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    very very extensive history of a plant i enjoy it starts from ancient times to tribal cultures to literary circles in late 1800s to early jazz to the 60s counter culture aslingers zealous campaign against it hence the over extreme paranoid stances of today and beyond he discusses uses for industrial applications and so using as a mind altering substance there are a lot of interesting details of usages by artists writers and musicians a lot of us love how it was smuggled through time and hot spots of cultivation were covered well took me a while to get through it not because it's boring but its extensive in a good way i finished with much knowledge of the history and impact this plant has had on our worldwhich is probably immense than people imagine

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    It's extremely difficult to come by any well researched reliable and generally impartial material on this plant Those writing about it are generally either of the opinion that it's a Satanic weed sent to destroy our way of life or convinced that it's the holy Tree of Life from which all wisdom and joy are derived Booth meanwhile is even handed and thorough providing an incredible amount of information about the history of this plant as well as its many uses—not just as an intoxicant but also as a medication fiber and base material for plastics and fuel In doing so he dispels many commonly believed myths about the plant and uncovers the appallingly racist origins of draconian modern drug prohibition policy The book is a bit dry in passages but that's only to be expected of so thorough an overview An excellent read—I'm glad it caught my eye on the sale table at the Strand

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    There were areas I wish he would have went in depth with like how the coffeehouse scene in Holland came into existance and other areas I wasn't as interested in like hippy pop culture Also he overemphasizes a lot of things that went on in Britain which historicly isn't exactly the epicenter for Marijuana activity and culture The author isn't a stoner or at least doesn't come off as one but he seems to be pro Cannabis at least to the extent of showing the stupidity of the law enforcement witchhunts against what is or less a harmless drug Overall a good general history of Cannabis

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    This book seems like it would only belong on the shelf of a stoner but shouldn't be it is a really interesting perspective on world history; tackling racism culture and ethics with a focus on religion government and art

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    Really impressive text on the origins history culture health implications and legality of cannabis Martin Booth has clearly researched the subject extensively and his broad knowledge comes across in his writing which is fascinating and informative As always anything that is natural and has health benefits is lambasted by the authorities banned censored prohibited then sanitised and synthesised by those same arseholes trying to sell it back to people at a profit A great read

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    A very interesting book about a plant that has been unfairly given a bad rap Looks at the role cannabis has played in almost every aspect of human existence from agriculture to counter culture Also shows how cannabis has been blacklisted for so many wrong reasons Very illuminating Should be read by politicians law officers and critics as well as anyone who has ever had an interest in the herb I highly recommend this book

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    A very well rounded open look at this oft maligned but also extraordinary plant Covers many interesting aspects of Cannabis' influence throughout history from the ancient Hindu traditions in India to the truth behind the legendary Assassins and touching upon many of the 19th and 20th century figures that are essential to the drug counterculture; Aleister Crowley Timothy Leary Allen Ginsberg and Harry Anslinger among others Also reveals many lesser known facts and historical events A great read for history buffs and enthusiasts alike

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    A little slow and dry at the beginning but once you realize how far back the history of Mary Jane telescopes back makes one ask why this plant with so much history is the most hated next to morning glories

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    Epiphanous When I learned that botanists created a new family of plants in order to properly classify cannabis hemp and humulus hops I achieved a rare moment of total clarity

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    A very good history of cannabis that I would recommend to people who partake in it and also people who are against it

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Cannabis A History [PDF / EPUB] Cannabis A History To some it's the classic gateway drug to others it is a harmless way to relax or provide relief from pain Some fear it is dangerous and addictive while others feel it should be decriminalized Whatever To some it's the classic gateway drug to others it is a harmless way to relax or provide relief from pain Some fear it is dangerous and addictive while others feel it should be decriminalized Whatever the viewpoint cannabis incites debate at every level and the effect it has on every corner of the globe is undeniableIn this comprehensive study Martin Booth crafts a tale of medical advance and religious enlightenment; of political subterfuge and law enforcement; of cunning smugglers street pushers gang warfare writers artists and musicians And above all Booth Cannabis A MOBI :ß chronicles the fascinating process through which cannabis became outlawed throughout the Western world and the effect such legislation has had on the global economy.

  • Paperback
  • 448 pages
  • Cannabis A History
  • Martin Booth
  • English
  • 06 February 2015
  • 9780312424947

About the Author: Martin Booth

Martin Booth was a prolific British novelist and poet He also worked as a teacher and screenwriter and was the founder of the Sceptre Press.