die in Argentina in the early 1960s 17 years after the end of World War II

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    CoffeeScreenFrom that pool of erudite professionalism The Sun Newspaper Co author Gerrard Williams said There is no forensic evidence for his or Eva Braun's death and eyewitness stories about their survival in Argentina are compelling Grey Wolf The Escape of Adolf Hitler also accuses US intelligence of allowing the dictator to flee in return for access to Nazi war technologyThe book claims the Hitler skull fragments held by Russia are actually those of a womanhttpwwwthesuncouksolhomepage

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    Lost about 75% of credibility when on page 102 the authors wrote that Harry S Truman was from the great state of Arkansas LOL He was from the Show Me State Missouri FOOLS And they claim that this book went through an extensive editorial process If the editors AND the authors couldn't look that fact up on wikipediacom what else did they miss??

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    The authors have written an engaging book where they provide background and describe key events leading to the climax of the Second World War and the demise of the Third Reich They present documents uote sources and interview or discuss people involved with or who have knowledge of the operation to bring Hitler to Argentina and help him live his life in freedom and peaceThe book's subject is of course about Adolf Hitler but it is Martin Bormann who takes centre stage as we read of his plans and the execution for Hitler's escape and relocation to Argentina These plans are well told as the tension builds up to the moment when the decision is made that the exfiltration must be made as the Russians near the bunker and the routes out of the city become fewer and riskier This escape is very well told and the intensity mounts as the bunker is left for the last time and by a series of different modes of transport the moves and transfers is recounted in great detail often down to the hour or even minute We read of the route Hitler takes to first leave Berlin and then Germany and on across a Europe with complete Allied air superiority threatening to spot them to Spain and then onwards to his new country in South America Once in Argentina Bormann's plan ensures things go smoothly and Hitler is able to settle down to a new life in a remote part of Patagonia with a purpose build ranch complex The senior Nazis helped in a large part by Argentina's first couple and the vast wealth looted from occupied Europe brought with them or held in Swiss bank accounts thrive and create schools and a society in part that harks back to the Thrid ReichAnd like the Third Reich disappearances murders and intrigue follow for people who played parts in Hitler's escape Bormann continues to be the major player as he ensures Hitler is looked after and protected until finally the Fuhrer dies aged 72All in all this is a very good read and an enjoyable tale but that is all it is a tale and I remain unconvinced that Hitler left Berlin alive in 1945

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    First of allThis is one of those books in the vein of Holy Blood Holy Grail Chariots of the Gods Kennedy Assassination and endless Area 51 tell alls that proposes a far fetched thesis which is supported by distorted or incomplete fact faulty logic supposition and leaps of faith from some slim factoid or silly rumor into pure fiction The story of Hitler going to Argentina is completely preposterous and actually makes no sense in the light of reality or even simple critical reading Parts of this book sound purely made up just to suit the story Nothing in this book convinces me Hitler ever left that bunker alive in 1945Yes lots and lots of Nazis did go to Argentina and other countries after the war but Hitler was not one of them As everyone knows Hitler was captured by Superman and sent to Area 51 then hired by the CIAMafiaCubanFBIKGBHollywood cabal to kill Kennedy Hitler was the guy on the grassy knoll there in Dallas We all know this to be true so don't give me any of that Argentina stuffWith that being said It was actually a rather fun read even knowing it was pure bunk I am sure this will make a great movie and like The DaVinci Code it will create a new fad of the moment and lots of documentaries on cable TV There is always an appetite for good conspiracy theories and scary stories particularly if Nazis are involved Holy Blood Holy Grail Chariots of the Gods etc were fun reads too just don't take that stuff seriously

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    If you believe Hitler escaped then you believe in Santa ClausI read this book a second time in conjunction with following the documentary on History Channel Why Hitler would stage his own suicide then let the whole German Army see him is beyond me The authors must have been smoking deep shit to have written all this dust Heil Santa

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    There's a particular genre of writing very specifically aimed at amateur history buffs which focuses on alleged Great Mysteries of the Second World War almost entirely based on claims that the official fates of certain top Nazis are polite fictions The pioneer of this genre was Hugh Thomas who wrote two books dedicated to proving that Rudolf Hess was not exactly the same person as the man imprisoned for over forty years in Berlin; his research was laughable his arguments full of holes and yet he made a fortune Soon enough he was claiming that Heinrich Himmler survived the fall of the Nazi state and someone else had committed suicide in his place Meanwhile Ladislas Farago proved in 'Aftermath Martin Bormann and the Fourth Reich' that Hitler's deputy Bormann had fled to Argentina and created a Fourth Reich there amongst émigrés in reality Bormann's skull was found in Berlin and verified to be his by DNA testing And there was Hitler with an entire mythology already dedicated to discussing his alleged escape and survival This book Grey Wolf The Escape Of Adolf Hitler by Simon Dunstan and Gerrard Williams is merely a belated entry on that listThe book’s theory if one can put it that way is that Hitler and Eva Braun escaped from Berlin on 27th April 1945 by which time it was surrounded by the Red Army and elements of Marshal Zhukov’s forces were already inside the city limits They were replaced by a “double” of Hitler and an actress who played Braun and who went through a sham marriage on the 29th April before being executed the next day as the Russians were approaching the Reich Chancellery Hitler and Braun went off to Denmark returned to Germany thence left for Spain and finally to Argentina where they lived near the Andes had two daughters and divorced before dying of old age in Hitler’s case in 1962 at the age of 73 Actually the evidence physical evidence in the form of documents including Hitler's will and testament survivor accounts Hitler's state of mind and health is overwhelming that Adolf did kill himself on the morning of 30th April 1945 Anyone who doubts this is welcome to read well annotated unlike this book accounts such as Hugh Trevor Roper's 'The Last Days Of Hitler' If Hitler had actually escaped in fact it's than likely that G öring or Himmler both eager to succeed him to the last would have had him uietly bumped off; and in any case by 1945 Hitler was aged decades beyond his years a complete physical wreck addicted to Dr Theodor Morell's drugs possibly suffering from Parkinsonism and certainly from severe neurological trauma from the assassination attempt on him in July 1944Also Hitler was historically minded he had refused to escape when he easily could have with the Russians still far from Berlin and had chosen a Norse end in the city a Götterdämmerung the Twilight Of the Viking Gods Determined as he was to die mythologically it's inconceivable that he would have tried to escape as I said he had repeatedly turned down desperate suggestions by his staff that he get away while there was time Escaping would have been a complete betrayal of his own character He always thought and said so out loud and clear that the German people were unworthy of his genius and so he was determined to pull the nation down with himMost Second World War Conspiracy Theory Industry books are hung on one minor and essentially unimportant point which is blown out of all proportion and freuently fictionalised as well With Hugh Thomas it was a “scar” Rudolf Hess should have had on his chest as a result of a wound in the First World War – but the Spandau prisoner according to Thomas did not In reality the “scar” was still there though much faded and Thomas misrepresented or simply ignored the type of bullet which caused it and therefore its treatment and its very nature Bormann’s alleged survival revolved around rumours among Nazi émigrés in Argentina with a fairly transparent impostor whom the author Farago interviewed stepping in to fill the role Himmler’s case Thomas again revolved around the allegedly “incredible” way the man a notoriously weak willed Nazi whom Thomas built up into a monster of efficiency allowed himself to be captured by the British and then committed suicide And in this case it turns on the fact that the skull alleged to be Hitler’s and which lies in a Moscow vault turned out to be female Actually it wasn’t the skull the Soviets used to identify Hitler – it was a jaw fragment found near it – which is a point completely missed by the authors for who knows what reasons of their own Or I might say I know uite wellThese starting points in the Industry literature are then built up as the core of the investigation they have to be because usually there is exactly nothing else to go on and other rumours innuendo insinuations and fantasies are weaved round them in order to make a whole structure that looks impressive on the outside but stands up to not even cursory scrutiny Thomas never answers the uestion for example why the prisoner in Spandau prison in Berlin never revealed that he wasn’t Hess when a word from him would have set him free Farago never answers the uestion which he himself raises of why the “Bormann” he interviewed never seemed to allude in detail to his life in the Führer’s company but almost exclusively focused on the Fourth Reich in Argentina And the authors of this book never even approach the uestion of why Hitler should have been helped to escape by so many people when it would have been in their own interests to see him dead and goneFor instance for the Nazis a dead Hitler would have been a martyr and a symbol A half mad cranky old man would have been a security risk an embarrassment and an anti symbol as it were living proof that Nazism had failed and was a thing of crackpot theorising and insane delusions of grandeur For the Americans the book claims they helped him get away in return for weapons secrets Hitler alive would have been irrelevant to those weapons He wasn’t a scientist and the Americans and Russians between them recruited the ex Nazi scientific corps for their own efforts uite nicely without Hitler thank you very much check up Werner von Braun sometime For the Spaniards and Argentines who allegedly helped him along and sheltered him he would be another security risk and embarrassment it’s one matter sheltering some relatively minor SS thug uite another where it’s the Monster himself And in any case these authors make absolutely no effort to prove by hard evidence even approaching let alone surpassing the evidence proving otherwise that Hitler got away And in instance after instance they openly state that certain conclusions are the result of their “intuitive thinking” a rather Hitleresue term I find They do not even attempt to track down Hitler’s two daughters – who would of course be priceless proof of the rightness of their theory and whose DNA could be compared to the descendants of Hitler’s siblings to confirm their identityI’m not saying that Hitler didn’t get away I suppose it’s possible But there’s a hell of a distance measurable in parsecs between admitting that the evidence for his death gathered in the ruins of a nation falling to pieces and with the shadow of the Cold War already looming overhead might have holes in it and claiming that Hitler actually did get away had daughters died at a specific time – and failing to back any of this up with evidence a court wouldn’t throw out in five minutesEven in styling the book is badly faulted with most of the first hundred odd pages devoted to a history of the Second World War Pardon me for assuming that anyone who reads this book will already know all about the history of the V weapon attacks on London for instance or the Allied offensives of early 1945 He or she is reading this book to know what the authors claim happened to Hitler That information such as it is is singularly late coming And when it does come it is as full of logic and factual holes as the genre as a whole no pun intended isVerdict save your money I'm giving it half a star out of five and that's because I'm feeling generousGo read a good novel insteadThe evidence for this is a claim by a single facial recognition expert that some photos of Hitler taken on 20 March 1945 do not in fact depict Hitler with no other backup of even this claim

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    Many of the reviewers of this book say the book is a bunch of garbage and that Hitler didn't escape Maybe he didmaybe he didn't but the premise is interestingIf you like the time period you should like this bookAnd can anyone say with absolute certainty that he didn't escape?

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Grey Wolf The Escape of Adolf Hitler [PDF / EPUB] Grey Wolf The Escape of Adolf Hitler DID HITLER CODE NAME “GREY WOLF” REALLY DIE IN 1945GRIPPING NEW EVIDENCE SHOWS WHAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED When Truman asked Stalin in 1945 whether Hitler was dead Stalin replied bluntly “No” DID The Escape of Adolf PDF \ HITLER The Escape PDF/EPUB Á CODE NAME “GREY WOLF” REALLY DIE IN GRIPPING NEW EVIDENCE SHOWS WHAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED When Truman asked Stalin in whether Hitler was dead Stalin replied bluntly “No” As late as Eisenhower declared “We have been unable to unearth one bit of tangible evidence of Hitler's death” What really happenedSimon Dunstan and Gerrard Williams Grey Wolf PDF/EPUB ² have compiled extensive evidence some recently declassified that Hitler actually fled Berlin and Wolf The Escape of Adolf PDF/EPUB ² took refuge in a remote Nazi enclave in Argentina The recent discovery that the famous “Hitler's skull” in Moscow is female as well as newly uncovered documents provide powerful proof for their case Dunstan and Williams cite people places and dates in over Wolf The Escape PDF Å detailed notes that identify the plan's escape route vehicles aircraft U boats and hideouts Among the details the CIA's possible involvement and Hitler's life in Patagonia including his two daughters.

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