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In Tenebris [PDF / EPUB] In Tenebris Dezenas e dezenas de pessoas desapareceram em Nova Iorque em circunst ncias estranhas A maioria delas n o foi encontrada Mas J lia sim Foi descoberta viva, nua e escalpada num parque Poderia tratar se Dezenas e dezenas de pessoas desapareceram em Nova Iorque em circunst ncias estranhas A maioria delas n o foi encontrada Mas J lia sim Foi descoberta viva, nua e escalpada num parque Poderia tratar se de um acto isolado se n o fossem as fotos, todas aquelas fotos Jovem detective em Brooklyn, Annabel O Donnel toma a seu cargo a investiga o, com o aux lio de Joshua Brolin, especialista em assassinatos e desapari es Que monstro se esconde nas ruas de Nova Iorque E se J lia tivesse raz o Se fosse o pr prio Diabo Numa atmosfera apocal ptica, Joshua e Annabel ir o em breve descobrir uma porta, uma passagem para o mundo das trevas.

    EPUB is an ebook file format das trevas."/>
  • Paperback
  • 468 pages
  • In Tenebris
  • Maxime Chattam
  • Portuguese
  • 23 October 2019
  • 9789728925505

About the Author: Maxime Chattam

Enfant discret, Maxime Chattam grandit en r gion parisienne Il n est pas particuli rement brillant l cole mais se passionne pour le cin ma A quatorze ans, apr s avoir regard le film Stand by Me , il se met le r crire en rajoutant des p rip ties Il d couvre le livre Le Seigneur des anneaux et les romans de science fiction de Stephen King notamment Il suit le cours Simon, devient figur.

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    In Tenebris is a book I should love Its sick, disturbing, bloody and with a few very intense scenes It reads well, with a wonderful sense of pace and keeps you going to find out what will happen next And surprisingly, even with all these things going for it, I never felt truly captivated.To be honest I just found the whole thing a bit silly I felt like the author was just trying too hard, you know Like he was really desperate to push the limits and shock you and for me, unfortunately, it just turned the book a bit silly I know i m perhaps a bit desensitized to violence but the fact remains that while the concept for the book is deeply disturbing and there are lots of disgusting details, it never felt real to me It never felt haunting or oppressive but something akin to a cheap horror movie trying too hard to be edgy Torture porn The gruesomeness seemed calculated and cold, too extreme and prevalent to the point of being ridiculous The result was that I was never really affected by any of it, never truly took it serious and as such the book never managed to scare or rattle me.The characters also did not help Brolin an angst ridden private eye with a mysterious aura and Annabele O Donnel a beautiful angst ridden NY cop are some of the worst examples of a Mary Sue I have ever read They are seriously without any sort of flaw going to the extreme again of not even having any sort of sexual tension, instead sharing a sort of silly platonic love yeah right To be blunt, they re boring and so perfect that they are utterly forgettable and lifeless The book does have a well thought out plot, with a competent development and a satisfying ending I disliked the numerous and ultimately pointless red herrings that populate the narrative but the book did keep me guessing about the killer, although in the end the guessing all felt futile.This is without a doubt a well written, satisfying thriller, with no real flaws Its just too gratuitous and deliberate to the point of losing credibility and with two stale protagonists with few compelling features In Tenebris is good enough It just doesn t thrill.

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    4.3 stars

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    Always nice to read, but for me this one was the less good novel of the trilogy I found it interesting but I missed the mysteries related to paranormal interventions.

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    It is terrifying to its last page It gives you te chills, the creeps, the goosebumps, everything and Honestly Best book ever

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    I was underwhelmed by the beginning of this book, the premise felt too close to the first book of the series The characters are pretty simple, with not a ton of development and I never really got attached to any of them About halfway through the tempo picked up and I devoured pages 300 400, but after that, when things should have gotten really good, the end of the mystery, they are closing in on the killer Well It dragged.Too bad I ll still read the third book, because I don t like to leave a series unfinished, and it will be ok, with a bit that is genuinely a page turner, but over all I expect to be whelmed I m in Europe, so I can be just whelmed.

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    Best Thriller ever It s intense than every movie you could watch and it brought me sleepless nights.

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    A very dark book A human true form of evil.

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    I really enjoyed it even though in some parts I felt like vomiting

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    Not as good as the first one A fairly good plot but, not very interesting from a character development point of view The first book was better at describing the enemy s feelings.

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